Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Mo and The Big Is: All you need is hate, everybody.

Mohammed pointing out an attractive nine-year old.

The way things are going in Islamist infected France and much of a culturally depressed and frightened Europe, with variously resurgent and profoundly boring extremist groups, the Marseille intro to that particular Beatles song, will more likely within this century, signal the eventual end of The Great Republics greatest creations of liberty and egalite’. As for Gallic love and sensuality, artistic expression, literature and everything else, it could maybe all go the way of the old French Court, after perhaps meeting a strikingly similar fate as Marie Antoinette.

Over a six month period in the last two years, there were over 2,500 attacks on French Police, or Gendarmes by er, "youth", the very PC term that covers for mostly Muslim, Arabic speaking, often North African teenagers and young men. In these cheery meet and greets between representatives of the Great Republic and the profoundly alienated and ungrateful knife sharpeners, the loudly proclaimed, common and enervated shouts of "Allah Akbar!" was the chorus of choice.

“They used to call me Allah Akbar; it was Allah Akbar all the time”.

To the Left, liberal and radical axis of mediocrity, none of this means anything, or what it actually means in reality, that's if it registers at all. Everything and anything that may in the slightest legitimise any policy of the West regarding its own security and survival, is dismissed out of hand, with a mind blasting and automatic glibness.

To the Left Liberal, there is not only no war, no terror and nothing worth defending and dying for, but there is entirely no enemy.

And this is with a mortal foe whose rather clearly stated and determined goals, are rather relentlessly backed up with endless and daily actions. The crushingly real history and right now actions of Islamism, are apparently just something that's somehow been er, twisted out of context, by an absurdly alleged right wing media and or made up by George Bush.

Yeah, George is apparently the worlds only moron and fully qualified jet pilot with hundreds of hour’s flight time in FA-102’s, but he somehow had the intellect to invent the 7th Century and fool us all. Riiiight. Imagine the Left’s position today, if all this murder and crazy talk was being done in the name of Christianity? In the topsy turvy world of Leftist mental gymnastics and moral gnomery, it is. Go figure.

In the West, the usual non-research into Mohammed and his tenets, history and of Islam is a pathetically fey mix of the intellectually lazy, PC and chicken liver look away from the unpleasant parts, kind. Mo and the Big Is of Islam are actually inseparable for Muslims. Any serious delving will show that Islamic terrorists are following Mohammed/Islam, almost exactly. Of course few militants can achieve the several hundred beheadings that Mohammed personally managed on one particular single day, but many deserve credit for trying. And three cheers for getting Islam right into the heart of Paris without a slaughtering Muslim army the second time around.

Islamic mass murder and oppression has nothing to do with the USA, The West or the provocative lifestyles of the people of Pago Pago. These excuses are mere tactical diversions and tie in nicely with the Koranic concept of Taqiyya, or deception as means to an end. The end being yours and mine.

The motives and methods of today’s long term strategy for the implementation of the Islamic Renaissance of Death, were put in place by flaming Moe in the 7th century. This asymetrical jihad has continued ever since in one form or another, only ebbing with the lack of power and means available to the world leaders in dysfunction that make up so much of the Islamic sphere.

The infinitely marauding army of Islam nearly succeeded in the following centuries, yes it did, by getting almost to Paris until stopped by a Christian coalition army led by a General nicknamed the Hammer. Come back Le Hammer, our history is all but forgotten. Islam has subjugated, ransacked and parasited off every culture it has ever touched until beaten back decisively. The idea of an Islamic cultural umbrella or some flowering of Islamic culture is a fake. Most anything that worthwhile was in spite of Islam. That was until it could control as it always does, virtually every aspect of life.

It’s interesting that the most controlling, crazy, violent and punishing of the Three Stooges was named Moe! Coincidence? You be the judge. Ok. It’s a cheap shot. But if ever somebody deserved a cheap shot, it would have to be that strange and hallucinating boy. He was a kept boy too for a while, then a bloodthirsty General and typical warlord of the time. He was a fan of pervytime with children and juveniles, both male and female, married and consummated his marriage to a nine year old and once spent an entire rostered day off, beheading hundreds of prisoners. What a guy! He was the cat’s pyjamas.

The Koran is a book that reads like an Islamic version of a dysfunctional, perverse teenager's, pre-rampage crude rambling, nonsensical and tedious diary. In the first writings of the Mecca period, Mohammed was by the crap standards of the time, full of light, kindness and laughs towards all men. That was until after he went to Medina and had an actual army and power.

The later writings of this festive yet murderous period, are almost uniformly breaking at the bit with sheer wanton violence and hatred, with Mohammed’s clearly stated plans for oppression via dhimmitude, murder, mayhem and world religious domination. The old Caliphate trick, eh? Of course there’s a bad side too. I hear some of the fund raising cake bakes weren’t up to scratch.

Islam is the only religion spread entirely by large scale banditry.

The West is in the slow process of, as author Mark Steyn has very well stated, committing cultural and security suicide, but I suppose it’ll save our real threats from killing us at a later date. Perhaps this won’t be as late as we think. The current world-wide asymmetrical conflict could quite accurately be called the Thirteen Hundred Year War. You do the numbers and research some of the why, but make sure you start at the 7th Century, and not for want of trying, a kind of Islamic version of Year Zero.

