Friday, 25 January 2008

The Song Remains Mundane.

Hey, this time it's gotta work! Now all they need is another 100 million ordinary people to murder, all because they simply won't fit to such an insane, anti-human, polished turd abstraction and cart load of useless bollocks.

Dear sports, if there’s one thing you can always rely on, it’s the unreliability of a lot of peoples perceptions, lack of thinking skills and er, their often laughable ‘understanding’ as reflected and pandered to in the equally hysterical MSM. It’s not that such folks get things in error…the real case is more that “that’s the way, uh, huh, they like it!”

It’s you and your mere facts that are wrong, kid. That’s what diplomacy, running away because “I left something on the stove!” and loud ridicule are for. It can seem that when you step out the door, someone is merely playing a mad record, seemingly the same one.

From my meagre experience, I just love how 7 out of 10 take humour literally, even with a laugh track.

"Would you like extra steam with that dim sim?"

"Ooh, yes thank you!"

“Oh please don’t let me be, Miss Understood”.

Bereft codger: “Hey Colonel, so you play an instrument eh?”

Colonel: “Er, yes…”

Empty jar collector: “Which instrument?”

Colonel: “Guitar”.

Chocolate biscuit hoarder: “What do you play then? Mostly Cowboy songs?”

Colonel Neville: “Of course. Who doesn’t? Right up until they went out of fashion in 1948. Sadly, I haven’t been able to get a gig since”.

Ah, that ever present 'Enemy of the People', the MSM, which I now always file under ‘W’ for ‘Why bother?' Hey, sure the MSM get everything right and always come up with a penetrating analysis, if you call getting most everything wrong correct and possessing little to zero analytical skills or journalistic standards as having any. The MSM ‘report’ slightly above the following level or way under it.

“Why Max Stone and his book ‘America Alone’ is so very wrong and not even a little true by George Bernard Shaw Junior (No relation). America is clearly not alone; there are other countries right near America. Some of them are even Canada, and Milwaukee is not that far too".

“Why Mike Sturm and his book 'America: A Loan’ is so very wrong and not even a little bit true, by Sir Arthur Cone and Doyle (Not related).

Sturm states in his book, that is so very wrong and not even a little bit true, that Islam is not nice and that the Muslim family I saw with only 19 children that lives 35 suburbs away in a working class area is somehow bigger than every Western family I know. I discussed this outrageous lie last night over sushi and light jazz with my wife and our Chihuahua Minky.

My wife agrees with me and said pretty damningly I think, that “Mark Sturm is an outrageous liar, bigot and racist to even hint that Islam is anything but nice”. I myself have never been beheaded by any screeching Islamist, even on Fifth Avenue. All the people who have lost their heads, such as Jones from accounting and the guy from the hardware store, and that kid with the skipping rope, obviously made provocative mistakes by misunderstanding Islam’s message of peace. They only have themselves to blame.

And anyway, anytime any Muslim does anything not nice, this proves they are not real Muslims. Real Muslims are never 'not nice, a simple fact the Mr Sturm seems unwilling or unable to grasp”.

"The state needs a birth rate of 2.1 children to maintain a stable population. In Italy, it's now 1.2. Twenty years ago, a million babies were born there each year. Now it's half a million. And the fewer babies you have today, the fewer babies are around to have babies in 20 years. Once you're as far down the death spiral as Italy is, it's hard to reverse. Most European races are going to be out of business in a couple more generations." Mark Steyn.

John Jay Ray at Dissect Left makes a neato point regards the drivel of ‘The Butterfly Effect’. Um, if you can find an average geezer and Leftard who doesn’t at least ponder, ponder they do, and right up to eagerly embracing such junk, ya doing well, kid.

Nose ring fan and part time trust funded Koskid vandal: “Er, gee I reckon that’s right! But the "Fascist!" Government and "The Corporations" are hiding the truth!”

The same people then believe utterly in the God like ability of Global Warming Soothsayers and Oracles to predict with unerring accuracy their quadrillion to the power of infinity tea leaf readings, via allegedly infallible “PlayStation Computer Modelling”.

“The chaos theory people have told us for years that the air movement from a single butterfly's wing in Brazil can cause an unforeseen change in our weather here. Now we are told that climate experts can "model" the input of zillions of such incalculable variables over periods of decades to accurately forecast global warming 50 years hence. Give us all a break!”
John Jay Ray.

"The desire to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it". H. L. Mencken.

Curiously, for the same Leftard freaks, there is entirely no 'Butterfly Effect' from any of the over 10,000 Islamic terror homicide attacks since 9/11, or any 'But I Fly in Effects' from 9/11 itself. Oh, yeah that's right...for 'The Axis of Mediocrity' that is Left, Liberal Radicalism, it was merely a trick; a prelude for George Bush and his 'Master Plan'. Er, no.

And this is why you now have all the earnest supporters of Kevin Rudd, who was going to save Australia from it’s “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” now all happily relaxed, even though Rudd and his chums have done nothing but institute several of their stupid policy’s, such as they are.

