Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Understand this: Islam Wants You and Me Dead.

Ya just can't beat Islam. But it sure loves to beat you! I dunno, don't cha feel Islam has a natural, light hearted touch, is lots 'a fun, with a really nice breezy Hawaiin feel and hell, loaded with a mountain of laughs?! It's an endless party! Er, no. Islam my dear friends, is either shite or wonderful or wonderful shite. This man is being punished for the crime of having sex with his girlfriend... That would make most every normal relationship in the West and a lot of elsewhere, a whippin' offence! And not the fun kind.

"Their definition of Mercy is Allah treats you as you deserve. Christianity’s is that God forgives and treats you much better than you deserve, to the point of giving up his own Son. I know such a life is superior and even the Muslim is 'living off that capital.'

If the West did not have even the meagre foundations of Christianity to influence their decisions, Mecca would have been a burning hole in the ground one day after 9/11. Sometimes I hang on to that belief by a thread. Islam better pray that American never becomes a Muslim nation. The fact that it is not is the only reason their homelands still exist”.

Comments section on a blog regards the topic of ‘Why Muslims can’t debate’. Here is one of my classic and feeble responses to some of the bog-standard taqiyaaa avalanche of Islamist style drivel I sadly come upon. In this tediously crushing case, it was a laughable ‘educational’ piece on how wonderful Islam is at the AFIC, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Should I send it? A reply is as likely as a coherent exchange with a frothing call to jihad Imam. The AFIC parts are in quotes and my witty replies ain’t er, in quotes. Dig. [Sadly, I can no longer can link to it.]

Understanding Islam according to the AFIC The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.


AFIC: “Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions of the world”.

Yep, it’s all one big 'effing misunderstanding, innit? Ok. Riight, sure it is. Er, not really. This is something one must always avoid as misunderstanding and even worse understanding Islam, can both result in death. So it's heads you lose your tail and tails you lose your head. It’s the only er, 'religion' that has this unique er, problem. The problem is that the relentless Islamic and dhimmie lies and propaganda don’t actually cover up everything regards Islam’s relentless crimes.

A misunderstanding, eh. As per usual. Sure it is. That's a lot of misunderstanding. My, my and it’s always the fault of the very millions of people on earth who are threatened, oppressed and or murdered by Muslims worldwide on a regular basis. Ergo, so the thousands of Muslims that Muslims oppress and murder are also “misunderstanding” Islam too then. Gee, why is Islam so hard to er, “understand?” Is it like, really sophisticated? Nope. It's funny yet scandalous how little multicultists care about actual Muslim victims of compulsory Islam. The true nature of Islam is crudely repellent at best. It creates nests of vipers in its absurd and vile contradictions and only makes sense to people who make no sense whatsoever.

“Misunderstanding Islam” means you're probably being lied to death. Deception code words for you having the audacity to have any doubts and to make ANY criticism whatsoever about the screaming obvious regards Islam Murder Inc. No criticism is acceptable as it’s never the right kind of criticism that is, criticism that’s er, critical of Islam. Remember to repeat ad nauseum after every daily atrocity and insane Islamic pronouncement, “Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of peace" and right up until your head is completely severed from your body.

AFIC: “Much of what the general public knows about Islam is based on media reports on television, radio and in the newspapers”.

Er, right. Yep, what do the public know? You or their lyin' eyes? First of all, most folks do know little to zero about the reality of Islam, except that there is something wrong about it. And perhaps such impressions that ring true come exactly from Islam's own current and hideous actions and not bullshit excuses and lies. Could be. This is despite the best efforts of the clueless to disingenuous media in reporting very little on the truth of global Islam. And when they must, Islam gets an often easy ride via the usual long list of apologist softening devices, such as subject change to Christianity about which you can say anything, and curiously without the resulting murders. Also useful is blaming the victims of the Islamist war against the world or the Jews, or the USA or 1492, or the Lawrence Welk Orchestra or any of the thousand purely tactical and strategic diversions on the road to a fun filled Global Caliphate. Tcikets at the door.

If the MSM could focustheir feeble intellect, light research and milk toast courage regards the truth of Islam, people would run out onto the streets screaming in horror and anger at the filthy death game played on them by the media, government and academia et al. But then what jihad really means would be kinda up there for all to see.

