Friday, 3 October 2008

Caveat Emptor: Australia’s Head Sheik brings home the Taqiyaa Olympics Gold.

And don't the lynch mobs love it?! Go for the greenie and gold! Hey yeah! As you can clearly see folks, Islamic terrorists such as this vast Hezbollah Freak Parade, are a, er, “minority” alright. Yes, at about 75% and more of the vote. Yeah, a real “fringe” group, eh? Loved by millions and millions of Muslims worldwide. Yes, they’ve “twisted” Islam. Sho nuff! Er, no.

Like the SS twisted Nazism, Stalin twisted Totalitarian Communism and Imperial Japan twisted Bushido... How exactly does one twist the ravings of a paedophile rapist and mass murdering madman like Mohammad? And er, "our" head Sheik is a Hezbollah fan too! Betcha didn't know we needed a freaking Muslim Sheik in Australia, didja, hmmm?

“It ain’t easy but I’ll try. If you want a crescent moon, I’d strap a bomb vest to a retarded child and detonate at a market, in a blast across the sky, 500 kilo's high”. To Mohammad With Love.

“Long live freedom fighters [Hezbollah]... But we have to remember that we are still proud of what is taking place in Lebanon... We are proud of the freedom fighters”. Sheik Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam.

"Hey! Taqiyaa!" Tequila.

Yes, Islam is a sick love fit only for the ignorant, the stupid, the failed, the profoundly perverted, liars, frauds, criminals and killers.

“I wanna tell you how its gonna be
Youre gonna give your love to me
I’m gonna love you night and day
Love is love and not fade away
And my love is bigger than a Cadillac
Ill try to show it if you drive me back”.

Not Fade Away. Buddy Holly. The Rolling Stones.

Yeah, now dig. This is how it’s gonna be now. The terrible truth of the diabolic and murderous heart of Islam is expanding globally and locally via actual Muslim actions, as the phrase in Poe’s the Raven quoth, evermore. This is merely an enormous and provable fact.

Thus the massive lies required to cover this Himalaya of Muslim crime grows too, and in many ways even beyond it. The biggest killers of Muslims are Muslims.

This is not only the Taqiyaa brand of Koranic deception. Oh, no, no, no. The as per usual horde of indoctrinated Leftard PC whores are lying to you all roughly 24/7. No, really. Don’t trust the MSM, your government or your uh, school, folks.

For any empirical fact regards Islam and PC Left Marxism, expect nothing and they will never let you down.

Islam is an enormous lie.

Like Communism, Islam starts at murder and works its way in from there. Without force and a closed state, Islam would shrivel and burn in the light of empirical facts like the Hammer Horror vampire it is.

“Whoever leaves Islam, kill him”. Mohammad. Hadith Vol. 9:57. Bukhari.

As clear as a stripe assed baboon buying candy and the horrible Al Age newspaper, this is so ably assisted by the blatant fraud, manipulation, incompetence, Leftard Marxist hackery and deliberate censorship by much of our media, academia and even, Jesus H. Christ, our own government. And they all rest comfortably knowing that most people will go on not making much if any effort at all, regards any serious research and analysis of Islam. Hey, other than swallowing whole what is empirically bullshit.

People just love to be told the most preposterous bullshit about the real threat of Islam. It’s so...comforting.

Consider this, groovy reader. Many people believe a rich Gulf Stream jet riding, idling limousine chauffeured bore and political transvestite like Al Gore, with his massive Carbon Credits Company and Hollywood celebrities too, when they say that Manhattan will be under several metres of water in a few decades.

This is due in no small part to computer models that can allegedly predict weather fifty years hence, but oddly whose awesome predictive powers are not marshalled for the weekly weather report. And all this is more real for many than any bombing, beheading, nuke threat or growing domestic ghetto of Jihadist freaks.

The number of people proven dead due to global warming? Exactly zero. The number proven dead due to Global Islam? Millions and millions. Among the Islamic murder list are 80 million Hindu’s, 150,000 Northern Thai’s, 1,000’s of Afghani’s and hey, all the lonely people among the 12,000 Muslim terrorist attacks barely reported by the MSM since 9/11 etc, etc, etc.

