Thursday, 6 September 2007

Manhattan under 15 metres of seawater by 2015 is apparently more real to many than today's Islamist bomb blasts and beheadings.

This is my feeble, woefully inadequate and totally ignored response to the actress Cate Blanchett posting on Yahoo!, a laughably open forum on her 'concern' for Global Warming. Who would have thought? A Hollywood star and celebrity on a superficial and 'passing within a decade or so' bandwagon! What can ya do? There's trouble everywhere....

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love the movies as much as everyone else. There are many actors and Directors that I admire; some of them not dead. And of course the many wonderful technicians, writers and so on. It's just that today, actors can often seem more like models, but without the depth.

Cate writes: Why do you care about climate change and what are you doing to reduce your impact on the environment? Hi, my name is Cate Blanchett and I’m working with the Australian Conservation Foundation to promote Who On Earth Cares, a new campaign bringing together all who are concerned about climate change.

If you care about climate change, I urge you visit 'who on earth cares' and put yourself on the map.I am looking forward to reading your responses.

Dear Cate Blanchett:

Er, my subscription to Newsweek ran out in April 1975 and I never actually got to read the last issue as it dropped out of the letter box and into some shrubbery, so I'm just reading their special edition for that month as I write; that's the very groovy one kinda positing to predicting Global Cooling. Naturally, I'm shocked to see that twenty-two years later, no government has acted on Global Cooling!

My God! A global collapse in food stocks by the 1980’s and all backed by scientists and activists who clearly want to know what are the government going to do about it? Shouldn't we deal with this first? Cate, we need your Tinsel Town Rebellion and traditionally deep Hollywood analysis. When do we want it? We want it now!

Yes, I know many cynical "Fascists!" say that GW is all a tragically embarrassing, trendy mass hysteria and total rubbish that will one day be unmentioned, even by the same people who are so shrill about it now.

Just like the population explosion by the 1980’s in the West eh? Ok, it mostly collapsed. Food stocks collapse… Ok, it mostly quadrupled. Oil running out twenty years ago! Y2K? The collapse of Capitalist Democracies and the triumph of Communism and Socialism? Um, ok, but this time it’s true, obviously.

Now I know some awful and plain wrong racist Neocons, even say that Al Gore is a long term "transvestite-like" political opportunist, who is incredibly rich and is now even richer by about $50,000,000 due to his doco that is even more sincere, trustworhty and exciting than he is. "Fascists!" who disagree call it a “pseudo-science documentary”. Outrageous! There's no science in Al's pseudo!

Well, anything that is not in agreement with GW means nothing and is easy to glibly dismiss like anything else that won’t conform to our right on orthodoxy, which is a good thing. And don’t forget, the rich can mostly just edit out the general public cos’ those dull unglamorous people have no media voice whatsoever.

Ever seen Joe and Josephine Average on a magazine cover as anything but a grist for the mill story, a bit part in their own life, a human un-interest story, a manipulated straight from Central Casting object, a sycophant or flunkie to a celebrity and the loaded, or as a joke or for a crime? Nope, nada. They don’t have the phony teeth. And that’s where Hollywood comes in.

Some ungrateful Philistines say that the support of GW by Hollywoods “narcissistic, decadent, juvenile to undergraduate mentality of stupid, shallow, lazy, unresearched, deluded, spoiled rotten, bloated egos of unaccountable, corrupt, rich playboy and playgirl control freaks is hardly a guarantee of objective Quality Control". Wrong! I would never say that. Actors have sometimes even taken acting lessons and often have personal assistants. Naturally, these are all perfect credentials for lecturing the world on economics, geopolitics and science. I say forget the depth, admire the ad nauseum.

Can’t the critics see that movies are the most important thing in the world and the hardest work on the planet?!

Everyone knows science is proven by consensus; you just need enough people to agree and that proves it, or make up some predictive software. If it’s gong to happen in the future, that’s rock solid evidence. Scepticism and endless pointless testing has no place in science. If one person says X and 99 say Y; Y is always right.

That’s science at Sean Penn State and Leonardo Di Caprio High and that’s good enough for me. Sure, Hollywood stars, academics, celebs, radical activists and much Left media have felt great for example about Che the child killer Guevara who never killed a movie star, Mao the mass killer, the Viet Cong and gee, so many great subjects for subject change.

Doesn’t this prove they are right once again? After all, celebrities and Hollywood stars prove their rebel status everyday by being completely supported by the system they despise. That’s yucky old Capitalist Democracy. Yucky! Just don’t leave, except to go to Cuba for a free 'Castro Tours' holiday; that's the part of Fidels Revolutionary Paradise without firing squads, but with food, drugs, child prostitutes and champagne. All free with a celebrity card, so rock on, Bel Air Rebels!

After all, so many stars were right about using tons of coke and Leftist Dictatorships being great for the working class. Good enough for me too. You are a Goddess because you have acted in some films. Sure, it’s not like you actually wrote them or came up with the idea or wrote a real book or have any scientific, analytical or academic background, but that should not stop you having a bigger media platform than ordinary people. After all, you are a concerned star and celebrity and that’s more than enough.

This is my humble tribute to the great people of Hollywood who the whole world looks up to for guidance and inspiration.

All the best from Colonel Robert Neville.

PS. They also asked for sources, sports. Um, try wanting to find them. Oh, they meant supporting GW. Try skeptoid for some thinking and logic skills just to start with.

There are millions of scientists in the world. Have they all been asked? Who has that data? There are 2,000 'scientists' on the IPCC report. The IPCC is a political body, and not a scientific one, thus the idiot and anti-science mind-set of er, "consensus!" The scientific method is not Democratic. Science is not about agreement, votes, numbers or powerful groups. Science is always in flux and contention, as suits a naturally dynamic world.

Some who don't want to be. Predictions are by definition predictive; they have not happened yet. Science is not consensus but endless scepticism, method, re-testing and wide ranging peer review. Scientists have their flaws, ideologies and pride like everyone else.

That's why the civilised and clear minded look to the method, not any mob, however impolite, shrill, peculiar, trendy or funding pursuing. But what do I know? Get out the ropes for all I care, because if idiots, fakes, flakes and bullies get power, they’ll usually find just the right Logical Fallacy to justify coming after you, eventually.

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