AFIC: “These reports are often misleading and promote negative stereotypes and misconceptions usually associated with political issues rather than Islam’s true teachings”.

Yes, they usually are misleading and away from the mainstream media and government line when anything exposes the truth that Islam IS political. Islam, Mohammad and the Koran are one thing and the heck by golly, the only thing to millions of followers.

AFIC: To a true Muslim, there is nothing else.

Yep, that's entirely the problem. Mohammad was a 7th Century bandit, mass murdering Jew-hater paedophile and rapist and chronic jay-walker. Islam is a military doctrine disguised rahter effectively as a religion. The Koran is a crude, turgid, unreadable tome of horrors with explicit instructions by Mohammad on how to wage not only endless global jihadist war, but with decrees on committing every horrible perversion imaginable. There are also jokes and home improvement tips. From taqiyaa deceptions to the destruction of all other religions, cultures and freedoms the oppression, rape, sodomy, torture and murder of men, women and children and tips on fly fishing, the true “filth of Islam” as Christopher Hitchens has said is found in the violent, deceptive and evil life of Mohammad, the great freak himself, the Krazy Koran and every place where Islam has any power.

AFIC: “The faith of Islam shares a very close history with Christianity and Judaism. Islam promotes the same values of modern society - equality, freedom, justice, civil rights, peace and harmony”.

Change “a very close history” to “nothing” and “promotes the same” to “destroys” and you’ll be more accurate. Islam has almost nothing in common with Christianity or Judaism either in the modern world or on Planet X. Islam is a death cult that has nothing to offer the still barely free West but the end of the world as we know it.

AFIC: “Within a short period of its history, Islam spread rapidly to almost a third of the world in the eighth century establishing a modern and culturally advanced civilisation”.

Balls. Islam was spread entirely via marauding Islamic armies until stopped at the Gates of Vienna and at Toures in France by Christian armies. The totally bogus mythical ‘Golden Age’ of Islamic benevolence and creative culture is a complete and utter lie with zero evidence to support it. Any alleged achievements were due to the remnant peoples that Muslims subjugated and enslaved. Everywhere that the dead, murderous and vampiric hand of Islam has touched is destroyed and invariably the remaining declined into failure and dysfunction just like gee, Islamic states today.

AFIC: “The early Muslims established the foundations of the modern arts, sciences and technological knowledge. Historians acknowledge the contributions of early Muslims to the establishment of modern society”.

Baloney. No they did not. The West via Greco Roman, Celtic and Judeo Christianity, The Enlightenment, The Renaissance, The Industrial Revolution, America and the British Empire and so on achieved these things.

AFIC: “However, the Islamic civilisation saw a period of decline from the beginning of the 19th century. Today, many of the countries of the Islamic world are gripped in political and social strife and their citizens face injustice and suffering, however, the state of affairs in these countries cannot be blamed on Islam”.

Yep, a “period of decline” to put it mildly. This is due entirely to the inherent stupidity of Islam and that they love to destroy superior individuals. Why are Islamic states utter failures? Because they are Islamic states. Nothing else. Thus the vast expenditure of energy, resources, lives and time on blaming everyone else but themselves.

AFIC: “There are progressive and modern Islamic societies in the world”.

Where exactly? There are none.

AFIC: “The presence of diverse Muslim communities in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and others provides a stimulus for international communication and exchange of ideas”.

Percentage wise few Muslims it seems are interested in the "free exchange of ideas" the basis of capitalist free-market democracy. Such an honest exchange would expose and destroy the insanity that is Islam. And why would any authentic follower of Mohammad do this? That ain't gonna spread Islam. There is only ONE idea for Islam and that’s Islam as clearly and exactly laid out by Mohammad in the old Koran an' all.

The three actual ideas of Islam are conversion via expansion and force, dhimmitude and death. There are also jokes and home improvement tips. I never cease to be amazed by the virtually default uncomprehending mindset of many Mohammadean folks regards the complexity and reality of the West, and an almost uniform inability to debate anything rationally.

Move from smalll talk to serious questions and within moments, one is assailed with a parodic blizzard of logical fallacy. The modus operandi is that you are a mere infidel and that anything you quate is always "out of context" and utterly dismissed as there is only the truth of Islam that a Muslim can know. So much for an alleged universal message...So anything anyone else has to say about anything is irrelevant and thus it always goes ad nauseum. It's easy to despise Islam as it has nothing I need or want beyond targets for ridicule and a source of fear and terror. The inevitable global conflict is already in play.

