Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I am the Ghost of the Endless Sadness of the Ordinary People.

What can I say?

   Everything I say in this cheap post has been empirically and entirely proven true and correct by John R. Lott's massive, scholarly and three decades of data sourced book 'More Guns [in the hands of law abiding citizens means] Less Crime.

I’ve wanted to write about this photo for a long time, how it connects to things and what it leads me to. My personal thoughts and feelings about it kinda stopped me writing anything at all for a while. When I look at it I feel a nausea and a lack of air, as if the room is clouded with paint thinner. It’s so profoundly terrible. I often find myself being mesmerised by it as if I have to find something that's in the details. That’s until, and this is important, until the sadness is rapidly replaced with an intense anger. But it’s all impotent, innit?

I can’t reach in and break the knees and neck of the freak with the weapon. The way the woman is kind of shielding and holding her kid so close with a crushing and selfless love. You can see it and feel it. I want to reach into the picture and pull them out. The way the kids legs dangle, just like I’ve seen my own kid and others in exactly the same way, like at the beach or park. It always leads me to think of many, many other incidents that have stuck in my mind over the years.

One of the first that comes to me is of the Jewish Mother, her two little girls and little boy. I think it was 2006 near or in Jerusalem. I've been trying to find this story recently, without luck. Anyway, they were driving along when they were fired upon by Islamic Militants. The car was stopped. The Mother was shot in the chest, dead. The Muslim freaks then came up to the car windows, shot the little boy sitting next to his Mother in the head and the little girls in the face. These two sweet, small sisters were found later with their little arms still hugging around each other.

I think of the courage, desperation, frustration, humiliation and fear of the fourteen year old boy who 'stood up' as best as a child can, to Che 'the child killer' Guevara, and was personally shot in the head, with much fanfare and glee, by Che' the narcissist, coward and fraud.

And like the nine year old female child soldier who escaped from guerrilla fighters in the Congo jungle. They caught her again of course, and made the other children literally bite her to death, tearing off her flesh piece by piece. I think about the 27 Iraqi children getting candy from US Marines being blown up by a car bomb and the people coming to their aid being blown up by a second planned car bomb.

Or the group of about 20 school girlfriends being grabbed by Serbian soldiers and taken to a hall where together, they were raped and stabbed to death. (And now the Kosovo Muslim Government is a growing Islamist Gangster Rackets & Enterprise State connected directly to Bin Laden etc, right in the heart of Europe. They traffic drugs, child sex slaves, arms, weapons, money, explosives, terrorists, Hell, you name it. And all under the protection of the UN!)

I remember reading an eye witness account by a British POW who saw at Auschwitz, a 17 year old girl on her knees being beaten down as hard as possible with a whip by a Nazi officer. I consider these things because they never leave me and they are all happening right now. The freak regime of North Korea experiments, tortures and executes entire families. Thousands of them. Iran has jails with two year olds in them. I think about the many Thai Buddhist monks currently being beheaded every week by Islamists. I think about them all as they tend to come to me seemingly without trigger. Yes, I consider them all, I do.

I think about how these murdered ordinary human beings always have one thing in common. They are all unarmed and no one came to their rescue.

How does this stuff come about? I know exactly how. Why do people say never again then do all the things that mean all it takes to happen again is for the murderous and deceptive to take the necessary steps? I see folks doing it now or more clearly, letting it happen. In fact, accommodation, appeasement, cowardice, self-loathing, cultural and security suicide, societal exhaustion and surrender is all that many have to offer. The same people are promoting extreme and absurd lies, pushing their fashionable and topsy turvy views, staging civil revolt, advocating hatred and serious violence against our own Democratic Governments, economies, institutions and societies.

There is a great poster showing Hitler, Stalin and Mao in a row. Underneath it says, ‘Dictators agree. Gun control works'. The reason this woman and her sweet child could be murdered is because she and the major parts of her society under attack were completely disarmed. The same logic applies everywhere and every time.

In Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, Iran, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Cuba, Zimbabwe, only the army and the authorities have their own freely used and absolute right to hold weapons. Unfortunately, in Australia, we are currently largely disarmed. No fully armed populace has ever been murdered en masse nor have they ever tolerated oppression for long. People who have civil government, economic freedom and guns are always free because it can't be taken away from them. Those without are not free because life continues only at the whim of those with the power, meaning the guns. A Totalitarian Dictatorship can do whatever they want to do to an unarmed civilian populace and they invariably do exactly that. True, real and lasting freedom is fully armed. As P.J O’Rourke said “Peace Kills”. In a real world that's not always so kind, peace and freedom come only through superior firepower, not absurd and suicidal ideas of 'inclusiveness' regards your mortal enemy.

