Friday, 21 September 2007

Real soldiers protect toy citizens.

One of the many brave and beautiful human beings of the Free West who deserve only our undying gratitude, support, love and respect.

Lewis Carroll said that, "Courage is not merely one of the virtues, but the virtue at the testing point".

Everything we have is due entirely to the sacrifices made by our military men and women, past, present and future.

And I do mean everything. And sports, all we value can be taken away from us if we do not respond effectively to those who seek to destroy us. We live in a world that is not always so kind and I for one, value kindness very much. I believe kindness and small things are markers for a decent society.

The West is essentially an open culture and functions so well due to its millions of daily small and great acts of kindness based on a trust that it will be repaid in kind. This is what a real and complete human being is. This is vulnerability and this is normality and decency.

It’s in automatic vogue that when you say normal, someone will say “Yes, but what’s normal?” And you’ll swear you heard somewhere spinning off into the clear air, the slight whining echo of nihilism and cultural exhaustion via cowardice. Er, normal is that a trained bore will often have no ability to discriminate, which is the basis of rational thought. Usually they like to whine “Erk, sneeble, but what’s normal? That’s just your opinion”. Normal means you have a right to be a weak minded twerp without a moral basis to thought and action.

Yep, it’s all just relative. That’s right, it’s merely my opinion that the combustion engine works, or the earth revolves around the sun or the speed of light is measurable. I believe you are 100% sincere. No really, I do….Ok, let’s do an experiment to test what is mostly affluent, fatuous and idle posing. It’s only my opinion that I’m going to land my best straight hook to your face. Hey, cool it! Just adopt a different opinion! It’s gotta work, Sparky.

And there’s the rub, kiddies in Toy town. There’s an ever present, very harsh reality and a natural world indifferent to our life or death. Life or death. Victory or defeat. Security, freedom or cultural suicide. Repeat these key phrases until your mind, soul and body can truly and finally grasp what they mean, and forever.

You will never meet veteran military personnel who think in these abstract noodling ways too much on this side of sanity. For them, life and death is measured exactly and precisely by life and death. Their love for their comrades in arms, the military organisation, their families, friends, country, fellow citizens, freedoms, traditions and institutions is calibrated exactly by this relentless focusing on reality.

Now when I think of kindness, I think of my son’s kindergarten. A place of light, thoughtfulness, love, sweetness, intelligence, maturity, professionalism and fun. Such a lovely place that my son loves immensely. And this place, like my apartment in a leafy peaceful street, our hip inner city downtown, the local park and damn well everything if I stop and consider it’s wonderful existence, and how fortunate we are, is to me so hauntingly beautiful. Especially when I consider the words and actions of Islamism that we must dear reader, take at its word.

We are here in this time and sacred space because of our armed forces.

Now dig this, I tried to get a bag of figurines for the Centre's toy wooden castle. I tried to get Cowboys and Indians, a pack of commuters, space people or a bag of assorted celebrities. I couldn’t get anything but your standard plastic green soldiers. You know, the Chinese Blue Box Toys where the jeep, cannon and jet is all out of scale so that it looks like the Military Industrial Complex is using designers from the Ringling Brothers Circus. “Attack men! Everybody into the one eighth scale tiny tank!”

Which was fine by me as I used to love those little moulded guys as I played with them endlessly in the sand and dirt, though sometimes I played with them out of my bed. And they haven't changed at all. I think they use the same moulds from 1962. I'm sure I recognised the face of the 'Grenade Thrower'.

So I gave this $2 bag of lumpen childhood memory lane GI’s to the very cool teacher and carer and all was groovy. But um, gee, the mostly middle-class white parents were very concerned.

Their default equations for concern? John Howard and George Bush=Big concern. Global Warming=Enormous concern. Global Islamism=John Howard and George Bush is a Big Concern. Al Gores political and educational history and his actual credentials?=Zero Concern.

The beef was “we don’t want military and war toys here”. Um, it’s kids here actually and they love this stuff just like they love spontaneity, bears, chocolate, screaming, trees, dogs and dirt. So, what do we have here? Affluent people who find the military professionals who face the dirty real world so they can live in a clean, decent but slightly unreal world; somehow unclean, gauche, low class, dangerous, shamefully virile and fecund, and dare I say it, morally clear in their decisions, thinking, actions, loyalty and patriotism. Now, these parents of the children at the kiddie zoo are all decent and very hard working folks that you wouldn't mind as neighbours.

But what they have is a separation from any adult concept of the harsher facts of the world and how we arrived at and still maintain where we are. Freedom is not a default but something that must be constantly maintained and realised. It’s not such a worthless given that nobody can take it and crush it. They had no concept and it never seemed to occur to them that children have parents in the military, that military have children in kindergartens.

