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Part Two: Cuban 'Revolution' still lacks a laugh track.

As has been noted by others, the ability of Che and Fidel to turn Cuba, or what was once the worlds party central, into the worlds biggest island concentration camp and a hideous, destructive vortex of classic Communist stupidity and utter failure, is mind boggling.

It has been said that the only way to make a small fortune in a Socialist Hellhole, is to start off with a big fortune. But Fidel has managed to beggar a whole country for fifty years, while amassing an enormous fortune and a venal and ridiculous credibility with third world turds, and Western fellow traveller twerps and frauds.

The real Che was a child murderin', short haired narcissist, coward, sadist, bore, mass killer, Stalinist, inept bungler, fraud, liar, poser, user, ungrateful, spiteful, spoiled, weak, naturally overweight, narrow minded mega dork square who was actually in his natural state, very, very, very uncool, and the man that Castro wanted dead. A lot. So Fidel wasn’t all bad. Che was not good at anything but the art of narcissism. Che never freed a single person, but imprisoned millions. Che was not a Cuban, but an Argentinian.

Like all totalitarian obsessives, Che was naturally bureaucratic, as well as deeply enamoured and aroused by the accounting and book keeping of mass oppression an' murder. In short, Che never achieved a single damn thing in his entire rotten life. He never performed one truly kind and selfless act except for dying, but that was er, done for him.

The only reason Che looked good in his faux guerrilla shots, was because the usually overweight Mumma’s boy had the habit of getting hopelessly lost in the jungle for weeks and months at a time. This was often because Fidel sent Guevara out on absurd "missions” in the hope that Ernesto would finally die, never returning to Havana to bore Castro with endless collective diatribes of complex paranoid insanity, that were even worse than Fidel’s.

As Fontova has noted, the normal warmth of friendship, bonhomie, eating and drinking and the things that make a normal life for most people, was alien and beyond him. He was, the ultimate user, parasite and opportunist sleazebag. Che was one of the great political vampires of the 20th century.

Che almost never washed or bathed and loved the fancy dress of the “warrior” poser, so was ready and willing as a proto-hippie drop out. And to have Western sycophantic and flunky Leftards following with their camera gear and typewriter’s, was just handy dandy. Notice how there are endless photo’s of Che ‘off stage’ from battle, but not a single picture or film of Che actually doing any fighting? Because he never did.

It’s hard to shoot forward when you’re running backwards with diarrhea. Che was never a Doctor, but a lazy drop out med student. There is no record anywhere of him gaining any qualifications in anything. Wouldn’t the Cuban propaganda machine and the legions of Che fans, be er, rather keen to have put out such an important document, if it existed? Maybe. The records for Che’s Uni days are intact, as they are for others who were there too, as per normal. But nope. No degree and no cigar.

And gee, wouldn’t Che blowing out people’s brains with a heavy revolver violate his er, Hippocratic Oath just a little? And no, Cuba is not improving. Not without the resignation and subsequent suicide of the entire Cuban Dictatorship.

Over 77,000 people have drowned trying to get to Miami. One motive for this series is the true, naturally passionate, productive and enthusiastic nature of the Cuban people “yearning to be free”. Yep, and not like virtually every Leftard, the thrill of eulogising the Communist jailers, liars, murderers and rapist gangsters of the Fidel coterie, or their foreign sympathiser’s and apologist’s, but the real people of Cuba.

From babalublog: "As many as 7,610 Cubans entered the United States through its southern border in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The Coast Guard interdicted 2,866 Cubans at sea in 2005, up from 1,499 in 2004. Many more also made it to shore in South Florida than last year. Border Patrol spokesman Steve McDonald said 2,530 Cubans were detained in South Florida in 2005, up from 955 the year before.

"The situation in Cuba is worse than ever", Fresnillo said. "I've never seen so many blackouts, and the hurricanes coming through were horrible. I am part of a generation of people that is disillusioned".

"Popular rebellion and discontent have increased in the last two years, and at the same time government repression is increasing", said dissident Manuel Vasquez Portal, who left Cuba with a visa in June. "Life for us in Cuba had become impossible".

Dear sports, just for a laugh, look up the lists on therealcuba, of the many people searching for the endless disappeared of Cuba including men, woman and children. 20% of the population of Cuba have escaped from Cuba, or drowned trying. Get free or die trying, eh?

As Humberto Fontova has empirically shown, Che was the Cuban revolution’s chief executioner. Che was also put in charge of vrtually all of the main parts of the Cuban economy which he then almost single handed, destroyed. Fidel has continued on to impoverish and brutalize Cuba to the point where 20 percent of its population risked their lives to flee. Castro incarcerates more people as a percentage of population, than Hitler or Stalin. Che and Fidel have created the greatest ongoing refugee crisis in the Western hemisphere.

