Monday, 24 September 2007

Dr. Shafer perfects the moral and rational vacuum.

Mohammed, a patient at Dr. Shafer's Clinic, is making great progress. The Doc believes in 'valuing' and seeing Mohammed's urge to murder unbelievers as an equally valid viewpoint as say Anglicanism, or even more so.

Dr. Shafer feels that without the discredited Western and 'Euro centric' ideas of 'objective judgement' clouding inter-faith dialogue, full 'inclusiveness' for Mohammed is not far off. Mohammed is pictured at last weeks Group Therapy Picnic. We say Allah Akbar, Mohammed!

Dear sports, this is my weedy response to a Dr. Alan Shafer who wrote and presented a classic tract of Left Academic PC vegetable drivel, non-response and apologia, regards 9/11 and Islamism etc. You can dig it all on his intellectual Hall of Mirrors website at

Yes, that's it. I feel better now. Anyway, it was nicely razzed by the good people at It seems Dr Shafter and his ilk will be merrily prattling and spinning this kind of crap by the ream, right up until the 'Islamic Rage Boy's' are slicing off Aunt Doris's head on the steps of Flinder's Street Station. Apparently, these people are the 'professionals' who advise and guide, wait for! A disgrace. But damn good for a laugh. We may even die laughing. Boom tish!

Dear Doc Shafer:

I’ve quoted them both many times before and here they are again. "The greatest flaw of the West is its ability to draw a moral equivalence between anything and everything. It really is an inability to see anything in due proportion". Mark Steyn.

Christopher Hitchens has said that the scandal of the 20th Century was that the intellectual elites never called Communist Totalitarianism what it was.

Regards your piece Doc, er, here goes. I believe you gave it the very snappy title of "Hate your neighbour as you hate yourself;(!) Prejudice and the Psycho-Politics of Divisiveness". And who said Academics weren't cool and couldn't swing? My fingers are clickin' already! I'm doo bee, doo bee doing it, Al baby! Hit it!

I can see it gathering dust at the Uni Library now. I think it comes with dust? Sprinkly, sprinkly. Doc! Your piece is an embarrassing and astoundingly crazy piece of moral relativism, no, really! Just your standard 'Ya jivin' me?' dhimmi style Islamist apologia. I believe they may have got the measure of it at Islammonitor.

Also check out, where the true mind set and sources of your virtual parody piece are described in great, precise detail and Fisked utterly.

I’m sure if I met you, you're a regular and basically good person. Er, kinda, maybe? Now there’s the problem right there. People who see themselves as good and maybe even are, and want to be seen as such, often cannot comprehend that there are people who are capable of relentlessly wicked and monstrous acts.

No, I don't mean the default juvenile hyperbole responses of "BushIsHitler!". I mean people whose permanent policy is to get explosively excited while relentlessly slicing off the heads of men, women and children and blowing up anyone and everyone into a thousand pieces in the name of Allah, Mohammed and Islam.

The 'good' people of Naiveland, Deluded Town and Disingenuousville can only seem to picture this hard and harder reality in a repetitive, bizarre, non-existant linkage to the people and agencies they think they know but actually don’t. Hence, the absurd attributions against our own government, the authorities and our institutions. Such a point of view is fatally flawed, totally ineffective and is ultimately doomed.

A merely intellectual position that is unwilling to believe in itself, that has nothing solid to believe in anymore cannot survive. If you believe there is no war, nothing worth defending, living or dying for and entirely no enemy, you will be swept away like grass, by the foe who has relied so surprisingly easily on just this strain of security and cultural suicide, to destroy us all.

Well Al, you can be helped but the first step is recognising you are ill! I know you can do it. Your mind can be saved even after University.

Yeah, you say you don't want to suggest that other groups don't have hateful elements but you er, don't want to actually, clearly and loudly document any of them. Yep, so it's Christian terrorists that have everyone so nervous at the airports then? Would they also be white too?

You criticized the President's post 9/11 speech and complained that there is "no complexity, no ambivalence or in between" in it and pointed out the bleeding obvious to the too lazy to notice anything else set, the "you are either with us or against us" line. The reason you may feel this way is because that is exactly the case and the reality of the World Trade Centre attacks. There is no "complexity, ambivalence or in-between" in such acts. The simple fact that you are so rarefied and pretentious as to be seemingly incapable of clearly seeing Islamism and 9/11 for what they are and mean, is EXACTLY your problem.

The President is entirely right to see this so simply, as you sneeringly say from your irresponsible and unaccountable pontificator's armchair. Simple means stripped of superflous distractions and pointless guff. It's imperative to be able to see raw reality as one does tend to, when faced with the rather stark facts of life or death. Make a choice, Bub. You'll have to sooner or later. George Bush always means what he says and quite frankly, the Prez has balls.

Oh, the merry ride into The Wonderful World of Islamism is gonna get much worse. But toodle toot, you say?

Where is the "in between" exactly? There’s no complexity in 19 affluent Islamists, believing utterly in the clearly unambivalent messages and imperatives of Islam and Mohammed. Unlike those whose only basis of reply is it seems the useless, neutered, fashionable, amorphous twittering of a kind of cultural nullity. Its reducto ad absurdum and auto apology all the way, folks.

