Monday, 16 July 2007

“Muslim Community Leaders Fear Backlash From Tomorrows Bombing”.

A group of Muslim child rapists from the now defunct Luton Koranic Charm School, discuss the pros and cons of raping white Christian infidel children and Islamic terrorism on a recent ABCTV hosted video conference forum. 

In spite of every Western governments response time for apology and self-abasement after any Islamic terrorist attack being "cut to a nanosecond", many politicians, religious leaders, media commentators, musicians and Hollywood stars still feel there is much more work to be done before we reach their unified demands for “our own security and cultural suicide”.

According to Pedro Garrotte, the Shadow Minister for Paper Mache’ Figurines and Peripheral Issues, the authorities now automatic calls to "bring the different religious communities closer together" after any murderous plot or detonation and the constant affirmation of the government's "steadfast commitment to moral relativism" while admirable and deserving of credit, will "need to be boosted to a much higher standard of self-loathing and paralyzing doubt”.

This was in support of the nations Imam Sheik Yadown, who also called for another inter-faith conference in part to round out the number so far to an even 750 this month, and to reinforce that Islam was a “religion of peace or else". In a strongly worded blame-shifting statement, the Sheik said it was an "outrage" that various "bigots" in the community used “alleged terrorism” as a way of criticizing daily bomb blasts.
While Mr Garrotte added that it was natural for the host country to integrate endlessly to any immigrant group and its religion. “I think the ideal would be for all citizens as an example, to spend one week being like Muslim Arabs, then the following as tribal Africans, then say Animist Laplanders and so on. In this way the entire country could over a continuously rotating twelve month period, get through all ethnic identities while avoiding the now discredited idea of having a cohesive culture of our own”. 
Garrotte then cheekily added with a laugh, “While I’m against the atom, I’m all for the atomisation of society!”

He continued that only “right wing racists, neo-cons and other fascists” still believed that the West had ever offered anything of worth. “Pick any third-world or Islamic basket case, and they’re all superior to any Western country with it’s shallow and meaningless achievements of enormous economic triumphs, functioning democracies, scientific innovation, incredible freedoms, artistic expression and the full enjoyment of life. You call that living? Look, even if for arguments sake, Islam had some ‘sinister goal’ - and it does not, wouldn't the answer be to just keep on being ever more tolerant?”

Pop star and tax deductible philanthropist Bobo Tax-Shelter, said that just because “Mohammed was a murderous psychopathic warlord, a kept toy boy who spent a lot of time hallucinating the filth of the Koran in a cave, raped a nine year-old, and then ruthlessly ransacked half the known world, it was no reason to suspect in the slightest, that Islam may be even a little dodgy”. He was speaking by phone from the Barbados Secret Bank and Laundry.


Wendy. said...

Hey, here's an idea....why doesn't everyone spend time living the life of Benedictine monks for a week, then Hassidic Jews, then Carthusians (see the movie 'Into the Great Silence')and then Sephardic Jews?

Just to explore our Judeo Christian heritage which many seem to have forgotten.

But cures for amnesia are getting better day by day and so we should try to re-arouse the memories for better health and reactivation of the cultural brain cells.

Then we could do the enlightenment again...nd this time try guillotining the Muslims.

Dan. said...

Pedro this name.
7 feet of utter liability. ;D

Admint. said...

You brought up the "not so widely" discussed fruit of the enlightenment...terror and the guillotine.

According to the "progressive" folk, our true history started with the enlightenment so their love with Islam could be seen perhaps through the "eye" of the guillotine.

Bring on the real values!

Admint. said...
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The Fox. said...

Ahhh, lets all start the day with a bit of self loathing, crawling up the rear ends of our future Muslim Masters and top it all off with an interfaith conference... sorry thats just not me!

Can somebody on this website please explain to me, why so many in the West are Hell bent on selling out everything good that Western Culture has achieved over the last 2000 years or so?

Islam in itself would be and should be, very easy to defeat.

One of the biggest challange's we face is putting an end to Western self-loathing and trying to instil some pride in what the West has achieved, instead of running for therapy over every supposed failure.

I think education is the only way that this mind set [of self loathing] can be broken.

I was lucky enough to be taught history during my schooling, and as such have pride in my Western Heritage; in my case English, compared to what Islam has to offer...nothing.

Neither of my children received proper schooling in history but copped reams and reams of multi-cultural Western bashing gobbledeegook, which is of no use to them in day to day life.

But this isn't going to happen overnigh,t while our childrens education is in the hands of those who teach self loathing and a love of all things non-Western.

By the way, I briefly caught a current affairs program last night, (not sure which one, turned it off in disgust) having a go at the exclusive breathren.

