Friday, 7 September 2007

White people bad, everyone else fabulous!

A man without any vices.

Imagine if I hadn’t left the house for the last year and I’m not sure if I have, but instead I spent those twelve months of a mostly wasted life subjecting my once free and beautiful mind to only watching TV and reading the various and generally laughable local Aussie media.

In between suicide attempts, I would have seen dozens and dozens of cheerful ads and community service announcements. All of them pretty much showing various right on multicultural combos of people posed in still life tableaus with smiling, beamish and upturned faces. These are for various scenarios of employment, government services, laws, legislation, private services, insurance and other products. They also include noble to stupid to creepy control freak social engineering attempts and show lots of good intentions paving the road to Hell via government and lobby group fiasco.

If it’s a positive and groovy theme that‘s being emphasised and presented it will always and without exception have this kind of incredibly coincidental palette showing every ethnic group. What are the chances, eh? You can talk about anything from Doctors, cooks, taxidermists, ditch diggers to panel beaters and all these fields manage to turn up a nice even mix of Asians, black people, Indians, whites and Laplanders etc, plus a hip and swingin' balance of women, all available and in mid work interruptis standing around holding their various props of trade and profession.

“Hey! Hurry up. We’ve gotta get back to work, fella!”

I have a Japanese family, white, Chinese, black American and Greek friends and so on. See! I’m doing the PC Chorus Line! But it’s really hard to get them in one room for a group photo, especially as they don't have that much in common and stubbornly hang out with the people that they do. I just happen to have a peculiarly disparate and wide range of interests. Why? Who knows. I guess it’s how I get my kicks.

Regards the parade of PC people? Sadly, all this great, chummy, well meaning and hysterical, We are the World meets Colours of Benetton rainbow, whichis something I very much like bout living in Australia, comes to a sudden screeching monochrome halt when it’s about something that’s negative, a real drag or a bummer, man.

Yep, if it’s about wife beating, sexual assault, gambling and drug addictions, alcoholism, drunk driving, theft, fraud, tax evasion, using a mobile while in traffic or square dancing in a round house, then it’ll be white people that you pretty much see exclusively, Jim. Yep, talk about lack of opportunity for ethnic actors.

“Hey, I went for a bit part as a rapist but they said I wasn’t the type”.

My wife is Japanese and she just can’t seem to get a decent alcoholic drunk driver, or even a slim Kamikaze pilot role in these adds, but she does occasionally pick up the personality free Asian or a swell part with an identity transfusion involving smiling, or wearing a white lab coat and glasses. Technician, pharmacist and something automotive seems in vogue.

In fact, in what are laughingly refered to as local dramas and films, and unlike in America, where different ethnic backgrounds can get a role with no Central Casting strings attached, here they don't much go past type casting. Ya Vietnamese? Square, drug dealer and/or nutcase?!

Here's something. You can always tell if somebody is a PC Left Liberal because they will always like my Japanese wife even without meeting her because she’s Japanese! Take it from me, she’s horrible! Maybe because she’s Japanese!

Go to Crown Casino and there’s a Hell of a lot of Vietnamese, Chinese and other Asians pretty much as it is in well, Asia. In the government sponsored spots for problem gamblers, meaning the problem is that they lose, ya don’t see a single Asian face. And quite frankly, I like Asian faces, that’s why I married my wife. Why she married me, she refuses to say, beyond expressing her idolizing of me by cleverly hiding her true feelings behind regular screams of "Get out, you bastard!"

“Hey Chen! Guess what? Thanks to these ads, we Asians don’t have a gambling obsession anymore!”

And that’s the thing. Multiculturalism is too often about cherry picking the culture and character of real human beings for a presentation that can be phony, meaningless and kind of in a nice way heading off the awkward embarrassing questions, the even more problematic answers and denying people their actual flawed humanity, in all its bright light, shade and terrible darkness.

A little like the often actually hard to find bigots the PC folks are apparently trying to counter. And talking of real bigots, the only taken for granted and allowed bigotry is against white people, Americans and Christian. Jewish is ok too, but just remember to say “I’m not anti Semitic but...” And hey, they always do.

Man, people are always raving about racism like they're some kind of Tourets Syndrome afflicted minority advocate, but they can never seem to supply any real names or evidence, beyond absurd undergraduate accusations against public figures. When confronted with the real thing and it doesn't involve any Caucasians a la third world and other less Democratic sink holes, the same folks go into full splutter, denial, apologist and/or subject change mode, the first default response of the Left.

If one sets immigrants up as one dimensional negative or positives in a kind of absurd split screen, it can’t be sustained without some mighty and dopey propaganda. And old sports, it can kinda stop one getting to really know 'em anyway. You’re bound to be disappointed or alternatively enraged when people won’t conform to a ridiculous paradigm. So shift that paradigm baby, and see people as they really are. Light, shade, character, class, education, background, experience, intelligence, culture and religion are pretty variable and hilariously unstable, to depressingly immovable reference points.

