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Part Four. Dead Che is a laugh and Castro dead will be a riot.

Che the child killer Guevara finally achieves a single act of use to other people. He dies. Ironically, a true anti-Christ like narcissist and coward, Che will end his life of sadism and megalomania looking like Jesus. "Quick, comrades! To the Ministry of Propaganda and t-shirt factory! This'll sell a million"

“In your head, in your head.
Zombie, zombie, zombie.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's in your head?
In your head.
Zombie, zombie, zombie?”

Zombie. The Cranberries.

I dedicate this post to Humberto Fontova, therealcuba, cubacenter, thepeoplescube, cubafreepress, fiu, che-mart, online friends FreeMiami, Cuba Libre and the millions of other's who care about human beings, freedom, life, love and truth.

As Socrates said "Take off that damn Che t-shirt!".

In the film, The Motorcycle Diaries’, every time the actor playing Che spoke passionately about wanting to help ordinary people, I felt that’s where the laugh track should come in, with extra mocking. Try paying your way, Che. That might help. Violent revolutionaries are usually very fond of proclaiming their oneness with the common folk via said surface passions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want them to stay at the same hotel. Actually, Che admittedly had, though often by mere blunder, a strange obsession with roughing it covered in filth, and often to extremes. An enthusiasm he wanted to share very much with the world.

Of course, when in Havana, he lived in his stolen house. A massive palace with a vast garden, pool, servants and a before it's time giant TV screen to rival todays plasma monsters. Che loved material comforts. He just didn't want most Cuban's to have them

Che's kind of personality in practice, was never capable of seeing or understanding real people as more than a malleable abstraction for the absurd, unworkable and inhuman ideology of his choice. Marxism. The basic murder based philosophy is that it’s always the peoples fault. Those naughty counter-revolutionaries! Thus freaks like Che keep on shooting people until they get the insanity of the system just right. Which is impossible.

The Revolution was a conveniently destructive platform for opportunistic, manipulative, boringly vast egos, no morals and stupid one dimensional ideas formed largely around killing. Virtually all of the main protagonists of the Revolution were middle class university graduates. Psychopaths, creeps, opportunists, criminal dregs and Communist killers of the Stalin Soviet totalitarian kind made up much of the rest. Most knew or cared little to nothing about the people they oppressed and murdered.

Thanks to the Communist victory, Che could take on tour his bloated, cowardly and inflated personality disorder, which had grown by the mid-sixties into Zeppelin-like proportions. Conversely, the Zeppelin itself hadn’t grown at all and was not on tour, having not yet formed and therefore was very minus one John Bonham.

Che was so delusional that he thought he was going be joined in the jungle by the entire populations of Latin America! During July of 1967 he wrote in his diary: "The legend of our gueriilla group is growing like a huge wave! We are already the invincible supermen!"

In eleven months, not one peasant, not one ordinary person joined him. He never had more than 48 men, mostly university types in love with Marxist fantasy, or renegade Maoist and other Commo boobs. Hey, just like the revolution in Havana in 1959!

Che tricked many of his men into joining on the promise of training in Cuba and Russia. After they joined he simply denied the offer ever existed.

Che: "The peasant base has not been developed. Although it appears that through the use of planned terror, we can neutralis some of them. Their support will come later". Just like in Cuba.

In truth the "rural population shunned Che's guerilla's like lepers..." Amazing fact! "On March 25 1967, Bolivia's Natioanl Conffederation of Peasant's[!], as Latin American, as rural, and as indigenous an outfit as there is) mobilized their entire membership against Che Guevara, "against the intervention of foreign elements in our country's internal affairs".

"600 volunteered to fight. Three times more than Castro's army and ten times more than Che's...Sweetest of ironies...they were actually peasants..." And not as Fontova calls them "...lawyers, bored college students and cashiered philosophy professors".

Che couldn't read a map and had no compass. His guerilla band split into two groups, and then spent six months apart and hopelessly lost, going around in circles with only a few miles seperating them while shooting at each other!

