Friday, 20 July 2007

‘Global warming is much worse on the sun!'

Al spent endless and ultimately futile hours on his organic lettuce patch.

This is my response to the screening of 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' that was screened in Melbourne Australia, on ABCTV in July 2007, with an absurd level of anti-fanfare fanfare! Go figure. My response however, has been posted with a zero amount of fanfare or interest.

Yep, Old Stern got a very comfy ride virtually everywhere, care of a rather mediocre journalistic and media reception. They all agreed to agree and not pursue any qualifying of anything at all, so it seems. 'So, Sterny, what the Hell is this? Are ya puttin' me on wid this crap? No gold stars for you, ya Mother!'

It's a funny thing that people think 'scientist' means 'Your Guarantee of Quality!' That it's a certain standard and without any prejudice, either intellectually, training wise, regards experience, personality or ideology. I enjoy very much, many things about the ABC, but it's like any public broadcaster and civil service; a seeming magnet for comfortable Left luvvies and ideologues that reluctantly I'm sure, accept their pretty good wage generated by the evils of Capitalism. How do some of these people keep their jobs when they never seem to improve? But I digress.

The documentary could have been a lot better, but that's of limited importance really, innit? Being as its one lone little show. It's incredibly instructive that Toby 'Jug' Jones and the ABC, felt it imperative to make a rather unprecedented fuss about one damn doco that just happened to be contrary to the currently so fashionable, tedious, annoyingly oppressive and anti science orthodoxy of Glow ball Warning. Of course there's a bad side, too.

That the ‘Jones Boy’ stated very earnestly and clearly, that the ABC and Tobias do not agree with this single perhaps 'dangerous to children if viewed' doco at all, not really, not even a teensy weensy bit. Er, isn't Aunty supposed to be an impartial presenter for everybody in order to inform and educate? Nope, not really. Ipso facto, the ABC fully endorses the rock solid orthodoxy of all the other crap they and SBS show. Just like they did with the last forty years of crisis that never happened. One bleeding documentary!?

Yeah, I bet they're gonna grill Al Gore just like they did Clinton on His visits. More likely they'll hold a grill and barbecue in the ABC car park and congratulate each other how they are ‘among the Blessed’ who have the same and correct views on everything. The only views that anyone decent would ever have all the way from earth to every planet in the solar system and for all time perhaps. I'm sure these are even God's opinions, eh? Gotta be! But a secular God or ‘god’, of course.

Al Gore is a politician who was until recently thought of as a washed up and very affluent bore. Now he's a kind of jocular Saint. Er, no. Now he's an even more very affluent politician and professional bore who’s been re-made pretty good. At least Clinton would supply his own mayonnaise. "Ramona, ya want some more a that? I make it maself". It's handy to have two world class blowhards like Clinton and Gore at a BBQ. "Hey, Bill, when I said blow on the fire, I didn't mean 'blow' on the fire!"

Global Warming really is like a religion and I'm bored already. It's the Second Coming of Al as opposed to the serial coming of Clinton. "They used to call me Al the Bore, it was Al the Bore all the time. Now I built a staircase, made it reach to the sky! Ah ya all comin' with me everybody?! Ya gotta! Come on, little crippled Jimmy! I see a great golden light on the hill of salvation for all of us Capitalist Consumerist Sinners!' Er,…Oops! I knew I forgot to turn those lights off".

How many scientists are there in the world? Apparently there are 2,500 worth taking seriously. Isn't there like, er, millions of scientists? So, who has interviewed all these people and where's the data, exactly? When they present the paper, they'll have to borrow the Rolling Stones Concert Transport.

Ya know, if volcano's, the oceans, rotting vegetation and breathing cause most C02, which is 85% water, well, if we stopped every human activity today, dug our graves and then died, shouldn't we still petition the Lord first to change the physics of the universe, just to be on the safe side?

That 'garrulous' guy on the old panel saying that it was much worse 55,000,000 years ago didn't seem to notice that the world didn't end at that point, and it somehow arrived at this very rare and fortunate temperate period we're in now. And boy, there sure were a few glaring 'Logical Fallacy's' of the A = B so C follows variety, among the pro Global Warming Glee Club. But it was the ABC, eh?

Personally, I don't care about documentaries as much as I'm supposed to, they come and go; I just want to dig real method, actual data, an understanding and conception of how it works and what it may mean. I'm not always filled with confidence. But there ya go.


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