These mass killers were all backed by the multi-millionaire playboy, mass murderer and ignorant fraud Bin Laden. The only complexity, ambivalence and in-betweens are to be found in your kind of ridiculous and obscene default position responses.

Why are you seemingly more concerned at what the President said than what 19 Islamic hijackers actually did? What is wrong with people like you exactly? Aren't you a little old to be so um, Undergraduate in your world view?

So, what part of 9/11 are you in favour of and 'for'? What Nazi and Imperial Japanese grudges would you have been happy to lend a sympathetic ear to?

What percentage are you 'not' with the people who oppose Islamist terror or are its victims? What percentage are you sympathetic to and 'for' Global Islamists objectives? What kind of terrorist act would you condemn and criticize without hesitation, without the small print?

My dear, when it comes to the crunch in any real test; the Left and Liberal is usually entirely theoretical and peculiar of mind, going instantly into extrapolation and a tediously predictable denial overdrive.

I guess anything to avoid making adult choices, eh? If one is witness to an assault, a rape, any active crime or disaster there are only two choices; act or not to act. Almost 3,000 murders? The meaning is entirely and wilfully inverted by you until it means zip, until wait,....the victims are equal to, or even worse than their murderers!

As you see, actions count Sparky, but to many, not 9/11 and so on. To you, only the actions of George Bush count as bad and there is no action of Al Qaeda and Islam that cannot be explained away as wait for it,...George Bush’s fault! The West’s fault! Christianity’s fault! Er, ya forgot this Islam stuff is 1300 years old and plenty of it on both Carter and Clinton’s myopic watch.

But once you start reassessing even one Left shibboleth, that particular soggy House of Cards will start to collapse completely. Then what’s an academic to do?

What do many believe in beyond seeming to believe in anything but their own cultural heritage? What would they act upon at the testing point? Where does their courage and conviction lay beyond the wasteland of deconstruction and theorising? This is partly why many Muslims can despise the West, because of the decadent fools who believe only in their own ideological posturing, their own moral vanity, unlike the serious followers of Islam, who believe utterly and are unshaken in their absolute fecund, virile cultural confidence. Consequently they're far more determined to act upon this than you can ever conceive.

Believe me; you would make a great satirical reference point. I couldn't make your stuff up. Couldn't! I think it's the pretence at 'balance' that throws it all out of whack so much. What makes your stuff so awfully laughable is that it has no identifiable humour and takes itself entirely seriously. How do you manage that? I guess you don't read any of it out loud.

Er, using your non-analysis and non-methods, aren't you projecting your hatred onto people who are not PC, not Left, not Liberal bog standard academics but can clearly see evil or gee, here's a thought, are actually EXPERIENCING it? Or is an abused child's hatred, a rape victims anger and the families of the thousands of victims of Islamist terrorism merely just 'projecting' something 'bad' within themselves? Alan, you have disappeared up your own fatuous abstracting, m'boy.

It's either morally disingenuous or plain wilfully ignorant to ignore, defend or apologise for the reality of the empirically, historically, relentlessly daily violence of Global Islamism and by default the truth of Mohammed. Mo and Islam are to Muslims one and the same. Mohammed was a rapist, paedophile, Jew hating marauding mass murderer who raped, crushed, burnt, dhimmied and destroyed two thirds of the then known world. So er, only good can come from that, eh?

Try just for starters. How can you seemingly not take these things seriously?

Those who make the effort to document and research Islam have the moral clarity, decency and reality that your absurd mental gymnastics and bankrupt, junk 'theory' are incapable of. I mean, you're about 57? How can you think like this? No secret. Live in a fantasy life completely supported by the system you despise. Maybe this is the best you can do and perhaps everyone you know 'thinks' the same? Well, don't put it out there on the Net if you don't want to be utterly Fisked, critiqued and slammed to some degree and at some point.

It's not always important to 'understand ' your opponent as it is to understand when you are in peril and be able to spontaneously and effectively destroy them. In a street fight it's irrelevant to 'know' your attacker. You should only concentrate on responding effectively to their words and actions.

The choices available to us are few. Firstly avoid conflict. This is empirically not an option. Global Islam is waging an asymmetrical and relentless war of aggression. The next is negotiation or compromise. This again is empirically not an option. The only 'demands' of Islamism are worldwide conversion to Islam, our Dhimmitude and death. So er, no. Not much there either. The next choice is face the reality of our mortal enemy and the harsh facts of our position. The next and only step is annihilate our opponent. I believe Sir Winston Churchill said it nicely.

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival". Winston Churchill.

At what point exactly would you consider victory over defeat? What it boils down to is that such a mindset is opposed to killing terrorist's but not opposed to endless ad nauseum critiques of those that Islam relentlessly attacks. Go figure.

What you have written is absolute bunkum and rubbish without merit or much decency, but you parade it as such. Some kind of morality? Er, it ain't. It's the kind of nullity, at best amorphous and rational vacuum that still manages to know instinctively when to usually pull its feeble and spineless punches; when it's Islam, any other problematic subject regards critique, or PC taboo.

