Wednesday, 25 February 2009

You better spellcheck Obama the "cult" personality.

Colonel Neville: I think Barry and Mitch Obama BOTH have narcissistic personality disorders, and they'll crack completely under the pressure of the wacky expectations of their zany madcap fans. Yep.

Some of these vids are old and some new, but all are classics and all are playing out rather ironically. A lot of Obama fans are so excited about Obama that they wee-wee and poo-poo their pants, squeal and jump up and down! And the pre-school kids are even worse. Welcome to Obama Love Indoctrination.

Obama voters are clearly super cognitive dissonant. No, really.

No, apart from brainwashed moppets via a smiley faced soft socialist fascism taking cues from Hitler, Mao and North Korea, the wonderful Obama supporters are also dumber than dog hair mass drones, uber-rich elitist phony's, Marxist academics and radical trash, black liberation racists, treasonous mediocre twerp pop and movies stars, ignorant lazy celebrity's, Marxist freak traitors, Communist fascist dictators, Leftard Liberals and oh yes, Muslim loons and Jihadists killers.

Leftard Obama girl doesn’t know she’s a Communist Socialist.

Irrational hecklers and grossly obese bully’s for Obama! Not Socialism but “Socialism” is “all good”. She's for “spreading the wealth around”. The uneducated, illiterate and low IQ allied with Marxist parasite scumbags. Fabbo. And thus it has played out. Now keep in your mind the name of a mythical country called Bongo Congo from an old cartoon show, for the video after this one. It shows the sad and absurdly cognitive dissonant expectations of the people of the Congo after the predictable disaster of er, "independence". Yep, independence from anything proven, useful and successful.

Obama is even more delightful than Hitler.

Logical Fallacy and Cognitive Dissonance Effected For Obama! The very unattractive James Brown arrested at 3:AM Michelle O, says BO can “get shot going to the gas station”. Well, stay out of all black neighbourhoods then. Oh, ya do already? Most wives are happy if their husband puts out the trash! Michelle O is the Queen of disingenuous, self-serving, bigoted, poisonous cliche and myth.

The fact is 94% of black men who are murdered, are murdered by other black men.

45 Communist goals from 1963. Only ten to go!

Commos and Socialists in Congress, so to speak.

Obama slags off capitalism [Capitalism is for him] says love my Socialism [Socialism is for you] ploy.

The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality. Jerome R. Corsi. Buy the book. Dig the wealth of Leftard logical fallacy comments. Crazy man! Check out the ridiculous and incurous Allan Coombes as per usual.

Beyond belief Obamabots unleashed. It's the simple people of simple infant town. Apparently Obama is going to stop "black men selling drugs". Maybe cos old Choof Gang Barry ain't buyin' and holdin' no more!

Obama fans can't name a single BO achievement. Still can't. Never will in the positive that is.

Maybe she knows? Nope.

Yep, after 4 years in the U.S Senate he named a post office and ONE piece of promotions act legislation for the Congo, which has been a smashing Bongo Congo success!

Some are repeated from a previous vid, but they're worth it for the new pieces of Obama drone pure gold! Getcha panhandler panjacks!

"Hee aah noze whuts goin' hon cuz heeza blahk gar..." How many voters from either party are morons? You be da judge!

Obama gives me gas! For free!

Hey, what's all the Fuehrer? Yep, Obama is a er, "Christian" if by Christian you mean a Muslim bum Father, an atheist Marxist radical Mother and cheesecake shot queen, and Obama attending a Muslim school, a Washington state Marxist high school college and spending twenty years in the Marxist product of a Black Liberation Theology "Church". Yes, then he's a Christian.

The vid ends on vote for McCain Palin. Sadly, they were not good enough and that's not what authentic Conservatives want. Obama and Biden are far more not good enough, but that's what Democrat voters want. Go figure. Oh yes, and there's another parade of fabulously phony, clueless, insincere, incurious and wilfully ignorant boobs. Enjoy.

Gratuitous last vid merely showing Mama Klump helping out with the Obama campaign tactic of registering everyone who wants to vote...for Obama. Homeless felons too. Homesless Felons For Change AND Hope!

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Eowyn said...

Ah, my dear Colonel, what a wonderful video trip down the rabbit hole. Filled with many laughs and not a few groans, I may say.

Off topic -- I read your free quotes with interest, and just had to share a favorite one of my own, from Abraham Lincoln: "People are about as happy as they want to be."