An odd aside. Che was joined by a Stasi, KGB, DGI woman who was so incompetent that she left a jeep full of her ID and papers which were found by the Bolivian authorities! Che and the Soviet agent, Hayde Tanara Bunke, shared body fluids together. Getting laid was something Che never let his men do.

Che attempted to foist, gangster and bully the people of Bolivia into believing his bankrupt ideology was the answer to anything. Tragically for Guevara, the alleged proletariat were the beneficiaries of recent land reform and any owned their own productive farms. So they weren’t automatically enamoured with Che's enforced alternative of parachuting into a total, vortex-like Marxist murder spree and turned him into the local Gestapo, maybe for a tin of minestrone.

Its funny how so many of the self-professed saviours of the poor can simultaneously look down on the strapped for cash and what they truly desire.

Our heroes assume that the disenfranchised are only waiting for the opportunity to turn to extreme non-solutions. Being poor, sleeping four to a bed or being part of a marginalised minority, does not necessarily mean that you want to live in a jungle clearing, listen nervously to high strung struggle sessions, or spend lazy afternoons murdering bank clerks. With that line of reasoning, the Marx Brothers of Groucho, Chico and Harpo would have been one of the few terrorist cells in Vaudeville.

Just read the many horrible pronouncements of Che and remember that he acted them all out and more. He actually removed the wall of his office so that he could observe his firing squad's in action.

Ernesto Che Guevara: "To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the ‘The Wall! [The wall or El Paredón, means the firing squad wall.]

Che: "Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savouring the acrid odour of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!

Che: "Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become”.

Curiously and just like Hitler, Guevara the mad beast in the playground, gives an accurate and clear description of his hideous plans before hand, during and after the fact, and yet few took any notice whatsoever on both count's.

Che was very brave when surrounded by his thugs and killers, while shooting unarmed people like a fourteen year old boy, one of the many he relished murdering, by shooting the child in the back of the head. Though when Che was captured in Bolivia, his yellow streak went all the way round.

Pleading for his life and fame via the world stage of a trial, he squirmed and said: "Don’t shoot, I’m Che. I am more valuable to you alive than dead”.

The alleged blockade is a total pantomime, big lie and a free ride for Fidel’s endless excuses for cruelty and anti-US blather. Maybe I’m missing something. It happens all the time. But dig this: THERE IS NO BLOCKADE, and at least not one stops most consumer and infrastructure goods being plentiful in Cuba. It’s just all for Castro and his pals and for the tourists. 200,000 touristas in one twelve month period.

It doesn't even stop hard military material. Cuba has plenty of tanks and gear to not only oppress and murder Cuban’s, but enough that can be easily shipped to any revolutionary zone Fidel may be interested in, thus Angola in the 1960’s etc, etc. The blockade was supposed to stop Fidel putting nuclear missiles ninety miles from the US coastline in 1962, again.

If you blockaded every place full of pinko cigar smokers close to the American coastline, the main mode of transport in Hollywood would also be 1950’s Chevrolets and Packard’s.

The non-blockade is so amazingly and easily manipulated by Castro that it beggars belief. He uses it as a cover to ravage a nation, not that he nneds one. Few care about the truth of Cuba. Cuba has simply been hijacked by gangsters since 1959. Castro and Che beggared, ruined and corrupted a great people and culture and Hell, absolutely everything.

The non-blockade ain’t effective as a blockade at all, and there is little that can't be goten in or out, except Cuban's. This is entirely how Fidel runs his own private Cuba Inc. Sadly, Castro is not as eager to believe Mike Moore's Sicko doco. No, no. Fidel always goes to a very expensive private hospital in Spain. Funny that, with Cuba having that "excellent medical care" an' all...

The vast Cuban company Escambray that supplies anything and everything, is Castro's own private Walmart Barn monopoly, but none of it is for the average Cuban. This enormous cargo cult is for Castro, his friends and celebrity cock suckers, and other cheap prostitution tourists.

Cuban tourism is a strange, repellent and an entirely dirty trade. Super discounted child and teenage prostitution being one of the many hideous narco criminal drawcards of El Cubano Tourisme.

