Friday, 18 January 2008

Hugo Chavez, the world’s number one fan of Che 'the child killer' Guevara.

Hugo Chavez, pictured actual size, as he demonstrates his economic plans for Venuzuela. There's a bright future ahead for all!

And therefore dear sports, Chavez being Chavez and loving Che the utter fraud, that’s what makes them both natural darlings of so many in the Left infected MSM and the cesspool that is Hollywood. Gotta keep those rebel badges shiny now!

And that’s all you really need to know about the common level of non-journalistic standards and apologia that so often clouds the hideous reality, of the entirely natural path such Dictators and mediocrities always take. Always.

Add the usual bog standard “Hooray for Hugo!” cheering by people who have no intention of living in the logical end of one the latest El Gordo Geeko's of Latin America, and there you have it. You see, not many discussions will really ever be about the Fat One, not really. Nope, you can tell when the reporting is default fellow traveller posturing, because it is entirely framed in the classic first move of the Leftard which is subject change.

Usually it’s three seconds to the juvenile ad hominem hyperbole storm flung at the American President, if he’s a Republican that is, and then ever onward to absurd Student Union Crisis meeting criticisms of Capitalism by trust fund students.

As Guy Taylor reported at Prospect Magazine, the unhinged ‘Evo Morales, elected president of Bolivia last year, has called US capitalism “the worst enemy of humanity.”

Guy seems uninterested in exploring such an empirically cretinous bit of nonsense any further. Surprising to let it stand like that, eh? Nope, so, a global economic system that works enormously is far worse than all the Totalitarian regimes that never worked and that have murdered millions and millions and millions of their own citzens? Well, I'll be.

That’s the MSM for ya folks. Right on schedule they'll report rubbish over and over again as assumed or unchallenged facts, no matter how insanely way off the mark they clearly are.

The MSM have the same reliable accuracy as if you caught a bus and ended up on the Rings of Saturn.

Such a juvenile statement by Emo Molasses says everything about the ignorance and ideological bankruptcy of the Evil Immoralist himself, and says precisely nothing about Capitalism. Oh, he means the greatest and actually only true economic system in history that has delivered enormous health, freedom, literacy, innovation and wealth of all kinds etc, etc to much of the world in a spectacularly short period of time? That one?

The mostly shrill and stupid criticism of Capitalism is in direct proportion to Capitalism's ever quadrupling and vastly triumphant success. The equation is, proven Capitalist results benefitting millions directly times a hundred fold equals the frothing criticism of the discredited times a thousand. The only real “flaw” in Capitalism is that people and governments won’t leave it alone.

It’s such a deliberate and bogus argument to drop the Democracy part that is the two part formula of Capitalist Democracy in all Western countries and many others. Then compare an economic system that is relentlessly proven to work to the mere abstract political ideologies of Socialism and Communism, which are relentlessly proven to never work at all. Not even a bit.

Communism and Socialism are based on murder, lies, conformity, total control, envy, spite, ignorance, laziness, moral vanity and madness.

As I said, you have to sort through the usual MSM avalanche to find any real and serious analysis of anything, and when it’s about a Latin American Dictator at Large, straight from some bizarre 1960’s throwback re-run from Central Casting? Well, good luck. Ya gonna need it.

What such ugly, stupid and incompetent despots actually mean when they spout on about “fighting” Capitalism is that Western Capitalist Democracy and the enormous choices, freedom and power it gives to the ordinary people, is the true and greatest enemy of Dictators like Chavez, Castro and Morales etc. And they know it. Thus they like their people broke, unarmed and helpless.

Add forced, brainwashed adoration via a crazy personality cult to the hideous mix, and hey presto! A photo opportunity for Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Kevin Spacey, Harry Belafonte and Robert Redford ad nauseum.

That’s why such useless madmen have to use guns, closed borders and total control of the populace to enforce the death cults of Socialism, Communism or any other Drivelism. Nobody usually wants it, especially the free, successful and independent. Except of course for University educated fantasists, misfits, psychopaths, gangsters, Hollywood people, or the deluded, desperate poor and the stressed middle class, who mistakenly believe that violent revolution by lying thugs is the only way to bring about their wishful thinking dreams.

Guy says how Chavez “certainly had on his showman’s hat!”

Well, whizzo. A hat eh? Well, appropriate headwear is good enough for me. I’m convinced! Yep, and for many in Chavez land and the West, the Revolutionary fancy dress, the pamphleteering and the crocodile tears for “the people”, are more than enough.

“I believe! I believe in an absurd non-economic and authoritarian fallacy for no empirical and proven reasons whatsoever!”

And why not? The saddest thing is when a large proportion of the people actually do support such sly control freaks and are then surprised when it all goes horribly ‘wrong’. 61% support Chavez? Fantastic. Maybe when the country goes belly up, 90% of that 61% will say “I was always a Venezuelan, never a Chavez Nazi!”

If it’s horrible, that means everything is going to plan. The usual Leftist plan, such as it is.

