Saturday, 8 September 2007

Kevin Rudd Fluent in Mandarin Can’t Speak a Word of Victory.

General George S. Patton unaware that he's stepped on Kevin Rudd, the leader of the Australian Labor Party, crushing him into the cruel and cold mud of history.

It’s a wonderful thing that young Kevin Rudd, a man with a face like a bowl of instant pudding, can literally speak the same language as one of the worlds great, affable and tailored-suit wearing mass-murdering communist oligarchs. It really is hip that he can just swing into mediocre Mandarin like that. No, I really mean it. Language is the thing, but the meaning and actual intent behind the words? Aye, there's the rub, bub. Or maybe even some actual substance. Er, not today. Sadly, small Kev is not fluent in the language of Western liberty, triumph and even just survival, only socialist cronyism from which he has benefited enormously.

Like so many, he seems pretty comfortable and confident in either his honestly stupid or wilfully disingenuous denial regards Islam Murder Inc. According to fluffy, having no clear, hard edged, decisive, real world and fully Allied plan for total victory over the evils of Islamic Sharia jihad and simpatico leftist communists and other variant ecofascist radicalism etc, is pure tactical and strategic daring, minus the derring do of course. Oops, but he's one of them. Yes, he is. Thus his profound love of the Islamofascist dominated U.N.

Showing a profound and globally visible weakness of resolve while running away from reality as fast as his pasty Lazyboy Recliner trained legs will take him, leading to our eventual chaotic collapse and defeat is it seems, the Rudderless Rudd Plan. Everyone knows Islamofascists can’t catch a plane and of course none are already 'in country'. And there’s nothing the Arab and Asian minds respect more than confusion, decadence, cowardice and weakness.

El Presidente Hu Jin 'Tao Yen’ (a Mandarin in-joke!) and the residents of the 'Labor Party Old Fellow Travelers Retirement Home Local Branch' could, being somewhat on the same page or drool napkin, engage in a mutual back slap and reminisce. “Yep, I’m proud to say I’ve never given up on a single one of my smug and totally discredited delusions and shibboleths working out eventually. And remember, no apologies!” said Gough with a tear, as he butted out a shredded lettuce cigarette on an attractive novelty ashtray made out of an East Timorese, a gift from Presidente Suharto in 1975.

While hardly in the same league as a commie Kings for life and simply brimming with er, 'good intentions', Old Gough the Whittler used to be a dab hand at law by personal decree. Apparently at one stage writing out by hand about forty-five of the little buggers over not many more days, all without any of the normal Parliamentary processes. But back to Kevin, the Worlds Greatest Adult Boy Scout but without any of the skills or charm or height. He digs China, always has and assured President Hu R Yu, really, that you have “many, many, many, many, many, many friends here, nay, real friends”.

Hey, 1200 million people can’t be wrong and being a friend of a commie emperor in Armani with your standard forever 1966, Sino-Soviet sweep hair styling is a much better deal than being his enemy. Sorry, ‘Enemy of the People’. It certainly keeps you alive longer. As the old hair grooming add of the 1970's went, "The Wet Head is (sadly) not dead" but around 80 million Chinese are.

Kevin told a heart warming story of how his son is very naughty. Er, don’t be too naughty in China, will you? They frown upon it and there are so many kinds of naughty that are so frownable that they're death offences. In fact, China gives more people the “frowning of a lifetime” every year than all other countries combined. That’s a lot of upside down smiles. And there's the thing. What a tricky position to be in, and that’s where the mostly bankrupt ideologies of the Labor Party and its leftist lean-to comes in. It can contort itself to anything and still the façade remains the same, because the faithful are not going to poke any holes in its shabby, threadbare and rotten material but continue to mouth the empty rhetoric.

Nope, the true believers will always even hold it together for you, like long term prisoners holding up the rusted and loose bars of their own mental cell. As long as it’s from the approved list of things to say and think, you don’t have to actually prove anything empirically or be held to account at all. And as another bandwagon and parade will always come along pretty soon, well, why bother? Here it comes now!

Global Warming is more real than a car bomb!

Yep, Global Warming is apparently the main issue of our time and not the daily Islamic reality of bombings, kidnappings, beheading videos and other Mohammad inspired mayhem. Yes, let's hope it is all just a dream and not the exploding elephant in the room and then it might go away. For a moment there, while under a bout of nausea, I thought that the Labor Party must actually have some policies somewhere, but "my search was all in vain". I waited Lord, at the station. Yep, in many crucial areas, Kevin Rudd has all the stand-out against the mob courage and substance of what he was and is: a long-term career diplomat elitist, yearning for that big U.N Euroweenie post and thus a typical Labor Party man.

"Kevin Rudd is this years King of Pop."

No, he was. To know what Rudd and Labor laughingly 'stand for' beyond raw power, just look at most recent polls, read an activist placard or check out an Islamist shopping list. In the end and perhaps literally, the left and Kevin Rudd the non-leader, make ultimately an entirely nice fit with Islam but then all the power elites do.

The left possess a profoundly deluded mass conceit and permanent denial, refusing to modify almost any position and are mostly uninterested in tested, researched and empirical reality unless it costs them money and said power freakery. Thus their taken for granted, glib auto-dislike, juvenile hyperbole fueled, bloated ego bolstered hatred of America and individual liberty. A relentless mental inversion of the facts mixed with the ingratitude of the small and mediocre. It's the envy, spite of the jealous and habitual fraud. This group therapy worthy junk is funneled into suicidal non-solutions that sound OK only to other lefty fantasists, with all blame and burden aimed entirely and exclusively at the USA and the West in general.

This is why Islamofascists agree with the left on so many things because the results of leftist ideology helps spread Islam. Don't make the effort required to recognize Islamic Sharia jihad reality and goals until after it's too late and likely not even then. Strangely, the more obviously, historically and soundly discredited the non-ideas of the left are, the more they trumpet them as the great triumphs and victories of their past.

Few alleged positives of the left have worked out the way they claimed they would if any, and none of their shrill yet hysterical disaster predictions have come to pass at all, in fact the total opposite. And so it will be with the current idea of winning a war by fraud, apology, platitude, dimmitude, surrender and defeat. Our Koranic enemies have been very effective without sporting nose rings, white brat dreadlocks or playing in out of time drum circles, but have gained much comfort and support from the phony, deeply ignorant and fashionable herd instincts of the Western "perma-children" as Tim Blair calls them.

Kevin Rudd spouts the phony platitudes of professional diplomacy and sports most of the classic flaws of the narcissistic psychopath. Sadly, Tin Tin's judgement Islam is wrong as is Tony Abbott's. There will be no helicopters to take us from any rooftop to anywhere else when our identical policies to other rapidly Islam infesting nightmares such as Europe and England naturally  lead to the exact same results.


Dan Zaremba said...

There were 4 major totalitarian ideologies created in this world so far; Chinese hegemon system, communism/marxism, national socialism (under variety of flavours like nazism or fascism) and Islam.
So far only one of those ideologies - national socialism became officially and publicly recognized as evil.
So little time so much to do.

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