Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Wild Shoe Repairers.

Michael Moore is currently working on a documentary exposing the hypocrisy, lies, manipulation and the money trails, as well as the massive deception of the public and close relationships with criminal regimes like Cuba, of ...Michael Moore. "It'll blow the lid off me and my fictitious and obscenely lucrative career. Shame on me. Shame on me, Michael Moore!"

See 'The Wild Shoe Repairers' now!

They are into anything and everything they can get their dirty hands on. Leather, rubber, vinyl, even Velcro. They corrupt everyone, fix anything and all ready by Thursday, but not always.

With their own crazy, way out and hip lingo that only the initiated understand, they spread debauchery, lust and the most sick, twisted ideas to the once innocent.

“I putta newa heels a onna yo shooz. Id’ll looka nice a. You feel mucha bedda, eh?”

They are the ‘The Wild Shoe Repairers’.

Their perversions know no limits…

“I gotta some nice a brown shoe laces. 75c a pair widda plastic tips”.

Once you’re sucked into their world of evil desires you will never escape! You scream but it’s too late!

“I’m a so a sorry. I shutta da shop atta five a thirty. You come back tomorrow, eh?”

You’ll be horrified by their bizarre devices and mesmerised by maddening and ritualistic chants as the sound climbs to a climax of wanton animal like carnality!

“I’ll justa polish da heels onna the buffer for you. They looka nice and a shiny, eh? Oh sol o mio…nel blu de pinto de blu, Volare, whoh oh, oh oh. Cantare…”

I can’t always see that much difference between typical 1960’s and 1970’s exploitation crud and much of standard and especially recent Hollywood fare. They both have their ridiculous fabrications, ersatz versions of underground and outside culture and regular society. And both are often promising everything and delivering a lot less to nothing.

Or for that matter, there isn’t much difference between the current exploitation crazes like Global Warming, with its subsidiary phony scams generating huge gravy train payoffs while creating precisely nothing while promising the end of the world, if we don’t all swallow their vast suspension of disbelief.

Do you know that many of these incredibly low budget and bad exploitation films, as opposed to Hollywood’s big budget and bad films, used to make lot’s of cash on their pathetically tiny investments? They were often fun, full of cheap thrills, risible inaccuracies and exaggerations and a lot a laughs.

Much like Al Gort’s ‘A Politically Convenient Lie’. That’s Fat Albert’s take of ‘The Day the Earth Misunderstood a Dill’. Now who has a more monotone voice and riveted personality? Gore or Gort? You be the judge!

"Klaatu birada nictu, Gore?"

As Mark Steyn has recently noted, Hollywood crud like ‘Redacted’ and ‘Repeated’, ‘Regurgitated’, ‘Repulsive’ and ‘Robert Redford’, have made back the average cost of keeping three mice in cheese for a year. And that’s without the plastic wheel.

‘Redacted’, the multi million dollar major release film by Brian De Palma has taken in over three weeks, wait for it; around $60,475! That’s after massive advertising and all those valuable PC kudos from a divisional horde of whored, fellow traveller Leftard film critics. What a drag.

Now sports, the real reason these King size “flopperoonis” have tanked, is because they’re bad films with absurd stories and lopsided narratives, unmoored from any discernible reality, filled with posturing and dull ‘stars’ adrift without a screenplay or a synopsis worth a damn or even a plugged movie token.

As the Steyner said, Hollywood loons can’t get over their own limited paradigm of shouting BushHitler as a default mentality. As for any film by the rich hypocrites of Silver City ever supporting and showing the true courage, heroism and sacrifice of the better men and women of the military?

Gee, don’t hold your breath, or your overpriced choc top for too long. It won’t happen. And at least not until George Clooney, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and their fellow legions of dumb as a plank celebrity Leftoids have been dead for years.

As Marcus the Steynus said, recognising the reality of Islamic Jihadists as an empirically present enemy would, disturb and destabilise their “multi-culti pieties”, you see. Don’t want to be judgemental an’ all, unless it’s white Christian Americans, or preferably all three. Oh, and from the South is even better!

The Left Liberal boobs of Hollywood are incapable of describing theocratic, misogynist, homophobic, head slicing, child blasting Jihadist’s. It’s beyond their collective delusions.

It’s far easier to have no enemy at all, at least not the real ones like Islam. Even easier to have no good guys at all, unless they’re journalists, activists, or some other handy Lefty cipher regards their own cardboard ideas of a good guy ‘white hat’. Or even just have the Jihadist killers themselves as our heroes! Why not? Anything is anything, interchangeable and whatever you merely say it is in Leftard land, where they invariably believe in anything but the facts.

“He’s not a bad boy, he’s just aggrieved!”

The US, the military, the West in general as any kind of valuable and worthy idea, and anyone else with any trace of self confidence or solid and proven beliefs, is now the automatic source of all evil. So, you end up with a story about nothing, a vacuum of narrative, stuffed with ever thinner straw men, innate contradictions, burdened with character and motivational dead ends leaving Mac truck size suspension of disbelief holes.

But then, if Hollywood and celebrity in general is filled with anything, it’s filled with a lot of holes.

“Now they know how many holes it’s takes to fill the Albert Gore”.

Because there’s entirely no connection to any known reality anywhere, the stories stink. The truly irredeemable stench of the empty and fraudulent can only be perfumed until the moment the lights go down and the film starts. The catch with cinema is that the reality can’t be hidden from public view forever. There it is. Here is all the bankrupt venality of Tinsel Town Rebellion at twenty feet high.

There’s currently a local TV show called ‘East West 101’. Get it? No need to question, probe or research anything anymore. It’s everything you need to know about a particular, wonderfully grounding, moral and upright religion through the narrative device of a Detective. Nope, he’s not a Quaker. He’s a Muslim and his armed faith of choice is jolly old Islam. And here’s a big surprise. His opponent the bad Detective is wait for it, a white racist! A real turn up, eh? Er, no.

So you see, it’s the nasty Westerners that have caused a 1300 year old Jihad now globally fully franchised, by being nasty to dear old Muslims. So there’s no problem with Islam after all!

“Nothing to do with global terrorist bomb blasts, beheadings or any Islamist tactical motives and strategic goals of their own to see here. Move along Sir”.

Racist? They neglect to mention what race and how that ties in with the most intolerant religion on earth. Hey, just ignore the vast holes in the Quality Control and admire the inclusiveness! Funny, being a white, Western Christian, I often feel curiously excluded. Go figure.

When the Lumiere Brothers showed the first moving film of a train coming into a station, people ran screaming from the theatre because they thought it was entirely real and authentic. Not a representation, but real life as they instinctively knew and recognised it to be.

Warner Brothers et al, achieves the same effect today but in reverse. People don’t even go into the theatre, but stay away warning others via text and the Net of the latest poop from the studio back lots of the mind, with horror tales of “Run! It’s not alive!”

If only Warner Brothers had et Al.

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Darrell. said...


I'm getting the distinct impression that you are my kind of guy. Bush is NOT an idiot, you're right.

Isn't it fascinating to watch high school dropouts (rosie, streisand) get away with mocking the wits of a guy with a Harvard MBA (bush)?

Because, what, he says nukular? That just doesn't signify much to me. Hitler was far more skilled at public speaking that Bush: so what? Sometimes I stutter; does that make me an idiot?

It just shows again for the umpteenth time: liberals don't want to win the debate, they want to STIFLE the debate and replace it with endless and shrill ad hominem attacks, because they know they couldn't win a fair fight. Have a good day.

Darrell. Canada.