Sunday, 6 January 2008

Attaché case of cliché.

I said er whut, me worry? Global Warming in the coming style of Kashmir, London or downtown Los Angeles etc.

Yep, it’s hard to get your kicks if you’re waitin’ around for the rather slim possibility of even a third rate Algonquin Round Table, desperate for some sparkling and invigorating Dorothy Parker and Noel Coward style conversation. Now Noel may have been quite singular, incapable and largely uninterested in the grit of real feeling as well as somewhat lacking in depth, but sometimes he was kinda witty and entertaining too.

MC: “Ladies and gentlemen, direct from England, Mr Noel Coward will now perform a delightful medley of Pink Floyd songs in his trademark manner. Mr Noel Coward!”

Noel Coward: “Ah, thankyou Johnny. I shall now give a thrilling rendition of one of my favourite tunes…uh ready boys?

Come in here, my dear boy, there’s a good chum, and do have a cigar. I do believe, oh yes I do, that you will definitely, go far. You will fly high in a bright Summer sky, you are destined to never die. They will simply, and utterly, love you. And they do call it rather provocatively, if rather rude and crude, riding the gravy train.

My advice to you is, give them a good and they don’t do it again.

Aah, money, cash and moolah, it’s a hit, a bit of a hoo ha, be a sport and don’t give me that do goody good dreary snit. I have always been in the higher infidelity market, sans romantic pain, I do believe, I need a Seaplane”.

Yes, people say the funniest things, sadly often minus any signs of laughter whatsoever.

“I guarantee that Musharraf is behind the whole Bhutto thing!”

Er, no. That depends how big either the holes or things are. Last I heard, all hideously blown up as per Islamist standard modus operandi and none with silicone. So, only Musharraf maybe wanted to awfully murder Mrs Bhutto? I'm afraid many a Muslim in Packingcrate would see any such 'Western tainted' woman more as a butt ho, as they would see any independent, strong, free or normal woman.

Er, in the ‘Monkey Madhouse of Religious Permanent Revenge and Blood Feud’ that is quite a lot of Pakistan; I think you couldn’t find that many folks who wouldn’t want to murder somebody for something at some point or support the views of those who would.

In ‘Stan, it’s a very slim peninsula that the local upper and middle class sophisticates occupy. Sophisticated in Pakistan can mean you don’t spend Saturday afternoons screaming cross eyed in the streets for the death of er, take your pick. But the same people can support some very, very peculiar attitudes.

“Deathto Tony Orlando and his house band!”

A moderate Muslim in Canada is a man who has murdered none of his daughters and has never downloaded plans for any IED’s.

“Hey Mo! What cha got in that suitcase? Is it just yo lunch or is it a sliced and diced teenager? Oh I know ya got a good excuse…who ain’t? Ah knew ya wud! She just wouldn’t be a good daughter and accept some fifty year old goat skinner goin’ all Khyber Pass on her ass, right?

Er, you are soundly mistaken on the details of your one way ticket to Paradise, Mo baby. I’m afraid you’ll be doin’ a nice eternal stopover in an eternity of damnation. Oh yes you will. Whose a naughty Islamist loon now? It’s you! A coochy-coochy coo!”

From wanting to slice a bus driver for lateness or driving over an ox, even being the competition, a creditor, not Muslim enough or even a little Christian, Hindu or not Hindu, or being a disco dancer or not a very good disco dancer, you could find millions in ‘Stan who would hate and have murderous thoughts towards er, almost anyone else. I imagine that a lot of suicides are actually people having arguments with themselves that just simply got out of hand.

“I keel me! No! I keel me! You both die, blasphemers!”

In Islam, everybody hates somebody sometime. It’s an ideal umbrella for Loon land Kingdoms worldwide of the solidly intolerant and unproductive kind. Yep, many very decent people there too of the non-throwing of acid in womens faces and head slicing Madrassa trained freak Jihadist kind, but I imagine they often have passports and air fares ready, or dream of them.

From getting randomly and gasket blowingly worked up over Infidel accountants, happy and independent girls next door, successful cheese makers, and too funky guitar players, women who wear cool Manolo Blahnik shoes, smile too much or Hell, from everything to anything to nothing.

Bhutto left the house and that’s enough for millions of Muslim Super Dorks and Dweebs sporting the latest 7th Century diaper and beard ensemble, to want her dead right there. I’d narrow the list of suspects down to anybody with a motive, meaning a large swath of the population of Pakistan. And I don’t mean she was wanted dead merely because Bhutto was so wonderful. I find that hard to swallow and I like oatmeal.