The thick headed idea of running a modern economy mostly based on the credit of natural resources is laughably doomed, I’m afraid. Er , Gee, overblown corn bag “Yankee go home!” rhetoric, selling underdeveloped resources via a rundown and dated infrastructure, while shutting down dissent and the media, eh? Ok, Chavez is an economic and creative genius! Er, no. He couldn’t get a job as an accountant at a small export firm in Taiwan.

Gosh, now why are Western states and places like Japan so successful again? Um, I think it has something to do with the rule of law, protection of private property, freedom, the free exchange of ideas, the incentive and environment that encourages innovation, that they make things and provide services from technology to transport and so on. Yes, that might be it.

Sure, a series of oil holes is nice, but um, using it to expand the government using ever more revenue to fund the usual style of government projects is er, a rather tragic and bloated trajectory at the best of times. As the money runs out and incentive is sapped from the productive, there will be tears before the bedtime of economic and social collapse.

But a phony fool can dream can't he?

The utterly irresponsible and radical hocking of a nation’s future with the profoundly incompetent and simplistic tripe of Chavez, mindlessly and recklessly supported by people in the West who have no intention of staying permanently in the resulting vortex, is a monumental crime. Ah, but Western Hugo fans have a nice passport handy and they know it, or else a house in Bel Air, so it’s cool.

Yep, that’s why so many foreigners are so emotionally eager to live vicariously off the frustrations of people who mostly want what fake ‘Heroes of the Revolution’ have at home. Sadly, the arrogant conceit of the Western Left assumes that people whom they are usually incapable of seeing as more than abstractions, should only want what the activist minded thinks they should have. You know, something more experimental or maybe bogusly ‘traditional’. In short, nothing that any Western Leftard folks would ever want as a permanent feature in their own lives, of course.

"You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you".
Bob Dylan.

The Left are defined by advocating that other people, usually foreign and poor, should experience what the Leftist would never want for themselves. And of course, the same foreigners according to the Left, could never possibly want some of what the comfortable Western fellow traveller has. Surely not?

Guy reports that according to Daniel Hellinger, a US-based Latin America expert, [! Riiight. Sure he is.], Chávez has “reaffirmed his standing as the leading opponent of US hegemony in the hemispher". Er, let’s go through this quite acceptable and very professional piece of standard MSM drivel reporting.

Chavez can disingenuously imagine he is standing up to a fantasy of US “hegemony”, but the awful truth is that he’s standing up to two entirely worldwide ideas and facts of free people. Chavez is “standing up” to civil government and functioning economic systems, both of which he opposes because well, that’s what Dictators do. First they get power, then absolute power of the state, then of all the economic freedom, then disarm the general populace and start the arrests, torture and firing squads. Or all at once.

No need to worry about much real and effective criticism from Western media. Che and Fidel got a free ride and still do today. Robert Redford can make a hagiography seemingly straight from any Apparatchik Propaganda Department. All about Che the child killer, who loved to shoot young boys in the head and is unversally admired, while Bob is applauded and makes a big bundle of filthy money out of it.

A film about a motorcycle riding parasite who was usually overweight unless lost in the jungle, and therefore wanted a better reflection than his real character when he looked in the mirror, then made sure he was one of the last free Cubans to be able to go on any such motorised journey, as opposed to swimming to Miami at night that is.

Hegemony, “a situation where one state or country controls others”. Er, the truth is, Chavez and Iran are vying insanely for that job or some whacky variant of it. Iran totally controls and butchers its own people and Chavez plans to do the same eventually, with the added bonus of one day soon maybe, of getting nukes from the Chimp of Tehran. As Huggy Bore said, he plans to use these nukes if he feels so inclined.

Oh, that’s right. According to Guy, we should just simply ignore the ravings of Chavez, as it’s just talk. Er, no. When a head of state speaks, it’s never just talk, except to the Leftard apologist. The Left never spew the same convenient bollocks about any Western Conservative leader. Nope, it's straight to crazy extrapolaters Heaven then.

Er, also, I hate to tell 'em, but no-one is "controlling" the world, not even the US. Let me know how and I'll inform the President and the media.

But then as it quotes in Guys classic piece of accepting things on face value, “Some people may be upset because of his friendship with Castro, or his ties with Iran, but a lot of people like that,” said Sanchez, a Latin American history scholar at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela.

Yeah, "a lot of people like that". Yep, they're known as scumbags.

Hey, they’re just “upset?” They must be “Fascists!” then. Er, could it have anything to do with the 300 jails on Cuba, the venal gangster business empire of ‘The Fat One Fidel’, the utter beggaring corruption and degradation of the Cuban people, the hundreds of thousands that have drowned trying to escape, or the million or two refugees?

Or maybe it’s the extreme crimes of the absolute sadist, narcissist, coward, stupid incompetent, eager firing squad leader ad nauseum of Che the child killer Guevara? Or his continued legacy soon to be passed to Castro’s rotten brother? Could be. Chavez has stated how Che is just the greatest and he wishes to be just like him. The greatest what? Pervert? Designer of firing squad viewing bays?

If Chavez keeps on practicing those lies and the cruelty and also brushes up on his impressively dumb as a plank credentials, he may eventually top the two undead freaks of Havana's murderous and bankrupt achievement's.