Of course just before an election they are trying to paint JH in a bad light for meeting them.

The Exclusive Breathren were portrayed as dangerous and devisive, blah, blah, blah...But to my knowledge, thay have not detonated any bombs, or carried out any beheadings and rapes etc, lately.

Just another example of the gutless media having a shot at those they know will not hit back.

If they want to expose a dangerous cult, why not Islam?

Ohhhhhh, I forgot...Islam is not Western, so it must be good right?

Rosie. said...


Thank you, Colonel.

Wendy. said...

Paul Fox,

You asked, "Can somebody on this website please explain to me why so many in the West are Hell bent on selling out everything good that western culture has achieved over the last 2000 years or so?"

While not pretending to be able to 'explain' it all, it must be noted that you are asking the same question as Pope Benedict asked.

He has long pondered why the West is showing [such] a hatred of itself. George Wiegel, an American author, sees it as stemming from the end of WW1, when Europe lost confidence in itself, realising what an abyss of destruction had occurred in the war.

There was some attempt to understand 'why' the war occurred, and of course, we have all done the 'causes' and 'effects' of the wars in our history [causes] at school.

But Wiegel says that the West never came to terms with the first 'Great War' , not to mention the second and subsequent wars.

If Western civiilisation was so great, the line of thought went, then why could it engage in so much killing and destruction?

And rather than look at the roots of evil, which are according to the Judeo Christian account of things, within all of us, there was a 'turning away' from the deeper things of the spirit, to the material world, politics, etc, etc.

Of course, none of this is meant as a [complete] means of explanation for your question, but just a reflection on the sidelines.

You have hit on an important point...what is the cause of the West's self-loathing? And of course this begs the question...what is the cure?

Dude. said...

I can almost feel their pain!

Perhaps they should put more time into planning these fireworks.
Perhaps they should start advertising each bombing, so the "victims" would have some extra time to get used to the experience.

Who knows they may even attract much larger audiences.

Admint. said...


I think you are close, both WWI and WWII were both caused fundamentally by nationalism.

I believe that(generally speaking) this has led to a hatred of all things nationalistic, Hitlers treatment of the Jews led to anti-racism, the weakening of Europes nations also led to the death of colonialism.

Now those things in themselves are not bad but this has given birth to multi-culturalism, an artificial attempt to merge all races and culture's together under one roof.

We see anti-nationalism morphing into self loathing, we can see western nations reluctant to engage other nations for fear of appearing colonialistic, we can see anti-racism working against the west when dealing with its Muslim populations.

This may appear simplistic but I think its close to the cause, any other ideas anyone??

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Paul Fox, yep, something happened to er, our laughable education, eh?

My son's at kindergarten, and slotted in a newsletter was an Al 'political transvestite' Gore approved, Climate Change bunkum...

"It may be comfortable to deny CC, but the evidence is overwhelming" etc, mein Herr, Kameraden, Comrade and Red Brigade Junior.

Yep, at state, High and Uni they're gonna want to teach my kids, as Chris Hitchens called Islam recently, "the filth of Islam", but not in those words...

So the rapist, pedophile and murderer Mohammed, the crude, unreadable madness of the Koran, are both on the same level as Judeo Christianity and your street, your neighbourhood and our Western Canon. Er, no.

It's rotten, stupid and evil to the core.

Um, I don't think my lack of er, "compromise" is going to be that popular at Parent teacher nights.

Maybe I'll just repeat back whatever anyone says to me? Works for most. Or maybe, "Hey, I brought some bacon sandwiches and my Mohammed Dart Board! Wanna stab?"

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Rosie, thanks for the appreciaton. Yep, it's a riot!

Now, my son plays with a lovely Muslim girl and her family are very nice's a dilemma...not for me, but for them. The problems with Islam are Muslim problems. It's just that they like to 'share!'

I wonder what they would think about all this?...I think about it, as I do try to deal with people individually.

But Islam being so er, mass and all, and inherently contradictory, makes it so naturally ridiculous.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Wendy, thankyou for your thoughtful posts and replies. I've had them bronzed. Aah, one of my favourite ages!

I believe that there's a lot of reasons, as you have mentioned, for our current state of slow cultural and security suicide, all ending as one vast emptiness and nullity.

The Multiclturalism of today creates it's own vacuum, both in the host and the guest. Why belong to something that the host doesn't even believe in?

The problem for us clear minded patriots, is that the fashion for a long time, is to see avoiding any form of discrimination at all, as a moral imperative.

Sadly, the ability to discriminate intellectually, morally and empirically is the basis of rational thought.

Not coincidentally, the modern, triumphant West of Capitalist Democracy, freedom and human rights is based exactly on rational, scientific and moral thinking.

