Friday, 21 November 2008

David Hicks Al Qaeda Child Murder Training Provided No Coaching in Pronunciation, Syntax and Grammar.

These are the dead children of Beslan. This is Islamic Sharia jihad, so unless Al Qaeda are now an Arthur Murray Dance franchise or have turned to catering, this is what David 'King Rat' Hicks likely trained for. This is the hideous and only truth of what everyone learns when they train with gee, Muslim terrorists. This is what Al Qaeda do, and outside of visiting strip joints and downloading mega amounts of animal porn, mayhem is pretty much all they do, and all for their endgame of a global Islamic Caliphate. For the leftards of Australia, this is their hero. Gee, maybe cos' they have the same goals of total raw control freak power, the silencing of all dissent, the eventual annihilation of their enemies and that they too use the same methods of venal, lying deception? Yes, that's it.

From the one thousand metre stare of David Hicks. “By the way I have met Osama bin Laden 20 times now, lovely brother, everything for the cause of Islam. The only reason the West calls him the most wanted Muslim is because he's got the money to take action".

Bravo, you crazy diamond Dave! Ah, read my earlier post titled the rocket launcher wasn't mine..I just wanted Osama to sign it for a 'friend'.

David Hicks, current shit bag pet of the local venal left, has released a dumbass video via treasonous Leftard Marxist activist freak front group GetUp. In his wonderfully bogus vid, Dave stares ahead like the brainless habitual liar and trained murderous bogan creepy bore that he's been for years.

With zero sense of decency, honesty, responsibility or style, our hero Dave, blames entirely everyone but the postman and especially us, for his er, heartbreaking difficulties. The very people he wanted so much to murder en masse. Check and nuance, eh Dave, you rotten to the core bastard. But our MSM would never be so er, judgemental of a um, Islamist loon and thus a natural socialist pet.

All through his advertisement for 'NEW IMPROVED HICKS!', Dave delivers his performance ass piece with the fluid articulation of Zippy the pin headed kindergarten dropout circus freak, apparently recovering from some kind of delirium trauma heavy sedation therapy. Yes, Davo “suffered” so much in Guantanamo while apparently eating the gallons of ice-cream that added around twenty kilos to his camp killer toned bulk. 'I woz framed!' Ya gonna need a bigger frame, Dave.

David the head slicer Hicks: “I fort vat I’d be able to start getting on wiv rebuilding my life...Vat is why I’m asking for your help”.

Classic bogan, innit? Rebuilding, eh? Ya gonna need plenty of plasticine! Come around to my house Dave. I can help. I live several floors off the ground.

Diamond Dave Hicks: “Vee only fing I do know...”

Actually much less, apart from how to murder men, women, children and especially Jews, and lie like the dirty Islamist turd that you are.

“ vat until var control orduh is lifted, I will not be able to get on wiv my life”. That's Dave the venal pal of Leftard Marxist twerps everywhere.

Gee Dave, but didn't you train to end as many lives as possible? Note the utter repulsive bankruptcy of the left in Australia and how they just lurv their ideological monkey and phony grievance cipher. Dave trained with Al Qaeda for with the singular aim of waging Sharia jihad against  us all, meaning to commit mass murder. Then we have to listen to our journalistic standards free media present cheering apologia ad nauseum in their fake idea of “balance". Yes, let's get the armed robbers side of the story too, for balance.

I can think of an alternative promo for Hicks Inc. What about Dave saying something like this:
“Hey, sorry about training with Al Qaeda to learn how to murder as many of you and your children as I could. Gosh, and for taking up so much fraudulent and fawning venal media space and golly, for costing millions of dollars in legal services and so on. 
Oh, and then blaming everyone else but myself, and whining and sniveling, never, ever apologizing or saying I was wrong or for never saying I don’t believe in the murderous truth of Islam anymore.

God, I’m soooo lucky to be able to come back to Australia, get slimy left media help in my beyond belief blame-shifting. And quite frankly, damn lucky for folks not wanting to beat me to a pulp as the lying and unrepentant Al Qaeda pal that I still am. And ah, sorry about my retarded and disingenuous Father. Basically sorry for not just crawling away dying in shame. Toodle ooh”.
Now dig. Why is Dave the trained terrorist and creep who only stopped because he was caught, out of jail earlier than many a car thief? Of course Dave is no child molester: he just trained with people who are and to blow men, women and children into a thousand bloody shreds.Hands up how many people would be comfortable with Hicks living next door to their children's crèche?  Anyone? Guess not.

One day, perhaps after the coming coordinated Islamic terrorist attack on our schools and children, the mass of people in Australia will take Islamic terror seriously. Maybe not. More likely it will be “interfaith dialogue” overdrive and a countrywide orgy of shameful yet cowardly cognitive dissonance.

I’m sorry, but Dave's Al Qaeda pals and associated Hamass, Al Aqsa and Hezbollah etc Islamic loons, want to kill you and I, our families and friends and to bring down and emasculate our society and the free West. And as such, all Islamic jihadist filth deserve only to be destroyed. Of course, anyone is free to feel differently and if they do, simply cut off your own stupid head and cut out the middle-man.

I heard Hicks phony lawyer Mr McCloud, or McClod, say something like “...never mind how you may feel about the things he may have done or may not have done.”

Ha ha! Riiight. Never mind about what Hick's has done and who and what he trained for! Hey, ya convinced me. Er, no. You're sellin' but I ain't buyin'. Classic lawyer balls. Yes, we mustn't pay any attention how we actually feel about any objective experience. I'll note leftard tactic Number 3/21B.

For what it’s worth as an alternative to the relentless denial and mutual lying fraud festival that passes for critique in our local media cesspool, here’s a modified piece I did on Dave over a year ago. I was surgically correct about King Rat then and rather ironically, even more so now. One last thing Dave, you'll never really know via the medai exactly how the sane, non-suicidal and non-treasonous majority of Australians feel about you. So I'll fill ya in.

Under the laws of piracy, sedition, war, treason, conspiracy to commit a terrorist act or acts, conspiracy to aid and abet a foreign enemy, etc, etc, etc, and especially if you ever got to use your Al Qaeda training, I'd wager most sane Australians would be happy to see you hang, Dave.


Eowyn said...

Aw. Hell. Shi'ite. Get ready for it.


//Tasmanian Devil reaction off

My dear Colonel, I must ask you this:

It is growing increasingly harder to maintain proper perspective in the face of assaults to reason like this one.

One does, because one has to. But one's Outrage-O-Meter goes off the scale, with increasing frequency.

Tips on how to stay the course, surf, jab back, put a bullet into some bone?

Disclosure: I think David Hicks is the Poster Boy of all that is parasitic, despicable, and, somehow, glorified in modern culture, and it pisses me off majorly.

(To say the least.)

Feedback appreciated.

(//signature line: The usual proposal of marriage LOL)

(on account of the fact that only Col. Robert Neville is the only barometer of common sense left, that I can see)

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but perhaps we need a terror attack London style here to wake up the Fucka's,!