Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Any, any, any old Iron Cross.

Indonesian Muslims displaying some of their entirely legal collectibles. "Collect the whole set of Christian heads!" say the retarded and insane midgets of our close 'neighbour' and er, whatever it is. Verily, in the basket case toilet that Suharto built, every year is 'The Year of Living Dangerously', especially for anyone who is not a very, very profoundly boring and predictable Muslim.

I read in the Jewish Times that a roadhouse got criticised for selling Nazi memorabilia junk as collectibles. Ah, so many memories.

“How much am I bid for this Panzer Division, still in barracks?”

Yep, I think it’s creepy shite, and that’s why I don’t buy it. Other people see it oddly differently as just curious 'stuff', but I already have a can opener. And Hitler was so completely horrible and so incredibly boring that he often fell asleep while he was talking. I also support Israel and the Jewish people without the UN backed conditional that the Israeli’s let Muslims murder them.

Now the reason Nazi kitch is usually banned is because Nazism was about murder, hate, anti Semitism, lies, envy, spite, violence, Totalitarianism, collectivism, conformity, oppression and destruction, ad nauseum. Just like Islam and Communism.

But what I find odd is that you can buy Che the child killer Guevara T-shirts, posters, books and propaganda freely. It’s perfectly respectable, acceptable and nice fashionable stuff. But it’s evil shite too, sports.

You could brandish the whole Cuban Revolutionary drag outfit down your street if you wanted and it’d all be just a bit of a groovy retro giggle. You can buy any Communist junk freely, from Mao knick knacks to mountains of doctrine and Himalayas of hideous freak fellow traveller pamphlets, books and tracts.

You can buy and sell very comfortably, the most outrageous and unfounded Leftard and radical tracts and posters pushing what’s basically about the murder of the individual, total control of the state and absolute power, masquerading as ‘for the people’ and therefore, allegedly ‘right on!’ then.

You can get Islamic junk everywhere, including books by major Islamist freaks and posters displaying their relentlessly ugly Super Dweeb and King Spazzo Biblical beard covered mugs. You can buy the Krazy Koran of course, even though it’s a book even more badly written than Mein Kampf, but with virtually all the same attitude and goals.

The Koran spells out clearly, how to murder Jews, the subjugation, rape and mutilation of women, and the conversion by dhimmitude or death of any non-Muslim. It states how to wage constant war and the art of deception, or ‘Taqiyaa’, and the filthy nightmare of the Muslim wet dream of a Global Caliphate by any means. And yet, I can get this shit easily. Why is that?

Probably because the Third Reich didn’t make it to Hitler’s plan of a thousand years, while Islam has lasted and spread for over 1300 years. Also, Islam kept many of the lands it monstrously crushed and tore at like vampires, while Der Fudderrland has shrunk back to less than the proportion's of the early 1930's.

Never mind that every Islamist state is the same as a Nazi Hellhole and many have modelled themselves on Hitler and Stalin. Many Muslim states supported and cooperated if they could, with Hitler and looked forward to a partnership in the Holocaust and the total annihilation of the Jews. As most still do with the latter. Also, it was going to be a great way to accelerate their long creamed of coming Global Caliphate. How that was gonna work out, your guess is good as mine. Never let it be said that Islamist plans make any sense in any reality in any dimension.

Aided by the elites, the Leftoid MSM, academia and much of the entertainment media, the image of Communism if it exists at all in the weak mental grasp of many, is as a kind of distant fake boogie man. All a bit of a joke really.

Never mind that Communist regimes have murdered over 100 million human beings, or that Che loved to shoot young boys of 14 in the head and that he designed and built concentration camps and eagerly took part in many, many executions. Or that one of his favourite pastimes was going down to the Havana cells with a baseball bat to smash into unarmed prisoners.

