Saturday, 25 October 2008

The more of your money the government has, the more fools it can employ.

Washington's premier counter terrorist Drum Circle and Group Think Tank, The Ridiculous 3rd World Hippie Tourist Shirts, headed by Louis Botta in glasses and MuMu drag, perform their latest slap out, to ward off tomorrow's terrorist bombing. "Just keep drumming fellows! If we send out the right mellow vibes, everything will be beautiful. Remember, wonderful Islam is NOT the real threat to the free West, it's the Salem witch trials, the Inquisition, the Scopes Trials and the year 1892! And boy, are we ready for THAT!"

I can’t believe it’s not better. It almost never is. It’s Politico Town, Jake.

So dig, fellow space and time continuum travellers. I finally got around in my inept way, to getting a handle on Facebook where the following post developed. Yes, I know. Fascinating. But I've pictures of my cat and my best friends and some totally insane shots of whatisisname!...Er, no. But there are some very groovy folks out there. And some not so swingin'.

As is my thang, whenever I get a nice challenge, off I go on a tedious tangent. It’s my trade mark. TM. Tangenital Meditation! Nope, but really. The curious thing is that even when you think you’re hooking up with the like minded, the YouTube Effect can happen well, anywhere really. Thus stuff that ain’t empirically true, canards, Logical Fallacy and lots and lots of Cognitive Dissonance comes a' flyin' up at choo!

Sure this post ain't perfect cos it's list of comments really, but it's pretty much as I posted. Except for few little er, modifications. Of course I edited everything to make me look better and Louis appear worse. Or was that the other way round?

So in the cheerfully combative spirit of ridicule, here’s my feeble and laugh soaked response to one Louis Botta. Believe it or not, a one time Washington Politico er, “adviser”. I know. “Gee, take my advice. I don’t think that couch will go with those curtains!”

It all began one October night with the fantastically named and hip, Vern Vonheeder lll. Vern put up this nice pledge thang.

"Vern Vonheeder III. Yesterday at 2:48am.
The Pledge of Allegiance, established by a Republican President.

"Ever since it was written in 1892, patriots have recited the of Allegiance to the American flag. On this day in 1892, President Benjamin Harrison (R-IN) endorsed reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and at public ceremonies. He...Continued". "A picture says a thousand words".

Add a comment'.

Colonel Neville: So dig. Vern Vonheeder lll has my vote! And so after Lou the butterball arrived on the scene I did comment, again and again. Now I like the Pledge and things of that nature, and wish we had one. Hey, we used to, but suicidal Leftism courtesy of the retarded Teachers Union and the Indoctrination Dept...oops, the Education Department et al, got rid of it.

And here's Obama not saluting the flag to you know, prove that er, something. Maybe that he's 17 years old! That's teenage rebellion for ya!

"Some supporters have suggested that perhaps the picture does not tell the whole story and that he may have raised his hand shortly after it was taken. An ABC News video, however, shows that Senator Obama did not salute at any time during the Anthem and that everybody else on the platform did". truthorfiction.

"And then there was the case of the strawberries" in one Louis Botta. The laugh a minute boob I've been feebly a' joustin' with.

Louis Botta; (Washington, DC) Yesterday at 11:10am.
"I'd love to be able to publicly recite the original 1892 Pledge of Allegiance, composed by a rabid Socialist, Francis Bellamy... One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty, Equality and Justice for All... But of course, we'd have to do the original salute, which would be par for the course for the adherents of the Religious Right..."

Colonel Neville: Now I had to answer that. Had too! Even though I liked the "rabid Socialist" bit. Sadly, it was all down hill from there. Look, I'm sure Lou is OK per se, for a dhimmi. Folks just believe and say the most peculiar things.

Colonel Neville; Yesterday at 10:39pm
Ah, the almost mythical "Religious Right", and never applied to Islam, eh? Gee, yeah, everyone is soooo scared when they get on a plane of an extreme Anglican, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist & Mormons etc. They may be much like everyone else or horrors! An annoying bore. They may even be armed with...pamphlets! Tedious one's you maybe don't agree with. Yep, the Religious Right are scaring the whole world. Er, no.