Yes, trouble with guns. Checks on criminal and mental history are fine as far as I can see. Unfortunately this is pushed by anti-gun people who see this as just a first step to banning and controlling citizen’s rights to be armed. In Australia we no longer have that right and think what that can mean and what it has meant in world history. Consider that if everyone is unarmed, in reality it actually means that only the law abiding are defenseless. You can buy for around two to four thousand dollars, a really nice compact sub machine gun in the same way as you buy drugs or stolen property. Shotguns, rifles and handguns? Er, we are NOT living in a gun free one. Gun free zones end precisely when someone with a gun says so. I want to know why people are so eager to hand their personal protection to a thinly stretched and unreliable police force and the unstable ideology of changing political parties?

Do you know that in America, everywhere that gun ownership is common and even enforced; gun crime is low to non-existent? The reason the dysfunctional attack school and shopping centres is because they are still sane enough to know that schools are unarmed. Few NRA meetings, gun clubs, gun expo’s, towns where concealed guns are allowed or compulsory, gun shops, military bases, police stations and biker saloons are ever the victims of a single gun swinging bread dough lump with eyes and a grudge. It’s the same reason that gangs of youths don’t attack building sites filled with construction workers.

All crime is mostly about opportunity, incentive and payoff. Stop or greatly lessen all opportunity, incentive and payoff and you stop or greatly lessen crime.

Women who get into guns in a serious or professional way love what guns rather instantly give them; power. They seem to abandon ideology and voodoo pretty fast. The six shooter used to have engraved on its barrel “I Am The Great Equaliser”. And it was. The smallest woman with training was and is the equal and actual superior of any violent man, bully, killer, would be rapist or gang. Nobody talked down to Annie Oakley.

Women love the primal and sudden sense of power. Do you really believe in women’s rights, autonomy and freedom? Let women carry concealed guns and there will soon be almost no rapes and the women’s shelters will have room to spare. I have no problem with a woman defending herself and her family against a superior force with the help of Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson. Now apparently to some, guns are all about violence and machismo. Er, violence is an action so not all of it is negative. Try arresting dangerous criminals with no violence at all. Machismo is maleness, albeit exaggerated. It's dangerous and oppressive crap when it’s out of proportion. As it is in oppressive, lawless and crime ridden societies, often where women and children have little or no rights, power and influence.

There would be a lot less honour killings and acid thrown in the face of women if they were armed and ready. Rape as they say, is about power mostly, though I think it's also about violent and co-ercive sexual assault, to be honest. If you are prepared to use violence to avoid being assaulted it may stop you meeting the fate of a sheep or the one hundred and seventy million people murdered by Communism/Socialism, Nazism, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, Islamism and other Totalitarian Dictatorships. If you have some machismo at least of the level of balls and spine, you will probably not be one of the passive or terrified victims of crime and intimidation against your family, friends and society. Yes, I think it would be a little better if we took a few things a little more seriously and without so much lame compromise.

It’s funny, but people just try not to think about the kinds of things that can happen at any time and almost anywhere. You may be quite surprised how little protection you have and how few, to no rights you have to protect yourself effectively and decisively at all. It’s more likely you will be the one in serious trouble for protecting your own life, your family, property and rights. This is now the case in the UK where you literally can’t defend yourself effectively. Indeed you must be very careful to neither hinder nor upset your assailant. Many people have been prosecuted and jailed for defending their virtually absent rights during violent home invasions.

In England there are over 1350 Mosques. Over six hundred of them are controlled by an Islamist Imam who speaks clearly and openly about violent and armed civil war to make England entirely Islamist. I wonder what they may be stockpiling in those Mosques exactly? Ever tried to get the Police on a particularly busy full-moon Saturday night? Try it on a particularly busy Islamist Mayhem night.

Do you know that since July 2007, two thirds of new Police recruits in Victoria Australia, have been women? Er, from my experience, very few of the young Muslim and other men I came into contact with, seemed to think very of highly of women at all. Oh, they talked about it sometimes in their "what you want to hear" way, but er, not in practice really. What are all Muslim males like? I don't know but the impression can often be a bit of a drag.