That's Che the utter coward, narcissist and uber sadist all over. But you can easily buy the most popular T-shirt design ever, featuring a fat mega square, coward, narcissist, sadist and incompetent dumb ass fraud, who just happened to look thin and juvenile rebel cool in a series of photos. That was after getting invariably lost in the jungle while stumbling for weeks with diarrhoea and a grubby diary of insane and murderous control freak ravings.

But again, no ban on any Che shit or any lying apologia propaganda.

The chances of any book shop like Borders ever being in trouble for promoting and profiting from selling real hate literature, are about as likely as Noam Chomsky showing any compassion for the system and people who completely support his bizarre lifestyle as a professional mental gymnast, super liar, mega delusionist and serial treason professional.

Never mind that North Korea really is an Orwell’s vision of 1984 made ultra real and present times a thousand, where public executions are forced entertainment for children.

You can dabble in any radicalism to your hearts content, as long as it's Leftard or Islamic.

North Korea is where millions of kids are made deliberately and permanently starving; millions are tortured, imprisoned and murdered. A country of permanent famine and cannibalism. The only country that from space, appears pitch black at night as it has little to no electricity.

North Korea is completely perpetuated and prolonged by the artificial support of aid, which goes directly to the ruling cadres. A permanent 24/7 death style of daily ‘self criticism’ and denunciation. Inside every house is a loud speaker blasting the madness and soul crushing death of Communist Utopianism everyday.

No University student, academic or anybody will ever be held to any real accountability for displaying sympathy for such hideous regimes. Wear the T-shirt, the badge or pipe and slippers set of any Commo figure. Its fine. No, really.

You won’t get in trouble for dismissing the relentless mass crimes and apologia denying the existence of the long term mass oppression, torture and extermination of the North Korean people, or the policy’s or methods of any Totalitarian states. And no repercussions for absurdly blaming the USA, the West or the Boy Scouts. Not like the mediocre loon David Irving. He’s now in jail in Germany.

Now like Mark Steyn, I perhaps don’t think he should be in the can, however crap his views are, because I want to be able to say whatever I want to, however shabby that may be. The open and public market of ideas and forums like the blogosphere and the laughable media, could judge a wilfully deluded freak like Irving. Hmmm, I’m not so confident as Steyn perhaps is, though. I find the MSM from clueless to brain fried on any serious analysis front.

That there’s little to no mention or empirical analysis of North Korea except in various said apologia and that there are only two books published regards the 300,000 people who have managed to escape is simply, part of the scandal of the century and entirely reflective of the sympathies, bankruptcy and moral gnomery of those in the position of having a privileged public voice.

So let’s see if I’ve got this right. Any dysfunctional Middle East pile of Theocratic Jew hating sand is OK to sell their bogus wares and paraphernalia. The global promotion of Wahabist terrorism and anti Semitism by Saudi petro dollars is fine, too... The Saudi Government has Mein Kampf as a legitimate educational book on its school syllabus. Hey, no problem. Display Emirates junk anywhere. There’s zero chance of any boycott of them, mate.

Yes, like Dubai Ports who run our docks and airports, sports.

Democratic, free and cosmopolitan Israel is apparently never ok though, unless they stop refusing to co-operate with the reasonable demands of say, Hamas. The demands being all Jews dead and Israel a burning cinder.

Virtually by default, Cuba, China, North Korea, Putin’s Russia and any African Gangster and Cannibal Fiefdom, is just always wonderful enough to either sympathise with or simply not register at all. In the end it boils down to Western states and supporters bad, enemies of Western states and the USA, all good. And that’s the paradigm, kids.

Any Western country that believes in its own values and traditions and oh no! If they admire the US, they are of course, evil. And so it goes in a body politic infected to the point of mainstreaming what was once the lunar fantasy’s of Leftard land.

It’s clear to me that most of the real promoters of current mass murder, Totalitarianism, lies, conformity, anti humanism, mediocrity, envy and spite along with all their hideous props, are completely acceptable compared to the other now historically defunct few.

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