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Murderous Muslim Taliban Have A Compulsory Gay Old Uber-Hypocrite and Pedophile Time.

“I’m a tea pot!” says cheeky Barbarossa, the Muslim pirate. And very popular with certain Jihad Boys, I'll wager. It's Buggery On The High Seas Adventure! Hey, Islamist loons, what can ya do? All those centuries ago and mostly pirates and hey, just like today! The Islamist as they have always been and always shall be. “I went to a dance. Lookin’ for romance. Saw Barbarossa, so I thought I’d take a chance!” or "Ahoy, young ripe cabin boy. Let me blow a dainty tune upon your merry flute!"

The Black Rider by Tom Waits.

“Come on a long with the Black Rider
We'll have a gay old time
Lay down in the web of the black spider
I'll drink your blood like wine

So come on in
It ain't no sin
Take off your skin
And dance around your bones

So come along with the Black Rider
We'll have a gay old time

Anchors away with the Black Rider
I'll drink your blood like wine
I'll drop you off in Harlem with the Black Rider
Out where the bullets shine

And when you're done
You cock your gun
The blood will run
Like ribbons in your hair

So come along with the Black Rider
We'll have a gay old time

Come on along with the Black Rider
I've got just the thing for thee
Come on along with the Black Rider
I want your company

I'll have the veal
A lovely meal
That's how I feel
May I use your skull for a bowl
Come on along with the Black Rider
We'll have a gay old time”.

Quite. It is incredible that absolutely EVERYTHING positive about actual Islam is invariably a complete lie, an utter fraud, an absurd fabrication, a phony excuse and a monstrous deception. Sure, there's a bad side too. Conversely, everything negative I know regarding Islam and so much more, is empirically true. Go figure. And yet variant combinations of the left, like comrade Pavlov's dog, say endlessly, without shame and providing zero evidence that the entire opposite is true, all while defending poor little Islamic jihad from any criticism whatsoever. Why exactly? Ah, they're often horribly simpatico. Here's Winnie Churchill on what was known as "Mohammedanism".

Or dig this from Aleksis700 showing graphic film of a whole street of er, gee, Muslim male psycho cowards, viciously attacking two Jewish women in a car. This is Islam with the upper hand and far worse when it's in complete power. These are well, Muslims and while not all Muslims, this is the true nature of authentic Musselmen and Islam which comes directly from Allah via Mohammad as poured into the fun-filled Koran. And they do this to fellow Muslims. Millions of innocent people [the decendants of those invaded by Islamic jihad] are born into this dysfunctional madness with and with no choice. If one cares for human beings, one would help as many Muslims to escape from Islam as possible.

Personaly I'd prefer the help of the marines but it's too late for us all I believe. No, really. It's just a matter of time until as Mark Steyn said, it's the end of the world as we know it. It's a recent thing but yes, I do. And if Jewish people simply make a wrong turn down a Muslim street and don't make a close escape, they are mobbed, humiliated, raped, tortured, mutilated and as two Isreali soldiers were, paraded as pieces of human flesh around the streets. Sadly Aleksis still thinks "Islam is a great religion!" and that "these are maybe not real Muslims!" but er, "Hindu's!" Yep, lotsa Hindu's there.

Islam makes blind mad beasts and super liars of men.

Today, all critiques of Islam are frowned upon [read frowned as state threats and death threats] largely verboten because no criticism is ever the right kind. This means one must reverse and invert not only the harsh reality of Islam, but all known laws of physics, fact, perception and rational objective thought. Today you are only allowed to say how great Islam is.

Maybe they mean this great Middle Easterner, kid's[!] show called er, um, gee, I kid you not, "Death To America!" Not really Sesame Street, is it? More Open Sesame to a Can of Islamic Caliphate Worms. For the clueless multicultural clod it's best to deny and ignore it all, eh. And this is only a random fraction of the daily avalanche of the easily available windows into the dominant and clearly insane media in God's monkey house. Curiously PC people neglect to detail what it is that we should like about Islam and what we should appreciate. And that’s because there is entirely NOTHING to like about Islam, unless you’re into the oppression, murder, rape, theft and mutilation of women and small girls and jihad etc. Hey, who am I to judge? Then it’s right up your alley.