These guys had little to no respect for Western women. They alternatively hated, lusted after and envied white women. As for women who to them, put in the blasphemous position of power over men? Um, they ain't really interested, pal. I found many of these guys abject cowards when faced down. They commonly went into obsequious overdrive at any real and serious show of unbending force. All the better for planning the sneak attack in the back, I found. They respected power only, baby, yes they do. Hence, the Mid-East being full of Central Casting brute 'leaders' only. So, the idea of the average female Police officer being able to project any real physical presence, authority and power to these chums is frankly, laughable. So, good luck on getting some assistance via Police muscle on 'Night of the Long Knives: Redux'. 

“Er, ok operator. I think I can hold off the local branch of Islamic Rage Boy’s with this egg whisk. But, do hurry, there's a dear”. You think it’s fantasy? I had the misfortune to have a café in a working class area filled with immigrants, many from Africa and the Middle East and so on without any discernible skills as far as I could see. If you see hanging out all day while the women looked after everything at home, yeah, they were professionals.

There were endless nights of marauding gangs with the Police unavailable, outnumbered or too plain scared to respond. I witnessed a lot of violence and intimidation by gangs of Arab, Muslim, Lebanese, Vietnamese and black African gangs of ‘youth’ as their virtual lifestyle. And man, the Police often meant nothing to them. One riot between rival blacks went on in the local CBD for five hours one night and toward dawn. What could we do? Cringe upstairs above our cafe where we unfortunately lived albeit temporarily, with the windows and curtains shut, trying to block out the joyful sounds of the local tax payer funded Mau Mau Rebellion Re-enactment Society.

No Police and not the slightest mention in the media, local or otherwise. Well, it wouldn’t be PC as they say. Therefore, it never happened. And um, there's quite a few more of these charmers there now and more on the way. Yeah sure, a lot of them were busy showing how much they hated each other, but they still found time to say how much they really hated Australia, white people and Jews. But especially white women and girls and how they were all whores and they were going to rape them etc, etc. Oh yes, a real delight. Aah, the rich tapestry of multiculturalism. The groovy and fun parts that are a nice part of your chosen ‘lifestyle’ are mostly it can seem, for the middle class. Yep, I love that Doctor from Ghana, the shop owner from Vietnam and the plumber from China. Not so crazy about the killer from Lebanon, the drug dealer from Sudan and his brother the serial rapist.

The poor, the working class and all the decent immigrants get the rather more ‘raw’ end of it, I guess. Er, trying saying this to many folks and you can see the turmoil in their faces, poor things. "But this is rocking my paradigm and associated assumptions! This is not what we were told! Where is Happy Land? I must go there. I think I'll have some nice pie. Yes, I'll have some pie". Well, rock on, Fluffy.

And what about hate? People prattle on about hate as if the wishful thinking of its absence in the perpetrators and even the victims will so wrong headedly stop oppression and mass murder. There’s nothing wrong with hating the right things, as you are much more likely to be motivated to act seriously and do something about it than the cringing, pleading or the fashionable apologists of the left.

If the millions of victims of mass murder hated their potential killer's with a great intensity and were all fully armed, they would not have mostly been murdered. You can be nice all you want all the way to a mass grave on the edge of a bulldozed pit, but your enemies will merely rub their hands with glee. These emotions are human and will never disappear, so you better, if you really care about the decent people around you, be on the right side of such passions. History surely repeats, especially if you try the same methods just that one more time, while forgetting the memories and not learning from them.


GM Roper said...

"Peace and freedom come only through superior firepower not absurd and suicidal ideas of 'inclusiveness' regards your mortal enemy."

That is such a powerful statement I included it as my Banner Quote.

M. Simon said...

My mother is Jewish as I am. She lived through WW2.

She hates Bush so much that she is indifferent to the genocide that would follow our leaving Iraq. She doesn't even say that wouldn't happen. She just doesn't care. For her it is not about protecting the innocent. It is about politics. A hundred thousand dead Iraqi children are less important to her than one American soldier. A soldier who volunteered to protect the innocent.

So now you know why at least one person is indifferent to slaughter.

It makes me very sad.

Never again has morphed into - not my problem.