“Your love for me has got to be real
Before you’d have noticed how I feel
Love real not fade away
Well love real not fade away
Not Fade Away. Buddy Holly. The Rolling Stones.

Yes, in Australia, the competition is fierce for the best What’s My Line? bullshit of “terrorists are twisting Islam!” Between the endless parade of local Islamist creeps and loons and the other Jew haters of the Left Marxist journo type at the Al Age newspaper, the ABC, SBS and academia ad nauseum? Well, it’s an avalanche really. An avalanche of as to plan Muslim and Leftard manure spreading. It will be the end of us all.

But diggeth again, hepcats. The Sheik is a fake. He’s either stupid or a liar. It has to be one or the other. I mean, how stupid can he be and remember to breath? But then, never underestimate the pure dumbness of your average Islamist.

Hatboy was born a Muslim as most Muslim’s are, he’s in his seventies, and yet when it suits, he seems to know nothing about Islam. Go figure. Then at other times he says the truth straight out and most notice nothing. Nothing at all.

Let me say this now. Every alleged Muslim bogus “community” spokesperson in Australia that I’ve seen and been bored by so far, is apparently a Taqiyaa pedlar. They are it seems, frauds, phony’s, slimy anti-Semite’s and smooth hypocrites and as to plan Sharia Creeps.

When a Muslim adult says that terrorists are mistaken and not following Mohammad/Koran/Islam etc, blah blah woof woof, they can only be one of two things. They are either retarded, clueless and insensitive regard their own ugh, political and military doctrine as a religion. They never attended Mosque, read the Koran, did any research or analysis of Islam whatsoever, nor have listened to a damn thing any other Muslim's said except the propaganda of deception. Or... now dig this, they are all liars.

Islamist liars pushing Islamisation by deliberate stealth and utter fraud.

Here’s one. Irfan Yusuf. I was going to take his phony apologia down in the next post via a damn good Fisking, but I'm bored already. And this is the journalistic standard of Age newspaper journalism, eh? Crap really.

Pineapple head asks in the title of his fake piece and within it, “in the name of whose Islam?" Quite easy Irfan, my dear boy. There is only one source of terror and one Islam only, and that’s the Islam of Mohammad via the Koran. Does that help?

“Ah say ah say there! The boy’s about as sharp as a bowling ball!”

Or maybe he thinks we all are? Does he understand that all is now exposed via the Internet and books? Here's Jihad folks!

More on our darling Sheik Fehmi: From the Age newspaper Saturday 21/7/2001, p7. Via Islammonitor: "...supports clitoridectomy: Pamela Bone notes his response..."

Sheik: "You probably don't need it but women in hot countries do!"

Islammonitor: " a strong supporter of Sheik Hilali and shares many of his opinions – possibly including Hilali’s cat’s meat reference which received a double speak answer when Fehmi was questioned! (11/6/07).

Islammonitor: "...He was questioned by anti-terrorism police interviewing those who support, or have possible affiliation with the group. There is a suspected Hezbollah cell in Melbourne. Several senior Muslims expressed support. (17/12/07 ) (reference News com) Hezbollah have not only promised genocide to all Jews anywhere in the world but have also promised to make Lebanon Islamic and destroy the West (that means us!")

Islammonitor: "...his Preston mosque hosts Muslims from dozens of countries (Herald Sun p91). Sheik Mohammed Omran (Abu Ayman) with substantial links to terrorists (Age 7/9/03, Heraldsun 5/9/03, Heraldsun 8/9/03) met suspected Indonesian JI head Abu Bakar Bashir at the Preston mosque.

Islammonitor: "...There is a whole network which includes British-based al-Qa'eda luminary Abu Qatada, whom Omran hosted in Australia in 1994 and who spread radical teachings and Benbrika, Roche, Thomas, Hutchinson, Zoud, Kalek/Abu Jihad, Kent...all charged or linked with terrorism. ((reference1 The Australian newspaper) (reference ABC News) 2 But, hey, they’re all good guys, just misunderstood or mislabelled!"