Louis Botta: (Washington, DC) Today at 12:23am.
Same thing different symbol. Both want to redefine public policy to ensure we all get to live like their particular creed does and we don't offend their God(s). Yes, Islamic fundamentalism is much more virulent, but the Religious Right is more insidious.

Colonel Neville: Today at 12:47am.
Dear Louis: Balls. False dichotomy. Moral equivalence. Islam operates in it's vile historical way within totalitarian Islamic states & infiltrates & assaults all others, including ours. There is no global & mass Christian theocracratic war, coercion, worldwide Jihad either "insidious" or overt to develop any theocracy. None. You R in a democracy, thus can have fantasy's without running scared to the airport over utter nonsense. All the best from Colonel Neville.

drsanity blogspot com thepeoplescube com dissectleft blogspot com jihadwatch org [Robert Spencer] marksteyn com faithfreedom org thereligionofpeace com bruce bawer com Theprophetofdoom net. brusseljournal com americancongressfortruth com [Brigitte Gabriel.]

danielpipes org. shoebat com. militantislmonitor org nctc gov [US counter terrorism center] islammonitor ajacksonian blogspot com

Louis Botta: (Washington, DC) Today at 2:32am.
Stop living in a phone booth. I gather Eric Rudolph was a rabid Islamist as far as you're concerned?... And when we talk about vile historical operations, how about the Inquisiition? Burning of witches in Salem? Scopes Trials? Please...

Colonel Neville: Today at 10:46am.
Dear Louis, hey, I get it. You take Islam so seriously as a subject, that you can't stay on the subject at all. Subject change is the first avoidance tactic of the Left Liberal, followed by ad hominem. It appears you know little to zero about the harsh facts of global Islam & wish to stay that way. Check. Nuance. In Australia we call that the occupation of the bullshit artist. Yes, we're all so worried about Eric Rudolph today.

For you the false connection of events from long ago mean what? We live in a Salem/Scopes Trial/Inquisition? Before you get totally lost in Logical Fallacy & Cognitive Dissonance & Bias, go to even one of the empirical & great sites I gave you. Read books on the subject by those who have been shown to be serious & utterly correct. Go to stop honourkillings com. For an actual comparison on body counts for Salem etc, and how Christianity to Islam is lived on the ground, go to the religion of peace com, faithfreedom org, prophetofdoom net, brusselsjournal com.

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:05am.
Dear Louis, hey, I still get it. There is no argument to show the actual positive achievements of Islam and any state that is Islamic, beyond the remnants of any original culture & petro $ funded extravagance. Thus the corny Salem/Scopes diversion etc. Yes, I live in fear of those days returning. Who doesn't? Er, no.

Islam was founded by a pedophile rapist mass murdering Jew hating bandit & madman who hallucinated the imagined direct word of God into the permanent warfare, doctrine & filth of the Koran to be unchanging for all time. In Islam Mohammad IS God IS the Koran IS Perfect & unquestionable under pain of death.

The ONLY duty of an authentic Muslim is to spread Islam globally via the deception, infiltration & mass murder of Jihad. Thus a true, complete and 'GOOD' Muslim is the same as Mohammad: a permanent terrorist. A 'BAD' Muslim is not a terrorist, not a true Muslim by default, therefore a blasphemer & is to be murdered by any other Muslim.

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:28am.
Christianity has an often hideous repellent history. But that's because if one see's the idea of Christianity as the teachings of Jesus Christ a civilian teacher/carpenter non-killer who taught love logic & profundities, that ain't Christianity by default. A true Christian is mostly someone who endeavours to act as much as they can as an ordinary decent human being, not a fake Saint or an actual terrorist. Jesus didn't create the Church in his name. Mohammad did.

