Wednesday, 22 October 2008

RMIT University Bows To Mecca.

Muslims also had difficulties in sharing space with non-Muslim children and teachers at the Beslan School. Dante appropriately had Mohammad the child-killing super-freak super-freaky thrown into the 8th Circle of Hell. People think it was the 9th Circle, but it appears that the 8th is reserved in part for "False Prophets" which was right up Mohammad's Ali. Hey Moe was cast down to hell an' all along with his horrible brother Ali. Ya know within days of Mohammad dying, Muslims started a' fightin' among themselves and haven't stopped since, but apparently the eternal war between Shia and Sunni is of no consequence to multicultists. Nope, any noticing of harsh facts is all our fault. Thus every moment somewhere in the world, Muslims recreate that circle of hell on earth and we're all invited.

RMIT stands for Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and bowing to Islam, especially the bowing. No, really. RMIT stands for very little beyond the fashionably dhimmi. Muslims can dismiss, hate and murder Jews, Christians, Taoists, Buddhists and Cargo Cult worshipers from Pago Pago to Nairobi, but that's tres cool apparently. Tertiary education is often a joke for example, how do you stay awake during a lecture? Keep talking. I love spineless and fashionable Soviet product influenced academia, don't you? Ah, the Institute Du Dhimmi dedicated to the pursuit of objective truth. Dig these: Ramadan Muslims Infiltrating Taquiyaa. Really Must Ignore Totally. Radical Marxist Islamist Tango. Rapist Mohammad Into Toddlers. Rig More Indoctrination Techniques. Really Mummy It’s Terrific. Yes folks. It won’t be more than a decade before we in Australia can also completely enjoy the same level of Islamisation as Britain, France, Swededn and the Netherlands etc, etc, courtesy of our elites.

So I could be walking down good old Bowen Street near RMIT campus and come upon 1,000 wonderful Muslims praying in their delightful way to Mecca and wait for it, in Arabic too! Oh happy happy joy joy! Love Arabic! Especially the Allah Akbar bit followed by multiple bomb blasts or the high pitched screech of a beheading video. Islam has found its Nietzche. Man or stupid man? Yes, I can already feel the effects of Sharia Creeptonite. " own...urgh!...cultural...suicide! Gasp!"

Oh the laughs and wonders of multi-cultism shall never cease. A celebration of the rich tapestry of the world’s only military doctrine with a literal beard cover of an alleged religion. Fantastic. Get me three. Do they come in plaid? Give me one reason why I should like Islam? Because it’s the law, eh. So, coercion by the powerful against the ordinary citizen. Why exactly? Got it. Muslim threats and violence will win people over. Yippee! I love Islam! Especially the blood and screaming. Love that screaming. Er, no. Islam can fuck itself and so can every Islamic group and organization. The FBI have stated and proven that every single Muslim org a la CAIR et al, and every student group to ISNA to every charity in America is a terror front group variant.

I will never like Islam like I do say guitars and ice-cream. That’s because Islam sounds freaky but in a bad way and leaves a bloody shit taste in my mouth. It may just be the bullshit and the blood. There’s no decency in Islam. None. It’s only found in individual Muslims who manage to stay decent in spite of being born into Islam, and especially into Arab culture. Though by default of said normality, they're not complete Muslims then but apostates.

There was nothing even vaguely normal about Mohammad. Mohammad was crazier than a rabid dog on a fry pan of bad acid and dumber than wet cardboard shot out of shit-filled a mortar, and just like every jihadist psychopath since. Come on. Ask anyone. Everybody loves full-on Islamic practices, don’t they? Don't they? Who wouldn’t? Only a “racist!” would not be crazy about Islam. It just makes sense. Islam means fun! Fun I say! Ironically they'll call you a racist because you don't like the nihilist madness created by a 7th century desert rapist. But Islam’s not a race! Don’t worry. RMIT’s not really a place of empirical learning. And within a decade or two, Australia won’t even be a free Western capitalist democracy anymore. So cheer up. Er, that’s bad, right? Um, cheer down then.

Ask the Vice Chancellor of the university if she isn’t depressed when she goes back to her snug, leafy upper-middle-class neighborhood. Of course she’s a little sad. Because there isn’t a chance in hell that the call to prayer will ever be heard in places like that. Not until full Sharia. I bet when she gets tucked into beddy byes, she really misses that mindless call to prayer wailing.

“A Sunday lay-in in Camberwell is not a Sunday lay-in without the five times a day call to prayer! But I do manage somehow to get by without actually living in a poor suburb, atomised to the point of no return by multi-cultism” said RMIT Vice-Chancellor Professor Joyce Kirk.

Nope, not really. That’s for the working-class Western suburbs where the choices are limited to actually living the multiculti dream, or bizarrely the central business district. Yep, the people without the cash to buy the same choices as the wealthy who choose to avoid diversity as much as possible, bear the brunt and pick up the social tab for multi-death cult experiments in their own suburban war zone and ghetto cum petri dish. Yes, let’s get other people to embrace an alien, alienating, backwards yet repressive culture and totalitarian belief system for the sake of your moral vanity. Don’t mention that Islam was founded by a pedophilin’, rapin’, mass murderin’, Jew-hatin’ bandit, hallucinatin’ n' madman killah. How inclusive. How tolerant of the inherently intolerant. How open minded. Watch your tiny brains don’t roll out the fucking holes in your heads there, you stupid suicidal and treasonous fucking wimps.

“In your heads. In your heads.
Zombie. Zombie. Zombie.
With your guns and your bombs”.
Zombie. The Cranberries.