Islammonitor: "d) supported the Australian residency application of Abdul Nacer Benbrika, the Algerian-born cleric just found guilty of terrorism. (reference News com) "

Islammonitor: "e) reportedly questioned whether or not Osama bin Laden was really behind the September 11 attacks in the US in 2001. (reference1 Daily Telegraph) (reference2 News com)"

"What evidence?" he said when asked if he now accepted bin Laden's role in the atrocity. Two years ago, when asked the same question, he said: "How would I know? He's unable to be found." Daily Telegraph.

Islammonitor: "...If Fehmi espouses ‘assimilation,’ why is he working on Islamic laws - "Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam will be working with the Council of Islamic Jurisprudence and Research under the umbrella of the Australian National Imams Council for the benefit of the Muslims and the broader Australian community.” Source.

Nice, eh? That's "our" Sheik!

From Andrew Bolt: “Only last week I’d praised Sheik Fehmi as a good man, who’d condemned the London bombings. But a day later he was asked about fellow Melbourne sheik Mohammad Omran, a friend of a suspected al-Qaida boss, who’d claimed September 11 was really the work of a US-based conspiracy.

“He is entitled to his own thinking,” Fehmi replied meekly. Then, asked if Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists had committed those attacks, he added: ”We cannot say. We do not know these things”.

Colonel Neville: Sure we don’t. Then go to Interpol, the US Government Counter Terrorism Centre, faithfreedom net, thereligionofpeace, jihadwatch org, etc, etc,etc, etc, etc.

Try that. The truth is that the Sheik does know but he doesn’t want to look it up in an interview. The Sheik is lying and well, shovelling the standard Islamist creep line I’m afraid. Try Wafa Sultan on MemriTV, run by courageous Muslims and ex-Muslims who collate hideous and standard nightmare Islamic visions of hell from the Arab, Muslim and Middle East freak media.

Here's the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List. Yep, they all look, sound, act, live and seem to be gee, Muslims. But apparently not to the Sheik and Irfan et al.

From Andrew Bolt:

“Sheik Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam, spiritual head of Preston Mosque in Melbourne’s north, is a former senior member of John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group. [And] also the general secretary of the Victorian Board of Imams:

Hassan Bazzi who was head of John Howard's Muslim Advisory Council : “death to the enemies, long life for the Lebanese resistance”.

Ameer Ali (group chairman): “According to our views even the military wing [of Hezbollah] is not a terrorist organisation...They should not condemn Hezbollah as a terrorist group.”

Yasser Soliman : According to The Australian, “Mr Soliman said the Howard Government needed to justify to Australian citizens why Hezbollah was a terrorist organisation. “‘We’ve seen more innocent deaths at the hands of Israel than we have seen of Hezbollah,’ he said, before asking why the Israeli military was not also classified as a terrorist organisation.

“Mr Soliman criticised the ‘coalition of the willing’, of which Australia is a member, as the ‘coalition of the killing’.”

Sheik Hilali : “I blessed Hizbullah for liberating the prisoners and the bones of the Shahids and I praised it and its sacrifice. Hizbullah has become a model for all the Mujahideen in the world...Most of the Australian people do not support the policy of the Australian government, which has placed Hizbullah on the terror list out of submission to the U.S., and the Australian prime minister will pay the price for this in the next elections...” Andrew Bolt.

From News Com: "The Islamic community is relieved that this legal process has now come to some conclusion," the sheikh said.

"Although we were not present throughout this lengthy trial, we are confident that the accused were given the opportunity to present their innocence.

The reaction from the Muslim community to the verdicts is one of mixed emotions, as many people know of these men and empathise with the hardship that their families have endured to date and will continue to endure beyond today." Sheik Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam.

So dig, they are innocent then? Note the er, lack of concern for any Infidel and Kaffir Australian, eh? Hey, ya gotta read all of the following Australian newspaper article. It shows even more of the beyond belief Sheikdown stylings of the Sheik. It's a riot. New Mufti quizzed on Iraq views.

