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Multicultism Demands We Sacrifice Everything To The False PC God.

Mark Steyn with classic lines and insights on the fatal death flaws of the lie and disaster of multicultism. “Fascism, Communism and Nazism are confrontational and entirely designed for argument”. Multiculturalism says that “if everything is equal, whats the point of talking about it?” Multiculturalism is a “unicultural phenomenon. You can’t be multicultural in Saudi Arabia. It’s impossible”. Yep, only the West does the mutliculti death dance. Of the countries that have even a 20% Muslim population in the world, only three qualify as free. Surinam, Serbian Montenegro and Benine.

Here's the Four Steps of Islamic Treachery. A classic.

Mark Steyn on the end of Europe Pt 1.

Why are so many people apparently clueless and without the skills to think rationally? Here's Ann Coulter with the answers on Obama Democrats and public education.

Jawa Report with a second look at that Muslim poll. All is lost.

Brigitte Gabriel on the natural Islamic psychopathic gangster nihilism of the Muslims who destroyed Lebanon. Pt 1.

Brigitte on Bill O’Reilly. The middle ground is where our graves will be.

Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity. Dig the cute little moppets who want to kill Jews for their birthday. The alleged “honour” of Muslim “men” lays between their Mothers, daughters and sisters legs. There is no respect for “women and life” amongst the Arab Muslim people. That’s nihilism. There are “commercials” on Arab TV glamourising female and male homicide/suicide bombings.

“And now for a word from the makers of Preparation H and our sponsor: Hamass!”

Sean exposes retarded criminal Imam. Sadly, another of the perhaps hundreds of thousands[?] of illiterate and criminal black Americans, who find a comfortable fit with fascist blame shifting nihilist Islam. "The enviramental circumstances". Hahahaha! Five stars for the cretin retard and worlds oldest crack baby. "Ah bi tar confrunces". For duncescers? What a human cyst.

"Waht ah yoo aksin' abaht?" I believe Sean is "aksin abaht" the fifth time a rather simple question of a low IQ illiterate low life criminal. Yes, that's it. And why is this ridiculous dumb as dog hair sack of lying Islamic shit not arrested? Ah, he's "oppressed" of course, like all dangerous perverts.

Mark Steyn and Sean on the Democrats radical Imam. Sadly George met similar loons during his early Presidency too. "Islam is a religion of peace" as George Bush unfortunately said, and as they nearly all do parrot.

I remember a hard working Lebanese family guy who owned a business near mine and he said of the Lebanese gangs at the time of the Cronulla thang, "These people are garbage. They come from tribal areas and respect nothing. I would shoot them". Rather harsh I thought, and it may be a moot point if the said drug gang rapist combinations are carrying as they often do, hand guns and even Uzi sub-machine guns.

In Sydney “for the financial year” [2006 2007?] there were around 63 gang rapes. Fifty of those gang rapes were by Muslim males gangs against white Australian females. Only five of these Muslim gang rapes have been in the media. This is going back over a five year period, the first being the Muslim gang rapist Bilal Skaf in August 2000. This means 1 case a year gets public exposure and none before 2000. This means less than 2% of the annual total of Muslim gang rapes are being reported in the MSM. Why?

Now I don’t like mobs and especially drunk ones, as they tend to seize on anybody passing by and much worse. Why? Cos they’re mobs and mobs are essentially moronic. Hose them all I say! A general rule of thumb with MSM reporting of er, “problematic” events, people and groups, is that virtually whatever most of the media et al presents, merely flip it to its exact opposite for the usually more unpleasant truth.

This the end result of saying every culture is equal and wonderful, except ours. Of decades of politicians, police, academics and celebrity lying about and lying to the ordinary person, especially the working class and the lower middle class. Look around. The only groups the media and others can call en masse "racist" or anything they like minus any evidence whatsoever and get away with it, is usually powerless and voiceless white people. Go figure. It's easy.
Hey Chief Police Commissioner of Victoria Christine Nixon quit today. She's "proud of" her er, "achievements". Gee, I wonder what they were? Even less than mine. Christine looking like she's wearing a Marlon Brando bodysuit without the head? Christine getting a free First Class ticket from Qantas? The biggest gangland killing spree in Australian history? The massive increase in violent crime and gangs? 
Nope, from memory I can't say I've increased any gang activity. All credit to Commissioner Jumbo I'm afraid. Oh yes, and kudos to obese Chris for allowing Jew-hating, West hating Muslim Islamist freaks and Marxist leftist swine to celebrate in our city. Five stars. Hobbling Police so they resign in droves? The first days of her job she got the Police to take part in a gay march. No, really. That was THE priority. That was the "high point" and it was all downhill from there. So bravo and bon voyage.
The truth about the Cronulla riots [and the bankruptcy of the media, the cowardice of the the hamstrung Police and the PC multicultism lies and weakness of our stupid, stupid disingenuous politicians] Pt 2.

The truth about the Cronulla riots [and Lebanese rape gang culture] Pt 3.

The relentless Muslim criminal empire rampages of France. This includes video of a fifty year old invalid French woman set on fire in a bus by golly, Muslims.

More on moron Lebanese gangs. Banning guns means that Muslim criminals and others have Uzi sub machine guns, Glocks, hand grenades and rocket launchers, while the average citizen has a lampshade. That's John Howard the alleged conservative PM's idea. Five stars then, John, you clueless disarming bastard.

When I said I want guns, ALL OF THEM, an allegedly Liberal [Conservative in Australia] politician I know angrily attacked me! " You should NOT be allowed to have guns! You should rely on the Police!" Are you fucking kidding me? Sadly no. Yeah, YOU sic' 'em Rex. This from a man who falls asleep while he's talking! So basically we're all talk that can be silenced and taken away at ANYTIME then? Got it. Nuance.

Rely on the massively resigning plods, eh? Er, riiiight. How original, fatuous, glib and pathetically and wilfully naive. Ain't we doing that now? I've done that, bub. It ain't working for most. In bad areas and good, try a turn up from my long experience of about 40% if you're lucky, whatever 000 may babble to the contrary. Who ya gonna call? Feather dusters!

Relying on the police to be consistently effective and non-PC, is a little like relying on your mother to consistently pick out cool clothes and music for your birthday. And when the Islamist swine take over wherever and whenever they like as they have in France, the Netherlands, Britain and Western Sydney, the police will simply run away in beyond belief fear and be overwhelmed merely defending themselves and their own families. This we have seen in all the previously mentioned places and more. A dark, dark joke and the end really.

Oz Muslims in their peculiarly aimless autistic childlike unnatural habitat. Ah, the sophisticated and civil minded set.

A little more detail of same. Ah, there's that relentless classic of these circus geek psychopaths being a “minority” rejected by their own culture, minus any evidence for this whatsoever. And a little more detail. And in my city and neighbourhood too.

British armed forces are fighting Muslim Jihadist geeks in Afghanistan with gee, BRITISH ACCENTS.

Londonistan and the percentages of Muslim misfits for Sharia.

Good news week! Australiastan is well on the way.

The Hitler loving Muslim cab driver.

More celebrating multicultism Somali style.

Award winning Somalian rapist.

Jew hating Marxist Islamists and Marxist Leftards in Times Square. Just like the Jihad lovin' and Jew-hating Hamass/Hezbollah Marxist left dominated media celebrity and political elite love-in held in Melbourne CBD on January 18 2009. Enjoy the celebration of the lizard that is 'diversity'...

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