AFIC: “The Australian people need not fear Islam as it is not a new and foreign ideology. Islam has an inherent beauty that can be appreciated as was done by the early communities of Christians and Jews when multi-faith communities thrived in peace and harmony”.

"Inherent beauty", eh. I must have missed that particular beheading video. Multi-faith dialogue is a great way to spread Islam and hoodwink every dhimmie else. Islam never added anything new to religion but subtracted and stole from them. Once you remove the violence, murder and the commands to oppress and wage endless jihad, all the laughs are gone.

Islam has no natural or inherent beauty that I can find. Where? How? Why? Islam is constructed of ugly, incoherent, contradictory anti-human things. Everything was stolen, vampired or was given under threat. But then Islam was founded by a bandit freak. Islam hates the million things that make life human and just as Mohammad did. Thus the Islamic phrase that says so much: “We love death like you love life”. Yeah, I guess the millions of people Islam has invaded, oppressed, tortured, murdered and utterly destroyed may have thought, 'hey, Islam! And loving it.' Along with Marxism what a monstrous disaster Islam has been. The waste and the horror, the horror, the horror.

There are many decent Muslims. Problematically this means they have not yet fully embraced Islam according to Mohammad and are therefore technically not complete Muslims per se but apostates. Go figure. The only thing to fear is Islam itself and sadly, every true Muslim who must follow it as per the explicit instructions of Mohammad. Islam is a 1300 year old abyss in which the monstrous and damned soul of Mohammad screams out endlessly the filth of the Koran. And what’s it saying? Maybe something like 'Islam will triumph over you all. We will destroy you all from within and without and you will help us to do this and nothing..nothing will stop us'. And it looks like Mad Mo was oddly correct.


sfw said...

Well written, but title should be 'you and me' not 'you and I'.

Jenn said...

Borrowed another...

Hi, Paul...I borrowed your latest Islam article. (Excellent!) Thank you.

Jenn. Fort Hard Knox dot com

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Jenn:

Thanks for posting this. Even I was surprised how nicely it turned out. I took $10 out of petty cash! It's true, innit?

A progressive Islamic state would not be Islamic. It'd be a combination of a variant of Christian, Jewish and secular or some such. Even the Church of Lapland would be better.

After 2,000 years, no bad press, incriminating scrolls, hieroglyphs or dirt on Jesus! What other being has managed this? Either Christ was Divine, or he had a very good agent.

All the best from your loyal and oddly Foreign Correspondent in Melbourne Australia, Colonel Neville.

Jenn. said...

Very well, put, Colonel. I'm going to start sending it to everyone who irritates me with the "religion of peace" argument!

(Where'd you find that petty cash?! I've been looking for it for months!?) ;-)


Gary said...

Well done. Perhaps I should give you the email address of the Islamist whackjob that's been hounding me on MY blog!

Cassandra said...

Great article Colonel, which encapsulates all my sentiments about Islam.

I particularly like:-
“The presence of diverse Muslim communities in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and others provides a stimulus for international communication and exchange of ideas”.

Yes, we saw the exchange of ideas in the 2 Dannies Case here in Victoria, the Danish had their verson of the "exchange of ideas" and the Dutch government are bracing for an "exchange of ideas" when Geert Wilders brings out his 10 minute video. He has been advised to leave the country for his own safety.

This bit is also funny:-
“The faith of Islam shares a very close history with Christianity and Judaism. Islam promotes the same values of modern society - equality, freedom, justice, civil rights, peace and harmony”.

Many ignorant people say that Judaism and Islam have much in common, as both don't eat pork and both have dietary laws (kosher/halal). They neglect to point out the obvious differences - that Islam wants to kill all Jews EVERYWHERE, whereas Jews (with the exception of some loony left self-hating ones who ally with Islamists) are doing their darndest to SURVIVE!


Blue Heeler said...

"If the MSM could ever focus any real intellect, research and courage regard the truth of Islam, people would run out onto the streets screaming in horror and anger and the dirty games of the MSM and global Islamist's would be up, Bub".

Colonel, you've hit the nail on the head. The MSM world-wide, but particularly in Australia, are guilty of some of the worst abuses of position and privilege imagineable.