“I wanna tell you how its gonna be
Youre gonna give your love to me
Love that lasts more than one day
Well love is love and not fade away
Well love is love and not fade away
Well love is love and not fade away
Well love is love and not fade away
Not fade away
Not fade away”.
Not Fade Away. Buddy Holly. The Rolling Stones.

And it won’t fade away either. A good Muslim is a liar first and a fanatic. A true Muslim doesn’t reject any of their faith. Islam is total. A true Muslim accepts the total word and acts of Mohammad without question. Islam is made up of many parts, the military, social organisation, the political and the doctrinal down to the smallest, absurd, convoluted and contradictory detail.

The alleged religious component of Islam is a beard for all the other totalitarian pieces that make up the 7th century desert beast of Salafism. A good Muslim is a terrorist whereas a bad Muslim is not a terrorist and thus not a Muslim. Mohammad was very clear in every word and action on this especially after he got some real power. Gee, it may have something to do with Mohammad being a mass murdering Jew hating, Christian hating paedophile rapist and bandit. Could be.

Now dig this interview from the ABC where the never shaken with a single serious question Sheik, get’s an easy ride and a nice bit of a dhimmi handjob via Mr Gary Bouma, an alleged Professor of Sociology at the alleged Monash University. Gee, an academic who is eager to suck up massive pro-Islamist lies and a Leftard? What n ‘effing surprise! Er, no. Hey, and when the Sheik spells out the truth of his hideous faith and his beliefs, it registers not with Gary ‘I didn’t hear any boom?’ Bouma.

"ABC Compass. Sheikh Fehmi Iman:

“Islam is the clear clean page which doesn't change. It didn't change in the past, is not changing now, it will not change in the future”.

Colonel Neville: Hey, some honesty and what it means is unnoticed. Correct. Today’s Islam is the original Islam of lies, mass murder, banditry, mutilation, and the parasitical, vampiric “faith” founded by Mohammad, the well known murderer and child rapist madman.

Narr: [Narrator]
Islamic teaching is not only about personal belief and worship but governs all aspects of life, from food, clothing, business to moral behaviour.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'The accusation that Jesus was a homosexual is a lie and a gross slander against our beloved messenger Jesus Christ peace be upon him whom we consider to be a messenger sent from God with the same essential message of Islam's the last and final messenger Mohammad peace be upon him....

Sheihk Fehmi uses his Friday sermons to deal with issues of social and moral importance. Today his sermon is about a recent play that depicts Christ as a homosexual.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'Besides this issue of slandering Jesus this play is also a clear aggression against religious values and an attempt pervert reality to support an agenda of the homosexual lobby.

Now here people misunderstand freedom, you are free, this is a free country, I can do what I like say what I like, that's not true. You cannot go where you like, you cannot say what you like because you are members of the society. So if there is somebody else with you, you have to respect their rights and they respect yours. So you can't say anything against anybody, no you cannot. Particularly those who have been chosen by God to be messengers to this world, to rectify the ills of people, to help them show them the right way”.

Colonel Neville: And there we have the Sheikhead’s “moderate” views. So I’ll see you at the Gay Mardi Gras then, Sheik old boy? Wear leather chaps without underwear and carry a rocket launcher so I can find you.

In Islam, sex outside marriage is forbidden, so marriage is positively encouraged. Muslims rarely marry outside their religious group and while this couple probably take it for granted they can have a wedding according their custom, in Australia this is a relatively new occurrence. Islam recognises polygamy so prior to 1968 Imams like Sheikh Fehmi were not permitted to celebrate marriages.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
It used to be at the time the late Mr Snedden he was the Attorney General. So I had a good meeting with him one day and tried to convince him that it is important for the Muslim to marry their own people.

But he used to say to me. Well you know Sheikh Fehmi that you Muslims may marry more than one and when we are not allowed to let anybody here for have only one wife. I said to him, listen to me please you may register the first one and don't worry about the second one. He laughed and said all right we won't have anything to do with the second one. I stopped at the idea and at the time we had gained recognition from the Attorney General for all our Imams around Australia from that year onward”.