One of the highlights of the criticism of your inverted piece that was Fisked heartily at Islammonitor, is under a picture of the mass graves of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp. They've followed your own post-modern, post logic pretty much as you yourself have clearly stated it should be, in your turgid and largely unreadable essay. The caption reads; 'Victims of our unconscious being projected as hate towards the Nazi's'. Apt and pretty much says it all.

You can reply. I'd welcome it and I won't cut you off. I'd like to know what you have to say about the tosh you have put out. Anyone is welcome to criticize anything I put out, that's if they give a damn.

All the best Doc. Take two pills and call me in the morning.


がんこもん said...

Very nice, Colonel. I found my way here via your kind comments over at StoneHeads. The moral lack of so many of our fellow Westerners puts me strongly in mind of how Byzantium met its doom- arguing the nature of God while the barbarians stormed its walls, killed the last Emperor and turned the greatest chruch in Chirstendom into a mosque. Only strength will prevent the same fate overtaking us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Colonel. Thanks for your comments. Glad you appreciated my critique. I was thinking of sending it to Alan Shaffer, but decided he lacked the mental capacity to reflect on his own idiocy.

I agree with your assessment that he is "as close to insane as you can get while still being able to tie your own shoelaces and hold down a 'professional' 'job'".

But he is in good company, as there are many like him jumping on this insane bandwagon and getting paid handsomely for their contribution to the collapse of Western Civilisation.

Can he, and those like him, really believe what he is saying, or is he cynically manipulating the current climate where post modern, moral equivalence psychobabble is the fashion?

Roll on the time when fashions change and sanity once again becomes the new black.

I look forward to reading "'I am the Ghost of the Endless Sadness of the Ordinary People'" As you say "the ordinary are the main victims of people like Doc Shitheads Logical Fallacy's and Cognitive biases and um, pure junk shite."

Time these people were exposed and held up to the ridicule they richly deserve. Cassandra at Islammonitor dot org.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

(Dear sports: This is my original response to the groovy piece by Cassandra on the bog standard Left, Liberal drivel by Doc Shafer. To read the Shafer Expose! go to the wonderful Islammonitor dot org.)

Bloody great article Cassandra:

Please keep it archived! 'Doc Shifter' is insane. Yep, there are a million Doc Shafter's with their Left toned nullity, moral gnomeism and extreme mental gymnastics.

They are as close to insane as you can get while still being able to tie your own shoelaces and hold down a 'professional' 'job'.

These Post Modern Bores believe that it's imperative to have no discrimination at all! The fundamental ability to know that there is good and evil, and to be able to tell the difference is something they seem to avoid.

Replacing any normal clarity that any sane person would recognise with bizarre, endlessly convoluted, neurotic, completely wrong, tangled up, unusable and virtually unreadable 'analysis'.

Mark Steyn said that "The greatest flaw of the West is its ability to draw a moral equivalence between anything and everything. It really is an inability to see anything in due proportion.

Dr Shatter has achieved the fashionable result of being a patient and not a physician while also being part of the disease. He needs serious help!

Few people would realise this, I'm afraid, including his peers. His resignation and subsequent suicide would be a great contribution and indeed his first, to mental health.

Great subject and I'm working on something that ties into this called 'I am the Ghost of the Endless Sadness of the Ordinary People', because the ordinary are the main victims of people like Doc Shitheads Logical Fallacy's and Cognitive Biases and um, pure junk shite.

All the best from Colonel Robert Neville.

PS. Thanks for the kind comments Dan. Ya right. I was a little out of line about the zombies! So I modified my pre-amble.

Aah, our punch drunk hero John Legend, has several unpleasant enemies moving upon him in the 'clear day and slow wheel of night...' Read the next exciting episode of 'Night Swallows Legend' soon!

Anonymous said...

Great analysis of the loopy Doc, Colonel.

However, I can't agree with this statement:-
"I’m sure if I met you, you are a regular and basically good person"

I doubt he is a regular person - regular people are possessed of common sense and moral clarity. I would hazard a guess that he is a pretentious opportunist, happy to adopt the current psychobabble, so long as it ensures he gets to be invited to speak at forums frequented by intellectual wannabees. There is a whole industry built on this pseudo-academic nonsense, with many others like Dr Shifty going to conferences, giving papers and competing with each other as to who can be the most post-modern and ludicrous.

Sadly, Mohamed and his ilk DO possess a modicum of good sense along with their extreme barbarism; they recognise Shifty for the fool that he is, and are cunning enough to make use of him to spread Islamic enlightenment. When Australia is sufficiently enlightened, Shifty will discover that "understanding" Muslims won't save his neck, as one thing he doesn't seem to understand is that the Qu'ran orders that all JEWS BE KILLED (even those who are desperately trying to make excuses for these sadistic bastards!)

Dan Zaremba said...

It would hilarious if it weren't so downright scary.

We may even die laughing. Boom tish!

And I thought only magic mushrooms could do the trick.