Here's a two year old Muslim girl who has already learnt to hate Jews, reject music and parrot mindless convoluted 7th century voodoo. Dig the comments from the disturbing 'faithful' and said without a trace of irony. It is to laugh. A great one from Aleksis700 on how an official Saudi Government website shows that x-rated adultery and theft is OK in Islam. It sure is. Islam: the biggest Kingdom of hypocrisy, cruelty, lies and venality outside of North Korea and Democrat Party headquarters.

Pick any common achievement and the doctrines of Islam mean the sad Muslims trapped within fail spectacularly at it and over centuries, though nihilistic mayhem is a forte, something which millions of Mohammad fans around the world excel mightily at. Sadly, there are no Nobel Prizes for mass murder, fraud, larceny and oppressing your own people, unless you’re Yasser Arafat, the closet homosexual, embezzler and murdering terrorist uber liar. Then it can pay off in the billions. Literally.

After 9/11, there was a global survey done of Muslims where they were asked how they see Osama Bin Laden. 10 to 50 percent said they saw Bin Laden as a hero. That's 150 to 750 million Muslim's digging their hero, Bin Laden. We have a problem. All over the world, Sharia creeps have learnt that in the dhimmi Marxist left indoctrinated still amazingly free West, lies, blame shifting, whining, violence, death threats and carrying out those death threats daily and to the letter, works better than anything else and really, every time.

So classic Islamic fraud, façade and global lies work. Devout Koranic loons say they despise homosexuality. Maybe that’s why Muslim states er, lack taste, style, subtlety and any sense of fun and seem permanently stuck in a cross between the 7th century, and a bad acid episode of Dallas circa 1985. Sadly the Jihadist gay scene is actually not so gay, but more of a pedophile nightmare. Myself, I live in the rather gay friendly inner-city where most gay men I believe, are like most everyone else and are repulsed by child trawlers, especially those carrying an AK47 in one hand and a pound of butter in the other.

Yes, Muslims allegedly disdain homosexuality and yet Islamic states and societies run almost entirely on various levels of it. And actual gays have to hide in fear while the hallucinating President of Iran murders over 4,500 gay people, many of them children.

Go to downtown Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other points East of no return, and what do you see? Usually no women or Gay Pride Parades, that's for sure. And yet it's like a weirdly uncool gay militia is having a Gay Parade without the parade and the gaiety, and instead has opted to wander about in morosely aimless to unhinged and threatening groups. Tragic, but that's what you get when Islam so completely removes much of normal human development and interaction. It's Invasion of the Boy Snatchers.

Here's an old favourite 'From Hell.' A Muslim wife fears for her life from her violent Muslim husband. The sheet wearing shitbags wife is er, 12 years old.

I guess, paradoxically, because women in one of your average 57 Muslim states of despair are so generally hidden, abused and murdered with impunity, I guess the only expressions of human sensitivity are left up to the more swingin' and alluring of the men. Go figure. Ever notice how ugly every leading jihadist psychopath invariably is? Curiously, the two dears above are quite comely.

I don't know what these two Pashtun groovers do exactly, except for probably murdering folks, but it's a nice er, change innit, to see such Beau Brummelesque, Pirates of the Carribean cum dandy's, even if they're more than a little weird and disturbing. No. Like those strange and shiny postcards from esoteric underground pervert bookstores, you just know that their Casbah totally rocks and their rocket launchers are sparkling!

Whenever I see a Koranic Kreep like the one with 85 wives, I think how there's 85 less women to go around so theoretically there's 85 guys without a wife, and 85 women without a normal human relationship. Genital mutilation can really spoil a movie date, I know, but here's the great MemriTV on some of the 6,000 female Muslim children mutilated genitally a day. The World Health Organisation is the source among others for this horrible fact:
WHO estimates that between 100 and 140 million girls and women worldwide have been subjected to one of the first three types of female genital mutilation. Estimates based on the most recent prevalence data indicate that 91,5 million girls and women above 9 years old in Africa are currently living with the consequences of female genital mutilation. There are an estimated 3 million girls in Africa at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation every year.

Sadly, it appears that a significant minority to a majority of Muslim men find it impossible to act, live or express themselves as a normal person and conduct a healthy and natural relationship with any female, or other men for that matter. Certainly often not Western women or Jews. Thus the er, twisted attitudes regards women and the free West in general.