The fact that Clinton smokes and inserts top drawer Cuban cigar’s says it all, and not just “Oh, God! I’m cumming!”

What's not imported is manufactured in Cuba by Fidel’s own businesses empire. Talk about a closed market. Most if not all all goods are in plentiful supply, from hi-tech computing, building material and all food stuffs, but again, not to ordinary Cubans. Often made entirely for export dollars, and for the consumption of his Commie coterie, they are also available for free to the many privileged stars who just love to drop in for a visit, a chat and a free insertion.

It’s all part of a sickening mutual back scratch, between eager and adoring flunkies, and Castro the avid firing squad advocate.

The Cuban medical equipment company Combiomed, with its major share holder Fidel, manufactures sophisticated medical equipment, but you won’t find any of it in the unfinished cowshed that is the alleged Cuban medical wonder. The cliché of health care in Cuba is a horrible, ugly lie and a total fabrication. Little to nothing is what is actually often available to Cubans.

Thus, it’s hard to imagine a more gross, venal, hubristic and utter fraud vampire than Michael where’s the cash? Moore. A man who is not just content to rip-off and totally use the people of Flint Michigan, from whom he has made millions and given entirely nothing in return. But now, Moore can commit the most monstrous of propaganda lies to film, straight from the Castro song book.

This time, Mike feed’s off the suffering, oppression and fraud of the Cuban Communist/Socialist medical system. Most sickeningly, this involves being an accessory after the fact to the neglect, chronic illness, imprisonment and murder of Cuban children, their Mothers and families.

If there's one thing Commo regime’s also love to do, it’s use their alleged medical system, to control torture and destroy any and every opponent. Michael Moore sure likes to eat, don’t he though? No, really. I mean everything, anything and your share too. What a disgusting and bizarre pig Moore is, just like Castro. Thus the co-operation. Turds of a feather they say, float together.

Humberto Fontova on how Mike Moore's film ‘Sicko’, hides Cuban suffering.

“We cannot for a second abandon propaganda” wrote Castro in a letter to a revolutionary colleague in 1954. “Propaganda is vital. Propaganda is the heart of all struggles.”

Doctor Diplomacy.’

Ninety-nine percent of Cubans have no more experience with a hospital like the one featured in "Sicko" than Michael Moore has with a Soloflex. Most Cubans view a hospital like the one featured in Sicko the way teenage boys used to view Playboy magazine and husbands view a Victoria’s Secret catalog: “Wow! If only...”

A few years back Castro launched his “Doctor Diplomacy,” wherein he started sending Cuban “Doctors” to heathen lands (though their spouses and children were held hostage in Cuba) to heal the sick and raise the dead. This was coupled with “free” treatment of poor foreigners from the Caribbean and Latin American nations in Cuban hospitals. The scheme has gotten no end of gushy reviews in the major media.

Some reviews from the non-major media might help with perspective. Here’s one from the newspaper the Jamaican Gleaner titled “Eye Surgery Hopes Dashed; Patients Suffer Complications After Cuba”: “The survey included 200 patients (Jamaicans who travelled to Cuba for eye surgery), and of that group, 49 patients, nearly a quarter, experienced post-surgery complications. According to Dr. Albert Lue, Head of Ophthalmology in Jamaica’s Kingston Public Hospital, the complications causing the patients impaired vision was corneal damage and damage to the iris due to poor surgical technique.”

Brazil also got a birds-eye view of Cuba’s vaunted “Doctor Diplomacy”. The April 2005 story from Agence France-Presse titled “96 Cuban Doctors Expelled from Brazil” reported: “Federal Judge Marcelo Bernal ruled in favour of a demand by the Brazilian state of Tocantins’ Consejo Regional de Medicina (Regional Council on Medicine) that Cuban doctors be prohibited from practicing in their state".

Based on the results they’d achieved with Tocantins’ residents, the judge referred to the Cuban doctors as “Witch Doctors and Shamans. We cannot accept doctors who have not proven that they are doctors.”

According to a report by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, more than 75% of “doctors” with Cuban “medical degrees” flunk the exam given by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates for licensing in the U.S. This exam is considered a cakewalk even by the graduates of Mexico’s Tec de Monterrey School of Medicine.

