Friday, 20 July 2007

Run for the Hills! It’s the end! Again!

Perhaps it would be a neato idea during the current Tulip Mania of Global Warming, to consider that the natural world, the planets and the known universe are violent and vast rushes of naturally unstable, never static and competing energy. The earth’s climate over 4 billion years has gone from the absolute earthbound extremes of freeze to heat, perhaps through many thousands of cycles.

The sea and land has changed places countless times. I'm just glad I wasn't there as I can't tolerate sitting in a draught and too much humidity gives me hives. Regards the natural instability of things, over less than an eighteen month period, I've changed the kitchen wallpaper twice. Perhaps everything will one day all be gone and without a trace after the world simply shrugs us off. In 20 tiny years, Global Warming will most likely be forgotten and unmentioned even to say 'Er, sorry about that again, Chief'.

Just like the alleged Western population explosion prediction of the 1960's, now mostly Western population collapse, the alleged running out of all major resources by the 1980's and the alleged food stocks collapse by the 1970's, production that has since more than quadrupled.

Then there is the, I kid you not, the Global Cooling scare of the 1970's! Y2K, the collapse of Capitalist Democracies that are now triumphantly effective and the violent Revolutions that were gonna happen any day now, rejected by the mass of people, etc, etc. In the future, everyone who makes predictions will be wrong.

Why be distracted for too long by what may be junk? Why make macramé? Bruce Lee said all failure is a lack of concentration. Reality is often far more interesting than baloney and well, more unreal in a way. Unless it's that very good baloney from a Jewish delicatessen.

Simply use an understanding of 'Logical Fallacy's', the scientific method of scepticism and multiple testing, 'Ockham’s Razor', 'Plato's Dictum' and ‘How to argue'. Also, try to keep a sense of humour. Why is it to many people that the prediction of Manhattan under water is more real than any Islamic bomb blast?

When I hear such folks a talkin' ‘bout GW, I always like to remember to ask, ‘What are you selling and what am I buying?’ Remember, our minds can be saved even after University.

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