Friday, 18 July 2008

I said hang them from the yard arm, Mr Jackson!

A Moorish Ambassador a la Barbary pirate. Hey, the look is kinda familiar...yet I can't seem to put my finger on it...oh, that's right! Every Islamist loon and many an alleged moderate right now.

Terrorists: the pirates of today and an unbroken Islamic vampirical business tradition. Imagine if we still dressed in powdered wigs, stockings and buckle shoes? "Oh, weirdsville!" But millions dress like Ali Baba in drag, and this sets off no alarm bells? Sheesh. God and guns help us all.

Ahoy and avast ye Leftard liberal anti-Zionist Jew hating lubbers, scurvy Islamist Hamas dogs and pieces of PC hate! I sends ye all to Davey Jones locker!

“For centuries the Barbary nations of North Africa— which included the Muslim kingdoms of Algiers, Tunis, Morocco, and Tripoli—had been enriching their treasuries by committing acts of piracy against non-Muslim nations.

The pirates took the cargoes and held the crews for ransom or sold them into slavery. The only nations that were exempt from piracy were those that regularly made huge payments to the Barbary nations to leave their ships alone”. From the National Geographic.

“...But one cannot get around what Jefferson heard when he went with John Adams to wait upon Tripoli’s ambassador to London in March 1785.

When they inquired by what right the Barbary states preyed upon American shipping, enslaving both crews and passengers, America’s two foremost envoys were informed that “it was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find..

..and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”
Christopher Hitchens on Andrew Jackson and the Barbary [Muslim] Pirates.

Here's a little satire I found of Leiberman.

Ah, Muslims have an endless history of piracy and slavery that they practice eagerly and as an intrinsic part of their er, culture. It's how Islam was founded, kids. Through banditry and by a bandit, AKA Mohammad.

So dear sports, I went to this great site, A Jacksonian Blogspot, and after a long absence, and it occurred to me. The kind of Islamist freaks and their Leftard Western enablers that Australia's Michael Burd or Mark Steyn, Bob Spencer, Bruce Bawer, Walid Shoebat and Wafa Sultan etc, have been empirically exposing, are defined clearly as pirates by the US and International Piracy Laws. God, it’s beautiful. Really.

That would mean eager asshat wearers like Antony Lowenstein, lying bogan trained child killer David Hicks, every chum of every pro-Islamist shit club and Hell, any of the thousands of MSM spastics and Islamist loons infesting our naïve land and thus proxy seas.

And for Davo the venal Hick, include the beyond belief ex-leader of the now defunct, long term bankrupt and laughably named Democrats, Natasha Stott Despoja. To celebrate the end of said party of Leftard neo Socialist and faux independent twerps, she takes the trained child killer Hicks, and I kid you not, to the break up party as a guest!

Derek: "She did that?"

Clive: "Yes, Derek. Maybe cleaned out Daves bazooka in the bog".

Derek: "What a stupid and deluded 'effing bint!"

Clive: "Exactly, Derek. Thick as a brick appears to be the operative word".

Thus Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey hang out and cheer on Chavez, who hangs out with Iran’s Armachimphead, and Chavez allows Hezbollah to train Indians among others in his country.

Landlocked doesn't void the definition. Think pirate, think bandit, think terrorist and child killer rapist etc. Chavez is a pirate, as Iran is a pirate state, continuing on the 1300 year old unbroken founding history of Islamic banditry and piracy. Thus Penn and Spacey, et al, are pirates and could be charged as such. Why ain’t they? But then, why did Jane Fonda never serve jail time?

Hey, here’s a groovy Annoy Jane story. Seems Jane and Turner went to a restaurant and demanded to be seated ahead of the queue. No dice. “Do you know who I am?” says the narcissistic, bloated ego and profoundly neurotic Treason Queen. Where’s da Manager? So, the manager comes and he’s a Vietnam vet! Classic. “Yes, I know exactly who you are” says the vet, and get the Hell out of my restaurant!

Wonderful eh? She was great in Klute and a lot of other stuff though, eh? Sadly, character acting is by definition, an act, and not always actual character.

I digress. Back to Lowy the poo poo face, who apparently loves to hang out on the West bank just having tea and a chat with various Islamist fruit loops. Never mind that the PLF, Hamas and the rest of the nihilist child killer parade, literally ARE pirates and should be treated as such.

And anyone who associates or supports their efforts in ANY way is also a pirate. Mate! But er gee whiz, Ma. Never say you don't like Islam. Put away that Islam Sucks t-shirt now.

