Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Alleged ‘Security Expert’ says that the causes of insecurity are all alleged.

According to a laughable British 'Security Expert', this could have easily been avoided! If only we'd had a nice 'inclusive' talk with nineteen Islamist freaks at the 'Airport Coffee & Cake-O-Rama'. It's a great place to snack, chat and Jihad!

All our food is Halal, so please notice this little courtesy Mr Islamist freak, and try not to want to kill us all please? Is that ok? I hope I wasn't too assertive there? Look! I'm really abasing myself and being tolerant and understanding like crazy! I feel your rich Arab pain!

If only we hadn't done a million things over the last 2,000 years and instead done a million other things instead and neither and also both at once...if only. Note to self: 'The list of things that offend Muslims can be narrowed down to everything and nothing'.

According to er, ‘British Security Expert’ Chris ‘no abs’ Abbott, its actually global warming that’s slicing countless heads from bodies and blowing thousands of people into a million pieces. His kind of ridiculous, pitiful and shameful attitude via absurd circus like and non methods, are working out pretty well then, for everyone in the UK and the rest of the Eurabia Kingdom?

The following madness was sourced from an article by Cameron Stewart in ‘The Weekend Australian’ newspaper for November 17-18 2007. It's one of the less stupid broadsheets in Oz. Cameron may have well been reporting the non thinking skills as they are in some disturbing parallel universe. Abbott the simultaneous Dhimmi and Greenoid acolyte delusional, gave his “provocative thesis” at the Australian Federal Police Conference on National Security this week. Why does this give me no confidence?

Because sports, Chris Abbott is a stupid and incompetent fool who has no business speaking to anyone about security, the reality of Islam or really ah, anything much at all. Look, it's ok for Chris to discuss his new lawn mower with the post man, but not for too long. How can I be so opinionated? It ain’t easy! But with our hero, Chris ‘Yabba dabba don’t’ Abbott, it is easy! As we shall see…

Our half a Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, invited Christ Abbot because he er, agrees with Abbott! Well that’s settled it then. Jeepers, I’m so surprised. Mick makes me think of a guy that you go round to borrow a spanner set from, and he’s making a chicken coop while listening to the races. He says “Ya wanna use the right gauge shifter on that, mate”. A nice guy but maybe not the ideal AFP Commissioner to deal effectively with Islamism, especially not with that haircut.

Abbott is a ‘researcher!’ with the ‘think tank!’ the Oxford Research Group. Sure he is and sure they are. I think their group just tanked. More of a stink tank, really. And gee, another turn up for the books; Chris Kringle used to be “a campaigner and researcher on a range of social and environmental issues”. Wow, I knew you’d be surprised. Fancy that…a Leftish mediocrity, who has an urgent message of bunkum sans empirical evidence. How unusual.

His idea is that terrorism, in reality think mostly Islam sports, is not the greatest threat to security, whereas the utter fashionable fantasy of Climate Change is the real terror, and it's here already! Run! It’s the end…once again.

The other apparent "threats" are “competition for scarce resources, marginalised populations and the trend towards militarisation”. Er, yeah. A list of Leftoid activist canards basically, yet there's ample more parody from Chris, all worthy of a High School debate team.

In all of the previous, there is not a whit of how economics, innovation, change, population or effective security actually works. But then, there rarely ever is with a Leftish mind, such as it is. Because Leftoid folks have entirely no interest in such things. It's "feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget love...etc"

Dear Abby advocates “talking with terrorists!” Hey, why not? But you first Chris, and remember to watch your neck! You may not like what you hear, if you ever damn well do listen, because the message of Islam has been loud and clear for a long time. Over thirteen hideous and repetitive centuries so far. Islamist demands are simple and pretty easy to grasp, but not for syrup headed Chrissy so it seems.

They are convert to Islam, Dhimmitude or death.

“Reducing use of fossil fuels”. So stop that China, you naughty people, who wrongly want to escape 5,000 years of crushing poverty and live more like er, Chris Abbott! “Quitting Iraq”. Yep, there’s nothing a mortal enemy like Islam respects more, than the cultural vacuum of PC cowardice and running away.

Um, Islamists are globally in-country, and in ever growing numbers, or you know they can apparently just catch a plane. Gee, wouldn’t such utter weakness and confused Dhimmi idiocy perfectly embolden such freaks? Oh, that’s right. They’re not such an important threat after all. The World Trades Centre collapsed due to rising damp!