Steyn has written that one of the main reasons for second and even third generation Muslim immigrants radicalising, is that they are born into a West now fashionably infected with a dominant self loathing. It’s a Left/Liberal and radical orthodoxy that the West is merely a force of oppression, decadence and exploitation with the narrow history to match. In other words, virtually the entire Western Cannon apparently seems to such dangerous twerp's, not to have a damn thing worth bothering about.

This inverted, bizarre nullity and nihilistic fantasy is perhaps naturally of little appeal to many Muslims, who have a more er, confident and determined identity close at hand, so one can make what appears a sometimes sudden change.

And hey presto! Another group of likely lads, professionals such as Doctors, cricket and soccer fans, university students, kindergarten teachers, general misfits and megadorks, work on a kind of Islamic mask, all while sharpening their particular tools of choice.

One dark day, the imminent thought of a hanging or more likely a beheading, at the hands of an Islamo-Fascist from a culture more determined and assured in what they believe in, may perhaps finally manage to focus the minds of the average "I love any culture but my own!" useful idiot. But don’t count on it.

“But I’ve been so spineless and dismissive of so much that supports me in being spineless and dismissive of my own society! Wasn’t I non-judgemental enough? Didn’t I prostrate my intellect at the vacuum of cultural relativism? What the Hell went wrong?! I thought you loved me, really loved me!”

No, they despise you.

Try to grasp the ultimate end result for us all, regarding either the whimsical governments of non-Democracies who want to use nukes, and the freelance individuals who will use nuclear weapons, as soon as they have them. This can happen no matter what any uber-faux tolerant activist may chant, or if the Rock Against Nuclear Terror concert is televised.

That's even if we have interfaith dialogue number 750 because er, “Muslim community leaders fear backlash against tomorrow’s terrorist bombing”.

There's been more than 8500 terrorist atrocities world-wide since 9/11, by Islamic militants. Why has not even a single one of these monstrous acts attained the prominence and iconic endlessly refererenced status of the Mai Lay massacre? In the West, the majority have passed whether reported or not, with less interest than in a shoe sale. Cut it and dive anyway you want, but the hard paradigm shift to accept is that while the majority of Muslims are not terrorists, the majority of terrorists are Muslims.

Consider just one incident of such harrowing, soul gutting nihilism that, well, what can you say? In Iraq during 2006, a group of US marines were handing out candy to a large group of children as evil imperialists do. A terrorist, yes he was dear, drove up and detonated his car bomb killing 27 children and horribly maiming others. While people ran to help, another child murderer fighting for those high ideals they have, detonated a second bomb. Tell this to any Left leaning chum. It’ll mean nothing more than an ideal opportunity for a subject change. This is how useless, ugly, inverted and wilfully empty much of the Left is today.

Do the mechanics of such detonations ring any bells in a sane mind about how determined our enemy is and how seriously unrelenting they are in attaining them? No, maybe not, not today.

That’s a problem not just for everyone and the daily victims of Islamic militants, but for Muslims themselves. While there are many millions of regular Muslim folks, [just don’t read any surveys taken in most Muslim communities, folks!], there is no such thing as regular Islam. In the end, Islam recognises nothing that makes up the modern world, or much of the ancient world for that matter. That’s except for a rather unique open mindedness regards improvised explosive devices, C4 plastic explosive, mobile phones and AK47s etc.

Mohammed is Islam and Islam is all they need, everybody.

Islam is not so much a religion, as a complete and absolute way of life and an armed and ready political system. Can’t wait till they get those nukes they been dreamin’ about. It’s gonna be a blast!

Go on, I dare anyone to do any serious research or any at all, on the reality of Islam’s singular founder Mohammed, of his beliefs, modus operandi and history. Check out honestly, the cheerful pronouncements and actions of its many thoroughly anti-modern leaders and followers. You may find that this is real radicalism, and on a worldwide, nihilist, Caliphate death cult scale that most Westerners are not equipped to grasp, or are even curious about.

One must avoid automatically saying "Oh, of course they are not real Muslims!" If you really believe this, try saying most anywhere in the Middle-East what you, an Infidel, think a Muslim is or should be.

Go to any mosque even in the West and say to the folks there that you know that because they follow the religion of peace, or else, real Muslims have only love and tolerance and not a violent hatred for homosexuals, Jews and Western freedoms especially for free feminist women. Should go down pretty well, I should think.

[For laughs, read Robert Spencer’s series of books on Islam and Mohammed re: ‘The Politically Incorrect guide to Islam, Mohammed and the Crusades’ etc.

Read Mark Steyn’s ‘America Alone: The end of the world as we know it’. ’Londonistan’ by Melanie Phillips. ‘Infidel’ by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. ‘Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam & the American Left’ by David Horowitz. 'What'sLeft?' by Nick Cohen.

‘While Europe Slept: How radical Islam is destroying the West from within’ by Bruce Bawer etc, etcetera. Yep, it’s a smile a day at any source that actually reports what Islam actually operates and always has.]

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Robert Spencer is a hero! Islam as practiced by the Islamofascists will never be peace because if Earth ever became ruled by Sharia Law all the multitudes of Islamic factions that hate each other would keep fighting each other forever.

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