Thus I find the behaviour of true Christians today to be pretty regular if not always the thang for me. Its impossible for any Muslim to be any kind of normal if they HONESTLY follow Mohammad/Islam/Koran. Theres NO normal decency anywhere in Islam. All is preproscribed thus no act is ever bad. The Will of Allah an' all. Islams TOTAL made up of political strategic personal clerical & military wings. The alleged religion is a fantastic cover. A dichotomy of comparing Christianity to Islam is false. Islam assaults/murders Hindu Buddhist Taoist Christian Athiest Secular & MUSLIM etc

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:39am
I meant "Jesus didn't create a Church in his name per se. Mohammad did". Thus Mohammedism and not Jesusism maybe. Oh yes, I also forgot to mention how not only are Muslims the BIGGEST oppressors and murderers of their fellow Muslims, but they do love to blame Jews and everyone else for every one of their largely self inflicted dysfunctions.

But er, a very, very large proportion of Muslims foreign & domestic, their states, leaders and alleged clerical class, just love to scream about murdering the Jews and they DO just that. It may be because 14 million Jews have 159 Nobel Prizes for science, neuroscience, aerospace, literature, medicine, philosophy, arts etc. While1.2 billion Muslims have ...7. One for Arafat & the only writer stabbed by another Muslim for "blasphemy". Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are empirically Muslims. 95% of global violence is due to Muslims. Then there's the laughter within their own states of unique failure.

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:49am.
Yep, being Christian is not a guarantee and many Christians can be phony's. Most I find are not. But the fact is the absolute core teachings of Jesus are trancendent, positive and based on love, tolerence and understanding. They are an intrinsic inseperable part of who we are as a Judeo Christian free capitalist democratic West. The Western Canon is not a litany of evil. It's mostly human nature projected through time and the way people were.

We are living now in a small bright light in the dark tunnel of history. Most of the world is totalitarian by degrees including virtually EVERY Muslim state. There is NO comparison between the free West & such places, & the blame for their state while sometimes valid is more often absurd. Places that suck lack 2 tings that non-sucking places have. Accountable elected civil democratic governents & capitalist free market rule of law economic systems. This eliminates most every Islamic state.

Colonel Neville:
What the abscence of majority Christian Buddhist Taoist etc & the presence of a Muslim percentage DOES guarantee, is Islamist terror & oppression in all its forms. Bombings beheadings infiltration endless escalating demands anti-Semitism the erosion/removal of womens & childrens rights, gay oppression/murder [Paradoxically as the visibility of women & normal interaction btwn sexes decreases an increase in traditional Muslim homosexual substitution, often with underage boys], collapse of the judiciary, erosion & ellimination of free speech/press, crushing of artistic expression, music, fleeing of investment, massive clerical corruption/influence etc, etc ad nauseum. Islamists export this Wahbist Hell to the West.

To get a tiny slice of this relentless Himalaya of events updated daily, go 2 the religion of peace com & dig the right hand column. Ah theres so much more & NONE of it involves Christians wanting a Global Caliphate. U know it & despite the Marxist Critical Theory.

Colonel Neville: Today at 12:18pm.
The ONLY natural true state & conclusion of Islam & the Islamic is Hell on earth. Read Brigitte Gabriel's Why they Hate, for how a succesful free state collapses to Islamist Muslim Jihad insanity. Read Robert Spencer on the truth of Islam/Mohammad/Koran. Infidel by Hirsi Ali. Anything by Walid Shoebat, WHile Europe Slept, Londonistan by Melanie Phillips, Bruce Bawer, Mark Steyn, WW1V by Norman Podhoretz etc, etc. OR one can maintain a moral vanity pose of wilful and monumental denial right up until they behead Aunty Doris at the local supermarket carpark.

The Marxist sodden drool and mechanical box of Left Liberal paradigms is neither up to the task of defending what we value nor intends to. Maybe because they wish to largely destroy it. Start at drsanity blogspot com, the peoples cube com & dissectleft blogspot to understand why. I dont know your politics or philosophy, but so far they are er, second hand canards & shibboleths. Check out Logical Fallacy etc.

Louis Botta: (Washington, DC) Today at 1:07pm.
Paul, stop being a hypocrite. [Colonel Neville: You first.] You don't know me first of all, and second you don't know if I can or not comment on modern Islamism. Would it surprise you that I was a politico military officer at the Pentagon dealing with foreign policy and one of these was indeed the rise of militant Islamists? Obviously, since you accuse me of ad hominem, you're the one who can't bother making the slightest research about whom you're debating and postulate ad hominem yourself.