One can never really overestimate the depth of clueless, ignorant incomprehension of the just don't get it mentality of millions of actual Muslims worldwide regards Western capitalist democracy and our other rapidly diminishing freedoms. Try it. Simply keep asking 'em questions. It's quite a dissonant roller coaster ride. Dumber than dog hair illiteracy, insanity, ignorance and violence are  it can seem, the only infinite Islamic resources. Now if they could only find a market for jumping up and down and screaming. Islam is by any objective measure freakish, bizarre and downright repulsive. Islamic culture is almost invariably a culture unfit for a Petri dish.

The laid back, free, modern and swingin’ fabulousness and albeit clueless indulgence of the inner-city are some of the reasons I choose to always live here. I fit in. Generally people ‘round here are easy going, and the gay folks are often ironically pretty 'conservative' per se. You’ll see few mismatched loud patterned curtains with a bad print of Streisand’s face on ‘em, unless it's an ironic kitch motif. The only trouble happens virtually exclusively when four cretins to a sedan fer' instance, snigger in from der ‘burbs with nuffin’ in their heads but nuffin’. But I digress. And here’s the kicker. It is entirely Islam and its natural overwhelming hatred of women that makes homosexuality virtually compulsory in the land of sand.

Hey, why would grown men like Osama 'don't stand on my colostomy bag' Bin Laden, huddle in a dark cave together for years, wrapped in sheets and without any women? Hmmmm? Of course he didn't. It was an ugly room splattered with the mess left from Bin Laden's Master Stroke moves with the aid of mucho Western porn. Hey, Osama, you rich shit of the desert and one time super-playboy, I hope you had plenty of butter.

Jihad is actually a really great way to meet and get deeply, emotionally and physically involved with other men, innit? Ah, it’s life, death, love, war and the whole damned to hell thang. The women are in a minority and anyway, often they’re literally blow up women. Islam and its zombie army of terrorist supporters is pervy in the extreme. Just like their head pervert Mohammad the apparent child and corpse licker and proto-Bin Laden cave dweller. Those Muslim jihad boys sure do like dark and secretive holes, don’t they? “Nurse! The sheets!”, “I’m not going to change your sheets again today, Mr Bin laden!”

Funny how people can completely ignore the plight of children reduced to degraded, peculiar and destroyed sex toys if it happens in a place ending in ‘stan, ‘ran, ‘rates, ‘ria and so on ad nauseum. Here's the Times Online with a creepy story of the link between Jihad and child porn.

That’s right. Islam is so great it hurts. So in that well known light of heart and self-deprecating Islamic spirit loved, cherished and celebrated all over the world by a look of apprehension and fear whenever Islam and Muslims are mentioned, here’s a great piece of why Islam is such a bummer and a serious pain in the ass. Literally. [Also linked here.]

Kandahar’s Lightly Veiled Homosexual Habits Los Angeles Times, April 3, 2002.

By Maura Reynolds, Times Staff Writer.

"KANDAHAR, Afghanistan—In his 29 years, Mohammed Daud has seen the faces of perhaps 200 women. A few dozen were family members. The rest were glimpses stolen when he should not have been looking and the women were caught without their face-shrouding burkas.

“How can you fall in love with a girl if you can’t see her face?” he asks.
Daud is unmarried and has sex only with men and boys. But he does not consider himself homosexual, at least not in the Western sense. “I like boys, but I like girls better,” he says. “It’s just that we can’t see the women to see if they are beautiful. But we can see the boys, and so we can tell which of them is beautiful.”

Daud, a motorbike repairman who asked that only his two first names and not his family name be used, has a youthful face, a jaunty black mustache and a post-Taliban cleans haven chin. As he talks, his knee bounces up and down, an involuntary sign of his embarrassment.

“These are hard questions you are asking,” he says. “We don’t usually talk about such things.” Though rarely acknowledged, the prevalence of sex between Afghan men is an open secret, one most observant visitors quickly surmise. Ironically, it is especially true here in Kandahar, which was the heartland of the puritanical Taliban movement.

It might seem odd to a Westerner that such a sexually repressive society is marked by heightened homosexual activity. But Justin Richardson, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, says such thinking is backward—it is precisely the extreme restrictions on sexual relations with women that lead to greater prevalence of the behavior.

“In some Muslim societies where the prohibition against premarital heterosexual intercourse is extremely high—higher than that against sex between men—you will find men having sex with other males not because they find them most attractive of all but because they find them most attractive of the limited options available to them,” Richardson says.

In other words, sex between men can be seen as the flip side of the segregation of women. And perhaps because the ethnic Pushtuns who dominate Kandahar are the most religiously conservative of Afghanistan’s major ethnic groups, they have, by most accounts, a higher incidence of homosexual relations.