As per their usual modus operandi, the Western Left are rootin' for ya, Huggy! So tell any monstrous lies and murder and oppress whoever you want. Be our guest.

Chavez is a radical Leftist thug and killer just biding his time and as such, everything he does is entirely permissible to the Left, because as many Left ex-chums have explained to me about the 100,000 murdered by Communist regimes, “it was necessary”. Absolutely everything always is, to the Leftard...

Nope, the usual people will cheer him on, and when it get’s too bad, though it never seems to reach that point for many, they’ll just turn away. Invariably such souls just find another opportunity to maintain and inflate their faux rebel credentials.

And as I said, Guy’s piece ends on a cheery note regarding Hug the Bug’s choice of a red beetle car and his luck with picking up girls. Aw shucks, it's the classic MSM human touch story at the end of the news!

'And in other news, a poodle named Chavez that could play the violin and any tune the foreign press wanted to hear! “He’s playing our song!” they used to cheer and roar in approval. “He was a happy and yapping little dog”, said his owner, Mrs Evo Morales. “But we had to put him down. He had rabies. The worst I've ever seen”.

So thoughtful of Guy to not send the kiddies to bed on the sour note of Chavez being great pals with the mega Nazi's of 'Global Islam TM'. Don't want to induce nightmares and such with vision's of the monstrous midget Islamist of Iran, and his nice and now rapidly growing garden of unhindered neutrons.

So ignore the Phase 1 oppression, lies, idiocy, madness and murder, and admire the ideological width! For many in the wilfully Deludedville of Leftardism, one size really does fit all the people.

Dear sports, two other relevant posts on 'Piggy and his Hollywood friends'.



Doug said...

Who has killed the most children of any nation in history COLONEL. ?
Brainwashed idiots from the M-pyre.
That's who....Flag waving, bible thumping hillbilly idiots that actually believe they are defending freedumb.
Bullies of the Police State.
Bye Bye M-Pyre.
Thank God.
The world may soon be a better place.......

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Er, gee, DOUG, um, let me guess...there's the 200,000 children murdered at Auschwitz. Probably quite a few million murdered kids among the over 50 million murdered, tortured and starved by Chinese Communism.

0r maybe a few kids in the over 26 million destroyed by the Soviets too.

Then there's the millions of children permanently starving and dying in Nth Korea and the more than 200,000 drowned escaping from Cuba, or the thousands dead and dying in their jails, or Saudi Arabia, Iran, Africa, Syria etc.

Gee, I didn't know there were ANY Hillbillies in China?

It's interesting that comments by Islamist loons and the mentally ill and hyperbolic cliche frothing Leftoids, are ALWAYS anonymous. Can't reply to 'em. Cos the Left is a one way street of shouting down, not listening or understanding a damn thing.

But that's the asymetrical illogic of the moral vanity brigade for ya!

Hey, read all about yourself in the following post about Jonah Goldbergs new book 'Liberal Fascism'. It's you, baby, it's you!

Um, your "flag waving etc" canard is nothing but a glib cheap cliche and fantasy to merely change the subject and cut off any challenge to er, you.

Can Left Liberals debate? Nope. They don't feel they have to, because they know everything and are always right. Pathetic and embarrassing really.

See how much more coherent my reply is? And grammatically correct too. Try it if you can.

I never delete ANY comment, Bub.

"The world may soon be a better..."

Ah, it's never good enough unless it's exactly like you, I suppose? Meaning nasty, deluded and unreachable...

I bet your rotten little phoney dream features Che the child killer Geuvara somehow...

It's clear that I've touched you somehow, hence the rabid, impotent and daft rage.

All the best with your eventual treatment, Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Another thing er, Doogle. With such bog standard hyperbole ya gotta be 17? But ya never can tell with a Leftard...

Ridiculous groaning non puns and unplayful leaden wordplay like er, "M-pyre, freedumb". Good grief. Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde and Mark Steyn youain't.

Er, your proof of a "police state?" Rubbish in place of any argument, point or facts, eh?

As I write in the piece, the first tactic of the Leftard is automatic subject change. Can you stay on subject? Hint: It's about CHAVEZ.

"Bible thumping?" You've seen 'em do it, eh? Then you say "thank God"...oh, delicious irony!

You forgot to leave the exact figures of the chldren killed by er, "hillbillies".

Like, 15 million in secret mass graves in Arkansas? Those damn Clinton's!

So, it's wrong to wave the flag? Maybe you prefer the nullity of amorphous internationalism, eh? Hey, fashionable!

Thanks for the pure gold, Doogle. All Leftards make the best straight men for comedy.

Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear sports, here's a nice cut n' paste link on how Chavez the fat Dictator and Excellent Comrade, treats any critics, including Judges.

Always the mark of your standard Commie shit bag mediocrity and thug.

Also, for plenty of insight into Leftardism and Commos, go to The Peoples Cube dot com, dissectleft dot blogspot dot com, drsanity dot com, etc, all in the swingin' links section...and the newest hero of so many Hollywood freaks.