And frankly, your postulates about Islamic faith are garbage. As well as your postulation that Jesus didn't build a church in his name. Read Mat 16:18 which is the basis for the Church of Rome. Not that I am nor profess to be a Roman Catholic, but consider that fully one billion people believe that He indeed DID establish a church in his name.

But in any case, my original argument was about the Religious Right in the US and your turning it around to expound your anti-Islam propaganda.

Colonel Neville: Today at 5:54pm.
Dear Louis: "Would it surprise you that I was a politico military officer at the Pentagon dealing with foreign policy and one of these was indeed the rise of militant Islamists?" Er, gee, funny enough, no it WOULDN'T. But it would explain most everything. Like the failure, utterly incompetent denial and ineffective dhimmitude regards Islamic fact by much of our authorities etc. I don't really need to know you or not regards the Islamic. Neither will change the facts of Islam.

"And frankly, your postulates about Islamic faith are garbage". Really? You forgot to say which one, in fact zero. Try an actual point & counter evidence. You have precisely zero cos there is none. Nope, Jesus neither built, stole, demolished or took over a single church. Mohammad spent his entire miserable life doing this. Christ said wherever people gather is my the heart and soul etc.Your baloney about the religious right is ALL about your seeming strange Marxoid self-loathing for your own culture.

Colonel Neville: Today at 6:07pm.
Hey Louis, classic Logical Fallacy re: your "politico officer at the Pentagon" schtick. That is an appeal to authority. Do you have a big official hat an' all? Well, you kinda show that you not only can repeat the usual dessicated PC bunk of the average political elites regards Islam, but you are determined to stay hip to the morally vain & clueless. Dhimmi on, kid. STILL doesn't prove your bogus and negligent "Religious Right" canard, no matter how inflated with "Right on!" hyperbole.

"Anti-Islam propaganda" eh? Well, yes anti-Islam. Propaganda no. Sadly it's ALL true. Which bits do YOU like? The mass murder, stonings, hatred of women, total obedience, pedophilia, Jew hatred or the totalitarian Islamic states wide dysfunction and global Jihad? Maybe the deception is more your thing.

"Hypocrite?" Really? How? Nevermind. Have a Martini at the next Washington mutual back patting. I'm sorry, Louis, but I'm better than you and you know it. Still, fluff on and smile, and the Washington whirl smiles with you.

Colonel Neville:
Dear Louis, I can see all your heavy and serious contribution to countering radical Islam has been wholly, no. About as effective as cabaret at countering Hitler. Did you graduate from the Jimmy Carter School of Making It In The Big World by Smiling Like An Idiot? Jimmy has a great scholarship system where the Saudi's fund up and over 13 million dollars and counting. All ya have to do is betray Israel and hate Jews.

Carter the Farter is the first and ONLY graduate so far. Cum Liar I think. What DID you do all that time in some Washington Group Think Tank? Apart from waste taxpayers money it appears.

"How to recognise Islam by Louis Botta. Remember, it's bigger than a breadbasket ! And it's not er, something bad! No, not bad.". I bet people used to say "Hey! I can't believe it's Botta!"

Louis Botta: "Same thing different symbol. Both want to redefine public policy to ensure we all get to live like their particular creed does and we don't offend their God(s). Yes, Islamic fundamentalism is much more virulent, but the Religious Right is more insidious"

Colonel Neville:
Riiight. Sure. Actually Lou, in the over 100 Islamic states, Islam IS public policy. There is no dissent. Islam is virulent because it is fully active as many totalitarian and autonomous STATES. There are NO Christian Theocracratic states. None. Nada. Zilcho. Only with the geopolitical and historical grasp of a mediocre 14 year old, could anyone seriously, [as Mark Steyn said], possess "the greatest flaw of the West: The ability to draw a moral eqivalence between anything and everything. It's the inability to see anything in due proportion".