Fidel owns all media in Cuba and uses it for the most sickening abuse, manipulation and intimidation of dissidents, ordinary Cuban citizens and anyone in the world who see’s Fidel clearly as the monster he is, such as the great Vaclav Havel. In Cuba, the medium is entirely only the message that Castro wants and that message is all about Castro. The narcissism and megalomania of Fidel is beyond measure and belief. Castro speeches that go for hours and on every channel and everyday.

“Hey, let’s stay in tonight and we’ll make some potato soup, and watch the Soviet era military hardware parade on TV! It’ll be fun!”

The photo evidence of the Cuban urban landscape shows clearly, where once there was a modern city, there’s now a decayed landscape filled with abandoned shells of once beautiful buildings that look like they’ve been bombed out. Nothing much has been done since 1959, apart from the added freak attraction of old Soviet anti-human monolith construction and anything essential to the running of Cuba Inc, the worlds premier Latin island prison.

The list of murderers, armed robbers and fugitives that now live in Cuba, and the long list of US citizens murdered by Castro is er, very long. Almost as long as a celebrity rider list. Fidel has always given and still does give enormous support to global terrorism and the techniques of the Gulag, especially as Fidel has perfected all of these things in Cuba over half a century.

But don’t worry Che fans. Fidel’s even more sadistic brother Raul is ready to carry on the family traditions.

The inconvenient truth of Castro’s racism towards blacks, can be found in just one of thousand’s of examples, in the suffering of Dr Oscar Elias Biscet, jailed for twenty seven years for organising a group discussion on Dr Martin Luther King! Dr Biscet was kept in a cell six feet high and three feet wide. To be black in Cuba is not a happy lot.

Now what has happened and happens still to children in the Cuban wonderland is beyond belief, that’s if they manage to get past one of the highest abortion rates in the world. Ah, the work of Castro is never ending. Fidel was supported enormously by Russia for decades, but he didn’t exactly share it around. Why didn’t Cuba improve at all then, but actually got somehow even worse? Now that the Soviet source is long gone, Castro and his gangsters, rapists and murderers are amazingly doing even better.

But then Castro is the main businessman in Cuba. With factories manufacturing almost every kind of good you can imagine, from high tech medical equipment to delicatessen smallgoods! But sadly, it’s all for export or for his cronies, or for visiting celebrities. Just like Chavez.

Chavez: “Ah, Comrade Kevin Spacey, would you like another nibble of my Bratwurst?”

Ironically, enormous pieces baloney are also Cuba’s main export, and don’t the fans just love it?!

From Humberto Fontova on Che da bumbler and coward.

“ a guerrilla war. Yes, where people shoot back and everything. Che eventually tried his hand at this novelty and ... well, we saw what happened. He was run out of Africa with his tail between his legs in months. Then in Bolivia he and his merry band of bumblers was betrayed, encircled and decimated in short order.

Dissed by Mao.

"Real guerrillas had Che’s number".

Colonel Neville: Mao the mass genocidal freak and child killer refused to see Che the genocidal freak when Che the child killer visited China!

Fontova: "He had him cool his heels in a reception room for two hours, and then stood him up. He knew Che instinctively. Che the Lionhearted’s image is still ubiquitous on college campuses. But in the wrong places. He belongs in the marketing, PR, advertising – and especially – psychology departments. His lessons and history are fascinating and valuable, but only in light of Sigmund Freud or P.T. Barnum. One born every minute, Mr. Barnum? If only you’d lived to see the Che phenomenon. Actually, 10 are born every second.

Here’s a “guerrilla hero” who in real life never fought in a guerrilla war. When he finally brushed up against one, he was routed.

Here’s a cold-blooded murderer who executed thousands without trial, who claimed that judicial evidence was an “unnecessary bourgeois detail", who stressed that “revolutionaries must become cold-killing machines motivated by pure hate", who stayed up till dawn for months at a time signing death warrants for innocent and honourable men, whose office in La Cabana had a window where he could watch the executions – and today his T-shirts adorn people who oppose capital punishment!

‘Greens’ Love This Polluter.

Here’s communist Cuba’s first “Minister of Industries", whose main slogan in 1960 was “Accelerated Industrialization!” Whose dream was converting Cuba (the hemisphere, actually) into a huge bureaucratic-industrial ant farm, and he’s the poster boy for greens and anarchists who scream and rant against industrialization!

Here’s a snivelling little suck-up, teacher’s pet and momma’s boy who was the constant pride of joy of his teacher (Alberto Bayo) and parents (the most obnoxious sort of Limousine Bolsheviks), and he’s idolized by millionaire delinquents such as Rage Against the Machine!

