Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Judge not lest ye have no bleeding judgement.

Supreme Court Judge Lex Lasry ponders whether Islamism is all merely a fantastic 1300 year long fabrication by an unknown and secretive cabal, that just happen's to tie in with John Howard's Government. Incredible! But do you know that the CIA has trained fruit flies to read people's lips? It's true! Go to fruiters dot com! It's all there! Dick Cheney is breeding the flies in his cellar and has cornered the market via Halliburton and the wallpaper pattern has been bugged and...David Hicks is a Saint! Just like Al 'give me more power grid, cos' I'm leaving on a private jet plane' Gore...

Now I believe you can’t really stroke a hairless cat, but you can oil it. And like a perfectly formed, effective and spontaneous feline, it’s funny what an attuned sense of analysis may pick up just in passing.

And what it seems to show is the often apparent dominance and regularly unquestioning acceptance of the same repeated themes, such as they are. For instance, as I passed a room in a large facility that had a TV on, I overheard a rotund guest on a tedious morning show say, with the standard invisible and inverted commas, that according to him, the idea of American and by extension our freedom being under threat, is absurd. Yes, ok, whatever you wish to drivel, published Pilsener Dough Boy.

He looked up from his furrowed and hang dog pontificating and said with the look of a smarmy teenager, “When has our freedom ever been under threat?!” Er, riiight.

With only a few thrilling moments of info, I felt pretty confident that the overweight, glasses wearing guy on the old 'Tube of Death', was hawking a book presenting a standard pointy point of view of the Left and Liberal conspiracy infected. And I was 100% right.

The equation for the numerically absent is as always, “The USA and the West in general are bad, and any dysfunctional basket case is ALWAYS better and fully justified in ANY of their behaviour, however outrageous etc, etc”.

So, ah, over 9,000 known and extreme attacks by Islamist’s since 9/11, and almost 3,000 murdered on 9/11, but none had their freedom compromised in the slightest. Islam is entirely about our utter conversion, dhimmitude or death. I’d say that’s some kind of threat to our freedom, hmmm? Isn’t that the daily promise reinforced step by inexorable and hideous step? Er, there are also a few nuclear Commie vortex states too. Yep, you’re among friends here!

What credentials and credibility could such a Dhimmi fool possess? Zero, baby! The host’s of this cheap morning program just sucked it all in and smiled in idiot agreement. Now they were either being extremely diplomatic and they weren’t, or they’re of the usual MSM thickness of head, or they agreed. Yes, the all warped jury agreed, that’s the story of…

What is kind of overwhelming is the relentless acceptance, promotion and reinforcement of views that are neither true, decent nor sane.

How can so many be under clear attack for so long, and the only result is their pervasive and determined denial? What gives exactly? It seems a large proportion of the population are pretty actively reinforcing the causes of their own ignorance. The day before I believe, the same genial hostess of the pair was asked about the “downgrading of Christmas!” in Britain!

So what do you think she said? What would a profoundly unprofound journo hostoid say, while floating unchallenged and comfortable in the Main Steam Media’s vacuum and nullity of multi-culti orthodoxy? She agreed of course, because our traditions that mean little to nothing to the simple, shallow and uncomprehending, like her, can all be glibly jettisoned. And the same person does this in the name of PC abasement to another culture, which she automatically handles with kid gloves, and a default and patronising reverence.

That’s right! The way to national success is for the host country to become an obsequious and hollowed out husk. Yeah, that’s how to be respected by cultures that take their own history, beliefs and traditions entirely and absolutely seriously, without the slightest intention of any compromise. But that’s Western Cultural Suicide for you, sports.

Now this was just in passing, on some endlessly boring and mediocre daytime tripe time filler. So, ok, lots of people have little to no insight, thinking skills, analysis and so on, outside of their specialty, which pretty much describes most of my life. If only I had a specialty!

Er, but maybe it’s worse at the top, which brings me to a real judge. Well, as real as they come these day’s or so it can appear. The new Victorian Supreme Court Judge Lex Lasry, is a “human rights activist”. Gee, maybe you could read that as the fairly standard list of Left Liberal pet causes? No way man! I'm not wearing no bugging device!

Human rights activist seems a pretty damn selective vocation these days, eh?

Gee, so no? He’s pretty concerned about the millions oppressed, starving, tortured and murdered in North Korea? Er, no. The 300 jails on the 'Economic Fantasy and Real Murder Island of Cuba', that imprisons a larger percentage of the population than Soviet Russia did? No. The Hell of Zimbabwe? No. African cannibal gangster and child soldier Kingdom’s? No. Iran torturing and murdering children, hanging 13 year old girls and executing over 4,000 gay people since 1980? Nope.