I know why they don’t. Forty years of deluded Leftist propaganda has undermined our own sense of reality and survival. Deal with Hamas, the PLF or any of these abyss dwellers? Sure, when your mortal enemy is utterly crushed, demoralised, depleted of funds, resources, people and or they’re all dead. Sure, then we can talk. Gab away, creeps.

Now dear reader, do read this great Jacksonian piece and do visit the great 'A Jacksonian blogspot'. Ask for Old Hickory!

Extract from the incredibly good A Jacksonian Blogspot. 16 June 2007.

“Why do we refuse to call terrorism for what it is?

“Fourth is a key to ending help with Pirates and I restate it, again:

"Whoever consults, combines, confederates, or corresponds with any pirate or robber upon the seas, knowing him to be guilty of any piracy or robbery, or..."

Anyone who gives any help, advice, consultation, correspondence or actively confederates with Pirates can be charged under this statute when such aid is given to those known to be Pirates or even simple thieves and robbers upon the seas. This includes their organizations on land that have waged war upon the commerce of the US or its citizens. Those *are* Pirates.

The last is anyone who confines the master of a vessel, any vessel, is also covered under this statute.

One can be fined or put into jail for up to 3 years for doing these things.

As terrorists rarely plunder vessels these days, I will skip over the next two statutes which deal with attacks to plunder and plundering of those in distress. Likewise is receipt of stolen goods via Piracy skipped over.

There is a final one of interest and the last of the laws on Piracy:

Sec. 1661. Robbery ashore.

Whoever, being engaged in any piratical cruise or enterprise, or being of the crew of any piratical vessel, lands from such vessel and commits robbery on shore, is a pirate, and shall be imprisoned for life.

Yes, if a member of an organization that has been deemed to be Piratical actually DOES try to rob you, they are liable to be imprisoned for life. They need only be engaged in a piratical enterprise to be liable for this.

Now here is the question: Just how many terrorist organizations have used war-like capacity to attack US citizens engaged in commerce overseas, including tourists and businessmen, or otherwise attacked any US facility or property, owned in whole or in part by US companies?

Because those activities against the commerce of the US, as defined by the US Code, are Pirates. Even if they don't have a single sloop to their name.

The harder question is to name one terrorist organization that has NOT attacked the US or its citizen’s intent on sending a message while utilizing war-like capability to do so.

We certainly can imprison all such individuals who take part in such organizations for LIFE...Consider this news report from 15 JUL 2006 by ABC News, confirmed by multiple sources:

Jerusalem Jul 15, 2006 (AP): A missile fired by Hezbollah, not an unmanned drone laden with explosives, damaged an Israeli warship off Lebanon, the army said Saturday.

The attack late Friday alarmed Israel because initial information indicated the guerrillas had used a drone for the first time to attack Israeli forces.

But the army's investigation showed that Hezbollah had fired an Iranian-made missile at the vessel from the shores of Lebanon, said Brig. Gen. Ido Nehushtan.

"We can confirm that it was hit by an Iranian-made missile launched by Hezbollah. We see this as very profound fingerprint of Iranian involvement in Hezbollah," Nehushtan said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Another Hezbollah missile also hit and sank a nearby merchant ship at around the same time, Nehushtan said. He said that ship apparently was Egyptian, but had no other information".

Do notice the last section there.

That, the unwarranted attack upon an unarmed merchant on the High Seas, is Piracy.

It does not matter if that was or was not a US vessel that was an indiscriminate attack upon civilian merchant shipping. Therefore, all members of Hezbollah are Pirates and can be put away for life imprisonment under the Admiralty adjudication of the Laws.

Amazing, isn't it? One simple Law and all of one entire Terrorist Organization can now be gone after by the US. And if they resist arrest... well, not the thing to do if you are a Pirate now, is it?

How about the next law in line:

Sec. 1653. Aliens as pirates.

Whoever, being a citizen or subject of any foreign state, is found and taken on the sea making war upon the United States, or cruising against the vessels and property thereof, or of the citizens of the same, contrary to the provisions of any treaty existing between the United States and the state of which the offender is a citizen or subject, when by such treaty such acts are declared to be piracy, is a pirate, and shall be imprisoned for life.

Yet another way to look at Piracy, this time from the perspective of going after the US, vessels, property or citizens of the Nation. Again, an Admiralty Law, not a Civil Law.

Now let’s think upon the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship. That was an act of Piracy against a ship with the attacking and killing an American aboard, who was using civilian maritime transport which he had paid for passage on: Leon Klinghoffer.