Colonel Neville: Yes. Polygamy. What a regular Aussie.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'The extremist who are extremist are not applying Islam. They call themselves call themselves Muslim, but they are not. But it is unfortunate that it exists and put us on the spot ourselves here to defend it. How much then we defend it. We try to defend it to explain, they say oh well that's what you say here but they do something else over there. Yes they do something else over there, they are not doing the right thing at all. We do not commend them. We do not accept whatever they are doing. In fact we shiver sometime from the things they do.'

Colonel Neville: Yes, they never are Muslims when they do anything er, naughty. Check. Nuance. Here's Derek and Clive on just that conundrum.

Then dear Sheik, you are either so stupid that you have never learnt anything about Islam whatsoever or you’re a fucking liar. So what is it then? Every terrorist is following the example of Mohammad and is therefore a true Muslim. Oh, I get it. The Ayatollah Khomeini and Bin Laden, heroes to around 75% of Muslims in many Islamic states are wrong and blasphemers? Check. Sure they are.

I’m sorry, but I find it hard to trust a man who wears a cross between a sailor hat and an ice cream boat on their head.

Gary Bouma Professor of Sociology, Monash University: We are not Ambon, we are not Indonesia, we are not a lot of other places in the world. And in some places, Islam is behaving in ways that is embarrassing to some. And we can also point to places where Christians that have been and are embarrassing. The British Empire was not a calm little placid pool of non-forced conversion, so we need to be careful about our history when we wag fingers at other people's histories, at other people's present behaviour.

Colonel Neville: Click on Gary's name for a cool link to Dr Sanity discussing 'The Many Faces of Denial'. it's right up Gary's boomer.

Hey Bouma, nice fake nuance, irrelevant subject change and moral equivilance combo. We are not the endless list of Islamic hellholes yet, that comes with percentage Muslim growth. So Islam is such a serious subject you can’t stay on it for even a serious moment can you? It's balls regards the utterly false and predicabel dichotomy of Christians versus Muslim hell or the long ended British Empire.

The Judeo Christian West is massively successful and free due entirely to Judeo Christianity, democracy and capitalism. The Islamic East is massively unsuccessful and not free at all entirely due to the inherent violence and dysfunction of the stupidities of Islam.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
"Unfortunately Islam is the most misunderstood religion at the moment amongst the people who live in Australia maybe in the world. But in Australia we are concerned that we live here to show Islam, Islam is tolerant. Islam is friendly.

Islam is amicable, Islam is opening the way to shake hands with everybody, live with everybody, dwell near any neighbour and build close to anybody around us. All this Islam does not have any obstacles in our life but open doors for us to intermingle with everybody else and live with everybody else. As long as we are able to carry on our duty within our spheres, so in this case we can co-ordinate and co-operate with others who live around us and around them.

Colonel Neville: Good grief, Charlie Brown! One empirical lie after another. Islam sucks everywhere it is. Not one Muslim state is worth a damn. What he’s really saying is that “peace” to an Islamist is everyone is Muslim, whatever it takes. And yes, Muslims have learnt well, that terror works.

John Levi Jewish Rabbi:
'I think Australians need to be able to understand that there is a thing called fundamentalism, religious fundamentalism which is present in all religions that can threaten world peace. And it's the job of religious communities to make sure that people can express their ideas and have a sense of the holy without becoming crazy at the same time. And that's the terrible problem which faces the entire 21st century.

Colonel Neville: Click on the rabid Rabbi's name for Dr Sanity on 'The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of today's Left'. It appears that the sad dhimmi Rabbi is a dumb putz. Moral equivilence and grovelling in one embarrassing and mediocre paragraph. Ooh yeah. We’re all soooo scared of Buddhist, Taoist and especially Anglican terrorists! Fuck off.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'Islam encourages knowledge and the acquiring of knowledge all the time...

Colonel Neville: You said whut?! Where, when and how? Oh no examples eh? Excellent. The exact opposite is true. The empirical facts of Mohammad, the Koran and Islam presented loudly across the world would destroy Islam as it is if it could reach the largely illiterate and controlled Muslim masses too. Oh yes, maybe he means the 7 Nobel Prizes shared among 1.2 billion Muslims, on of them Arafat! And one a writer critic of Islam and was thus promptly stabbed and paralysed by another Muslim. Gee, 14 million Jews have 159 Nobel prizes in neuroscience, physics, aeronautics, medicine, technology, literature and so on.