Cuba’s infant mortality rate, though it plunged from 13th lowest in the world pre-Castro to 40th today, is also kept artificially low by an abortion rate of 0.71 abortion per live birth, the hemisphere’s highest by far, which “terminates” any pregnancy that even hints at trouble.

More interesting (and tragic) still, the maternal mortality rate in Cuba is almost four times that of the U.S. rate (33 versus 8.4 per 1,000). Peculiar how so many mothers die during childbirth in Cuba, but how many one to four-year olds perish, while from birth to one year old (the period during which they qualify in UN statistics as infants), they’re perfectly healthy.

This might lead a few people to question Cuba’s official infant-mortality figures. But such people would not get a Havana bureau for their news agency or TV network, much less a visa to film a documentary”. Fontova.

It’s estimated that many more than 77,000 people have drowned while trying to escape Cuba via Miami. Apparently Fidel may weaken, surrender, and collapse or er, laughably even change! Any day now! Er, no.

There are no rights, freedoms of speech or of association and no elections. There are only people who snigger smugly at such concepts because they are the full beneficiaries of them. Which ones do you live without currently?

Year after year for fifty years, the ordinary people of Cuba stagger under a crushing daze of Marxist manufactured grinding poverty, all courtesy of Fidel and Western enablers in Hollywood, the media, politics and millions of other fashionable dupes.

Why did Castro never ask for aid then? Because he doesn’t care and he doesn’t need it. For years he got five billion dollars from the Russian's! Cuba had one of the top economies, highest standards of living and freedom before the revolution. Now they have nothing but death, lies and 24 our survelliance. Fidel and Che managed to destroy virtually all of it within the first eighteen months of their reign of terror. That's the bits they didn't heist. One of the greatest thefts in history.

Cuba will will not be free even after Castro's sucks it for the last time. Just meet his amazingly even more loathsome brother, Raul. Fidel has always exported his rotten Revolution. And regards the nuclear missile installation and launch pad thing being ninety miles from Miami, Chavez and Iran are working on that one now but this time, it'll be in Venezuela.

Che is quoted on record in a Leftist journal of the 1960's, saying that if they had been able to keep the Soviet nuclear warheads, he wanted very, very much to launch them on New York. As he said, it's really cool if the revolution needs millions and milions of "atomic victims".

No doubt to "help the people". After all, anything was acceptable and all was necessary in Che's psychotic megalomania.

Ya know, maybe Castro didn't really need to bother with the crude direct method of franchised revolution. Not if several generations of affluent Western middle-class brats and many others have found a single image of Guevara not just a great shot of a superficially attractive person, but something who they can look up to, mostly because Che isn’t as hopelessly repulsive as Mao.

If people who have ample opportunity to know better, still feel pretty cool about a guy who wanted to replace all governments with totalitarian ones, your insane ideology and those like it may just keep on making inroads even if initially it's more like a distinctively shallow product placement. Today you can export nihilistic violence from online and can get plenty of local support in your target countries in often surprising quarters.

Without this, Islamism could not be where it is now. Once you strip away all the phoney surface distractions, the various junk and monolithic structures, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and now Islamism are at their insane and mass death loving cores, ultimately and always and only about murder. The murder of the individual, of a civil free society and the countless small things we take for granted that make us human and this precious life worth living.

This freedom is the inseparable context that literally millions of things like good kindergartens, supermarkets filled with abundance, hospitals, book clubs, parent-teacher associations, artist run spaces and Glee Clubs can thrive in. Mark Steyn has said that: “The single greatest weakness of Western culture is its ability to draw a moral equivalence between anything and everything. It is really an inability to see anything in due proportion”.

Look around and decide which parts of your society you could do without, and you’ll soon see the interdependence of things and how surprisingly fragile and rare it all is. Imagine its absence and destruction.

Christopher Hitchens said that: "...the scandal of the 20th Century was that most of the Western intellectual classes almost never called Communism what it was".

