Tuesday, 24 July 2007

George Bush is a Poo-Poo Face.

Republicans and Democrats can get along.

For the ‘Bush or whoever is President and Republican is a Poo-Poo Face’ crowd, everything that makes up the complexity and mess of the competing demands, limits, flaws, endless compromises, mistakes and failures of real life, is never just the way that life perhaps is. It’s always part of a vast conspiracy, all of it, even down to the list of ingredients on a packet of cookies. Endless deconstructionism leads to such impractical and neurotic ways of thinking that you can’t even tie your own shoe laces without ‘contextualising’ it. And the Left is curiously never too far away from anti-Semitism.

So set and rigid is it in its dated freeze frame of empty and useless myths, that like the living dead, it must constantly find and seize upon new sources of meaning, purpose and nourishment to justify existing at all.

The Palestinians, Global Warming, Iraq or labouring tediously over ever more complicated protocols of behaviour are often mere convenient grist’s for the mill of boring, entirely predictable and phoney Internationalists. Every one of these current obsessions will eventually be shrugged off and replaced with the freshly co-opted, after they are all drained of the blood of fashionable usefulness. Wasn’t Nuclear Disarmament, the people of Vietnam and South Africa all once essential centrepieces?

I guess everything worked out just dandy re nuclear weapons and stand offs or Vietnamese refugees and boatpeople. There are no problems in South Africa now or Africa in general. Well, none that registers with any mass Left and Socialist Alliance urge to march. It’s the same with the 1970’s global cooling scare ‘and why doesn’t the Government get serious and do something? Why oh why, Delilah?’ Ditto the 1960’s population explosion myth and the food production collapse lie, or the 1960’s and the 1970’s ‘no more resources left by the 1980’s’ drivel.

Bush eats worms.

The ‘Bush Eats Worms’ movement do not really care about Iraq at all, not even a bit. They never really cared that much about the Vietnamese. Definitely not as much as themselves and fair enough, but why hide behind a badge of caring for people that you are clearly uninterested in on almost any level? Because no-one wanted to say it’s all about me, me, me and me. How many protests were there about the million and a half Vietnamese boat people and the hundreds of thousands that died trying to escape via the South China Sea? I must have missed those particular mass protests.

How many hippies went to Vietnam to ‘help out’ after 1975 or before? By the 1970’s many were too busy building corporations and going to key parties. But why not, if the new totalitarian Government with it’s ‘arrest them all’ based economy and the devastating victory over the previous corrupt and stupid one was so neat? ‘Hey it doesn’t affect me anymore. What’s the next cause we can parasite on?’

The politics of ‘The People’ are the world’s greatest white elephant that unfortunately has stomped in its dumb mammoth way on the lives of millions of people, their thoughts, emotions and potential. Pure cant is neither effective in dealing rationally with either friend or foe.

It contains no provision for critical self reflection, except for the conical hats and mass public humiliation kind. ‘Bring out the tumbrel! You are the refuse of the past! And what do we do with this creature of technology and the establishment? Burn it all! Yes, burn it all!’ It just ain’t no good for you.

It seems to never occur until way too late if ever, that there is any alternative, perhaps say, in simply being a clear minded and contemporary adult. Or is that what passes for one today? Today’s radical is tomorrows Graduate IT worker, advertising executive, comfortable journalist, insurance salesman or out-patient.

It’s not that I’m opposed to any form of radicalism per se; I’m hip to the overthrow of any murderess Dictator anytime, anywhere and almost anyhow or the promotion of interpretive modern dance. I am after all an alleged artist, musician type and oddball etc. I enjoy a wild crazy time and living on the edge as much as the next person and I’ve been known to eat almost a whole packet of chocolate biscuits in a single afternoon. I even used to ride a motorbike. On the road. The main road, with the scary traffic and things.

'I hope I wasn't out of line with the bank heists', says Peppermint Pattie.

There is a comfortable line that continues from the lefts lack of quality control and nuance, to a very natural fit with middle class terrorist and radical groups like Patty Hearst, the Symbionese Liberation Army and Bader Meinhoff etc. Basically they were all spoiled daydreaming brats with the leisure time and the required alienation from regular people to pontificate monstrous abstractions regards ‘freeing the people’. Especially by bullying and killing them, while their Revolutionary and right on personalities just kept getting crazier and more dangerous ending in a bonfire of their own hideous vanities. ‘You know that it would be untrue...’

If you have no sense of perspective in your hysterical dichotomy, well, I’m not going to trust you around my children with or without surveillance.

As things diversify, break up and connect in new ways, it may be a groovy scene if much of the negative and or useless junk of the past was no longer passed on to the young, including that phrase. Actually, I really like that phrase, it still sounds ok in its harmless, light hearted though placed clearly in a distant time way. Ok, dated. But there’s the catch. You can’t get light without shadow and the attempts so far at saying which is which and then somehow trying to separate them on behalf of ‘the people’, have ended in disaster, as history clearly shows. Funny, that reminds me of the end result of many of my own decisions.

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