This mostly and depressing dusty BO pile has now reached an incredible and terrifying level of corrupt dysfunction and Islamist infiltration at virtually every level of society, and not like it was so wonderful and a million laughs to start with. It’s a funny thing that there is zero chance of any Leftard protest movement regards this most real of recurring nuclear stand offs between Pakistan and India. And then there’s the reality of the almost inevitable collapse of the current government to chaos and Islamists. They’re entirely the same things of course.

Nope, ninety nukes being delivered intact and ready to the vast network of Islamic apocalypse fans ‘in country’ and beyond, doesn’t seem to worry many Leftoids or relatively speaking anybody much at all. Big MSM issue? A Left cause? Nope, just that Musharraf is not very nice and is a curious kind of ally of the West.

Yes, I’m absolutely certain that it’ll be absolutely dreamy in Pakistan once Musharraf is gone. I’m moving there the minute he splits. Sean Penn and I have a nice little apartment picked out in Islamabad. Sean picked the curtains out with Oliver Stone, and they’ve filmed a “controversial” documentary on the hanging of said drapes. He’s a Tinsel Town rebel, is our Sean.

“David Hicks is a case of ideals misplaced!”

Er, David Hicks has no ideals whatsoever to place anywhere or anyhow. The ideal for Hicks was to train with murderers who would teach him how to murder as many people as possible including, children, women, men and especially Jew’s, then get paid and get away with it. Ideally.

Ideally, due to the 20 kilos of lard he gained while under 'deprivation' at Guantanamo, David Hicks will be dead soon. Sadly, it's unlikely to be ideally, in a similar fashion to the way that he and his Muslim pals had planned for us and yes, still do.

When this freak is allowed to walk among us, what does it tell you about how unseriously Western authorities take Islamic terror? About how incapable they are of seeing the Islamist threat in harsh reality? Hmmmm?

Michael Parkinson tells a guest that apparently none of the troops in Iraq want to really be there, and the classic canard of “they’re just kids”. Er, no. No kids have been allowed to serve in any Western armed forces for several hundred years, Mike old son.

And er, most troops do want to do the job they were trained for, and they’re usually patriots, hence the volunteering and joining up thing. But such thoughts are usually beyond the limited PC concepts and meagre awareness of even the most experienced media celebrities it seems, however weather worn.

On the laughable MSM er, ‘news’, the presenter announced a “town that is full of psychic’s!”

Great! Even though there is no such thing as a psychic. She didn’t say that they think or merely call themselves ‘sidekicks’. Oh no. With the usual high journalistic standards of the local MSM, it’s just assumed that it’s all so very real. And there you have in a nutshell, the total amount of Quality Control inherent in the Mainstream Media. There is NONE.

Now just extrapolate from this. If they can promote the utter fraud of psychic phenomena that has never, ever existed within any scientific method and testing, they will promote anything for revenue, status and ideology. After all, the ‘stars’ and associated bunk are huge money spinners for media sewage outlets.

All psychic and paranormal phony baloney is about one thing and one thing only. It’s defrauding the for money.

There’s never any need at all to provide documented and accountable, repeatable proof of any kind whatsoever. Just take the cash. Imagine a Dentist, a Doctor, an electrician, an architect or a mechanic behaving the same way and people being totally uncomplaining regards absolutely zero service delivery. And these utter frauds and phony's then repeatedly getting away with this bunk and big lie forever and ever…

Come in, Spinner.

“Hey that Dentist just smashed all my teeth out with a hammer and told me they’d definitely grow back ‘in the future’ sometime, but I never followed it up, yet I’m happy and that’s good enough for me. And that electrician said the wiring will work any day now. But he was right about me meeting a tall dark stranger as I can’t see anything without any power on, and yet I paid him thousands. Still, it’s a bit of harmless fun, eh?”

We all perhaps believe some bunk, but all of it and unquestioned and all of the time? The New Ager has been defined as someone who believes in anything but the facts. For the naive fool, it can seem that less than nothing is always good enough. And I should know.

Source: Mark Steyn piece.


Anonymous said...

Most of the Western Muslim establishment is comprised of Islamist groups claiming to be moderates. True moderate Muslims reject Islamic supremacy and Sharia; embrace religious equality and democracy.