Here’s a humourless teetotaller, a plodding paper-pusher, a notorious killjoy and all-around fuddy-duddy, and you see his T-shirt on MTV’s Spring Break revellers!Perhaps competent psychologists (if any exist), will explain this some day.

Che excelled in one thing: the mass murder of defenceless men. He was a Stalinist to the core, a plodding bureaucrat and a calm, cold-blooded, but again, never in actual battle, killer. And there was an actual method to this murderous madness.

Recall that in 1940 Stalin’s commissars rounded up the Polish officer corps, herded them into the Katyn Forest and slaughtered them to a man. Stalin didn’t want any Polish contras messing up his plans. These officers would have led them. So his men dug a huge mass grave and lined up the Polish officers. The Russian pistol barrels went up against the backs of the necks: POW! Thump.

Fifteen thousand shots later the deed was done and the dirt replaced. Any contra problem was nipped in the bud.

Che followed suit in Cuba. As a communist flunky in Guatemala he’d seen the Guatemalan officer corps rise up against the communist Arbenz government in ‘54. [And you pinko professors please stifle the noise about Arbenz as a harmless “social democrat” and “nationalist” victimized by the fiendish United Fruit Co., OK? When ousted, Arbenz sought refuge in Czechoslovakia, not Sweden.]

Beloved Mass Murderer.

Anyway, Che didn’t want a repeat in Cuba. Upon entering Havana in January ‘59 he started rounding up all army officers. Then, FUEGO! His firing squads got busy. Real busy. By his own count, Che sent 2,500 men to "the wall".

The “Cuban Katyn", I call this slaughter. The reds called these executed men “war criminals” and the Beltway press naturally parroted the charge. Nothing new there. The New York Times’ [Pulitzer Prize-winning, no less] reporter, Walter Duranty, had also parroted Stalin and Beria’s charges against the victims of the 1930s show trials too. Later, they, along with Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy and Tip O’Neill, labelled Nicaragua’s contras “war criminals.” But today Nicaragua is free because of them.

Che’s true legacy is simply one of terror and murder. That dreaded midnight knock. Wives and daughters screaming in rage and panic as Che’s goons drag off their dads and husbands; that’s the real Che legacy.

Desperate crowds of weeping daughters and shrieking mothers clubbed with rifle butts outside La Cabana as Che’s firing squads murder their dads and sons inside; that’s the real Che legacy.

Thousands of heroes yelling “Viva Cuba Libre!” and “Viva Christo Rey!” before firing squads of murderous drunks whom they’d have stomped in open battle; that’s the real Che legacy. Secret graves and crude boxes with bullet-riddled corpses delivered to ashen-faced loved ones; that’s the real Che legacy.

And let’s not forget the craven “Don’t shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you live than dead!” [Then why didn’t he save his last bullet for himself?] Perhaps the defiant yells of the men he murdered actually affected Che the Lionhearted? By 1960 he started ordering that his victims’ mouths be taped shut. Perhaps there was a trace of human emotion in this icy dolt after all? Genuine bravery and defiance unnerved him.

When the wheels of justice finally turned, Che was revealed as unworthy to carry his victims’ slop buckets. He learned nothing from their bravery. He could only beg for his life. So yes, the craven request when cornered in Bolivia is also the real Che legacy”. Fontova.

The following is an actual headline that says so much regards the Leftard mindset of much of the MSM regarding the wonderful sadist Che. "Andy Garcia bashes Che’ Guevara in new movie. Movie critics aghast at Andy Garcia’s film, The Lost City". How does one er “bash” a totalitarian Dictator of fifty years vintage exactly? Unfairly? Lacking balance? Impolite? Maybe it was be nice to mass murderers week? Jesus Christ.

In an article by Humberto Fontova, the writer discusses reaction to a slightly different kind of film that in part concerns itself with pre-revolutionary Cuba. [Fontova is the author of 'The Real Che Guevara and the idiots who follow him', and 'Fidel Castro; Hollywood's favourite Tyrant'.]

The film ‘The Lost City’ is a project by actor, film maker and actual Cuban, Andy Garcia. Fontova speaks of: “The mainstream media's thundering and apparently incurable stupidity on matters Cuban. In 1958 Cuba was undergoing a rebellion, not a revolution. Cubans expected political change, not a socioeconomic cataclysm and catastrophe".

Fontova sights a well known UNESCO report, [The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] on Cuba, circa 1957: "One feature of the Cuban social structure is a large middle class. Cuban workers are more unionized (proportional to the population) than U.S. workers. The average wage for an 8-hour day in Cuba in 1957 is higher than for workers in Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany. Cuban labour receives 66.6 per cent of gross national income.