Good luck with the Cognitive Dissonance. Ya gonna need it unless you get your old government job back.

Louis Botta:
Hard to converse with a demagogue. Your tirades against Islam would be funny if they weren't so pathetic. What do you want? A world war against Islam? I'm afraid to hear the answer. Other than I'm very glad that you and folks like you have little influence in our foreign policy. You're the past. A bad past of religious intolerance. And in that, you're no better than radical islamists. The equivalency is yours.

Colonel Neville: Dear Louis, "Hard to converse with a demagogue". No, you find it impossible to answer a SINGLE point where I'm wrong with a counter FACT. What do YOU want? Ultra delusional dhimmitude & $uper lying for Islamists? Well, you have achieved this. So a beyond belief wilfully ignorant disingenuous phony like you, was advising on OUR foreign policy re; Islam? Good God! No wonder all the previous and right up to the WTC & beyond.

"You're the past. A bad past of religious intolerance". My dear PC Left darling, Islam is ATTACKING every other religion...You can only be uber stupid or an utter liar & fraud. Which? Both? "'re no better than radical islamists". Riiight. Sure I am. So they exist then? And yet I must be "religiously tolerant" of them? Check. Nuance. So I've beheaded, bombed, kidnapped & oppressed millions? Cognitive Dissonance on a grand scale, mate.

The moral inversion/equivelence/denial & mental gymnastics are you, pally. I posted on you. Had to, old boy. Look, are you actualy a parody from or a classic case from

Louis Use More Butter Botta: "you're no better than radical islamists".

Colonel Neville:
Riiight. Sure I am. So they exist then? & yet I must exercise "religious tolerance?" Check. Nuance.

Oh, I know, come on & say it. "They're are not real Muslims! They've hijacked a religion of peace!"

They never are. Just ask Derek and Clive. Islam just happens to be historically and globally murderous, founded by a pedophile rapist mass murdering Jew hating bandit madman hallucinating the insane filth of the total doctrine of the Koran in a cave. Coincidence, I'm sure.

Hey, I know Louis! Instead of spouting PC faux offended cliches, canards and "Right on!", feeling smug and righteous platitudes, maybe counter a SINGLE point I have made with your vast knowledge of Islam, and start with Mohammad. What do you know about the swine, beyond zero and your utterly phony fraud of "tolerence" posing? ANYTHING? I didn't think so. Nope, it's everyone elses fault for noticing. Your Logical Falacy mind follows that rape & murder victims R to blame. Got it.

Tolerating the entirely intolerent is the occupation of the spineless fraud, the deluded, the utter fool, the super disingenuous and/or a fellow traveller. It warrants precisely zero credit but deserves total contempt. It's NOT a choice, but a failure, a suicidal ignorance and surrender. YOU sink into "pathetic" dhimmitude. I and many others insist on the harshly empirical and not the wilfully delusional cant of the morally vain. Hey, those who will do, say or attempt absolutely anything to project their professed image. Yes, you were about as effective in your job as a ball of fairy floss at stopping a storm. Keep up the great work. I see you are entirely.

Sadly, such twerps insanely defend our mortal enemies while attacking their fellow citizens. Why I wonder? I call your mindset asshat wearing at best and highly treasonable at worse. Look up the definition of treason. Actively supporting or giving aid and comfort to the enemy, while working to discredit one's own society and institutions. Dissent that is not about our continued freedoms and truth, but our security and cultural collapse, is pure treason.

You were under oath as a Washington "Adviser" I presume? Hey, did you cross your fingers, Louis?

PS. "What do you want? A world war against Islam?" There already is a world war of Islam against everyone else. Er, in case you haven't noticed, Islam has long ago already declared global Jihad against the free West etc. DO you not grasp what these thousands of daily attacks mean? WAR! And YOU are invited whether you want to be or not.

So yes. The sooner this empirical, asymetrical war of relentless Islamic aggression is declared to be the harsh reality it is, the better and the sooner we survive and have some chance of victory instead of utter defeat. Empty weasel words, super denial and PC posturing will not save you or anyone. Analyse that.

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