Visitors might think they see the signs. For one thing, Afghan men tend to be more intimate with other men in public than is common in the West. They will kiss, hold hands and drape their arms around each other while drinking tea or talking.
Moreover, there is a strong streak of dandyism among Pushtun males. Many line their eyes with kohl, stain their fingernails with henna or walk about town in clumsy, high-heeled sandals.

The love by men for younger, beautiful males, who are called halekon, is even enshrined in Pushtun literature. A popular poem by Syed Abdul Khaliq Agha, who died last year, notes Kandahar’s special reputation.

“Kandahar has beautiful halekon,” the poem goes. “They have black eyes and white cheeks.”

But a visitor who comments on such things is likely to be told they are not signs of homosexuality. Hugging doesn’t mean sex, locals insist. Men who use kohl and henna are simply “uneducated.”

Regardless, when asked directly, few deny that a significant percentage of men in this region have sex with men and boys. Just ask Mullah Mohammed Ibrahim, a local cleric.

“Ninety percent of men have the desire to commit this sin,” the mullah says. “But most are right with God and exercise control. Only 20 to 50% of those who want to do this actually do it.”

Following the mullah’s math, this suggests that between 18% and 45% of men here engage in homosexual sex—significantly higher than the 3% to 7% of American men who, according to studies, identify themselves as homosexual.

That is a large number to defy the strict version of Islam practiced in these parts, which denounces sex between men as taboo. Muslims seeking council from religious elders on the topic will find them unsympathetic.

“Every person has a devil inside him,” says Ibrahim. “If a person commits this sin, it is the work of the devil.”

The Koran mandates “hard punishment” for offenders, the mullah explains. By tradition there are three penalties: being burned at the stake, pushed over the edge of a cliff or crushed by a toppled wall.

During its reign in Kandahar, the Taliban implemented the latter. In February 1998, it used a tank to push a brick wall on top of three men, two accused of sodomy and the third of homosexual rape. The first two died; the third spent a week in the hospital and, under the assumption that God had spared him, was sent to prison. He served six months and fled to Pakistan.

Apparently to discourage post-Taliban visitors, the owners of a nearby house have begun rebuilding on the site.

“A lot of foreigners came and started interviewing people,” says Abdul Baser, a 24-year-old neighbor, who points out the trench where the men were crushed. “Since then they have rebuilt the wall.”

But many accuse the Taliban of hypocrisy on the issue of homosexuality.
“The Taliban had halekon, but they kept it secret,” says one anti-Taliban commander, who is rumored to keep two halekon. “They hid their halekon in their madrasas,” or religious schools.

It’s not only religious authorities who describe homosexual sex as common among the Pushtun.

Dr. Mohammed Nasem Zafar, a professor at Kandahar Medical College, estimates that about 50% of the city’s male residents have sex with men or boys at some point in their lives. He says the prime age at which boys are attractive to men is from 12 to 16—before their beards grow in. The adolescents sometimes develop medical problems, which he sees in his practice, such as sexually transmitted diseases and sphincter incontinence. So far, the doctor said, AIDS does not seem to be a problem in Afghanistan, probably because the country is so isolated.

“Sometimes when the halekon grow up, the older men actually try to keep them in the family by marrying them off to their daughters,” the doctor says.

Zafar cites a local mullah whom he caught once using the examination table in the doctor’s one-room clinic for sex with a younger man. “If this is our mullah, what can you say for the rest?” Zafar asks.

Richardson, the psychiatry professor, says it would be wrong to call Afghan men homosexual, since their decision to have sex with men is not a reflection of what Westerners call gender identity. Instead, he compares them to prison inmates: They have sex with men primarily because they find themselves in a situation where men are more available as sex partners than are women.

“It is something they do,” he notes, “not something they are.”

Daud, the motorbike repairman, would concur that the segregation of women lies at the heart of the matter.

Daud says his first sexual experience with a man occurred when he was 20, about the time he realized that he would have difficulty marrying. In Pushtun culture, the man has to pay for his wedding and for gifts and clothes for the bride and her family. For many men, the bill tops $5,000—such an exorbitant sum in this impoverished country that some men, including Daud, are dissuaded from even trying.

“I would like to get married, but the economic situation in our country makes it hard,” Daud says.

Daud talked about his sex life only in private and after being assured that no photos would be taken.