Put as simply as possible, our media has the potential to save the country, by telling the truth, but they refuse to do so.

There are countless reasons espoused by those who "apologise" for the media, and from within the media itself, as to WHY they do this but the bottom line is - they are guilty of keeping us in ignorance. For "media", this is unforgiveable.

Unless Australia has suddenly become a clone of 1950's European Communist countries served by PRAVDA and the ilk???
No - the media have a responsibility, and they are derelict in their duty.

Which makes the claims of Muslim organisations, as you've stated above, all the more laughable and unbelievable.

I too have seen the charges laid; the Australian media is biased against Islam, is "racist", has agendae etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

There was a time when I internalised all that. Surely it was just a case of me being swamped by too much media and not enough time or resources?
Surely the fault lay with me..... not seeing things that were obvious to Muslims?

So, I embarked on my own "Media Watch"! I scoured the Australian Press and TV outlets for signs of this incredible anti-Islamic bias and prejudice. After all, it was so blatant that virtually every Muslim mouthpiece accepted the reality as fait accompli, so it was just a matter of going looking in the right place and in the right way....surely???

What I found was..... nothing.
There I was, jumping up and down, screaming and tearing my hair out, shouting... "The Muslims aren't coming...THEY ARE HERE!" my post 9/11 world, and Australian media was saying NOTHING.
Nada, zip, zilch.

Then things began to chage, around about 2003.

Guess what? It was all our fault. Islam had "grievances". If only we would "accomodate" islam, all would be well.

I learned this from Australian mainstream media.

Lemme tell ya..... it's been all down-hill from that lofty pinnacle!

Muslims ranting and raving about the bad rap they get in the media?
The ABC? SBS? If there is a better vehicle for promoting the multi-culti dream of a "moderate islam" than these two outlets, I have not seen it.

Sydney Morning Herald? Good Lord, they still present pieces written by John Pilger! They have a welcome mat out for Robert Fisk even yet.

The real truth, Colonel? Well, as you know, it's that there is NO MSM saying diddly about Islam....... and that is criminal.

Dan Z. said...

What a beauty! It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic at the same time.

Islamic contributions to our culture?

-It gave Charlemagne some ideas how to force conversions.
-It taught various European rulers to politicise and subsequently try to control religion.

-Idea of Holy War was born ( Jihad set a fine example and forced Christian countries to unify their defences).

-Taught us many useful words such as: – Jihad, sharia, taqiyya, daw’ah , haram etc.

Probably the only more positive result of Islamic invasion was the acceleration of European discoveries of the new world (blocked form Asia by barbaric Muslims Europeans started sailing the opposite direction).

Dan Z.

Cassandra. said...

Dear Blue Heeler,

Yes, I too lay much of the blame on the media, especially the Fairfax lot (Al Age, Syrian Morning Herald), also SBS, which produces propaganda programs extolling Islamic virtue and berating the rest of us for our "racism", ABC etc.

What's to be done? I guess if people stopped watching/reading en masse, then maybe these Islamist-supporting outlets would think again. UNLESS they are being massively funding from outside Australia. But surely not!

Yes, we certainly have a lot to be grateful to Islam for. All the barbarism and deception we are seeing now is thanks to the R of P.

I was just watching a preview of Geert Wilders' video and it was sickening to see how Bush and Blair parrot the deception of a noble peaceful religion.

Thank goodness for the decency and moral rectitude of Robert Spencer, who also appears in the preview, telling it like it is.


Wendy Larkson. said...

Thanks Colonel for bringing the point home in such a pungent way that Islam is incompatible with Western deomcracy which enshrines rights for all and not just for some.

'“The faith of Islam shares a very close history with Christianity and Judaism. Islam promotes the same values of modern society - equality, freedom, justice, civil rights, peace and harmony”.'

NO - Islam does not share the values of equality, freedom, justice , civil rights, peace and harmony. Muslim nations refused to sign the Universal delaration of Human rights preceisly because they did not agree with human rights for all.

Our problem is, how to deal with the delusional sectors of our society who gloss over the inhumanities of Islam and in an inverted form of colonialism treat is a 'out there' and not at all serious and therefore can pat Muslims on the head and say ' You're just like us'.

The raw reality of the situation has not hit home - perhaps it will now that another Dutch film maker has been brave enough to challenge the Qu'ran. [amidst fears of what will happen when it IS released].

