Sunday, 12 October 2008

Lord, please don't give me another Han's Island.

"Find the causes of your own ignorance. All failure is a lack of concentration. A punch is just a punch. Be like water, my friend. Keep what is useful, reject what is useless, research your own experience and put in what is essentially your own". Lee Shiao Luong. The great complete human being Bruce Lee. I should be so lucky. Hey, hey.

Dear sports, I have such a vast backlog of swingin' links to so much eclectic, entertaining, enlightening and disquieting stuff, that I thought I'd post some of it for ya. I do plan to put up some of the 300[!] pages of comments I've made on the the netherworlds of YouTube over the last year or more. Some of my often outrageous comments are a real laugh. I posted as "gmakepiece". Sometimes I was off the mark, but usually I believe I was relentlessly good value for money.

It's Colonel Neville! Cutting down indoctrinated, deluded and lost souls like a scythe of fun...

Hey, especially considering that the material one has to work with. The average juvenile YouTube Leftard, Che the child killer lover and Sean Penn fan, says entirely the same angry hysteria driven bunk virtually by numbers and over and over again. Amazingly they never let you down. Never. Like clockwork. Sproing!

It's not mass telepathy but mass mediocrity! Pure Leftard gold! I regret nothing myself. Or do I? Ta da! Also I'll put up some of the hundreds of tedious letters I write to people all in the name of giving a damn, communicating something worthwhile and improving oneself, so I say. Sure, a lot of it's one way and wasted, but the point for me is sharpening ones analytical and rational skills. Couldn't hurt.

So here are some recent great bits I feel you should dig and that are only a tiny scraping of the Himalaya of largely unknown truth out in the largely Conservative, rational and empirical Libertarian parts of the Net and blogosphere. Dig the links to the happ'nin' story, hepcats!

Colonel Neville.

Peter Cook and John Cleese attempt to achieve peace in our time.

And now for something completely different. Creeping Sharia with the Empire State Building green for an Islamic holiday, a New York gay man attacked by gee, Muslims, and Yale says Bin Laden is a er, "poet". Riiight. Ah, academia. Your guarantee of nothing but the venal.

"I wandered lonely as a colostomy bagged mass murderer". Osama the Sensitive.

Christopher Hitchens hits the paradigm on the head regards the big and ultimately stupid bailout.

Hitchens again with a simply smashing piece on Eton old boy. What Eton means and how it has resonated etc.

A fantastic Geert Wilder speech by the courageous non-dhimmi fact presenter politican and hero. It's really great and horribly on the money, thus no MSM exposure will be forthcoming.

A link to a book on the massive and long serving talent that is David Levine and his incredible charicatures, illustations and some even say cartoons. The boorish buffoons!

Excellent interview with the fabbo Douglas Murray on the daft views of the Left Liberal and their insane fantasy's regards alleged Neocons. Via the hip Copious Dissent. Doug's right on definitions of the mindset we know and love from the couch and brilliant minds of Dr Sanity.

Ella Fitzgerald re-writes and defines Hey Jude as music with soul while McCartney still apparently sings the notes on the page.

The once and only soul apparent and truly wonderful Marvin Gaye improvising live as only he could, on Whats Goin’ On? Courtesy of Eowyn at one and only shooting star.

A wonderful guitarist does most everything that can be done within Autumn Leaves.

Dinah Washington as per usual simply cools All of Me.

Barbra doing It had to be you in 1966. Beautiful, perfect, romantic, stunning, still funny and long before Streisand the unfunny, funny peculiar Hollywood boob plus venal punk handbag husband.

The beautiful, lovely and talented Jordin Sparks at 17[!] lives for a wondrous moment the depth and nuanced beauty of On a Clear Day.

The groovy Macho Response with some nice Indoctrinate U deleted scenes. Ah, academia. Your guarantee of bad grooming and dandruff of the mind.

The courageous, prodigious output and lovely Michelle Malkin on how they're gonna teach 'em down on the suburbs...about the filth of Islam. Well, Mohammad was a very respectable 7th century mass murdering peadophile rapist and Jew hater. Any questions?

The entirely worthy and gritty Lauren Bacall says Cruise is a “maniac”. I'll go with Bacall whenever she whistles...

Michelle on Islamist Freak Post Graduate 101.

