Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama's Tiring and Emotional.

"I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink

I'm so tired I don't know what to do
I'm so tired my mind is set on you
I wonder should I call you but I know what you would do

You'd say I'm putting you on
But it's no joke, it's doing me harm
You know I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain
You know it's three weeks, I'm going insane
You know I'd give you everything I've got
for a little peace of mind".
I'm So Tired. The Beatles.

An old Jewish Lady: "I just get a funny feeling from him. He seems like a motivational speaker".

In martial arts and boxing etc, a main thing is to drain all unstable emotion from your mind. You focus your authentic skills via the complete human being you are. Then you can put in, as the great Bruce Lee said “emotional content”. Emotion that takes over and controls your mind, body and perceptions of reality is entirely different from one you control for effective action as a real and complete human being. Without this basic method you will fail in a real fight. Well, that's the plan, hey, hey. Failure my old pal.

“Yes we can hope for change from being the people that we’ve been waiting for!”

What’s great is that I have no sentimentality at all. None. Zip. No, really. Show me a corny film and I’ll show you a full bucket. What I like most about the past is the same thing I like about the 1960’s: It and they are over.

I don’t get all emotionally unhinged about what is allegedly just around the corner cos’ gee, a man in a sharp tie and suit said so. Now warmth, yes, but then warmth is sustainable, real and connected to actual events and people.

Hyper passions are annoying and generally embarrassing without intelligent content, context or any grounding in facts. That’s unless it is some kind of naturally created surreal and satirical jape. Thus I find drugs and the people who dig them a total bore equally. I have a very limited interest in alcohol but I do like the attendant social ceremony. I prefer to express via conversation, music, writing, acting and martial arts, or setting wasps onto hippies and so on.

That is, something with a real and human scale purpose and definition. I get a natural and auto creep-out at anything reminiscent of a dramatic Marxist tableau of poster posing . You know, ever onward to that big extreme mass change just over the next hill and that radiant sunrise. Ugh. Useless Totalitarian bullshit. Over that hill is invariably a very busy firing squad.

The fact is, Obama has won the Presidency. So there ya go.

And that’s just Jim Dandy. But I don’t feel what millions of others do. I don’t I’m sorry. It’s ridiculous. But then I never got excited over New Oat Wheats. And feeling is everything with Obama.

If you don't feel the same as many of his adoring hordes of mice minded cheese nibblers, you're a "racist!" etc. Racist to Obama's black or white half?

Mention a single negative fact about Obama, and his fans feel like abusing, insulting and attacking you. Gee, so now Obama is gonna be Prez, there will be no more home boy gangsta rappin' style crime? No more 94% of murdered black men being murdered by other black men? No more 50% of all violent crime being committed by blacks? Lord be praised! Gee, ya reckon any of that violent black crime is um, "racist?!"

Nope, not if they're only attacking white people! Or Latino's or Asian's, or each other. So sad and such a hackneyed Pavlovian fraud, that it's hard to reach the bottom of it.

11 million black babies aborted since 1973 not enough? Not for the Democrats and Obama. The biggest abortion mill chain grosses $70 milllion a year. The owner said "I've aborted over a million babies and I see it as a passion".

Here's Gianna Jesson, who survived her Mother's hideous attempt at having her aborted at a er, 'clinic'. Clinic sounds so nice.

"Do I have to empty the dead baby bins again?!"

"Exterminate the negro race". Margaret Sanger the Founder of Planned Parenthood. Hitler was a big fan of Marge's.

On any challenge to the euphemism of "choice", meaning overwhelmingly the promotion of abortion only, Obama said that: "I will not stand by, and Planned Parenthood will not stand by". Check and nuance.

“What I have visited upon Beslan, I will visit upon America a hundred fold”. Osama Bin Laden.

“Social justice, in the catechism of the socialist religion, is no more than an exertion of raw power to force people to conform to what liberal-progressives believe conditions ought to be". Thomas E. Brewton.

Wool hat wearer: “I’m voting for Barack Obama because...I want change”.

Riiight. Almost couldn't think of why you are voting for Barry, didn't cha? Thank God for meaningless slogans. Change your underwear or place of residence? There’s some change right there. I want change from hearing about change and I hope I don’t have to hear about hope anymore. I have a dictionary. What do I feel? The last time I fell for the mass hysteria hyperbole fraud, was being upset by the uber-narcissist bore and phony, Princess Dianna.

This time I got some kind of back spasm. When maybe billions of uncomprehending foreigners and their stupid clichéd pronouncements on America and what it means, mesh perfectly with hordes of sub-Berkley Left Liberals, it throws my back out.

The fact is Obama is smooth and exciting to many and ran an incredible, very smart and charmed campaign. But then he was hardly challenged by the MSM, eh? Sadly, Barry Sotuero is a con-artist and a façade.