Imagine being so fatuous, so determined in your abstract relativism that you risk the reality of what defines above all things, the viability of any state; it's ability to defend its sovereignty and provide security for it's citizens.

It’s a strangely linear kind of selective PC vision, nothing to the left of me, nothing to the right, here I am and it’s all Jim Dandy. They said some weird stuff, baby.

“It will teach them negatives” Yep, like acting out conflict, making sense of the world, fooling around with little plastic people and gee, a career in the military. Maybe they’ll be patriotic enough to dedicate and give their lives to preserve one of the best places on earth. Oh no! What will they say at the tennis club?

It was as if the clear adult understanding and ability to tell good from evil and that it does exist, the idea of having anything worth living and dying for, the reality of Islamic terror and the current state of undeclared WW4, could all be removed and denied almost completely and permanently by I know, get rid of the army! It’s the nasty armed forces fault that we have wars.

Yep, I’ve blamed the local laundrette for years for my clothes attracting dirt.

Imagine there’s no army and nothing to live and die for and entirely no enemy too. It’s the Lennon addled generation who literally believe that much of the absurd, nihilistic lyrics written by a very talented, heroin sedated somnambulist could be a nifty plan of non action. Just the thing for wartime and its thrice removed Dreamlanders.

Sadly, the Islamists have a song too. Imagine all is Allah and no religion but ours will do. Nothing to believe in but Mohammed and plastic explosives too. Daily homicide and kidnappings, it isn't hard to do. Imagine gangs of Muslims, beheading everyone. You may say I’m a Jihadist, (Allah Akbar!) but I’m not the only one, we hope one day you’re all dead and the world will be Islam.

What turns my intestinal tract apart from the much mainstream media, is that many folks really seem to see the taken for granted good life we have as entirely separate from the existence of what they believe is a superfluous anachronism, that could and should have its money better spent on some vacuous multiculti, social engineering or invariably, Left tinged enforcement projects.

Perhaps some modish and mad show of ‘Solidarity for our Muslim brothers and Sisters against the Patriarchal Capitalist War Machine’. Maybe ‘Stoners for Stoning’.

Yes, when there’s fighting and mayhem in the streets and they’re dragging your neighbours out for a massed group head slicing, I’ll remember to holler for a “Bush is a Moron!” Ha, ha!, round of automatic non judgemental applause, stand up comedian, and call emergency for a cringing activist.

We can maybe come to the rescue of Mrs Wilson from Number 17 armed entirely with some ‘Socialist Resistance’ paper mache models of John Howard's and George Bush’s heads or by showing that we want to be ‘inclusive’. Ya got give credit where it’s due, Islamists really do try to be very inclusive especially with ramming car bombs into the middle of groups of school children.

Sports, unless we take our own life very seriously, the people and culture we love and the annihilation of our Islamist, Communist, Leftist, Radical strains of enemies as our main focus, we are already spent. We are walking upon the stage after the matinee; the show is over and the sweeping up of our memories and tears is all that’s left to do.

The great Bruce Lee stated the seeming Tao paradox that you must utterly destroy your opponent and yet there is no opponent. You must first empty your cup of false assumptions or you will fail. The opponent is clearly, empirically and so very harshly, Islamism. Don’t concentrate on each freak as if they are a separate oddity and unconnected phenomenon. It’s one global spread of Islamist terror. You must eliminate every part and every level of this 1300 year old disease from its very fertile roots to the ample leaves.

By destroying Islamism, its backers, funding, and the governments and states of dysfunction that support it, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and the not so strange bedfellows of North Korea etc, you will be supporting the eventual liberation of many ordinary Muslims who yearn for normality and freedom. You will also be supporting the many millions of extremely courageous Muslims and citizens as well as non muslims supporting an escape and an end to the curse of Islamist militants from Free Kurdistan, Ethiopia, Thailand and to Iraq etc.

Lee said that “all failure is a lack of concentration”. My friends, we must concentrate and now. Decide if you truly love your family, friends and society. I’m sure you do but say it out loud. You must have the clarity and spine to utterly and relentlessly destroy your enemy and grind the bastards back to the 7th Century where they came from. But keep a sense of humour, I do.

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival".

Winston Churchill.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Glad to add you to my blogroll colonel.

Pedantic note: It's canon, not "cannon."

Abandon Skip said...

"You may say I’m a Jihadist but I’m not the only one, we hope one day you’re all dead and the world will be as Islam."

Hysterical and true.