Faux hipsters and other nihilist frauds would deconstruct the West to infinity. Our morals, like it or not, and our superlative human scale achievements, have come mostly from Jesus Christ and Judeo Christianity. And they are, how gauche!, how non PC!, how triumphant!, er, nonetheless, vastly superior.

All the best from Colonel Neville.

Roland. said...

You shouldn't worry about Muslims and our relationship with them.
We do not have ANY beef with Muslims (as people). As biological species are concerned they are no different to us.

Islam is the enemy which we MUST dismantle.

Islam is the bad spell, which keeps over a billion of people under its iron grip, under its absolute control.

This spell has to be broken and it's up to us to do it (or at least to get started).

BUT - to get started we must educate our own people first about this death cult.

John Adams. said...

Haven't you all heard? Everything is the Americans' fault. Even half the people in America believe that.

It's a very simple and convenient mindset that allows virtually anyone subscribing to it to heap all of their bitterness and resentment on the USA doorstep.

They can then wallow in self-satisfied off the high-end of the hog provided by Western heritage and yet, at the same time, washing their hands of it.

It is the classic case of having your cake and eating it to. Prosperity without the guilt!

Wendy L. said...

Colonel Robert Neville.

Thank you for your comments. One is left amazed that with all the analyses of wars, that we have not really understood them and why they occurred, and perhaps also partly because the answers might be too painful.

i.e that there was nothing wrong with our Judeo-Christian beliefs but we did not live up to them and substituted politics for religion.

I count current secular humanism as a religion, in its current form, as Western Liberalism is in many ways, a continuation of avid Communism.

As for you comment 'Faux hipsters and other nihilist frauds would deconstruct the West to infinity.'The irony is that the nihilists et al, live on the Capital of what remains of Christianity and while doing so , try to destroy it.

The Fox', yes, it seems that much of the multi-culti frenzy stems from the view that past wars were caused by nationalism and now there is 'hatred of all things nationalistic'.

Deeply disguised beneath this apparent openness, is an intolerance that that is narcissitic and intensely against the very civilisation that sustains and nurtures nihilism.

That intolerance is a continuation of extreme and rabid nationalism, that produced Hitler and Marxism. Because of its turning away from rationality and most importantly, because of the faulty notion of the human person at its base.

(ie, a union of body and soul, the Aristotelian and Thomistic understanding that fuelled knowledge, human rights, art and Democracy.

We need to rediscover the spirit that is still there but being ignored, and translate a resurgence of it into a language that people can understand.

Cathkins. said...


It's a beauty. Thanks for a laugh as well. Not many laughs to be had when talking about Islam.

Wendy. said...

Dan, your words and those of others on this site are like a strong dose of smelling salts counteracting intense cases of hysteria.

Well, it seems like hysteria but it's really a more profound disorder; 'Hallucinatory Delusional Thinking'.

You mention 'breaking the spell', which is exactly what the Vatican exorcist, Fr Gabrielle Amorth, says must be done about the West's current state of being in thrall to evil, in whatever form it takes, moral relativism, Islam, nihilism and materialism etc.

He has witten a book called 'An Exorcist tells His Stories' and of course he sees it as a tragedy that large sectors of the West have turned their backs on their fruitful traditions, both religious and cultural.

Apart from spending his days literally exorcising individuals who are possessed [with considerable success], he says any nation can become possessed.

For instance, he believes there was just such a large scale type of possession and thralldom in Germany, under Hitler, whom Amorth says was possessed without a doubt.

Whatever the explanation, the consequences of any culture accepting Islamic influence are evil and debilitation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Fox.

Please, please, please don't make public statements such as...

"The Exclusive Breathren were portrayed as dangerous and devisive, blah, blah, blah...But to my knowledge, thay have not detonated any bombs, or carried out any beheadings and rapes etc, lately".

...unless you have good quality, first-hand evidence. I have frist-hand evidence that the EB are harmless and very dangerous. I lost my job, my family, my home, the life of a friend. I have seen first-hand that the EB have caused huge financial loss, trauma, loss of job, loss of home, loss of family, stress, child abuse, death, etc., To make such a statement as yours could possibly divert attention from this abusive cult and prolong the abuse. We should all do what we can to; help these poor people, protect the young and vulnerable and prevent more abuse, reach out to the suffering children, break through the secret activities of the cult leaders, give the ordinary members and former members back their families and give them their freedom. We do not help the situation by statements such as yours. If you are not sure of what you are saying - ask, research, look, and be cautious. There is plenty of evidence out there on the web, check it out. Otherwise you may actually play a part in prolonging this horrendous abuse.

Take care, Slater.