As per usual Leftoid modus operandi, Abbott scatter guns for the “real” causes of terror. Anything but face the unbearable abyss of a reality that may just knock the whole shit pile of Leftist lies right over. You know, it's caused by poverty due to a lack of oil trillions I guess. We’ve apparently also been too “reactive!”

“Hey! That was some bomb blast. First thing, let’s not be reactive! Waiter, we’d like some more cheese cake, please”.

Abbott drones on predictably about “addressing legitimate political grievances and aspirations of marginal groups” He recommends and I kid you not, “dialogue with terrorist leaderships...!”

Jesus H. Christ!

Not only does the couching of harsh realities in such PC cliché thicker than sewer sludge, say so much about the mindless mindset of our Christine, but every single one is empirically irrational. Pure Logical Fantasy, sport.

Who doesn’t have ‘legitimate political grievances?’ Name me a country that doesn’t? It’s called life, bub. Why isn't everyone setting of IED's and cutting off heads etc? So Muslims are not the only people with a grudge, mostly self inflicted, but the only ones encouraged to air them with mass murder. Listen Chris, Islam has it’s own motives and goals that have been around for 1300 years despite however much we may be tolerant of their daily atrocities and ‘understand’ their ‘problems’.

Not only is there no "leadership" in terrorist cells, networks and movements per se, but there is no leadership in Islam. Not since Mad Mohammad achieved his one good act and croaked. Talk to who exactly? Gee, maybe sign some legal documents at the UN? Gotta work! And Abbott would trust such an absurd tea party of the Left, Liberal, Radical, Nationalist, Communist, Socialist, Extremist, Cannibal State, Gangster Heaven and Islamist 'minds'? Is he nuts?

The only way to improve the UN is to cut off the top ten floors.

Chris is I believe, unless he's kidding me, completely ignorant and lazy regards any real insight or analysis of Islam at all. What he says is not worth a damn unless you want to catch the fatuous express to security and cultural suicide. Hey, if Chris is joking, it's hilarious then!

What is a “marginal group exactly?” That’s physics unless you can make everyone and everything fit into some insane idea of all being in some impossible 'middle'. But the middle of what?

Life is made of gradient; it’s not an amorphous gloop. So, until the West only I suppose, can make life completely ‘fair’, we should accept the attacks of Islam? How come no other group acts this way and gets an army of instant apologists, just add PC Left ideology? How come Muslims are responsible for committing around 85% of global violence since about 1960?

Oh God, it gets so tedious folks, that I have to cut to the chase for stupidity and here it comes!

Abbott raves how the GW Apocalypse is just around the corner…exactly when though, he omits to say. But Keelty agrees and piffles on that it could create ‘climate refugees!’, “in their millions!” Er, how does "could" happen, trump is happening, so easily?

Er, baloney with ya big 'if's'. Um, I can show you thousands of photos of people who have actually been beheaded, tortured, mutilated and blown up already and now, Boffo Boy. Give me a name and show me a single photo of even one person who has without question, been seriously harmed or killed by the crud of Climate Change. Bet cha’ can’t, because it’s…wait for it, not true.

Chris explains, in a fashion, how if we don’t act within ten years, we won’t be able to avoid “the earth from becoming a highly unstable place by the middle years of this century”. Er, Chrysalis...the earth IS a highly unstable place, being a ball of molten lava and spinning around over a thousand miles an hour an' all etc, etc.

“Stop the Planet of the Abbott’s! I want to get off!”

The whole article decays into bone tired tedium as Cameron duly notes, Chris Abbott is covering the same barren and wacky territory as Bono the tax shelter specialist. You know, 'the successful economies and societies of Capitalist Democracy, free markets, with the rule of law, the free exchange of ideas and the freedom of the individual etc,should all give the fruits of their efforts to the corrupt regimes that are none of these things, etc, ad nauseum'.

Then of course, there’s disarmament, the irrational answer for when you’re under sustained attack by an enemy who wants to destroy you. There’s recycling, based not on practicality or value, but on the miserable Leftist views of a world of ‘scarcity’, simply because such people seem incapable of being industrious and creating anything, especially the valuable and rare currency of ideas.