“I have relations with different boys—some for six months, some for one month. Some are with me for six years,” he says. “The problem is also money. If you want to have a relationship with a boy, you have to buy things for him. That’s why it’s not bad for the boy. Some relationships need a lot of money, some not so much. Sometimes I fix a motorbike and give it to him as a present.”

It is not easy to conduct homosexual affairs, he admits. Home is out of the question.
“If my father were to find me, he’d kick me out of the house,” Daud says. “If you want to have sex, you have to find a secret place. Some go to the mountains or the desert.”

Opinions differ as to whether homosexual practices in Kandahar are becoming more open or more closed since the Taliban was defeated.

For instance, after anti-Taliban forces arrived in the city in early December, some Westerners reported seeing commanders going about town openly with their halekon. But that has changed in recent weeks since Kandahar’s new governor, Gul Agha Shirzai, issued an order banning boys under 18 from living with troops. Officially, the ban is aimed at ending the practice of using children as soldiers.

“It is not that way,” says one of the governor’s top aides, Engineer Yusuf Pashtun, objecting to the insinuation that the boys may have been used for sex. The governor’s order said only that “no boys should be recruited in the army before the age of 18,” he adds.

Still, the anti-Taliban commander, who is close to Shirzai, acknowledged that one goal of the order was to keep halekon out of the barracks. The move simply drove the practice underground, he says.

Zafar, the doctor, says that in the community at large the Taliban frightened many men into abstinence. “Under the Taliban, no more than 10% practiced homosexual sex,” he says. “But now the government isn’t paying attention, so it may go back up to 50%.”

But Daud thinks the opposite may happen. If coeducation returns and the dress code for women eases, men will have fewer reasons to seek solace in the beds—or fields or storage rooms—of other men.

“As for me, if I find someone and see she is beautiful, I will send my mother over to her” to ask for her hand in marriage, Daud says. “I’m just waiting to see her.”
Reynolds was recently on assignment in Kandahar.

Homosexual Practice Back in Kandahar U.K., January 15, 2002.

SUMMARY: Taliban rule is over in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and Western journalists have already noted that traditions of homosexuality are re-emerging.

Taliban rule is over in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and Western journalists have already noted that traditions of homosexuality are re-emerging.

Kandahar’s Pashtuns have started to become visible again with their “ashna”—teenagers who are groomed for sex. Before the Taliban took over in 1994, Pashtuns could be seen everywhere with their young boys on whom they showered expensive gifts. Living in poverty, the boys could not refuse the Pashtuns.

Once a boy becomes the property of a Pashtun, who is usually married with a wife and family, he is marked out. The Kandaharis, however, accept Pashtun relationships as part of their culture. Pashtun and their ashna “beloveds” have been part of everyday life for centuries.

“In the days of the Mujahidin, there were men with their ashna everywhere, at every corner, in shops, on the streets, in hotels: It was completely open, a part of life,” Torjan, 38, one of the soldiers loyal to Kandahar’s new governor, Gul Agha Sherzai, told the Times newspaper.

“They are just emerging again,” Torjan said. “The fighters too now have the boys in their barracks. This was brought to the attention of Gul Agha, who ordered the boys to be expelled, but it continues. The boys live with the fighters very openly. In a short time, and certainly within a year, it will be like pre-Taliban: They will be everywhere.”

Colonel Neville: If only Islamic shit piles really were gay and in the manner of where I live. There would be fewer jihadist head slicer freaks to start with and better decor. One could easily distract any trouble makers with sarcasm aimed at bad decor, with an issue of Harper's and Queen or a bleak soulless trance dance track or two. Are there two? Like, different ones? Well, I never.

"Oh my Gaaahd! Look at those curtains! I mean, plaid! Ooh, Harpers! Oh, I love this track! It has that single word repeated hundreds of times!"

Yep, a decent live and let live mentality with great coffee, cool boutiques and a helping hand at the gym, so to speak. Sadly, unlike the tres chic inner-city areas of the West, jihadist psychopaths also have a great interest and admiration for each others bombs.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but you're so ignorant. Please make a research before posting about something.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Of course...and naturally you have counter evidence but have naturally, er, forgotten to post it, as you do.

Yes, as per your Borat style suggestion, I will "make a research". But my, I do believe I have been doing a Himalaya of fact regards JUST that and for over a decade, such as this post.

Now remember to be kind to your child bride, Kohl eyed boyfriend or goat. Use plenty of butter.

No, really. Colonel Neville.