Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Repellent Week Of Phonys That Was Sunday Special, with George Negus and SBS.

George Negus [in glasses middle] interviewing Shimon Perez in George's usual unbiased style. "Take him to the little minded room, my brothers!" said George to the rest of the Dateline dates.

Mohammad: “Prepare for them whatever force and steeds of war you can, to strike terror in the hearts of Allah’s enemies and your enemies”.

On SBS at 11:15 this Sunday, I'm watching a typical piece of tax payer funded Hamass apologia, fraud, sleight of hand and slight slap on the wrist doc. It's on the child abusing and murdering Muslim arsehole psychopaths, hyper-depraved Jew hating criminals of gee, Hamass.

They amazingly do show some unpleasant things about Hamass, though it's generally barely at shit level. The "reporter" calls Hamass a "resistance" movement etc. Yep, resisting any Jew staying alive or any Palestinian that disagrees with them via mass murder.

On the equally sickening Dateline George fucking Negus interviews Shimon Perez, and without shame as only a fake and thick fucker like Negus can, asks Shimon something along the lines of “Are you seriously saying Hamass is so evil that they would use their own children as shields?!” and other assorted filth and drivel.

Well, YES you alleged investigative journalist and confirmed Leftard swine. George and his contempt for Perez, the plight of Israel and the Jewish people, combined with Georges overt give Hamass a break style asslicking, was beyond vivid. Yes, according to George, it’s all the Joooos fault as per usual. What an amusing stale old fool George Negus always is without fail.

Oh, sorry, not journalist George, I meant rich, eternally tenured, unchallenged, anti-Semitic cliche spouting champagne neo-Marxist Leftard elite shithead fat old killer sucking slime bag George. Hey, I wouldn’t want to slander you, ya dirty fucking disingenuous liar and uber-lazy incompetent twerp. No, no.

Ring me up George, and I’ll apologise for not being ruder. I meant that YOU George Negus, are one of the massive horde of disgusting MSM enablers of murdering Jew haters everywhere. I’d be happy to kick your pudgy rhetorical ass across the street in a nice debate metaphorically of course, you cheating bastard.

Try Google or Youtube, Memritv or Walid Shoebat and Brigitte Gabrielle at a minimum. Or jihadwatch, or Atlasshrugs or Hell, just get off ya over paid, immoral dumb ass. Try reading the history of Hamass and their hideous nihilist Jew hating Hamass Charter/Covenant, fuckwit.

George Negus and his MSM ilk are bursting with mind bending balony and fraudulent bogus shit. Here, you miserable repulsive fuck, I’ll do your meagre work for you. The job that you are too stupid, Leftoid and anti-Israel canard peddling to do yourself. And this is merely a random tip of the iceberg, bub. AS you must know, or do you? How dull witted you are, we may never know.

Oh I get it. Jews should just take the over 8,000 rockets and mortars and die. How many mortars would you accept in your lounge room, George?

Oh but first, let me explain for ya. Hamass IS EVIL, stupid. They are ONLY evil. EVERYTHING about them is EVIL. They breed, train and indoctrinate EVERY child to murder all Jews, destroy Israel and spread Islam Incorporated via the childrens own suicide. Always have, always will. That’s Islam and thus Hamass et al, you lame-o media circus geek. Now was that so hard? And they pay you? For what? Mediocre shibboleth, lies and lazy bigotry. Good work if you can get it. And you have.

Hamass is an insane criminal nihilist organisation that uses Gaza as a laboratory for Jihad and funding etc. The empirical and astoundingly documented Hamass POLICY, is to never build shelters and never stop firing rockets and to get as many Palestinians and Jews killed as possible. Thus they put their weapons and explosives in houses, have their headquarters in a hospital and so on. Oh yes, they pretty much only let Marxist and other pro-Islamist anti-Semitic Jew hating scumbag faux "journalists" to report on their behaviour. Works a dream with people like John Pilger.

George walks past the wall that has stopped over 95% of suicide/homicide attacks aimed at gee, MURDERING JEWS, and says this is a "barrier to peace". So dead Jews means peace. Check. Nuance. The wall is a "barrier" to the murder of Jews. Jews not being maimed and murdered defines er, "peace" don't it, bucko? Hmmmm?

What does he care? It appears not a fuck. The Negus paradigm is apparently doubt and deny most everything Israel the Jews and their PM say and do, and accept much of whatever works via Hamass and their beyond belief propaganda, and even more hideous reality. This is the default moudus operandi of the asshat.

Negus the brave Jew fighter. Let me know when you have the courage and brains to take on Hamass and Islam Murder Inc, or gee, much of anything in reality, pudding head. George the negus: veteran millionaire phony and super creep.

You can blow a dog, George.

Hamassoles of Hamass. Oddly, there is no ham in Hamass. Via Michelle Malkin at Hotair.

Hamass in their own voices via Memritv.

Children of Hamass.

Hamass grabs children like dogs for human shields.

How Hamass murder Palestinians.

Hamass Mickey Mouse classic.

Hamass indoctrinating toddlers.

Hamass launch rockets from Al Arabiya press building. Unintentional broadcast by classic lying pro-Hamass local Muslim media bint. This was picked up by an Israeli satellite. Note the smug and natural confidence with the total fraud of it all. "Don't worry. I'm just having drinks with George Negus and the New York Times editorial staff!"

Hamass launching rockets from UNRA school as they always do.

More on Hamass school launch tactic as standard Hamass operational procedure. Comprende?

Al Aqsa loves murder and death, especially that of women and children. It's "glorious".

Muslim terrorists use children as bombing decoys. Ah, that would be John fucking Pilgers much loved “resistance”. Nuance.

Hamass attack wedding party, assault and murder guests for playing music. Great commentary by an Arab guy.

UAE Professor Mustafa Muslim Claims Allah Has Gathered the Jews in Israel to Make It Easier for Muslims to Fight Them on Judgment Day. Al-Majd (Saudi Arabia/UAE)6/19/2005.

Egyptian Cleric Sheik Muhammad Sharaf Al-Din on a Childrens Show: The Jews Are the People of Treachery, Betrayal, and Vileness

London Islamist Dr. Hani Al-Sibaai Justifies Slaughters in Iraq: The Prophet Muhammad Used to Slaughter As Well. ANB TV (Lebanon) 2/22/2005.

Aired On Jan 26th. Egyptian Cleric Amin Al-Ansari Justifies [relishes] the Holocaust, Airs Footage, and Declares: "This Is What We Hope Will Happen But, Allah Willing, at the Hand of the Muslims". Via Liveleak too.

Typical Arab Muslim media Hell presents "Jews Distort Torah and Admit, "We Live off Prophets' Blood" in Jordanian-Produced Soap Opera. Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)02/2005.

Captured Iraqi Terrorist 'Adnan Elias: We Beheaded a Policeman, Filled His Corpse with TNT, and Used It to Blow Up Others.

Remember the Said sisters via humanevents.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but George has such a hairy, top-three-buttons-undone, foreign correspondent chest!

Love your rants, Colonel :)


Colonel Neville said...

Dear Mike, haha! The 70's swinger chest when George was young! Great stuff and thanks for the thumbs up and praise. It's always a very nice boost

All the best from Colonel Neville.