Who was behind it? The Palestine Liberation Front and was led by Abbu Abbas ( Muhammad Zaidan ). This organization would later be funded and backed by Saddam Hussein. Over at the Terror Knowledge Base we get this from their entry on the PLF:

Current Goals: The PLF continued to carry out attacks against Israelis through the 80’s and 90’s, often employing unique techniques such as hand gliders, and even claimed a naval unit. Abbas and the PLF did, however, support the signing of the 1993 Oslo accords, and officially renounced terrorism against Israel. Abbas was permitted to move back to Gaza in 1996 under an Oslo-related Amnesty program. PLF involvement in terrorism was still suspected after 1993 due to the group’s distribution of Iraqi funds to Palestinian suicide bombers.

By claiming a 'naval unit' and having previously performed Piracy, this organization continues its ways under that purview. Thus the whole of the PLF can considered to be a Piracy operation and can be brought in with life imprisonment for any involved with it.

Consider next the al Qaeda attack upon the USS Cole. As Al Qaeda sponsored this operation and takes full credit for it and it is an attack upon a US Navy vessel and it being an act of war to attack same, all of Al Qaeda is a piratical operation. They can be brought in and sentenced for life imprisonment under the Admiralty Laws.

Dear me! In three actions we now have three organizations that claim to be merely terrorist organizations, but are, in fact, piratical operations:

1) Hezbollah.
2) Palestine Liberation Front.
3) Al Qaeda.

This is becoming a 'who's who' of Transnational Terrorism! Let’s see what other lovely organizations there are out there that have performed acts of Piracy!"

Source: A Jacksonian Blogspot.


Eowyn said...

My good man, as a polemicist, you cannot be beat. (Except, possibly, by Mark Steyn. But he's tame, by comparison.)

Was riveted all the way through. Bravo!

NeoConstant said...

Brilliant post--I'm a little uncertain as to how nobody has thought of this sooner. Maybe they have.

Indeed, the terrorists today are very like pirates, but worse in a way. Pirates never made it their business to blow themselves up. They were far too interested in capturing booty and raping and pillaging and all that.

Modern Islamist pirates are much worse, or much more idiotic.

Colonel Neville. said...

Crikey sports!

Look what the lovely Shooting Star said of the humble Colonel. Plus a comment 'ere abouts on deck.

Ah, so I'm not standing out on the storm whipped cliffs edge, shouting into the howling wind and rain, after all!

Man, a little overwhelming and a highlight of er, this year! Thank you kid, and may all your sundaes have extra syrup!

And then Neoconstant with his as usual kind, gracious maturity and edge. Thanks, mate.

Boy, I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to fall down the stairs now! Maybe I'll get dandruff? Oh, that's right, I already do.

Colonel Neville.

A Jacksonian said...

Oh, yes! One of my middling posts on piracy and terrorism... ahhh...

From there the next place to stop is with good old Honest Abe getting things in order for the forces of the Union and, yes, putting how to treat terrorists into the FM-100 of his day. And he did, too!

From there I muddle through the murky lines of authority over such things and slosh a bit over-much trying to figure things out. But the target, ahhh... the lovely target is being found.

Brass tacks bring me to how terrorists are pirates and can actually be put under the US Code as such. Not that I am a lawyer or any such.

From there it is to the wider, historical view looking at those outlaws for what they are: outside the protection of the law. In this case the Law of Nations and all treaties between Nations.

That then deserves a breather of putting Blackwater into blue water so as to make things all nice and regular... if only we had a Congress that actually utilized its powers. They forgot them. Lost behind the sofa, no doubt.

The great Black Book of the Admiralty shows up as one of three works our Nation and civilized world depends upon... not that they bother to teach these works in school anymore. So you don't need to forget them, as you don't know it! How Orwellian.

Then I give the topic a nice long rest as, after nearly 150 years of getting any exercise, the poor thing is tuckered out. Coming at it from the broader angle, I look at the nature of the enemy being able to put the broader category of Private War over the things called piracy and terrorism. It is that umbrella that is addressed by the Private War parts of Art. I, Sec. 8, although the Executive gets the protection from outlawry section from his Admiralty power. That is how President Jefferson saw it, and really they do go hand-in-hand.

Finally a bit of criticism to the SCOTUS blundering around without checking their history and finding themselves Where Angels Fear to Tread. Heaven help us all, as no one else will...

And that should catch one up on the piracy part of Private War and the terrorism bits that cross over it. As the USS Cole was within the reach of the high seas and the SCOTUS handled multiple cases in the 19th century to define the high seas as just that, it is *piracy* and can be tried *here* as it is a crime without borders against all mankind. At least the early SCOTUS got *that* right... this latest crew needs to find a plank.