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The Disarmed are Free Only in Their Deaths Often At The Hands of Those Who are Armed.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest”. M.K. Ghandi.

The funeral of the truly wonderful Holtzbergs. The hideous nihilist lies and "filth" of Islam as Christopher Hitchens has rightly called it, and the Israel and Jew-hating left who despise the economic liberty and prosperity of free -market capitalism, continue to destroy the beautiful truths of the innovative and productive world. Horrible things like Socialist Marxist leftism lie as a default, naturally eager to take away our right to be a able to defend ourselves effectively with wait for it, guns. Then hey presto! Muslims who follow wait for it, Islam, can murder us all. Thus the perfect fascist and totalitarian bedfellows beds are made. Below is Moshe Holtzberg at his parents funeral.

Mission of Love Part 1.

Part 2.

The following is an excerpt from titled "Rabbi not killed". Yep, he and his wife and son and many others were targeted for being Jewish, then they were tortured beyond belief and MURDERED by gee, MUSLIM TERRORISTS. [Or targeted for being Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or not Muslim enough, the wrong kind of Muslim, another Muslim or just targeted say, for being a Taoist Laplander for all we know. Muslims just love to murder other Muslims. Around ten million since 1948.]
Via Zimbio: "On Thanksgiving Day 2008, gunshots rang out startling the family of Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and others inside the Chabad center in Mumbai , India . A maid at the Chabad center thought it was firecrackers--then an Islamic gunman came up the stairs. Explosions and gunshots rattled the building and continued through the night. At the same time the Chabad center is attacked, Islamic terrorists were attacking a police station and a few minutes later they opened fire at a hospital. They also opened fire in restaurants and at hotels, all together, at over 10 locations, the Islamic terrorists murdered over 190 people. 
The Chabad center maid told the media that the gunmen destroyed the elevator, dining room and "everything" else. The rabbi ran to the telephone to call the Israeli Consulate. He got them on the line, told them there were men with guns in the house, but in the middle of the conversation, the line went dead after the rabbi said, "something's wrong." The rabbi was then grabbed by the Muslim terrorists, held down and had a belt secured around his legs to prevent him from walking. Several other Jews in the center had their hands and feet bound with telephone cords or nylon rope. 
The Indian Express reported that, Rabbi Holtzberg, his wife Rivka and their three friends died in a "brutal manner." The paper horrifically reported that there was "brutality unleashed on the Holtzberg." The paper reported that police photos inside the Chabad center spoke, "volumes of the nightmare the family and their friends must have gone through before they died." The Rabbi's body was found in a room on the second floor, with his legs under the mezuzah, stretching into the hall where his wife's body was found. Rivka's body was found near the legs of Rabbi Holtzberg, the floor was covered red in blood. 
The rabbi's 2-year-old son Moshe was found drenched in blood, crying in the silence, beside his parents who lay dead on the floor. The dead bodies of the murdered Jews were then booby-trapped with live hand grenades and other explosives. Indian security forces indicated the Jewish women were murdered first, as the Jewish men were first tortured before being murdered. 
In the United States , where the news media like to cover up all things which may make Muslims look bad, they never mentioned that the Israelis were mutilated beyond belief. In the Digital Journal news, it was also reported that the victims of the terrorist attacks had been tortured. In the words of one doctor, "It was shocking and disturbing." A doctor who conducted the post-mortems on the victims added: "Of all the bodies, the Israeli victims bore the maximum torture marks. It was clear that they were killed on the 26th itself. It was obvious that they were tied up and tortured before they were killed. It was so bad that I do not want to go over the details even in my head again."
So the little boy saw it all, and his parent's saw their little son witnessing their ordeal. And they saw the boy being beaten, swore at and so on...My God. This is the death loving cult of Islam and what authentic followers of Mohammads wack job words and deeds do. Regular people such as gee, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, the secular and most other ordinary people, usually all love life and normal, healthy achievements. I'm not sorry if that's not self-loathing enough, but it's a fact, or the whole world would be as repulsive and mad as Gaza, but it ain't. While millions of Muslims don't, millions of authentic Muslims across the world do love deception, mutilation, death, dysfunction and destruction. They are victims of Mohammad, AKA one mans insanity. [Links are to the] That's because there is entirely NOTHING about Islam that is not insane, deceptive and dangerous. Rightpundit again on same.