Last week Rudd put back in place the permit system that made many Aboriginal communities, bizarre, closed, dysfunctional and corrupt bubbles. It was this profoundly discredited system that separated so many human beings from the mainstream and any scrutiny, leaving Aboriginal’s as helpless and trapped prey, for thousands of private and government freaks.

It matters not that many Aboriginal’s have begged the Rudd Government of Dissonance to not do so. It matters not that the vast improvement’s in the lot of especially Koori children are due entirely to John Howard’s better late than never intervention.

The thing is, it’s all how you ‘feel’ about things and your ‘intentions’. Forget about the required courage, individuality and clarity to achieve something that will turn out empirically good.

It’s interesting that Left Liberal’s like the free worlds foremost clinical narcissists and husband and wife rapist team, Hillary and Bill Clinton, now like to call themselves ‘Progressives’.

Which one is the wife? You be the judge!

‘Progressive’ is a one word oxymoron, I’m afraid, as there is entirely nothing progressive as P.J O’Rourke has said, about the inherently regressive nature of ‘The Return of the Son of the 1960’s and 1970’s’ that is Left Liberalism and PC Radicalism.

“The only underlying theme that makes sense of all Greenie policies is hatred of people. Hatred of other people has been a Greenie theme from way back.

In a report titled "The First Global Revolution" (1991, p. 104) published by the "Club of Rome", a Greenie panic outfit, we find the following statement: "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."
John Jay Ray.

Aye, there’s trouble at ‘et mill, lad! The thing is, at my sons school, they are very earnestly and PC proud how next year the “big emphasis” will be on, wait for it, “the environment!”

Big ‘effing surprise as they say, eh? Um, nope, there’s not a ‘big emphasis’ on say, thinking skills, how the media ‘works’, the meaning of mass political, ideological and radical extremist movements, physical fitness, mental fitness, literature, philosophy, business, art, music, financial literacy, independence, language or indeed anything about the Judeo Christian Capitalist Democracy that we owe our very existence and freedom to.

Or maybe the little matter of an actual end of the world as we know it via a nuclear armed Islam.

Nope, none of those unfashionable and therefore peripheral things, baby. Hey, nothing that’s of any demonstrable and direct benefit to children, eh? Children are targets for Left Liberal Fascists group think because er, they can be, being small and naïve etc.

If anyone can tell me how any enviro guff is of direct benefit to kids, let me know. Er, not the big sky pie of "But without the environment, kids have no future!" Bollocks. Merely the standard Left ideological child abuse snowstorm via Logical Fallacies, I'm afraid.

Leftism and PC Liberalism is an endless list of reinforced Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Bias’s. Nothing more.

“Time was, people warning the world "Repent! The end is nigh!" were snickered at as fruitcakes. Now they own the media and run the schools”. John Jay Ray.

Therefore we now have millions of citizen’s who don’t really have any thinking skills at all, as they’ve never been taught how to. They’ve only been taught the current fashions of what to think, meaning the entirely bogus, peripheral and useless. And I’ve spent a large part of my own daft life being the same.

Many in the West are even below the level of a flickering survival instinct to know when they're under sustained attack by Islam and its new pals the Left, and instead complain to the few who are protecting them and are ultimately going to save their ragged arse.

Thus I have someone say to me that on the sad death of a very successful albeit not coping young man like Heath Ledger, that he’s dead because of the ‘pressures’ of making $30 million dollars a year. And according to many, because “it must be a hard, strange and boring life being around so many abnormal people all the time”.

Er, quite. Er, no. First of all, this statement perfectly describes most employment for most people.

There’s nothing hard about living your dream to the max at 28 years old as opposed to doing none of the things you want to and broke. It’s neither strange to be around other creative and skilled people that you have everything in common with, no matter how freakishly Hollywood. Only the terminally stupid and innately boring could be bored when they have unlimited choice in how they live their lives.

What’s truly and profoundly boring is the frustration and despair of being forced to live an alternate life of crushing, limiting poverty and anonymity, right up to the grave.

Yep, there are a lot of abnormal folks in the entertainment industry and the average office. That’s what makes the first so mildly entertaining and the latter, a tedious and draining trial.

“A lot of stars seem to end up like that”.

Er, maybe, maybe not. It may appear so, because the old MSM does tend to report on celebrities and thus amplify their presence, dig? There are very few headlines about the early accidental deaths, suicides and so on of fruiterers, bus drivers, panel beaters and process workers. The last thing a pharmacy assistant want’s to read about is someone who is so ‘down to earth’, that they really are just like them.

Hiram Cleach dead at twenty eight after long struggle with total anonymity. Wife says “I’d never even heard of him until I read it in the papers”.


And the great Steyner with another of his as usual, groovy pieces. This time on ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Er, he's not actually on the mountain. It was only a two man tent I believe...'Boom tish!'

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