Islamic schools teach the normal curriculum but include classes on Islam, Arabic language and an environment where students can practice their faith. Academic standards are high with these graduates being awarded the International Baccalaureate.

Abdulkarim Galea. Deputy Director, King Khaled College, Melbourne:
'We implemented the IB because we wanted our results to be benchmarked against the best in the world. Because when a student says they graduated from King Khala Islamic College in Melbourne and they're in New York or in Paris or whatever, so they say oh an Islamic school - it can't be very good, this student really hasn't achieved anything. We want our students to be able to show what they've achieved in the international baccalaureate, which is referenced in every country. And if they've achieved very highly in that they've achieved highly against the best”.

Colonel Neville: Er, here’s the truth of a King Fahd Muslim/Saudi style education in Britain. They are places for spreading as Christopher Hitchens said, “the filth of Islam”.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'It is an identity for them to know exactly who they are and what they are. So when they grow up they have something behind them to tell them what it is all about. So they have some foundation. Going into this world without foundation you are lost, you don't know what you belong to. So they know and then up to them to carry on perfectly or half-perfectly or whatever it is

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'Well in fact they do need a lot of teachings because they are not living in totally Islamic atmosphere. And that's why whatever they see around them is something different sometimes from their own principles are, and that's why they go back and ask about big and little and good things they can place around them to make sure that this is properly Islamic or it is not Islamic, and whatever the state and place is known to be Islamic or anything of the sort. So they are inquisitive definitely and because they need to be inquisitive and that's why we have established this schools and we give also part time schools for the little children.

All this to imbue into their little hearts the real Islam and at the same time explain to them that the atmosphere they live in is an Australian atmosphere. All right, and because of that the understanding of Islam is getting better and better all the time

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
'This is Islam, when you are showing something, you are doing something, you are offering something. Everybody can sit in the corner of his home and pray day and night, but it's not good enough to do that if you don't really play your role in the society and offer good things in society.

Gary Bouma Professor of Sociology Monash University:
'Well anybody who can promote religious tolerance, can promote understanding between two communities, the general Australian community and the specifically Muslim-Australian community deserves an award. The Sheikh has been busy doing this for many years, quietly and in an unassuming kind of way.

Sheikh Fehmi Iman:
If you come to this world and you don't leave behind you any good deeds, left behind you to be known by 'why did you come into this world for nothing'. You have to always leave something behind you, and let this something behind you, serve all the people who are still alive after you.

Colonel Neville: Yes, "still alive". Now that's gonna be problematic with Islam. And here’s another great selection of insane quotes from the incredibly shining dhimmi stupidity of Laurie Nowell at the Herald Sun as he interviews er, “our” Sheik for 21 Sept 2008. Hey, the Sheik is a fan of the Essendon Football Club . The team known as “the Bombers”. It is to laugh.

Laurie Noodle:
“Sheik Fehmi hints he may be a Bombers fan by hailing the achievements of Houli – the first Muslim to play in the AFL”. He raised more than $1 million and now the Preston Mosque is attended by thousands each week. It hosts Muslims from dozens of countries who speak more than 55 languages.

There are now 35 mosques and Islamic centres in Melbourne alone. “Extremism has no place in Islam and people who take innocent lives in name of God are outside the fold of Islam,” he says.

“The extremists are not applying Islam. They call themselves Muslim, but they are not”.

Colonel Neville: Er, yes they never are. Nope, they are the true Muslims. Just like Mohammad the original Muslim terrorist madman and pervert.

Da Noodle:
“Unfortunately, Islam is the most misunderstood religion at the moment amongst the people who live in Australia, maybe in the world.

Colonel Neville: Yeah, Islam is always being “misunderstood”. It must be the beheadings and bomb blasts. The funny thing is, anybody who truly understands the awful truth of Islam, is always rejected, abused, attacked and called a racist. Because any serious level of research and analysis of Mohammad/Islam/Koran is always wrong, because it will ALWAYS show what a disgusting nightmare of violence, murder, oppression, madness and lies Islam always has been and is right now.