Funny about the “young” jive though, cos try going to a bar where actual young people hang out and say “I’m young, baby! I’m 47!” Prepare to go home alone unless you’re rich and or famous, or Obama.

The real Obama, the uber-pragmatic politician, is rotten to the core. Just like much of the MSM, academia and the tedious world of celebrity that with an overwhelming, staggering bias, supported him, and without a splinter of serious professional scrutiny of anything Obama has ever said or done. I still don’t know much about him personally, do you? Only via his history and hideous beyond belief associates and backers.

Now there’s a marginalised minority: Black Republicans. If colour is so unimportant, why vote for Obama? Because colour is the most important to those who most say colour is not important. I thank God not for the power and reach of the Presidency, but for the limits of the President.

The fact is, the best the Republicans could come up with was the great American and patriot John McCain, and he was clearly not enough at all of what was either required or desired, by many, many people. Apparently millions of people want amazing Marxist style MSM and Democrat Party Socialist lies, and their own blubbering mass hysteria. Go figure.

But 338 to 162 was it? Jesus H. Christ! The Republican’s were landslided, buried and routed, baby. Thank God there was some redemption in the less vast scale of the 5% difference in the popular vote of 52% Dem to 47% Rep. The GOP unfortunately blew it.

But watch Obama’s speech and drain the rock concert we’re all in love with the latest image mood and what’s left exactly? More of the same delivered pretty damn well. But what does it mean? Maybe next to nothing.

The utter crap that America is racist has been shown to be balls by default of Obama getting where he is, but not in the way one may think.

Obama got where he is not because he’s merely young and hip, if you think skinny junior lawyer Senators are hip. Obama got there because many people think he’s black. Obama is not black. He’s no more black than he is white. He just looks black to the racially unfamiliar and he chooses to be known as black over white or plaid. He could have just as easily been born looking white. My son is not Japanese. His Mother is. My son is Eurasian in appearance and an Australian citizen. Colour is not a qualification.

The most disingenuous thang is the constant blather about colour is not important, when it it’s the whole raison d’ etre and virtually DEFINES Obama’s appeal. What I see a Himalaya of, is the bigotry and racism of many Obama supporters domestic and foreign.

Here's a fact: It doesn't matter shit what the rest of the world "thinks" of America. Most of it and especially in Europe, comes down to their venal envy and jealousy. In the Middle-East it comes down to how one can never underestimate the vast ability of the Muslim mind, to misunderstand and miscomprehend anything and everything.

And man, the instant assumption that all black Americans are Democrats. Not once, have I seen a single one the many black Conservatives, Republicans or a member of the actual National Black Republican Association interviewed, or asked their opinions on our own born to be a stupid mass Leftard MSM. Such as say the cool Alan Keyes on the fraud and pro-infanticide of Barack Obortion.

And baby, dig the across the bored and boring auto-bigotry against America, and Pavlovian racism against whites as the absurd cause of all unhappiness. The craziness of blacks voting for the party that has pushes for forty years the programs that have destroyed so much of their communities. The fact is, a black person toady can empirically be whatever they want to be. Thus Obama the lawyer activist, then the rich guy and now President. This context didn’t just happen now but over decades.

If he was just sharp but white or Japanese American, people might notice Obama seems a lot like Principal Skinner meets Brad from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And then there IS the not so Rocky but more of a Horror show of Barry’s friends, pals, associates, schemes, thoughts, writings, words, record and deeds.

Hey, Obama has experience! By the Marxist radical truckload!

Obama has promised virtually EVERYTHING in time. So unless his is the greatest Presidency of all time, it’s bound to be a bit of a letdown at some point and a real buzz kill for the Berkley crowd. They’ll have to ship in tankers of coke to Bel Air to keep this Hollywood boob buzz going, once the real world comes a knockin’ at their Superheroes million dollar door.

"Another advisor compared Obama to Max Bialystok, the con man from the Mel Brooks' film "The Producers." In the movie, Bialystok sells 100% ownership of the play to dozens of investors. "Barack Obama sold 100% shares in his presidency to every constituency imaginable and they all thought they were at the front of the line after inauguration day." Jonah Goldberg.

Amazing to vote for the very Party and the very man who played a major part in the sub-prime disaster that has caused much of today’s financial problems.

I looked for something good in Obama’s resume to show that he may, like many a deeply flawed bore before him, rise to the occasion. The words do, but the actions? I searched in vain. There are none. In fact, it’s filled with more wonderful Democrat style bad judgement and darkly stupid choices than mine.

Obama may eventually even stop spinning, but the world won’t. And the harsh world will test him and his peculiar Presidency, just like many a peculiar Presidency before. Maybe he’ll turn out to be the right kind of bastard and I hope so. No, really. But then I ain't buying it. With my back, a change is as good as a rest... until tomorrow.

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