In the U.S. the figure is 70 per cent, in Switzerland 64 per cent. 44 per cent of Cubans are covered by social legislation, a higher percentage than in the U.S. Cuba in 1958 had a higher per-capita income than Austria and Japan. Cuban industrial workers had the eighth highest wages in the world. In the 1950s Cuban stevedores earned more per hour than their counterparts in New Orleans and San Francisco.

Cuba had established an 8 hour workday in 1933, five years before FDR's New Dealers. Add to this a one-month paid vacation. The much-lauded by liberals, social democracies of Western Europe didn't manage this till 30 years later.

Cuban women got three months of paid maternity leave. This was in the 1930s. Cuba, a country 71 percent white in 1957, was completely desegregated 30 years before Rosa Parks was dragged off that Birmingham bus and handcuffed. In 1958 Cuba had more female college graduates per capita than the U.S.

The anti-Batista rebellion, not revolution, was staffed and led overwhelmingly by college students and professionals. Unemployed lawyers were prominent such as Fidel Castro himself. Here's the makeup of the ‘peasant revolution's’ first Cabinet, drawn from the leaders in the anti-Batista fight: seven lawyers, two university professors, three university students, one doctor, one engineer, one architect, one former city mayor and a colonel who defected from the Batista army. As Che’ himself might have put it, a notoriously bourgeois bunch”.

Source: Free Republic. My edit of an article by Hubert Fontova, 01 May 2006.

Batista was undoubtedly a bastard in many ways and it would have been a good thing if he had accidentally fallen down some stairs repeatedly at least several years before the Revolution. To put it mildly, he pushed the tolerance of the various Cuban classes by among other naughty Dictatorial gangster behaviour, his outrageous coup and popular self-election.

"I vote for me as President! Will you? I don’t mind if I do, says I to me, to you".

In 1957, Batista, that old despot, killer and published author, had like his predecessors, presided over one of the worlds best economies with one of the highest standards of living on most every count with a higher wage for an eight hour day, [since 1933!] than Denmark, Belgium, France or Germany and a more unionised labour force than the US that recieved 66.6% of the gross national income. They had nine days sick leve and compulsory unemployment insurance. Cuban's had three months of paid maternity leave by 1930!

Only 34% of Cubawas rural. Average daily wage for a Cuban agricultural worker was $3.00. In France it was $2.73. Cuban longshoremen earned among the highest wages in the world. Cuban's owned more TV's per capita than any other Latin American's. They owned more cars than the Japanese and half the countries of Europe. Inflation was 1.4%. It's two top economic years were 1957 and 1958.

Cuban's were free to travel. Millions wanted to get into Cuba. The Cuban Embassy in Rome had a backlog of 14,000 Italians wanting to get into Cuba. Now Haitian's don't wan to go there. If Cuban's were free to leave, almost the whole country would empty out in weeks. Cubatook in more immigrants per capita than even Merica in it's Ellis Island days. From 1903 to 1957 Cuba took in 1 million from Spain and 65,000 from the US. Haitian's used jump on rafts to get into Cuba! Really. 2 million Cuban's have risked their lives to escape from Cuba.

In 1958 Cuban's were the third highest consumers of protein in the Western Hemisphere. Today, the average Cuban exists on less than half the rations of a slave for the year 1842.

Cuba was noted for it's very large and growing middle-class. This is a section of Cuban society that has all but collapsed and disappeared, replaced by a dichotomy of the ragged mass of salves and prisoners, and the rich of Fidel's coterie and his international celebrity and scumbag enablers.

There are mountains of photos of pre-revolutionary Cuba available clearly showing a largely modern, growing state with the kind of infrastructure and buildings found in any successful country. Most of that's gone and what's left is in such a sharply contrasted and degraded state, it’s hard to believe this was ever the same country.

Of course, the holiday showcase for Hollywood creeps, politicians and journalists etc, is a seperate world that the mass of ordinary Cuban's can never enter unless they want a Russian made machine gun butt in their face. Of course they can work as prostitutes there because every inch of non-hovel Cuba is bugged.

Fidel knows EVERYTHING that happens in Cuba and much of it is recorded on video too.

The very capable Cubans wanted and were ready for er, non-Obama style “change”, largely of the political. Probably a lot like you would want to live through in the preferred upward and forward direction of an election. And er, doesn’t that happen everywhere worth a damn with a civil government and a working economic system anyway and not in places without them? Like er, Cuba today.

Nobody, I repeat nobody who isn’t affected by some kind of ideological crazy pill, needs or wants an all or nothing dive into a national suicide of the majority of the fabric of their social, civil, cultural and economic institutions.

Imagine if there was a similar situation here... And I’m sure many in their S11 protester and undergraduate fantasies believe there is. Well, how many people would be willing to disfigure and destroy most of the recognisable features of their own society, from the economy to civil and private life via a disastrous revolution?

Maybe more than you think.

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