Even as we speak, the 1,000 Muslim students are campaigning heavily for interfaith Churches, Synagogues and temples to be built and those faithful respected fully in their home countries. Er, no. They're not. Never. Not this side of a traditional Muslim Ramadan machete rampage. They respect their own traditions just not ours or anyone else’s. What do we gain from all this self-abasement to Islam the doctrine that hates women? Oh that’s right. “Diversity!” Diversity is a word that means difference. Difference is a neutral word and thus not inherently positive. What’s great about difference as a starting point for anything exactly? Diversity is a load of balls. Japan has got by without a shred of diversity and in fact being a mono-culture is its enduring strength. Only Japan's domionating big government hyper-regulation and structural flaw of a massive lack of children sucks.

But I digress. Regards culture which trumps everything, working beyond the call of duty and sacrifice as a fireman is different to murdering hundreds of firemen by slamming a jetliner into a building for martyrdom and the chance to rape dozens of children into eternity. The passionate, genius and sophisticated culture that created a Ferrari is different to the shit of the UAE that ties two-year old boys to camels then rapes and races these children to death. Being kind and warm to a child is different to beating and marrying one. [Dig the link to stophonourkillingscom,  on three minor girls given in Marriage to a murderer.] Nice. That's Islam, folks.

I don’t feel the slightest urge to celebrate these differences. Oh contraire. I like my ability to discriminate, the basis of all rational thought, to be able to choose between which of these is good and which is evil, between behavior that leads to success and behavior that leads to failure and dysfunction. I’m not even slightly interested in being seen to be tolerant to get credit and kudos from the deluded and values free. Who needs friends like these? Nope, for those that have no judgment, all their posturing of tolerance is a fraud of intellectual, moral and physical cowardice. It’s a global crime that millions of human beings are so profoundly indoctrinated or clueless about their hideous 'faith'. Gee, ya reckon the RMIT abasement to Islam is about money? When Cornell University can get 22 million from filthy Arab stealth jihadists and all they have to do is create a wing, a chair and promote Sharia Jihad, yes. Hey, that's some catch, that Catch22 million.

Thus the disgusting Arab Emirates and their petro funded Islamic infiltration airline buys up sponsorship of the Melbourne Cup and many, many more pieces of our society and infrastructure ad nauseum. Don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll all work out just as wonderfully as it has in Europe and Britain.

Here 'tis:

Muslim students protest about prayer room at RMIT.

"UP TO 1000[!] Muslim students at RMIT are protesting against sharing a multi-faith prayer room with Christians, Jews and worshippers of other faiths. RMIT Islamic Society vice-president Mohamed Elrafihi said the university had promised Muslim students their own prayer room at the Swanston St campus. Five refurbished multi-faith prayer rooms -- including a foot-wash room for Muslims and a prayer room with Arabic signs and oriented towards Mecca -- were opened to students earlier this year".

Colonel Neville: Fabulous! I love what you've done with the "Death to Infidels" wall hanging!

"But Mr Elrafihi said the Islamic-themed prayer room can be booked by other religions, which would interrupt evening Muslim prayer times. Islamic students have refused to use the new facilities, insisting one room be dedicated for use by Muslims. "We have nothing against multi-faith, we support multi-faith," Mr Elrafihi said. He said RMIT had misled international students in previous promotions about Muslim prayer facilities.

"The Muslims were promised a dedicated room and that was taken from them. That has caused a lot of stress," Mr Elrafihi said. While refusing to use the new prayer facilities for the past eight months, up to 600 Muslim students have been worshipping outdoors each Friday in nearby Bowen St, or on other days on the lawns outside RMIT's prayer halls in part of the old Melbourne jail.

"There has been days when it has been raining, hail and thunder," Mr Elrafihi said. He said Muslim students had nothing against other faiths. But he said Jews, Christians and other religions using the centre were small in number and did not need their own dedicated facilities".

Colonel Neville: Gosh, what a list of surprises. Er, no.

"He explained that the Muslims were supported by Christian, Jewish and student union groups at the university. RMIT Vice-Chancellor Professor Joyce Kirk said the university had spent significant resources on accommodating Muslim needs. "RMIT University respects the rights of its students and staff to practice their chosen religions, and provides space for them to do so," Prof Kirk said. "RMIT offers five Muslim-friendly prayer rooms on its Victorian campuses, two in the city, two in Bundoora and one in Brunswick."

Colonel Neville: "Respects the rights," eh? I bet it does. Ain't that grand? Islamisation via Sharia Creep is everywhere folks. What do we get out of it? Nothing.

"She said the new spiritual centre in the city was specifically designed for Muslim students and staff, with separate female and male prayer rooms, washing facilities and social spaces. She said several rooms were reserved for Muslims at specified times but conceded they could be booked by other faiths during other periods. She rejected suggestions the university was in any way discriminating against Muslims".

Colonel Neville: She said I know what it's like to be dead and you're making me feel that I've never been born. Ha ha! Now that last line is an ironic hoot. It's everyone else who will be discriminated against with 1,000 Muslims on campus and a bunch of dhimmi PC addled and apologetic Jews and Christians on campus. Don't they know Islam hates Jews and Christians and wants to kill them all? Ever heard of Islamic taqiyaa style deception? Guess not. Good luck then with then, dhimmi pinheads.

Sure. Muslims are well known the world over for being an easy going, light-hearted and flexible bunch of pranksters eager to fit in, just like these RMIT bottom to the sky jokers. Yep, until they are enough of a percentage that is, then it's no more Mister Nice Muslim and let the threats and bomb blasts begin! Oops! That's right. They're the merely "not real Muslims" who have ironically"hijacked" Islam which is literally exploding with actual hijackers. Laugh? I nearly died..

Never mind, simply ignore the screaming and relentless fact that such wonderful terrorists look, act, speak, eat, pray, dress, worship and wage jihad just like wait for it, Muslims as they have for generations. Your campus administration doe$.

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