Aah, the classic meaningless, fatuous, glib and empty platitudes of “make world poverty history”. Higher carbon based taxes to push up the share prices of several Al Gore companies. More ‘management’ meaning read as ever bigger government. Something called “sustainable security” and so on, to the end of a virtual Student Activist pamphlet.

I thought sustained security would mean that we sustain a belief in our own cultural traditions and values regards the greatness of the Western Canon, Judeo Christianity and therefore we are fertile and focused enough to see things clearly.

The harsh fact is that Islam is entirely the enemy. Especially the coming nuclear armed Jihadist one, and we should take their daily words, actions and history entirely seriously.

Conversely, we should not take intellectual midgets and buffoons like Chris Abbott and any of his clueless, profoundly unresearched and disingenuous fans seriously, not even for one fatal moment.

PS. Dear Chris, go to the web sites 'The religion of Peace', 'The Prophet of Doom' and 'Jihad Watch', all in my swingin' links down the right hand column. Read Robert Spencer on Islam facts and history, Walid Shoebat the ex-Muslim and terrorist, 'America Alone' by Mark Steyn, 'While Europe Slept' by Bruce Bawyer, 'Londonistan' by M. Phillips, 'Infidel' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and so on, and so on, just for starters. Then take two aspirin and don't call me in the morning.

Colonel Neville.


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports:

Here's a feeble and spindly legged letter I sent to the good woman organising the big Kahunafest on 'our safety!'

Why does it all give me absolutely no confidence? My shallow advice? Run for the hills! We're doomed I tells ya!

Dear Ms Joanne Chidgey:

What's new? I'm just checking up to see if I'm actually more deluded than Chris Abbott, the alleged 'Security Expert' and part-time shoe repairer.
Hey, my nobody status is unlikely to match his enormous genius for analysis and fruit identification.

"It's orange and round?'s definitely a banana then!"

Yes, I read his absolute drivel in 'The Australian' for November 17-18. It's pitiful the kind of mediocre fools that are given free reign and a public voice in the laughable Aussie MSM. Chris should go straight to Hollywood and hang out with all the other deluded Leftoid Liberal and Dhimmi freaks who are completely supported in a fantasy life by the system they despise.

But of course I would never say any such thing. Chrissie Abbot? He's fantastic! Fantastical even! Yes, let's pass around the hat for the poverty stricken Islamist Bin Laden and his University Graduate stewardess throat slashers. Is Abbott mad or just stupid and an overpaid Leftoid fool?

Er, gee, my Father was a working class English miner and he grew up in unbelievable poverty. Um, how many Yorkshire Terrorists do you know of? I mean, non-Muslim ones?

I'd love to debate Chris the Whizz anytime, but that will never happen...not for a member of the anonymous Western masses.

All the best from Colonel Neville. Please follow this link to my feeble reply at my shabby, but well liked blog. Though it's excellently written, funny and well, incredibly witty.

Morris said...

"Note to self: 'The list of things that offend Muslims can be narrowed down to everything and nothing'."

Ha! How true. Indeed, we offend Muslims by even existing...

Dan Z. said...

Dan Zaremba
Our miserable existence is the MAIN factor causing permanent Muslim rage...

Wendy Larkson. said...

Dear Colonel.

Maybe too many Muslims are extreme and hot headed because they get their brains fried in the most very hot Islamic countries, not to mention the open air heat of Mecca.

Maybe global warming is the real culprit after all. Such a nice neat solution.

However in the meantime, Mr Abbott will appear as a racist, imperialist westerner because he does not give Muslims in the world credit for having thought out (in whatever way one defines their thinking) their own beliefs.

They have THEIR beliefs and they do not owe them to the west, or anything we did. To suggest this is so, is to denigrate Muslims in an appalling way - and to imply only strong capitalists can have any effect of others.

Islam forms the views of Muslims. It is Islam that propelled the 9/11 attacks. We show more respect than Abott on this blog for while we respect Muslims as persons, it is Islam we take issue with.

Islam and its pernicious, racist ideas (remember black Somalis find it near impossible to get into Saudi Arabia - ask yourself why)are injurious to humanity and to Muslims themselves, though they do not understand this as yet. Perhaps one day more of them will

Wendy Larkson.

Cassandra said...


This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thanks for this Colonel. Everyone knows global warming is causing infidel heads to become detached from bodies. Nothing to do with Islam!