That’s beyond doing the dirty work of the apologist. Hey, somebody had to do it. It’s still all a bit of a joke even with an estimated one hundred million starved, tortured and murdered by various utopian regimes. Communism is an ideology, not an economic system and not a system of civil government. Communism is based on mass murder, lies, envy, conformity, spite and madness.

Gee, did I hear someone twerp that none of this is real Communism? It never is, is it? Never mind. They’ve got to get it right sooner or later or maybe not. Just find another hundred million souls to destroy. This is easy with a system that cares only about giant abstract non-ideas that dwarf real humans. Communism never talks about human scale normality exceptas something to be eliminated and replaced.

There’s a small difference worth noting between Nazism and Communism, apart from the Germans having better tailored uniforms, and all communist systems together never producing one good song, film, play or book, at least by non-banned, non-exiled, non-jailed, non-tortured, non-executed, non-dissidents.

The difference is that Communist regimes have killed more people than the Nazis, due to the simple fact that the only Third Reich was destroyed and dismantled over a half century ago. But multiple functioning Communist regimes are still around. There is no way that you can walk around any campus wearing Nazi regalia, except at the Herman Goering Polytechnic. But at most any campus, no one would notice or in fact does pay any attention to you if you display any brand of Communist junk, especially a nice Che. If they notice, they'll just say hey, nice Che!

Pick any regime of choice, even Pol Pot for your t-shirt. Probably no one will care on campus. You'll just be rad and ironic. That’s about how deep intellectual enquiry is at many tertiary institutions today folks. It's fashion only. The simple truth that seems to never occur to so many, and one that they seem incapable of grasping, is that Che was just a "murdering Communist bastard".

Where can I get a Che portrait that doesn’t show him handsomely staring off into the epic distance, but instead organising and taking part in the arrest of thousands, while designing concentration camps and taking a leading part in mass executions? Maybe a colourful little collages number? One of Che’s few real achievements was to encourage so many Cubans to learn how to swim.

I watched the recent film, The Murder Cycle Diaries by Bob handsome tinsel town boob Redford, on Che’s early medical student drop-out and petulant sponger life, with some fascination, and a rare box of Revolutionary Popcorn, Fidel’s Own. All proceeds are donated to violent and pointless revolutions around the world. Sadly, Fidel’s Own was made mostly of wood shavings and Soviet era industrial margarine. Like the revolution itself, it only seemed that it would be superior and enjoyable until you actually swallowed it whole.

Bob Redford got help from Che's disgusting sister, and unbelievably advice and approval from Fidel! In fact, the diaries themselves are heavy self serving edits by Fidel. The masses of boredom have been removed by Fidel, as have the endless exhortaions to murder, totalitarian deception and the joys of nihilistic sadism by Che. It sells better that way. Redford is a fucker and I'd be hard pshed to not kick him to the groin if I met him.

The Motorcycle Diaries are basically a romance in which Che mostly falls in love with Che, who falls slightly in, but mostly out of love with those who fall in love with Che. Just like in Guevara’s real life, everyone else really only gets a bit part, or maybe a supporting role to our olive drab wearing, strangely disconnected from regular and ordinary life Messiah, who is always in our dreams, somewhere, out there.

Che is always happy to lend a clenched fist to those in need even if they don’t really want it, like the crazed Boy Scout who insists on taking an old lady back across the road in the wrong direction. There seems to be only two available supporting roles of note in the real life Che ensemble, now missing its leading man. And they are those that burn the midnight lamp for decades, after being touched by their hideous Saint, and the ones that have disappeared.

In the film, Che enjoys a lot of freedom, motorcycle styled adventures and plenty of freeloading fun. It’s a real shame it’s missing the part where he then figured out how to make sure he was one of the last free Cubans to do so. Batista and all the previous El Presidente's for life, were apparently so totalitarian that you could leave at any time.

Che Guevara. Your hero. What a waste of so many people's lives and so much in so many ways. What a sadistic, narcissistic, cowardly and stupidly incompetent swine he was. What a great face printed on a T-shirt though, so that's something, eh?

One last thing. Read Humberto Fontova's great, vastly empirical and all revealing book The Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him. Now.

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