What is a moderate Muslim? According to a dictionary, a moderate is a person who is opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially in politics or religion. Yet, majority of the public seem to be struggling with the definition of a moderate Muslim. Perhaps we can make this task easier by defining a radical Muslim and then defining the moderate as an opposite of the radical.

Muslims Against Sharia compiled a list of issues that differentiate moderate Muslims from Islamic radicals. Hopefully you can help us grow this list. 2008/01/what-is-moderate-muslim.html

Poll: Who is a moderate Muslim? 2008/01/poll-who-is-moderate-muslim.html

Cassandra said...


Colonel, "In Islam, everybody hates somebody sometime"
or usually everybody hates somebody all of the time.

That's why it's called the Religion of Peace, because it's about hating and killing people.
Kind of logical, if you're a warped demented member or supporter of the R of P.

I have a hunch that normal people don't think Hicks and his deadbeat dad are heroes - just a couple of losers and bigots. Funny how to the left these are the very characteristics that make them heroes.

27 March, 2008

Philip Saenz said...

Open Letter to Nice Muslims : Philip Saenz :
This short letter is only for the sincere, Nice Muslims. Dear sincere Nice Muslims, you may wonder why we so-called infidels are writing much about Islam, perhaps in your eyes "bad things about Islam." We are not mean. We are informing the public because we know that Islam is evil. Yes, we're trying to convert you so that we may not be at odds with you. From time to time I'll present a short logical argument that Islam is evil, and hope that you will take it to heart. These arguments are not mean-spirited although you might think they are. The arguments are short and logical, and if you humble yourselves and study my arguments, you'll see that I make a lot of sense.

Here is one short logical argument that might get you to think: If you are an informed Muslim, you know that one of the 99 names of Allah is "The Best Deceiver." What is this telling me? It tells me that Allah isn't the True God, the Creator of all things. You see, dear Nice Muslims, the True God created you and me and many peoples of many religions and He loves us. So would the True God deceive us? Of course not! It would be unjust for our Creator to deceive us. Remember, a good and loving Father would never deceive his little sons and daughters.

Does Allah deceive? Well, isn't one of his names "The Best Deceiver"? Yes, it is. So, that means that he would deceive us, and he does deceive constantly. That's the reason that many Muslims become very violent. These bad Muslims are obeying Allah, "The Best Deceiver."

Friends, if you had a friend who is perpetually deceiving people, would you have him as a friend? Wouldn't it be foolish to have a deceiver as a friend? I believe that you agree that it would be foolish to have such a friend. So why cling to Allah, "The Best Deceiver"? Don't you think that it's time to dump Allah. Friends I'm not being mean to you. I'm trying to educate you not only for your own good, but ours as well. We "infidels" don't want to be at odds with you. We don't want violence. We would rather have you as friends.

So study well, and think it through. Thank you and may the True God bless you. I will not say "may Allah bless you" because as I have pointed out, Allah, "The Best Deceiver," isn't the True God. Allah is an evil entity. Thank you for listening.

P.S. The Christian Bible teaches that the True "God neither deceives, nor is He deceived." And of course it makes a lot of sense because a Good and Loving Father would never deceive his children.

28 March, 2008

Cassandra. said...


Whilst I agree with many of the sentiments, we are not all Christians, but we are mostly moral and decent because our belief system underlies these values.

It is only Islam that does not. Any other belief system - whether Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Rationalist to name but a few, produces decent human beings.

Why? Because it's ideology teaches its adherents to despise those who do not follow their sick ideology and that it's OK to deceive "infidels."

There is no other like Islam (except maybe Nazism, with which it shares many features.)

28 March, 2008

Dan Zaremba. said...

Dan Zaremba
Isn't it interesting how the media and professional dissenters forgot about our Taliban Dave and his loving daddy?


28 March, 2008

Wendy Larkson said...

Wendy Larkson
'A moderate Muslim in Canada is a man who has murdered none of his daughters and has never downloaded plans for any IED’s.'

LOL - how grateful we all are for these mercies. Every week there is no bomb I heave a sigh of relief.

28 March, 2008

Swallow said...

In Islam, everybody hates somebody sometime.. I can almost hear it as a hit song on the radio/net.
Just a few more lines and we are in top 10!


28 March, 2008

Cassandra. said...


Your account of your [military?] experiences is very intriguing.

I certainly didn't mean to attack you or your belief system, and I believe we are basically fighting the same battle against the evil ideology that is Islam.

