Saturday, 29 September 2007

The Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers. They're Here!

Avoid expressing yourself around left, liberal and radical variants as they believe in a "diversity" of their own opinion and not yours or mine.


They're here!

I live in the inner-city and I know many people who at first seem just like regular people. They wear their underwear on the inside of their pants and can tie their own shoelaces. They eat food, watch TV and have jobs. Very few devote gleeful spare hours to kicking boxes full of puppies. That's more my thang. But there’s something different about many of them and it’s not always apparent at first. I have uneasily noticed it more and more as I have learnt and thus changed, always reading voraciously as I research this er, global phenomena.

The first sign is that they're not really that prone to showing enthusiasm and joy. No really. I mean real uninhibited energy and an excitement about the future and its potential. Basically, being a damned complete and alive human being. It’s as if they're living in a depressive envelope with some idea that life as it is, is all wrong, basically doomed and cancerous and must therefore end. And at the same time there's an odd smug conceit, as if there is an inevitable 'truth' to their nightmarish viewpoint. 

There's also the creepiest implied undertone, unspoken, but it’s clearly all there in their posturing. It is assumed that they are part of a growing under-group inexorably destined to reach critical mass and you, and everything about you is irrelevant and expendable.

Now, they don’t say anything as such in general conversation of course, unless you touch on almost any serious, important or adult topic. In the end though, you soon see that anything and I do mean anything, can be extrapolated onto their relentlessly negative and peculiar default stream of explanatory style. But usually you don’t even get the preamble. It’s just straight to the high pitched sound they all emit.

If you live in the inner-city as I said I do, there will be few people that you can talk to about this. Most people will look at you blankly and say, "I don't understand what you mean. I haven't noticed anything. It all seems normal to me". Well, it would. That's because many of them are er, THEM.

And just as in the best version of the movie ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers', [from 1974 starring Donald Sutherland] the instant you speak and reveal yourself as having any depth of individuality and difference, they point at you and their mouths open wide, denouncing you to the unseen crowd. But the shrill sounds they let out only mean something to them and their alien and alienated group of conformist and mirrored vegetable spawn. But it’s all supposed to be for our own good. They babble endlessly and without any logical end to their interference, and that we’ll all be perfectly happy in their coming Marxist product sodden, left liberal progressive, Utopian madhouse.

What they push out so intensely and with a strange unnerving sense of panic are not words at all. Not with any natural humanity, expression or purpose, but a mindless repeating of a siren that drowns out your own voice and thoughts while stating overwhelmingly and repeatedly, “Here is the individual, the original and truly authentic man, woman and child whom the group has not completely hypnotised, suffocated, absorbed and eliminated as superfluous to plan”.

How could a mass sprouting of inhuman freaks with such an empty mechanical mindset in an obvious marching group think and lockstep get to such a percentage without anyone noticing? And my God, they’re in such positions of influence; in our schools, government, media and entertainment and so on.

These things amongst us all repeat the same absurd, contradictory, cold, manipulative, robotic, mass produced, stupid and horrible lies. How could obvious frauds get such a foothold on the fertile, red blooded, natural and the decent? How did they begin supplanting the productive, democratic and rational life with their monstrously fake sounds, their empty gestures, insane modifications and rules that leave us open to invasion by millions of other variant spores of the same species?

Speak to many of them in the daylight and they can seem normal, reasonable, Unless of course you use keywords that express virile reality, fecund, important human values and time-proven traditions, and then they will instantly and hideously reel back, pointing at you, their faces contorted like a stretched bladder, wailing their insane, continuous screech as they begin mouthing out endlessly:



Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! "The Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers" describes liberals to a tee. Its the look of our New York City and San Francisco liberals here in the States.

(Lonnie Beal)

Anonymous said...

Care to post, Oh, I dunno, a single real example of whatever problem you think there is with political discussion or beliefs in this country?

I don't now why Instapundit would link this since it just comes across as a fairly inane attempt at declaring everyone who disagrees with you mindless, conformist twats.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up. The "Heartwear" troop is an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant not a Marine. No slam on you or the Marines.

Anonymous said...

I drifted in on the last Insta-lanche and enjoyed the post. Think I'll look around a bit

One minor note: the individual holding the Iraqi orphan is a US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, not the US Marine

Lt Col, USAF

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Congrats on your instalanche, friend. Great photo choice.

Anonymous said...

I really think that, someday, the liberal mindset will come to be seen as a mental illness. At a minimum, a personality disorder.


M. Simon said...

They have always been with us.

Lincoln had his Copperheads after all.

Human nature is many and various.

You can read about it in the Bible. Some one is always willing to betray his/her city.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted the Winston Churchill quote. As usual he nailed it. As a society, Islam seems stuck in "Lord of the Flies" land plus adolescent sexuality.

Anonymous said...

What gets to me about these people is their unrelenting, undying hatred of humanity (it goes beyond just hating conservatives.) Not only do they cheerlead for totalitarians, they cheerlead for human extinction. If you told them that Iran's arm race would bring about the end of the human race, they'd probably spout something about "better for plants and other living things" and do it with absolute lack of irony.

And this hatred of humanity doesn't even bother to hide and is taken as sane in most intellectual circles. Take this book, for instance (please, take it. It's not like I want it.)

Note none of the comments says anything at all about how it's sort of an orgasmic fantasy of the end of the human race and how wrong it is that any HUMAN could fantasize about this.

You're absolutely right in your post, and this illustrates it. I think we've gone well beyond Lincoln's Copperheads. Frankly, I don't know HOW to reach people taken by the Body Politic Snatchers. I don't understand how they could have gotten to such a state nor how they can walk around -- and write around -- displaying this kind of illness without being spotted. I mean -- HOW MUCH do they have to hate themselves to want to destroy everything that's human? And how can we recover them?

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thankyou for the very good comments and the link. Yes, another hideous tract by a Zombie Academic. It's the Night of the Living Headmasters!Hey, please leave a contact and we can yappity yap. All the best Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Lonnie:

AKA 'ConservativeVoice'. Thank you for the hip comment. I knew ya would like 'The Invasion...!' If I could just find the nest!

God Bless you Lonnie. You're a damn fine human being and one of my favourite Americans.All the best Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Assistant VI:

Thanks sport. I didn't know what an 'Instalanche' was! What an innocent schoolgirl I was! Thanks for the correction on 'Heartwar. I l do like to get everything correcto and smooth. Thanks.

All the best Colonel Neville.