Anne on Joker Biden knows fuck all of what he absolutely should know. Biden's a liar, liar pants on fire. Do you think he has Martini's with Senator KKK Byrd?

Triple named Brit Commanders in Iraq are reverse mirror Generals and loser dhimmi PC fools. Here's the proof. Where the Hell is our own desperately needed General George S. Patton?

Most journalists just dont get that Islam IS the problem and CANNOT be reformed. There is NO “modern" or "moderate" Islam. There are "moderate" Muslims, but that's because they are not really complete Muslims.

A cheery piece on how Jimmy farter Carter goes down on Khomeini and the Taliban resulting in today. Still, he does get all that free Saudi money and all he has to do is hate Jews and betray Israel, which is something he would have done anyway. Great Devil's work if you can get it.

Daniel Pipes on the awesome and terrible TRUE mathematics of Muslim pro-terror percentages. We are doomed unless everyone who want to survive faces the harsh murderous nihilism of Islam. Er, like Bushido, Nazism and Communism, Islam MUST be destroyed folks.

Uncle Joe Biden sells out human rights in the Gulag. What a guy!

Mainstream Muslim websites promote terror. Who woulda thunk it, eh? Are there any that don't? Nope, not unless they're ex-Muslims.

The wonderful Mr Condell says Welcome to Saudi Britain. Creeping Sahria is now marching Sharia.

Sugarbabes Are freaks Electric? Great discordant and funky sample mix of the Gary Numan classic and the terrific Sugarbabes.

An ex-Muslim on 'My story with the Koran'. A classic 'fifty ways to leave your hatred'. Yes, Islam, the religion of peace, or else we'll kill you!

Bankstown Muslims officially highest birthrate in Australia. So great news for my own country! Muslims WILL outnumber us eventually. Just like lucky old once was free, Christian and succesful Lebanon. Now a standard Muslim Hell hole.

Shane Kent trained in terror regards Melburne Terror trial. Gee, what a surprise. Every convert must pick up an Improvised Explosives Device Manual as they graduate from the Mosque.

All about Evil. Taquiyaa, the Koranic art of deception. it's all around us, folks. Just look for Walid Ali and Irfan Yusuf ad nauseum.

Also try jihadwatch, theprophetofdoom, thereligionofpeace and faithfreedom. It's a lot of laughs. Sadly, no. It's Mohammad town, Jake.

The great Eco-Imperialism site with the perfect page for an enviro-freak. Then slap that freak silly.

Somali gang and there delightful machete attack on a Sydney Road cafe in Melbourne, as you do. This barely reported stuff is NOT isolated. I had an inner urban cafe where this and much, much, much more was a throughout the day and night occurence. Yes, young men from dysfunctional Islamist war zones are naturally going to fit right in and be a real asset to any community. Er, no. Not even their own.

Ok Chief. Would you believe a Muslim goat fancier with 86 wives? Max, do you mean Agent 86?

Most Aussies love Obama the empty suit and phony? Either the polls are bogus, or many Aussies are misinformed Leftard drones.

Cuban Soviets training Bill Ayers Weathermen circa 1968. As expected. Did they all get Che the child killer t-shirts?

Unfreaking believable! Academics love and support psycho crim Bill Ayers. Terrorist, fake academic and phony for the people psycho bore. Er, actually that's standard on campus, folks.

Pinko creeps and fellow travelling wannabe killer Uni Teachers for Bill Ayers! Big 'effing surprise.

Sadly, the Pope is still in many areas, a stupid old asshat boob and walking disaster for those without the cash to get the Hell out of where they are.

An American Carol film. Incredibly the vast, enormous and endless sea of raw leftard Liberal PC multi-culti enviro freak, Che the child killer loving and Al Gore blowing scam, madness and fraud, has been largely untapped until now by any media or alleged entertainer.

Kinda describes who controls much of the silly MSM and Hollywood etc, and why they are so joined at the hip like one enormous advertising product pushing monster. The MSM and Hollywood are mostly rich Leftard boobs, fakes and loons. Thus the rotting whale like corpses of the MSM and Hollywood. Still, with their passing, the blubber of monopoly will light a million points of real enlightenment.

That may become a fact or maybe not. We may all be merely atomised and in more ways than one.

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