Lex Luthor is a champion of the pro head slicing neo-Islamist and venal liar, David Hicks! He cared deeply about the ‘Bali Nine’ who wanted to make some easy money out of importing the delightful drug of heroin. And drug trafficker Van Tuong Nguyen. And last but not least, the half baked hobby terrorist and garden gnome impressionist, Jack Thomas. Yep, all beautiful and worthy cases. Er, why not the actually innocent and factually oppressed? Hmmmm?

Why not help children, women and men who have had God awful lives and are still decent human beings? Perhaps instead of helping unworthy, undeserving people with no real excuse for their toxic grudges, except in their having rotten characters? If Lex can’t find a few million like that, he ain’t really looking.

Apparently Lex baby, made a “frank” speech about being “apolitical”. Er, quite. Maybe it’s a typo, and he actually means ‘a political’….but forgot to finish. Gee, I must look up those two words again, I thought "frank" and "apolitical" meant something entirely different....

Lexy said that lawyers had a “great contribution” in informing public debate. Sure, if you have an enormous amount of money. And if you can understand the deliberately 'lawyered to the indecipherable ninth degree', of any of the impossibly dense wording of the law.

He said he chose to "speak out" as a barrister, so he must have had to speak out pretty loud, cos’ every second and third person where I live in the inner-city, spouts endlessly their dumb support for all of the Judges bog standard ‘causes’ at the drop of a nose ring. He’s not speaking out over silence; he’s shouting the same stuff over the cacophony of the millions of comfortably like-minded.

“Such is the spirit, not the form of the law that keeps justice alive. To me, the proper defence of unpopular causes is about the protection of the rule of law”. Er, in the judge’s circle and the vast majority of Left and Liberal Australia, including much of the media and entertainment industry etc, these causes are extremely popular.

In fact they’re the only kind of causes that such ‘right on’ folks really concern themselves with. Not for these flakes the actual danger of doing something for the millions of truly oppressed and executed for a sick ideology or religion in say Cuba, North Korea, Africa, Saudi Arabia and Iran etc. The judge is known as a passionate opponent against capital punishment. Yep, but not really in the aforementioned places though, eh?

So, here we get to the meat of how impartial the Lex view has been, sports. In the article in 'The Australian' for Thursday November 01 2007, he attacked Howard over his position on terrorism. Surprise! Lex thinks the Government is not taking it seriously enough as the empirical and enormous threat it is? Nope.

So, Lax Lesry thinks the Government should stop calling it a 'War on Terror', as terror is a tactic, but should name the real enemy as it is, which is Islam? Nope. He wants people to understand the empirical fact that it's a war on the insanity and murder based freak religion of Islamism, folks? Wrong again, no. Because they are attacking us as they have for 1300 years and only restricted entirely by the resources at their disposal? No. Lack of resources is a problem Islamist's no longer have. None of that. Lex is angry about how dear Davo Hicksey was so badly treated at Guantanamo, that he put on 20 kilos! Riiight. A real pressing issue that will save us all and stop the daily bombings and beheadings in their tracks. Er, no.

He said he would “commit to an independent, objective approach”. Maybe he will. What do I know? “I certainly won’t be part of any politicised debate that’s not appropriate for a judge to be in”. Like the ones you entered in the previous paragraphs by clearly referring to them I guess. Maybe L.L. will be a simply super judge, but why are so many appointments by the various State Labour Government’s and for years now, been so er, comfortably in line view wise with any downtown radical student march?

It’s not really good enough at all, is it Socrates?

Now stop me if I haven’t got this right, but isn’t a Supreme Court Judge supposed to be one of the highest examples of the best, most objective, empirical, analytical and clear thinking minds in the country, even if symbolically? Why does thinking about what the lower levels of the gradient curve must be, give me little to no confidence and comfort?

So this is apparently the topper-most of the popper-most level of ‘thinking skills’ in our society? Or at least the part that get’s the privileged media platform. Why is so much of it all the bleeding same and simply not damn true? Just like scientists can be effected and warped by the bogus dogma of Global Warming and their own ideology, so can anyone else be so er, touched. It’s a disgrace really. Though I'm sure L.J is Cool. Yep, absolutely certain. No doubts. It's all ok.

Hey, I hope I wasn’t out of line with that crack about Lex Luthor?

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James Cady said...

I found your blog just today and I sure am glad I did.

After serving in the Air Force for four years in the early 60's, I went to college on the GI Bill and became an advocate for racial equality, women's rights, and an activist against the Viet Nam War.

I lived in that culture for many years until about 10 years ago when I became increasingly disturbed by the hate-filled vehemence of people on the Left and especially those with whom I'd been close friends for decades.

I've had to let go of all but one of these friends precisely because of the behavior you so clearly describe.

I'm also old enough to remember the same sort of behavior by members of the John Birch Society and see it again in the Ron Paul movement and, needless to say, in the Islamofascist movement.

Thanks for your insights. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog entries. Jim