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General Patton's Speech on Global Jihad and Iraq Redux.

General Patton Terrorism Speech.

Via Infidelsarecool from Mike Kaminski com.

Pat Condell on Geert Wilders imminent arrest.

Turkish Muslim men love to beat the wife but sadly, not at chess. 40% and under-reported.

Hollywood today is largely a narcissitic twerp and freak factory. Letterman naturally, beautifully, spontaneously, creatively and with wit, soundly ridicules Phoenix the very talented actor, bore and fool.

Mark Steyn on the free world fatwas itself.

“Friday, February 13, 2009. "Andrew's post from this morning on Geert Wilders has stayed with me all day — especially this line from Edmund Standing: How is [British Foreign Secretary] Miliband any better than Muslims who screamed about The Satanic Verses without bothering to read it?

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the Ayatollah's fatwa against Salman Rushdie over The Satanic Verses. Two decades on, who needs the mullahs? These days western nations are happy to fatwa their own. It's now a familiar pattern.

If you threaten violence, the authorities cave in, and do the mob's bidding in the interests of "public order" — as they did in Toronto on Wednesday, when thugs attacked a Jewish center: The police demanded that the center itself close down — punishing the innocent and achieving the goal of the mob.

If you're a "moderate Muslim" who gets death threats and complains to the authorities, the police will dispatch two burly Muslim police officers. These gentlemen will warn the complainer to button it, lest he rile up restive Muslims.

If young Muslim girls are being kidnapped and forced into marriage with their first cousins, the British Home Office minister will suggest that these matters are best handled discreetly and informally. If young Muslim girls are being murdered in "honor killings", the Chief Commissar of the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission will explain that they're a "small commission" and they have to be able to prioritize and that Mark Steyn is a far greater threat to the Queen's peace than killers of Muslim women".

Via Pajamasmedia related to above.

Via jihadwatch org: "Part of the Islamic belief-system is the proposition that one who insults Muhammad should be killed. That is why Muslims so easily resort to threats of violence against those who say things about Muhammad that they don't like.

No sect of Christianity teaches that the one who insults Jesus should be killed. In fact, they all teach that one should be patient and charitable with opponents. That is why Christians do not generally resort to threats of violence against those who say things about Jesus that they don't like. There are nuts in every group, of course, and that's why I say "generally," but there is no sanction in the core teachings of the religion for such behavior.

And that's why Reynolds's earlier assertion that "sooner or later, you know, fundamentalist Christians are going to pick up on this lesson, engage in similar behavior, and make similar demands" is almost certainly false. The most virulently fundamentalist Christian can find no sanction in Jesus' teaching for the murder of his opponents any more than anyone else can.

It does not make every Muslim a terrorist to point this out, and it isn't bigoted to do so, either. It is simply to state a series of facts -- and if anyone wishes to try to prove that the facts I have asserted here are false, I welcome the challenge. Meanwhile, the relativism of Glenn Reynolds and so many others continues to hinder our response to the jihad threat".

Fabbo Mark Steyn interview via Rick McGinnis at Fatherknowsbest. In the interview, as he did at the OHRC hearing, Mark thoroughly Fisks the stupid, dated and ignorant “fire in a theatre” metaphor or metabore tactic.

Big 'effing surprise. One third or more of Euroweenies are Jew hating, irrational Socialists and detatched from any effective reality. It’s the Joooos!

Michelle Malkin on how Pelosi is dumber than dog hair and basically sucks.

Capitalism magazine on Che the child killer cretin, coward, sadist and narcissist buffoon.

Mark Steyn on the individual, freedom of speech and the totalitarian state:

“The ultimate minority is the individual”. Mark Steyn.

“Well, offensiveness is in the eye of the offended”. Mark Steyn.

“So every time you have someone like Haroun Siddiqui at the Toronto Star saying that it's all about striking a balance and all the rest of it, every time that someone tiptoes down that primrose path, it leads only to tyranny. If you don't believe in free speech for people you hate, you loathe, you revile, you don't believe in free speech at all”.

“"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law." That's how it was said It's not true in Ontario. The Ontario Human Rights Commission effectively gave Maclean's and myself a drive-by verdict. They couldn't be bothered taking us to trial but they decided to pronounce us guilty anyway. That evades the most basic principle of justice: Aude alteram partem. (Hear the other side.)