Wendy Larkson.

Morris Ao. said...

"The extreme opposite is true. Everywhere that the dead, murderous and vampiric hand of Islam has touched, was destroyed and invariably the remaining declined to absolute dysfunction, just like Islam today."

How could it be otherwise, seeing Islam is a religion of death and not life. A religion of death is not going to see the value of life affirming traits or art of any kind

Cassandra. said...


No Islam does not believe in human rights, which is a Western concept to which Islam is totally opposed.

Human rights mean that all are treated with common humanity, but infidels cannot be treated the same as Muslims, as they are despised by allah and must be similarly despised and humiliated by all good Muslims.

That is the trouble. As you say, we need to deal with the useful idiots within our own community. Problem is, the idiots refuse to listen, preferring their delusions.

Islam is certainly a death cult, destroying all in its path. Vampiric yes, as it thrives on human blood.

How can people in the West not see this? How can they continue to churn out the Religion of Peace nonsense? They will be repeating this mantra whilst their heads are being chopped off.

Mind you, they will deserve their fate, and I can't deny I feel a certain satisfaction in saying "told you so!". But that will be only short-lived, as we will be killed alongside them.


Rosie. said...

Dear Colonel:

Quote: "It’s absolute bottom of the barrel crudity and a nest of viperish and absurd contradictions. Islam only makes sense to people who make no sense whatsoever".

This is absolutely spot on!
Islam defies all logic and at the same time any idea of spirituality.
Repetitive rites must appeal to some sick people who cannot find any feelings and empathy to their fellow human beings but these rites are just primitive substitutes for spirituality and feelings.

Mind you it is only about 3-5% o fall people who were born as Muslim who can be clissified as the "true belivers".

The rest can be easily reclaimed if only there is a commom will in the West to do so.

Rosie. Islam Monitor dot org.

Rosie. said...


The man in the photograph is being whipped for having sex with his girlfriend.

What was the punishment meted out to the girlfriend? Or is it better not to know? She was probably thrown into prison where the guards would all rape her before hanging her from an enormous crane. To the enjoyment of primitive, depraved onlookers.

Doubt she escaped unpunished.


Dan. said...

[quote]What was the punishment meted out to the girlfriend? Or is it better not to know?[/quote]

Probably the local media didn't find it important enough and worthy publishing.

Dan Zaremba.

Circe. said...

How can an ideology that forbids criticism, philosophy, representations of humans and other animals/art, playing musical instruments and demands that 'science' not contradict the koran have anything to offer?

Its followers are chanting robots incapable of independent thought or action outside Islamic dictates!

Whatever Islam briefly had that was valuable it took from others but failed to generate it themselves that is why as Islam gained military, cultural and religious control their society declined beginning around the 10-11th century and becomming very obvious in the 14-15th century.

Islamic barbarity, backwardness, perversion, sadism, racism, intolerance and evil comes straight from islam and can never be changed because it is 'the absolute truth forever!'

As the colonel says it has nothing to offer, but is has the potential to destroy!


murtaza shakir said...

Well all of you hate filled souls are doing exactly those things that you accuse islam of ... may the grace of god guide to right path of peace and understanding cause by the way you people talk even if you were shown the light youd still prefer the darkness .... all over the world people are educating themselves with the truth about islam and still you choose the way of hatered .. suit your selves ... nothing is bad just because some ignorant minds says so ... and in such a rational world it would be degrading to call oneself intellectual if he judged a religion by the acts of a few followers .if it were so christianity would be a mess with all the problems that christians have ... drugs ... alcohol ... homosexuality ... you name it and they have it ... pre marital sex ... thats considered a virtue .. hehe ... but that does not make christianity unsacred .. it will hold the same place that god gave it and so will islam hold its place irrelevant of the actions of any person whatsoevr .. so get your facts straight and stop acting like four year olds haggling over how someone spanked you at school ... have a good day !!!

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear mustastisise shaker.

you tweetled that "Well all of you hate filled souls are doing exactly those things that you accuse islam of.." Of course.

We all make beheading videos in our spare time, meaning when we're not making car bombs to blow up girls schools or raping goats. So ya got me there.

You don't have a shred of rational thought n' logic in your sand filled head, do you.

Toodle ooh, you incoherent dimwit. No, really. Colonel Neville.