We all have much in common, but there's no need for relentless pretensions of equivalence. I find people from all over the world can range from being everything to nothing like me. It's OK to acknowledge differences and er, the bumps.

Mark Steyn has said how multiculturalism absolves you from needing to learn anything about another culture at all. You just merely feel good about it and go to the restaurants. If all cultures are equal, and they are empirically not, then why bother learning about any differences? That’s where secular societies get in a tizz and a conundrum, in that those with a media voice may often think religion is mostly tosh, usually meaning Christianity, and not Buddhism etc.

But immigrants don’t always feel the same way about their own religion and beliefs and may be inclined to take their's entirely seriously. That’s why the hippie and radical rabble that went to Nicaragua to support the Che the child killer Guevara styled Sandinista scumbags Leftist gangsters, were surprised to find much of the local populace, were respectable Catholic Christian families and small business people, who wore suits and ties and went to church every Sunday. Unsurprizingly, the locals were unenthusiastic about an endlessly experimental death plan vortex of Revolutionary mayhem.

The main reason Communist and other murder based conformist fraud revolutions are so violent is because almost nobody wants one outside of University Graduates, the flea-bitten, bog standard radicals, social misfits, spoiled brats, the insane, the criminal, various gang murderers, the usual rapists, Islamist scumbags, College Professors, the Baader Meinhoff Gang and Hollywood stars etc.

Sayeth callow, earnest middle class and affluent bore peace kills activist, Benjamin Smythe-Browne, “That’s not how ‘the people’ are supposed behave!” 'The People’ often have their own thing going man, dig? And they can take it all quite seriously for good and bad, and are usually better at making their own choices than the self-appointed political creeps who think they know better. Take one part smug arrogance, one part ignorance and one part spoiled phoney brat, and that’s what ya get. Full blown myopic delusion. Take two platitudes bub, and don't call me in the morning.

Hence, few are capable or curious enough to see that an Islamist culture, as it reaches any real mass minority, is ultimately uninterested in fitting into any secular dream no matter how seemingly worthy and sensible it seems to us. Like the bankrupt wishful thinking and self destruction of cultural relativism, Islam is nothing like any other religion. It’s essentialy nihilistic, vampiric in imperative, method and result. Suppressing and annihilating not only all other religions, but other cultures, laws and well, everything that is not directly of Islam, meaning anything worth a damn.

Islam sees secularism, human rights, Capitalism, Democracy and freedom of expression as frauds and blasphemies. There is only Allah and Islam. There is nothing else. Everything comes from, is about and is in service to Islam, without exception.

Mohammed was after all the original Islamist and of the er, harshest kind.

Yep, imagine a more real world experience billboard showing how as the Muslim percentage reaches around a certain percentage as it has in Europe, France and the UK etc, they do tend to start screaming at the other immigrant featured extras, demanding their submission, concessions to Islam, or death and beheading. This is regards their host citizens, their institutions, freedoms and general way of life.

And there’s the thing. If you refuse to see how the world and its peoples are, instead of in a more real and rounded way via serious research, to support your fluffy, fashionable ideology and myopia, the same people might or might not play along. That depends on whether it suits some folks peculiar, often very publicly stated and relentlessly acted upon objectives.

If we care about our often wonderful multi-ethnic populations, it would behove us old sports, to see things honestly, as they too will inevitably be effected by our lack of discernment and thickhead errors of judgement. Wilful naivete will not protect us all or guarantee our futures, will they?

It can easily be noted that the majority of the worlds people vote with their feet, and the direction they take is to the West.

And you and I? We miss seeing anyone or anything clearly at all. Neither as wonderful and interesting, or as dreadfully dull and dangerous as reality actually is.


Dan Zaremba said...

A great piece Colonel.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Oh and " I’m not anti Semitic but”"

should be : "My great great grand mother was Jewish.."
Well at least that's what you hear from Margo Kingston and Phatts Phillips.

Jenn Sierra said...

Bravo! Bravo! [Standing "O," Colonel!]

Multiculturalism is simply a euphemism for socialism...which of course is the brain-washing stage of communism. "Diversity" is for agriculture, finances, livestock - human beings need unity.

I'm American, and on our coins is the latin phrase "e pluribus unum," (out of many, one). It is not human nature for people to intermingle with each other while still maintaining entirely seperate cultures, value systems, and rules of laws. Human beings from different cultures who spend a of time together are either going to beging to form a new, common culture (which is likely to retain aspects of the old ones, but look quite different in the whole), or they're going to end up having a civil war. Like it or not, that's how it is.

We've seen it in the United States for the last couple of centuries. Immigrants came, became American, and assimilated from a plethora of backgrounds into what loosely became an American way of life. Yes, many retained their pride in their original heritage, and language, but were first and foremost, American.

But in the last few decades, we've seen a turn of events, thanks to the leftists. Now we have folks coming from various places, and insisting on retaining their native culture and language, and insisting that the current citizens "celebrate" their diversity, and in some cases conform to their value system [ahem, "dhimmidtude...?"]. This is simpy anarchy - chaos in the offing.