Sunday, 25 November 2007

The Omega Man Taken Down by the Meager Man and The Family.

That final polling was a real killer for the Government of John Howard, the last statesman accountant, semi-patriot in Australia.

Chuck Heston in ‘The Omega Man’: “What day is it, anyway? Monday? Huh? The Hell it is. It's Sunday! Sunday I always dress for dinner”.

It’s not the end of the world, that's next week. I really don’t favor hyperbole unless it's funny which it usually is, but when the jokes on me, especially if it’s on record twelve months later as an embarrassing reminder of how judgement and perspective are so clouded by emotion, and ain't they just? Look at the left; that’s all they have really. But yeah, what a drag the way the election's panned out, a real drag. And quite frankly John Howard wasn't so great, much of a conservative or for that matter deep at all. And yet, it seems that even the excitement of the victors seems er, somewhat slightly strained. Do they really believe it all? Maybe they do.

So apparently the next stop is their very collective idea of Utopia, on the Rudd PC Labour Socialist Union Express.

And now the challenges and tasks are ahead to er, do what exactly? The economy despite the government and a small cabal of monopolies is a semi-marvel, while Australia is er, barely 'secure' as far as naive Western Democracy’s go and what happens next? Er, fighting the non-existent threat of Climate Change! Or is it pressing home the endless list of repackaged leftist fashions for controlling you and I and everything, ad nauseum. Well, the most substantial stuff the Labor Party has is the previous contributions slim and awful as they are of Howard and Costello, Hawke and Keating.

Maybe forcing business to hire people at a set price and conditions id their new thing Yeah, that’ll work. Business doesn't have to hire but hire because of a demand. “Sorry, not hiring due to enforced fantasy of variant militant union”. What's often pushed by left Labor as big ticket "issues", are either phony, beyond government purview or blown out of proportion adjustments and changes.

As Thomas Sowell explains, few are the permanent working poor usually until government interference, while the flattening of perceived and undefinable inequality is problematic to say the bleeding least. Yep, there are exploitative swine and I've worked for quite a few of them, but an enforced government distortion  for an imaginary leveling has the opposite result to the desired effect: keeping people from entering employment at low cost and gaining the skills to move up. Thus the minimum wage destroyed black teenage employment opportunity in America.

The methods used create stagnation, limiting opportunity for growth especially in employment movement and business etc, and to put it mildly, the only real things that in the end are going to allow the ambitious and determined to get anywhere. If something costs more such as an employee, you get less of it. Aah, freedom ain't as easy and comfortable as dependence, eh? And I should know, being a sometime musician and therefore a bum.

Apt and interesting that a Labor unionist Minister was shown throwing 'Work Choices' in the bin. Hey, was that the dustbin of history where socialistic ideas of economics end up?

A strangulated economy will indeed present fewer choices beyond the static and diminishing. Equality is relative and an absurd non-idea in a dynamic capitalist democracy and free market trade. The top, middle and lower levels have all risen incredibly by any measure in spite of almost invariably failed government distortions.

True movement is only created by the natural dynamics of 'supply and demand' within markets. Dig how this creates the environment for the incentive to innovation required to competently ride such an effective and efficient beast and hey, if you really want no rough edges, eat oatmeal. Baby on us all, a little rain must fall. All socialist attempts to eradicate what is merely a part of real life, invariably ends with all but the control freaks at the top, standing in a diseased leftist disaster if you just wait long enough.

Compare the uninspiring and moribund economic fantasy's of Sweden, France and most of Western Europe, all doomed to collapse as their indulgent, socialised, secular and unsustainable delusions die along with their point of no return negative birth rates.

Then look at creepy China, creepy India, fun Taiwan, sad Ireland, bankrupt USA and massively over regulated Australia etc. A peculiar mix of good and bad I grant you, while still filled with actual opportunity which attracts instead of repels investment per se. Ok, mebbe not Ireland. Gee, not perfect to put it mildly, but then very little is to the socialist left except Cuba. At least China has mass executions, so that should count for something to the left. Aah, all attempts at 'perfecting' free markets and society end in fiasco, utter failure, death and destruction. Sure, there's a bad side too.

The true motive of left and even fake alleged conservative lefty wanna be and wanna be liked non-thinking is of a non-idea driven by a moral vanity that cannot bear any reflections of the system that they actually despise, which is capitalist democracy. That is, creating something and not merely taking. Having neither of these things and a logical, moral Constitution, makes it entirely less likely that there are opportunity's for any independence for the people you merely say you want to help but in truth desire to use.  But hey, that's a' socialism. Gee, how quickly they forget that they're the self-appointed heroes of the people.

Freedom is economic freedom...

...until they take it away because you are unarmed and have no logical Constitution.

At the risk of sounding corny and hyperbolic after all, do they know what they may have done? Well, folks, they replaced a successful and outstandingly dull PM and his middling-government, including a competent Treasurer and a qualified, wide ranging semi-business world team with that of a mass of deliberately hidden ALP staff cum militant union left lawyer's and other radical ecofascist variant atheist activist nitwit types headed by Kevin Rudd, a populist windsock doing default Tin Tin impressions without the charm, personality or courage. An millionaire meager man with a rotten record, a rotten narcissist, utterly incompetent, a cliche spouting phony, a nasty little abusive shit, and with a character free face that looks like a bowl of instant pudding.