More balls:
“But in Australia we are concerned that we live here to show Islam. Islam is tolerant. Islam is friendly. Islam is amicable.”

Colonel Neville: Pure bullshit on every count. Islam is intolerant, friendly until it has the advantage and Islam is amicable only to the Islamic. But nice try Sheik Bullshit.

Sheik It Out:
“Sheik Fehmi says racism is on the run in Australia and he is pleased with recent legislation that has outlawed it.

Colonel Neville: Yep, it’s always our fault and anyone else who is assaulted by Islam and Muslims. Yes, he means the fascistic banning of any criticism of Islam by our own Steve dhimmid boob Bracks? Yes. I see why you’d like that. What a great open minded and tolerant Aussie the Sheik is. Er, no.

Sheik der fake:
“But he says vigilance is required to keep it at bay.

“Equality and freedom from racism has been enshrined in Victorian law, which applies to all people and is for the betterment of our society overall,” he says.

“Yet, because it is enshrined in law, it doesn’t mean it is adopted by the people. We must work hard to ensure it is.

Colonel Neville: Yes, work hard. I guess that's why 80% of the work in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the Arab Emirates etc, is done by foreign workers. Hey, but any Islamist creep has gotta love a Western dhimmi cultural and security suicide law that stops Infidel's from ever being able to speak honestly and even describe the filth of Islam.

More from the Taquiyaa factory:
“Racism and the fear of the unknown is a human trait, people are naturally more comfortable with what they are used to.”

Colonel Neville: Er, what’s the old dustbag saying exactly? He means Islam, which is not a race but a political doctrine and thus a mere idea and an ugly one. Yes, mustn't EVER criticise Islam, even at it murders us. Yes, we're always so racist with our open multicultural society of success and freedom. There's apparently never a Muslim racist to be seen even within their closed mono-religios and cultural prisons.

Sheik Yadown:
“There are many attractions and temptations in today’s world that are merely temporary satisfiers.

“The easy availability of drugs, in all forms, is of concern to all community leaders as we see the effect they have on our families.

“Society is more materialistic today and therefore naturally the youth would also be, yet it shouldn’t be at the cost of one’s belief system.”

He says the existence of a moral belief system “is the bedrock of any society including Australia”.

Colonel Neville: Precisely. That's why every Islamic state has no moral compass whatsoever and resembles a less evolved version of Planet of the Apes.

More from Sheik And Bake:
And he is worried about what he sees as a crisis of faith.

Colonel Neville: Hey, ya reckon the old sheet wrapped fraud is worried about Judaism and Christianity fading? Guess not.

Again: “The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows an increasing trend in people declaring themselves ‘faithless’,” he says.

“Yet, simultaneously, our interaction with other religious groups through our interfaith work shows an increased participation amongst church groups and people of the faith.”

Sheik Fehmi says the work of creating a multicultural, multi-faith society is easier with a Federal Government amenable to it.

“The change of government at the federal level seems to be more inclusive,” he says. “The Rudd Government has already made some welcome changes to some areas of immigration and refugees.

Colonel Neville: You mean more Christians, Taoists and Buddhists? Oh, you mean more Muslims. Great then. Check. It’s worked out great everywhere else like Britain, France, the Netherlands and Lebanon. Don't forget to go to Brigitte Gabriel on how succesful democratic and Christian Lebanon was destroyed by Islam and Muslims.

And here is Brigitte Gabriel's magnificent website.

Ever more crap:
“Australia and the ability of its people to live together harmoniously in a multicultural, multi-faith environment has been an example to the world.

“And the changes in the areas of immigration and refugees have made things better and positioned Australia as a significant player in the Asian region – which goes well for the economy.”

But Sheik Fehmi would like to see the Rudd Government do more on climate change; he says that, as a Muslim, he regards the protection of the environment as a religious duty.

“Australia is one of the driest nations on the globe and therefore the issues we face here, such as climate change, and especially the drought, impact on us all,” he says.

“In Islam, the preservation of the Earth is a very important thing.