[Human rights commissioner] Barbara Hall didn't bother to hear the other side. She simply declared us guilty. That is the very defining act of a police state. An apparatchik announcing that a citizen is guilty of dissent from state orthodoxy.

But, and here's the point: Maclean's and I have no fear of Barbara Hall, the Commission, or the Tribunal. You are welcome to try to your worst with us. We have deep pockets, we push back, and we filled the newspapers with stories about all these wacky cases that Barbara Hall and others are so obsessed about”.

Steyn on the Geert Wilders ban.

“Some of the oldest, free-est constitutional societies are retreating into illiberal darkness.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom," said Pitt the Younger. "It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

Mark chats on related themes to his empirical laugh a minute day in court.

“...a contempt for the citizenry at large is necessary to justify their and Commissar Hall's sinecures. And in a sense it's entirely understandable. Once you accept the degree of state management that the citizens of modern social-welfare democracies now take for granted, why be surprised that your rulers are no longer prepared to treat you as "citizens"?

America is now catching up to the happy condition of Canada and Europe - the Big Nanny security state in which you're relieved of every adult responsibility - to provide your own health care, to look after your family, to work to support them.

Why then be surprised that Ontario's Liberal and NDP members assume you can't be entrusted to think for yourself? Or that President Obama talks of his fellow citizens as if they're lame pets and feeble-minded urchins? It may yet prove the case that the Big Government security-blanket state can co-exist with a lively level of individual liberty, free speech and intellectual inquiry, but the results from the heart of the free world are not encouraging”.

Sean Gabb: “The highly selective use of speech codes and hate speech laws has nothing really to do with politeness. It is about power. The British ruling class may talk the language of love and diversity and inclusiveness. What it obviously wants is the unlimited power to plunder and enslave us, while scaring us into the appearance of gratitude for our dispossession. Because the tyrannised are always the majority in a tyranny, they must be somehow prevented from combining.

The soviet socialists and the national socialists kept control by the arbitrary arrest and torture or murder of suspected opponents. That is not presently acceptable in England or in the English world. Control here is kept by defining all opposition as 'hatred' – and by defining all acts or attitudes that might enable opposition as 'hatred'."

Marks speech at court.

Magnificent Steyn Al Gore crush by satire.

“Al's been in public life all his life and is still trying out personas. What he himself feels about himself is hard to say, although a good place to look is Earth in the Balance, the vice president's widely unread book, except by the Unabomber, in whose cabin the feds found an extensively annotated copy. For some reason, the same views that got the Unabomber written off as patently insane are cited as evidence of the vice president's "intelligence" and "thoughtfulness."

Anyway, somewhere around page 837, in some musings on the dysfunctional child, Al writes: "He begins controlling his inner-experience-smothering spontaneity, masking emotion, diverting creativity into robotic routine." Now which famous Android-American candidate does that sound like?”

This at Melanie Phillips blog:

"Anti-Jew frenzy at the FCO: And now the frenzy of Jew-hatred has broken cover at the very heart of Britain’s political establishment. The Daily Mail reports that a high-ranking Foreign Office diplomat, Rowan Laxton, has been arrested after he launched into a screaming anti-Jew tirade. He apparently lost it altogether while watching TV reports of the Israeli attack on Gaza as he used an exercise bike in a gym:

Stunned staff and gym members allegedly heard him shout: ‘F**king Israelis, f**king Jews’. It is alleged he also said Israeli soldiers should be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’. His rant reportedly continued even after he was approached by other gym users".

Obama licks the U.N Association of Koranic Kreeps.

Dig the Obama Socialist Newsweek cover pic...All aboard the Socialist Express of Excess!

Atlasshrugs on Sharia Creep for kids.

Atlas on Obama and his many fascist thug fans and their burning torches.

"Now we know where Obama’s mean, nasty, abusive followers get their marching orders. At a Nevada rally Wednesday, Obama said this: “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.“

Democrats love at joke about other people.

Children of the Damned for Obama.

The Left love peace after they kill you.

Born to fail: Liberal talk radio. Via rightwingnews.

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