The ONLY reason Israel still exists is because it’s fully armed. In Australia, law abiding citizen like you and I are unarmed and thus utterly defenseless. One is not free either via the whims of a capricious government no matter how currently benign or that a high stat chance encounter with a criminal simply hasn't occured for you yet. Thus our own government becomes more essentially socialist and incompetent on a startling and regular basis. The unarmed merely have a temporary freedom which is not freedom at all but a stay of oppression and execution by either an often organized criminal class or random opportunists. No, really. Say after me, it ain't so bad. Of course it ain't. It's incremental. While a party that criticizes capitalism is headed by a boob who reaps the many empirical fruits of it, such as real estate via the central pillar of freedom and prosperity of private property laws. Hey, as you do when you're a full of shit Labour union phony and hypocrite. That's "Socialism for you and capitalism for me. But you're paying for mine."

Ah, in 2007 Kevin Rudd "sounded out" about buying a FIVE million dollar beachside property...Yes, that would be on the Moscow/Cuban lay-away plan then? From the previous link: "Earlier this year Ms Rein [Mrs Rudd] agreed to avoid any appearance of conflict and divest the Australian holdings of her international recruitment company Igneus, which she founded last year. It earned revenues of $175 million last financial year".

[Now read our rich socialist grandiose narcissist of a PM's latest Keynes, FDR and Hitler et al inspired faux essay. [Costello slams Rudd's "miserable" trope. Rudd's pudd pulling love poem to a big government smiley faced fascist state is so loaded with economic and anti-freedom gibberish, it's hard to believe. A barely repackaged agitprop spectacular. Standard Kevin really. Here's onlineopinion on Rudd's "breathtaking cynicism" regards his sub-undergraduate fecal thesis. Neither article seems really damning enough surgically correct analysis. I see it as much worse and why not? What does it mean when an Australian PM writes such fascist crap? Trouble. Very big trouble. As the classic satirical slogan goes “Dictators Agree: Gun Control Works or Dimwits agree, dumb control works or Rudd is repellent".

Go here to my fellow freedom loving friends, and take note of the plans and methods for making a beautiful 9mm machine gun from easily available materials with common tools, for academic purposes only of course. No, really. But I digress. Dig how decades of Indian gun control leaves Mumbai and virtually all Indians defenseless. It's why not even two dozen Muslim terrorists from Pakistan could hold an entire city for days. All the murdered had one thing in common: THEY WERE ALL UNARMED.

In the initial and even later stages of the MUSLIM TERRORIST attack, even the Indian "security forces" were largely unarmed or pathetically under-armed with fifty year-old rifles, WWl era pistols and rattan shields made of er, natural materials! Thus they must be good for you! No.
"Sargent, I want you and the Grass Matting Squad to secure the hotel. I'll cover you with my 1917 Webley revolver. I may even have some ammunition somewhere if I can find those damn requisition forms. Good luck, you brave fools. India salutes you, from a distance!"
This is why around fifteen men could get far enough into position to take down a city of millions for three days, in spite of the incredible courage and sacrifice of many, many now often dead or horribly wounded unarmed Indians. Think about that and what a few hundred or thousand armed terrorists could do in our own city. Hamass et all hide their weapons and explosives everywhere and anywhere, especially Mosques or say shipping containers and so on. Luckily there are no mosques or shipping containers in Melbourne. "Terrorists sexually Humiliated guests before killing them," by Santosh Mishra for the Mumbai Mirror, December 25 2008:

...Even the Rabbi and his wife at Nariman House were sexually assaulted and their genitalia mutilated," said a senior officer of the investigating team, not wishing to be quoted." Via

The MUSLIM TERRORISTS had the latest automatic weapons and explosives. It is virtually impossible for any law abiding Indian citizen to get a gun licence. Gee, the MUSLIM terrorists didn’t bother with a licence. Hey, that could mean a heavy fine! Via Dave Ridley at the Ridley Report com.

Nazi gun control.

Obama the Marxist bastard on gun control.

The GREAT Jackie Mason on gun control. Get Jackie’s book Schmucks.

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