As they say, barely a 'civilian' on the whole front bench and almost no real world business people if any, folks. Rudd has been a diplomat and a er, 'consultant'. The only consultant that never cares to look at a single detail.

‘The Age’ screamed out "Howard humiliated”. Er, maybe not as much as the mediocre and entirely dull leftoid broadsheet would like. Hey, The Age may feel humiliated when they inevitably go bankrupt and shrink to tabloid size with a puny albeit padded subscription of less than 140,000 .  The bias shown by that strange, now almost zero journalistic standards bore sheet and most of the Oz MSM has been instructive. I get it.

Yes, it was interesting how Rudd entered into the appalling claim on a tedious TV show that he would "beat John Howard in a bar fight!". Riight, that's really a nice way to think in democratic politics, and er, nobody seemed troubled by this bit of Mark Lathanism. Rudd is a kind of another Mark Latham bizzarro Labor type. While Latham was the out of control freak, Rudd is the control freak that's now in. Kevin wil say if it blows w ANYTHING if it blows with the current winds of opportunism.

In our media, like most, there's almost no honest interest in informing people about anything much beyond the narrow and bankrupt fantasy opinions of journalists and editorial boards. Bravo! Now I know what the government and commercial media think. The same things. Thanks for ‘informing’ me.

Folks, if you rely on the MSM print and TV etc, for information, you have learnt little to nothing about any subject. What you have ‘learnt’ is a load of product which is entirely different to reality. Unless you go online for insight and analysis and track down decent literature, you may as well get the laughable news and current affairs via an injection.

Apparently John Howard was evil and a cipher to hang every absurd and mostly baseless leftist grudge on. Well he’s gone now, so what's a conformist stand-up comedian to do? The whole premise “Howard out!" is that it’ll be so much better now. How, no-one can say with any empirical substance. So let every self-loathing despiser of the West knock themselves out.

Matthias: “One creature, caught. Caught in a place he cannot stir from in the dark, alone, outnumbered hundreds to one, nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, his cars, his guns, gimmicks... and yet the whole family can't bring him down from that, that...”

Zachary: “Honky paradise, brother?”

Matthias: "Forget the old ways, brother, all the old hatreds. All your pains".

Aah, that’s right, the classic phony front of wanting the logical impossibility of “equality”, the basis of all totalitarianism. All leftist guff when taken to its logical end can only ever go one way. A desire to 'save' the world barely masks a desire to control it. Mathias Rudd may or may not say his version of “we will bury you” as he glares at the Opposition in a badly tailored suit. In fact it will be the turpitude of his own party’s many brittle, extremist factions and the allied freak parades of the Greens, left teachers unions, ecofascist groups ad nauesum that will do entirely that.

And what either the Liberals or Labour or anyone planned to do about more seriously facing, identifying and explaining global Islam both foreign and domestic beyond their current incompetent denial and aoplogia I don’t know. When the future finally comes to us not just internationally but domestically and with full force, I wonder how well the required back flips will go? I wonder, wonder I do…

Back to Kevin, who while a control freak is also an un-moored man who doesn't believe in the process and laws of his position. He's a weak and bullying twit, a profoundly lacking and hollow leader within the fatally flawed structure of a Labor Party that never changes for the better. Krudd it seems has no real power base as everyone who knows dislikes or hates him. It's as if only recently Rudd was slowly moved to center stage as if on wheels.

Who knows, he may rise to the occasion along with his Cabinet and the Labor Party will finally jettison the leftist monkey on its back, but no, he won't and they won't. Rudd is a faux religious man as religion is generally to the left is like pepper to puppies. Er, sadly, Generalissimo Franco was a religious man too, but taller. The left do like to hate, manipulate, lie, destroy and burn one way or another though, don't they.

Chuck: At it again, I see? What will it be tonight? Museum of Science? Some library? Poor miserable bastards.

'The Family': "Burn! Burn it all!"

Sometimes when I observe the beliefs, as opposed to the actual practices of many of the affluent elitists who make up various positions of power, influence and public voice, and now have an election victory to enact them, I often see bunkum. The Liberal [alleged conservative] Party too. This could quite easily be shown in argument but is shown in the disparity between what they say and entirely how they live.

Want to avoid running into a politician and or activist who believes in open immigration? Live in a crappy, crime ridden and dysfunctional working class area filled with immigrant frictions.

Want to run into the peoples heroes? Don’t hang out with the people! Go to exclusive get together's worth hundreds to thousands of dollars per head. Now there’s nothing wrong with being loaded, I’d love to be. It’s the phony linking of the rebel cred that turns my gut.

Don’t get me wrong. Australia is no corrupt dump per se and we’re actually very well served by our oft semi-decent politicians, who work almost hard and achieve some of what we take for granted and a lot of what we don't want or need. It’s just um, many are God awful. So if you want improvement, don't vote for me.

