Friday, 20 July 2007

I Dreamed I Saw Saint Al Last Night.

Al Gore prepares his 'mind' and adjusts his corset before presenting his documentary, 'An Interesting Fruit'.

Al Gore climbed through my kitchen window while I was scraping off my body oils for recycling as gee butter. The hippies at the local market just love it. I'm going all the way with this recycling thing, baby! Gore admonished me for not believing in him and threatened to "up the boredom" if I refused. As he phrased it, "Wake up and join the circus, hop on the Gravy Train, grab the public funding, dig the fame and be part of the mass mania, Bub". Or else.

Then after speaking continuously for a mere seven and a half hours that passed like light years, he leapt from his disposable pedestal and with a vast flame of his own methane, which powered some kind of a golden apple pie shaped spacecraft, Al blasted into the sky. How could I not be left impressed and fully bored with such a display?

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