“All of us must be conscious and active in the need to preserve what we have and to ensure our natural resources and environment remain intact for future generations.”

Colonel Neville: See how nicely the Sheik's drivel fits in with PC Leftardism and Left Marxist environmentalism in general? Neat hey? And just like Osama’s views do.

Osama murders 3,000 people but cares about the environment! What a nihilistic basket case freak and fake Bin Laden is. But a true Mohammad Muslim. Thus he’s a huge hero of millions to even a majority of Muslims in plenty of Islamic states if not all. One can see over and over again why Jew hating Islamists are pals of Marxist Left Liberal anti-Semites. It all makes perfect sense.

So there ya have it. The unelected Sheik of shit is called “Australia’s Head Mufti!” by our retarded media. He ain’t mine, baby. Is he yours? And what does it mean? It means that there is zero organized voice or resistance to the massive mountain of Islamist and Left con artistry in our doomed continent. Doomed says I.

For as Newton noted, if no force is brought upon an object, it will continue on its course. Without serious change and I see absolutely none except it’s getting worse, Australia will be like Britain, France, the Netherlands and the rest of collapsing and rapidly Islamising Eurabia and our Northern Asian neighbours ad nauseum. Give me a reason why it won’t. Yes, it’s the fucking end all right.

Why would these jerks lie about the truth of Islam? Why else but to win the war for Islam. And eagain, here's Brigitte Gabriel on how the successful democratic and sophisticated Paris of the Middle East, Lebanon, lost that war and fell via naive dhimmi multiculturalism to the endless night of Islam.

Hey, and in the slow suicide of pro-Sharia Left Marxist dhimmi Socialist failure ridden Britain, they’re onto serious crime like having the wrong child’s doll.

Excerpt: “And the latest from Britain.... A mum, Amanda Schofield, was arrested and had her DNA and fingerprints taken because... wait for it...she had a "golly doll" displayed in the window of her house. Police quizzed her on suspicion of "racially aggravated public order".

Colonel Neville: There is no end to PC Socialist Leftard control freakery. Yes, apparently there is a "race" of doll people. God help us all, Buddy.


trinitarians r child molesters said...

there's only one religion whose priests molest little boys. and it ain't islam. keep worshipping your god who is so fucked-up that he has to commit suicide on a cross to forgive your sins. keep pretending to support israel while waiting for jesus to return and finish off hitler's unfinished business. but keep your fucking priests' hands off young boys.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Roger, what do you think of those new frozen yoghurts at Coles Supermarket? I think they're called Crazy Tubs or something. They have raspberry. I may get some. I hear it's going to rain tomorrow. All the best, Colonel Neville. Sheesh...

IftikharA said...


During colonial days, British did not follow local customes or culture. They didn't exactly "go native". They even forced the native Americans and native Australian to adopt all the evils of their culture and customes. They are still the underdogs of American and Austerlian socities. At least Australian Prime Minnister apologised to the natives for their evil deeds. Brits living in Spain and France don't even bother learning the language of the new adopted country.Frankly suggesting that people don't want to become "Bwitish" they should move elsewhere is extremely irritating. Immigrants are in UK because they are needed, it was never an act of charity. Without migration, British economy and society will bleed to death. British culture and customes will undoubtedly change as it has for millennium due to immigration. I am not quite sure why Brits would be worried about that.

I have been campaigning for state funded Muslim schools sicne early 70s. I set up the first Muslim school in London in 1981. At the time of 9/11, there were only 54 schools and now there are 143 full time Muslim schools and more are in the pipe lines. There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may bedesignated as Muslim comunity schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models.

In Harrow, state funded Hindu school is functioning and next year there will be a Hindu school in leicester. State funded Sikh schools are functioning in Housnslow and Slough.

A study claims that Black and Asian pupils are being held back in the classroom because schools are "institionally racist". Now a race relations campaigner has called for the creation of "black schools"to stem the avalanche of educational failure and descent into violent gang culture. It is high time that the black community runs its own schools with black teachers and black governors.

Let the minority communities educate their own children and you better educate your children for the well being of the British society.
Iftikhar Ahmad