Now, John Howard had his few enormous flaws and blew the election. But both parties always fund a vast array of wasteful, indulgent programs from multicultural mutations to endlessly mediocre alleged arts bilge. Quite a bit of it just radical to deviant propaganda that without the prop of tax dollars, would instantly sink without trace. Hey, I don't mind the deviance, it's just that deviants should pay their own way not via the public purse. I always buy my own ticket.

Government funded art is mostly not worth a damn. Beyond usually superficial and repellent decoration, you get tax funded Freak Parades telling you that their junk is where it's at baby, that it's somehow 'relevant' and they're an artist merely by default of saying so.

"Look! It says so on my card. I'm an artist!"

And apparently, it's always entirely the audiences fault if they don't find it all that er, swingin'. I deeply despised Howard and his anti-conservative, anti-individual autonomy in taking away the right of law abiding citizens to own guns, leaving us all utterly limited, powerless, unarmed and thus ultimately defenseless against a changed or capricious state, civil collapse or criminal assault. All quite possible and the last, is an actual. If you think it’s a good thing to be unarmed citizens you really want to study history especially of enfeebled collapsing European, Asian, African, Latin American states, communist states, Nazism, nationalism and Islam etc.

Howard said he "hates guns" and hates 'em so much that he ALWAYS has armed security follow him everywhere. plus the police and the armed services. What a phony.  Howard also said that radicals are trying to drive a wedge between Islam and Christianity. What an idiot. Where does the incompetence stop and the lying for Islam begin?

The main difference between Howard and Rudd is that Howard did things because it was he believed, the semi-best for Australia per se while Kevin Rudd does things mostly for Kevin Rudd.

Most of the causes and complaints of the left and general populace against the Howard government are entirely peripheral, fashionable, unproven, absurd and superficial. They are, mostly unscientific. The solutions proposed for problems that are mostly non-existent or small are ridiculous, unworkable and also sans scientific. The actual errors of the Howard government are ignored or unknown. Howard didn't shrink government but grew it, along with taxes, regulation and the ABC.

The Greens living dead eco-freak eugenicist fraud Bob Brown opposes dams but not his own water supply, while we run out of catchment water. He says water tanks instead! It would take 150 million tanks at a vastly increased cost to do the same job. Er, Bobby, ya have to make steel with nasty industrial things. What a shallow flake, but the voters don’t mind at all. As long as they “feel” good about things and especially themselves. hence the surfeit of emotion that greets young Kevin Kreep.

Brown the ethical, moral and mental pervert has all the scientific, business and engineering acumen of a garden gnome. But that does not matter because you can go far in government without the hindrance of rational thought. It’ll only hold ya back.

Bob ‘Matthias’ Brown: “Definition of a scientist, a man who understood nothing until there was nothing left to understand”.

Chuck: “So, there is a little light in the forest after all”.

Matthias: “Take him to the little room... for the questioning”.

There were many revealing moments in the Kevin Rudd victory speech made entirely as usual of manipulative cliches. “Turning a fresh page” and “for all Australians” etc. I must have missed “light at the end of the tunnel”, “the challenges ahead” and “love cuts like a knife”. What struck me was that it all meant nothing but the people seemed to like it a lot.

As he gave praise to America without mentioning George Bush I think, he deliberately gave no space for the expected boos and segued straight into the next thing. While he spoke, an earnest baloney fanatic shouted angrily “When are ya gonna ratify Kyoto?” I wanted Kevin to say “When I get the wallpaper and have a spare weekend”. I felt for Kevin for a moment and thought what a rude jerk this guy was and how it said so much. But then Rudd spoke some more and I felt nothing but repulsion.

Funny, eh? As Kevin Rudd bores and sickens me as does The Thing from Kyoto. The last time I saw a more absurd, pointless, empty document that will only lead to disaster Prime Minister Chamberlain was waving it about.

Today the left allegedly loves and supports someone but by lunch, if they’re no longer of any use, they drop them like a non-opportunity. What does such an interjection from alleged supporters say of the ingratitude, the endless sense of entitlement and the eternal child mindset of the left, because, that’s what they actually are. It says everything.

I wonder how long our Kevin can hide under the camouflage of the amorphous and indistinct. All these odd folks and the junior army of “Kevin07” school system indoctrinated teenage moon bats urgently and earnestly all want and actually expect Kevin to now put into practice and actually do all their slogans and placards. In real life! But not as we know it, Jim. And Kevin will likely put in place a shitload of his off the cuff disasters. But then the left and Labor always eat their own.

Chuck talking to a bust of Caesar with whom he plays an endless chess game: “Your move, Imperator”.

Mark Steyn on how most film makers, artists, musicians and writers etc, have nothing to say about Islam. Nothing either true, rebellious, negative or individually daring and not just because they’re scared and have nothing to say. 

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Dear sports, the headline today (being Monday morning), on an 'Age' newspaper billboard was "Aussies survive sinking ship".

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