I just wanted to point out that we here at AIM respect the humanity and intrinsic capacity for goodness of everyone of any religion or none. Sadly, I believe those brainwashed by Islam are under a malign (call it satanic if you will) ifluence, which causes them to deviate from normal human beheaviour and commit acts of indescribable brutality. How else can you explain the acts of Jihadis delighting in killing and maiming?

All other religions/belief systems try to steer us to live virtuously. Islam steers people to live as barbarians.

28 March, 2008

Dude. said...

I really would like to know the full ownership of Australian media.
Does anybody know how to find it out?


Hugo White. said...

This Geert Wilders article is a must read:- Hugo WHite.
30 March, 2008

Morris. said...

Hugo, I agree with Geert Wilders in his article you've posted the link to. I reckon the Koran should be banned - it's a book that's fully subversive to any free society.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that any politician would have the intestinal fortitude to do so. Our [coff coff] free societies in the west are in full cry dhimmitude, at least from our politicians and a great majority of our populations. The fortunate part is that more and more people are beginning to wake up to what's happening, and are quite angry due to having been hoodwinked by the MSM and the pollies.


Phillip Saenz. said...

Believe It Or Not: Philip Saenz :

Dear Cassandra, I knew that not everyone is a Christian. And I also know that persons, from all walks of life, can be very good. But what I wrote is either historical or logical. I never pick a fight, and I'm not necessarily against anyone unless an enemy attacks. I fight against Islam, with words, because I see it as a flagrant, evil enemy against innocent humans.

Not so long ago, only a few years, I, as a catalyst, a commander, and an army eliminated at least 6,000 satanic thugs that were kidnapping little children every day, as young as four years old, and then doing with them what satanic thugs do to helpless little children.

These thugs, that we eliminated, remind me of the Islamic satanic thugs of today and of past years. Aren't you glad that we eliminated those satanic thugs? It's really a very long story, but I'll reveal a bit.

Should I reveal the following? When these satanic thugs finished with the innocent children, they would sometimes cut the main artery of their necks and suck their blood. I'm sorry, but I thought I should reveal to what depths satanic thugs will go.

I will not tell where our battle, with mortal weapons, took place, nor will I reveal the names of the warriors on the good side. It was a very strange battle because of the strange occurrences. For example, when some of the thugs expired, a strong whirlwind, something like a very strong mini hurricane, would emanate from their bodies, and then pick up trash, and even knock coconuts off the trees. Eventually, the whirlwind would leave and disappear in the distance.

Another time, my warriors were having a hard time killing one of the satanic thugs. Over and over the thug was bathed with several bullets at very close range, but he wouldn't die. Finally, one of my warriors cut the head of this jerk with a machete, but he still wouldn't die. The head would roll one way for about four feet, and then another way for about four feet, and all the while the head's tongue would stretch out and lick the face in quivering motion. The tongue would stretch to very long proportions, all the way to the ears and forehead all the while licking its face. The torso of this thug would lift itself and walk, and all the while it spoke in a spooky voice saying, "we must kill ..., we must kill ...."

The torso was of course possessed by devils. I will not mention the nickname that the torso, i.e., the devils, mentioned because that nickname is still quite famous in that region. I don't want people putting two and two together. It would put many people in jeopardy, including, of course, me.

The story is very, very long and the strange occurrences were many, more than 100, probably even more than 200. I lost count. Do I believe in demons? Of course I do. And I know that many of the jihadists are very much possessed by actual demons. I can even see it on their faces. I didn't want to mention these things because I can lose my credibilty among people that haven't had experiences in the supernatural.

It's no problem with people who have had experience in the supernatural, but they don't mention it because they are afraid of ridicule. I'm not at all afraid of ridicule. If people believe me, it's okay. If they disbelieve, that's also okay. I know that someday God will reveal to believers and unbelievers that He truly exists.

At present, there is an ongoing miracle occurring where our main battles took place. This miracle has converted thousands of people, even those who didn't believe in God. Someday, I predict that you will see a picture of this place, and maybe even experience a miracle in the supernatural order. I hesitated, but I'll go ahead and say it: this miracle occurred at my behest. God listened and He granted it. Like I said, the strange story is very, very long.

May the God of Love bless you, Cassandra. Signed, Philip, a gentle friend unless someone attacks me. Good-bye for now.

28 March, 2008

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear Phillip:

You're probably sincere, but it's as they say, a little er, "out there" kid, wherever 'there', is.

Are you sure you don't mean "Rupley's Believe it or Nuts?"

All the best and as per usual policy, I never censor or delete comments, except mine! Colonel Neville.