Morris, Dan,
Yes, our very existence is considered oppressive, as we are not reverting to the religion of peace.

Re "anything and nothing". Who would have thought there would be an international incident over a teddy bear? or an ice cream? or anything else that you would never have imagined in a trillion years there would be an international incident about until ISLAM came along and manufactured one?

Good theory, but others live in very hot countries and it does not cause them to go on genocidal rampages. And remember, Muslims who relocate to colder climes also go on genocidal rampages, raping, looting and destroying.

'We show more respect than Abott on this blog for while we respect Muslims as persons, it is Islam we take issue with. Islam and its pernicious, racist ideas'

YOu are right; we do not presume to tell Muslims that their holy book means peace. That is patronising. Besides, those condescending Westerners who presume to do this (such as the interfaith brigade) know nothing about Islam, but just parrot phrases like "one of the great Abrahamic religions" etc


Wendy Larkson. said...

For some reason in the last post the plus signs did not come out as they should have. It should read

Hot weather = Hot weather
Islam PLUS hot weather = Death Cult
Islam PLUS cold, warm or any weather = Death Cult.

Elementary. One does not need to be Einstein to understand this.

Wendy Larkson.

Red Rose. said...

" $43 million to further the Palestinian Islamic jihad to facilitate the destruction of Israel..."

Yes, $43 million will buy quite an arsenal of rockets to fire into Israel. Then the Palestinians can complain when Israel retaliates and reap sympathy from the rest of the world.

It was reported on abc on 18/12/07 that a one-day summit in Paris raised $8.6 BILLION to aid Palestine!!!

Australian Govt. pledged $45 million - a 3 year aid package.
The EU pledged $758 million - for 2008.
USA pledged $646 million - for 2008.
Britain pledged $571 million - a 3 year aid package.
There were other massive offers from Germany and Canada.

Makes Kevvie's $45 million look like peanuts, eh? Let us hope that 'me too' Kev will manage to restrain himself and not 'me too' match the other high donations.

On 22/12/07, Kev committed "an additional $110 million in aid to Afghanistan over the next two years, taking the total to about $270 million." (24/12/07 smh).

Who is next in line to enjoy Kev's largesse? He has only been Prime Minister for a few days over a month. Not a bad start.

Red Rose.

Cassandra said...

Cassandra : http:// cassandra@islammonitor.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
YOu have explained the mathematics well.

To make it even simpler -

Islam = death cult.

That's all the maths we need to know.

Red Rose,

You're quite right. I underestimated Kev's generosity. $45 million to jihadis. As you say, we know exactly what the consequences will be: more Palestinian attacks on Israel, causing the Israeli army to defend its citizens, causing Palestinians to garner enormous public sympathy.

Talking of public sympathy, was anyone as sickened as I was by today's Al Age report on David Hicks meeting with his father? The reporter spoke about Dawood's "piercing blue eyes", as though he was a romantic figure in a New Idea short story, rather than the cowardly traitor he is.

Circe said...

Abbott drones on predictably about “addressing legitimate political grievances and aspirations of marginal groups” He recommends and I kid you not, “dialogue with terrorist leaderships...!”

Islam and its leaders whether 'terrorist leaders' or locals enjoying every freedom and comfort in our far too tolerant countries all want the same thing----supremist, totalitarian Islamic rule worldwide and they will use every avenue from infiltration and internal destruction of our societies to extreme violence to attain it! This is a simple truth easily apprehended by any who read Islamic text, listen to islamic speakers today or look at the treatment of others past and present by Islam.

Abbot does understand the obvious but he is actively involved in lying to aid Islam's destruction of our society and tragically those who should be protecting us are joining him.


Cassandra. said...


"legitimate political grievances and aspirations of marginal groups”

These grievances are that we are not Muslims. The aspirations are that we all revert to Islam.

Having a dialogue with terrorists will address their grievances, as they will use persuasion/threats to and then if we succumb to this, we will fulfil their aspirations by reverting.
Simply really.

If Abbot understands what Islam's ambitions are, why on earth is he assisting? Doesn't he realise that destroying our society will include destroying his society?

What is it about these guys that they are keen to self-destruct?


Dude. said...

The whole Oxford Research Group is a scary enterprise. It looks like a gathering of absolute idiots, criminaly insane westerners and active terrorist Pally's.

I think Keelty has finally lost it (not that he ever trully had it to start with).