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Jackie ‘O’ bama and her pearls of wisdom.

Thinks: "It's hard enough keeping up this ridiculous bob! So there's no way I'm marrying a fat Greek shipping magnate!" Spot the difference. That’s right. Jackie O said almost nothing of interest that anyone remembers. Michelle Obama says plenty of crap that's hard to forget. You be the judge of which is the more enjoyable experience.

Now dig this. THE icon of high maintenance multi-millionaire Democratic Party chic was and is Jackie O, you know, that rich oddly wide faced broad that married Jack Rabbit Slim AKA JFK.

Yes, JFK. The President that was so permanently stiff in his back and his front, so stratospherically hopped up on pills and pain killers, that his sweated brow of incompetence and Kennedy flunkies all came paper thin close to allowing Che the child killer and Fidel the fat fuck to launch their rented Soviet nukes at New York, as they so desperately wanted to. Luckily Khrushchev the potato headed swine didn’t want to die, and he’s the one that in part brought ‘em back to the truly Evil and Stupid Empire.

Yep, Che and El Gordo even built their own crazy little fascist bandit bunker too. It's a sure bet that Fidel would’ve shut the door on Che, while the Coward King of narcissistic sadism was posing for another photo, next to the exploded skull of a fourteen year-old boy he’d just shot. Never seen those on a nice t-shirt? You wouldn’t have.

As Mark Steyn has said recently, it was fitting that only a few days before JFK was knocked off by lone misfit commie and sometime Soviet tourist Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK had already put into play the bungled removing of Saigon's King Knut, President Diem. Sadly, it all went so wrong, and rotten old Diem was per diem and permanently. Mark Steyn on same.

From The Mirror: “If Michelle Obama isn't fashioning herself on Jackie Kennedy Onassis, her stylist certainly is.

While her husband Barack has been compared to JFK for his ability to charm a crowd of drones if not the panties, Michelle has been busy adopting an image that looks uncannily similar to America's most stylish former First Lady. Even Michelle's hair, which is cut into a chic bob and blow-dried high on the crown, is distinctly Jackie O-esque.

Mirror fashion editor Amber Morales says: "Michelle has definitely been inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She had a look admired across the world, so who would blame her?”

Hey, not me, bub. I still think about Martin Luther King the Republican, and his human scale values. Compare MLK's depth and moral strength, Bill Cosby's humour and decency etc, to many of the shallow posers that have made a bogus name for themselves and mucho money, and you get a rather consistent ugly impression. MLK for all his human flaws was truly great while many a celebrity radical name sucks shite.

“In July 2008, she made a repeat appearance on the Vanity Fair international best dressed list. She also appeared on the 2008 People list of best-dressed women and was praised by the magazine for her "classic and confident" look. Obama's package of attributes is anticipated to be well-suited for the role of First Lady by some".Wikepedia.

Colonel Neville: What makes me want to go take many a passing MSM journo out to the desert, [which is such a lonely place] is the as per usual MSM behaviour regards Governor Palin's wardrobe, supplied fo her by the Republican Party. Er, if a Vice President and possible President, couldn't dress like $150,000, who can? Oh, right. A Democrat Presidential Candidate's wife. I can dig it.

Now get off my damn lawn.

I heard one of the usual cavalcade or laughable twerps on the terminally thick chattering show The View, say something along the lines of how "she should buy recession style", whatever that fucking means. And I kid you not, "whose buying designer clothing now?" Well, even apart from every Hollywood star, I'd say millions and millions of rich people around the world. Oh, that's right. Armani,Prada, YSL and Gucci haven't sold a thing for months...

Most of the bints on The Spew are such startlingly relentless mediocrities and plain neurotic dumbassed unread bores, that t's hard to believe. You can see the enormous number of hysterical leftard libs who dig 'em, simply by calculating the hate mail for Elizabeth against the absurd accolades for the other twits alleged profundity and er, 'insight', entirely due to a group of dull, silly women having randomly formed opinions.

My wife has a uterus, but I wouldn't ask it any questions and expect the fucking Oracle.

The View... You'd have to go to a Bangkok stage show and sexual madhouse, to see a more singularly dissonant focus by a bunch of overextended cunts. You reckon Jackie O Bama gets her look wholesale? At Savers? Nope, it cost money, you miserable MSM bastards.

I get it: any well dressed and actually good looking conservative woman and a Vice Presidential Candidate together is bad. But rich debutantes who married two very rich and powerful, corrupto oddballs is naturally soooo good. And a venal ingrate Jackie O impressionist like Michelle Obama, the lawyerly wife of a Marxist mediocrity, is just FABULOUS! Check and bleeding nuance.

I think that makes the Pavlov’s dogs concerned re the massive mob slander of Sarah Palin, just a bunch of slime sucking dirty hypocrites and super phony dirtbags sans any journalistic standards, merit or decency whatsoever. But who am I to judge. [Dig the link for a fab piece by Michelle Malkin titled "Cowards" on same.

Here's Laura Ingraham getting suitably testy regards the truth of Obama and his teenage love affair with Karl Marx and Marxist Leninism when he was at Occidental College. I think Barry Liedon may have caught something nasty and hideous from the old Communist freak.

“You’ll have boundless opportunity when you graduate, and it’s very easy to take that diploma, forget about this progressive politics stuff and go chasing after the big house and the large salary...” Barack Obama. Harper's Magazine December 2000

Colonel Neville: Sure, Barry meant “don’t do that fellows!’, cos that’s the big magnanimous thing to say. But sadly, that ain’t what the Obama’s appear to do. He told the Chicago Sun-Times only after a report about his 1.65 million dollar house that Barry bought from Tony Rezko Discount Mansions. Dig the link for a serious insight into the Rezko Obama thang. I also used this lnk on a post three pieces back, called 'Obama, are you God?'

“According to the couple’s 2006 income tax return, Michelle's salary was $273,618 from the University of Chicago Hospitals, while he had a salary of $157,082 from the United States Senate. The total Obama income, however, was $991,296 including $51,200 she earned as a member of the board of directors of TreeHouse Foods, plus investments and royalties from his books.” Links from Wikipedia.

Colonel Neville: Crazy, eh? Dig. According to this fun vid, a few months after Barry Sotuero Hussein became a US Senator and official Marxist/Islamist sleeper, Jackie O Bama got a $195,000 pay rise. Nice spread of the wealth. Yours to theirs.

This from the er, “not for profit[!]" hospital where she er, “works”. No, really. What do I know? Working hard in the old maintenance department? Nope. It's rather hard to take your yearly wage up to $316,962 by actually doing physical work. Yep, it’s a not for profit hospital alright, AFTER the Directors are paid.

So the University Of Chicago Hospitals posted a profit in 2005 of over $100,000,000. In part, according to the vid and via the swingin’ American Hospital Directory, by as the vid says “charging uninsured minorities three and a half times as much as whites with insurance, for the exact same care”. Chicago Sun-Times via vid.

And why not? Who said in taking it to the man, you can’t spread the wealth AWAY from your brothers and sisters? I blame the white half of Obama. Obama's black half would never be naughty or bad in any way.

Now dig this. During this time of financial scrimping and gettin’ down wid da peeple, Jackie O Bama was made one of 13 Directors of Treehouse and Bay Valley Foods. This was a er, part-time gig and with stock down home options, MO got another$100,000. Now that’s Soul Food! Crain’s Chicago Business December 11 2000. [See vid.]

Barry told a union fighting a big payout to a Wal-Mart CEO, that “there is a moral responsibility to stand up and fight” for better wages and conditions. Ok, fair enough. Gee, the Devil is in the details though. The CEO of Wal-Mart gets a 2005 pile of 10.5 million green stinkers.

Er, in 2005 the CEO of gosh, TREEHOUSE got 26 million buckos. Sadly, the revenues of Treehouse are 409 times LESS than Wal-Mart. Bummer. No wonder Treehouse shut a plant the next year that was “manned mostly by low paid Hispanics”. Nice. El Diablos! They walk among us!

Apparently Michelle O also sits on the Chicago Council Of Global Affairs. I think they make waffles. here's a fun vid called Michelle Obama: Mistress of Doom and Gloom!

To dig more of the swingin’ Obama Treehouse scene, go to obamatruth org. or obamacrimes com. Or danielpipes org etc. Or the endless Himalaya of authentic Obama manure on the Net and in print. Oh yes, some still do critique our new sharp suited and eminently creepy global faux saint.


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Time for another Goon Show posting.

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All I have to say is - George Bush,

thank him for what we're in.

Democrats must fucking suck, huh?

Get a life, stop talking shit on women and "leftists" shows what power you have, huh?

Agree to disagree don't bash because of different view points and sides with politics. Because again, if you want to go there, look at what a REPUBLICAN did to our country for two fucking erms.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear er, "failatio". Quite. My my, for one brief moment I thought you'd left a link, but you're clearly a self-parodying logical fallacy spouting unread left liberal, so of course not. They never do and neither do Jew hating Islamofascist Muslim child killers.

Now as for the as per usual "Anonymouse", the only "important matters" to Michelle O are money, power, status, croneyism, corruption and socialist ideology but for others. Read the empirical 80 pages of footnotes book Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin.

Oh, you DON'T read. Sorry.

Now "f". Ya right.."George Bush" IS all you have to say. Good liberal drone.

Yes, we're agreed: Democrats do fucking suck, especially at the tax cheating public teat of uber-corruption earmarks.

"get a life.." Meaningless ad hominem. "talking shit". A brilliant, damning and mature counter argument. Bravo Er, no.

Here's an idea. Focus on an actual point that is allegedly wrong and gee, counter with sourced evidence. Ya got nothing but logical fallacy, kid. That's leftism.

Then this bit of laughable classic cognitive dissonance: "Agree to disagree don't bash because of different view points.."

Riiight. Do you actually ever READ what you have just scribbled or does it merely pop out like the meaningless unread auto-drivel it clearly is?

And as for the "two fucking erms.." I don't think I have an erm anywhere in the house.

Yo are as they say, a wonderful empty headed incurious liberal twerp as per usual.

I never delete such junk. They say more about you than I ever could. Again, thanks for the sub-level laughs. Pure PC Democrat Socialist Alliance ecofascist gold. Toodle ooh fluffball.

Colonel Neville.