Saturday, 24 May 2008

Is This Room Going To The Airport?

"Many people and not just the super demented are just plain crazy about their pet obsessions".

Mrs Freakmeister: "Excuse me. Is this room going to the airport?"

Colonel Neville: “No, it’s going to Zimbabwe. You want the 5:PM steam shovel on Platform 9, Platform 9, Platform 9”.

A demented, delusional and paranoid old lady asked me this fantastically Goon Show style question, meaning what time exactly was her flight to the Outer-Rings of Venus leaving? The disturbing thing is that many allegedly regular people, even outside of institutions, are nonetheless just as deluded, misinformed and plain mad as Mrs Freakmeister. That’s of the Venus Freakmeisters.

Mrs Freakmeister: “Oh, is this my room?”

Colonel Neville: “Er, yes. See all the photographs of YOU on the side table?”

Mrs Freakmeister: “Oh, no stranger would ever have my photographs in their room!”

Colonel Neville: “Mrs Freakmeister, if I don’t get away from you, your insanity will suck the life from me, much like a bleached coral sponge”.

And many people do. For a lot of folks, the existence or absence of empirical evidence are the least likely things to ever alter their opinion's in the slightest. For many, either way to the contrary can merely prove they're right!

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity”. Dale Carnegie.

I once had a Chinese girlfriend who was a sad but true, dimwitted and manipulative morbid narcissist and apparently rather mad. She was also the only genuine nymphomaniac I have experienced personally, and er, repeatedly. Though it ain't anywhere near as good as it sounds, sports. I mean the nympho part, not the er, morbid narcissist thing, which is exactly as bad as it sounds. She constantly burnt food because she’d just walk out the door, mid stir fry. So naturally the fire alarm would go off every second day and then she’d complain about the noise...

Chinese Monster: ”What dat for? Orrwayz peep, peep, peep!"

Colonel Neville: “Er, that’s to warn us of any fire in the apartment say at 3:AM, dig? [Under breath] You crazy bastard".

Chinese Freak: “But I never cook at 3:AM!”

And why not indeed. In the same senility corral as the room service to the insane woman, if not the same universe, was another bereft and raving old dust bag. Her endless screaming's concerned crazy, amazingly paranoid, convoluted and absurdly impossible future events.

Mrs MacGillicuddy: "The government are boiling the very pies we eat! And the steam is rising! Mark my words. In the future, we'll all be permanently damp and waterlogged, and that's when they'll jump! We won't be able to run, you see. We're being watched now. Oh yes. My phone is monitored. Pick it up. Go on. I can hear them whispering. Everything is in place. Oh yes".

Much like the manic obsessions of 911 conspiracy creepy bores and ecofascist environmentalism, eh? Which reminds me of Oz Greens Leader Bob Brown, a man whose mind is spread so thin when attempting to grasp any subject, that it can be folded many more times than the theoretical seven.

“I know what you’re up to! You’re with that woman up the street and you all stink! Don’t you think I don’t know?! I have proof! I have photos! Of you with the King, the King of Norway. You’ll never take me alive! You’ll never rule the world with your dirty tricks; ya death rays don’t scare me! Get away from me! Don’t you dare leave me! I’ll stab you, I will!"

Er, that's Mrs MacGillicuddy, not Bob Brown discussing Green's Policy. And yet, compared to the opinions of the MSM, all seemingly formed by mere chance, Mrs Mac could almost be as a breath of fresh air. Her scrambled mind stands out as clearly mad because well, everyone else is not like that. And there’s the rub, matey’s. It’s hard to find contrast in the MSM between good and bad when apart from small fast evaporating pools of intellectual light, the majority of the virtually useless MSM is so reflective of each other. And on so many critical subjects, merely reinforce rather blithely, captive delusions and ignorance.

"Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had". Michael Crichton.

When so many agree with what is nothing but fashionable guff, hyperbole, predictive bunkum, passively received indoctrination and junk that we've just grown up with, you find that ever fewer can speak out and say um, that’s simply not true. To know what the real motives for pushing something are and say here is the empirical evidence that will utterly Fisk this point by crushing point, is er, time consuming and difficult.

And there you have it. The dominant MSM and educational angle is mostly of the left. It’s emotional, passionate and always urgent and actually all about control and vanity. Moral vanity. It means that all children must learn thee only correct response to everything. Living in the inner-city as I do, the chances of meeting folks not sodden with left cant is sometimes kinda pretty slim. Of course not everyone in the inner-city is affluent and nuts. Some folks are loaded and entirely irrational. For instance, I went to an open day for my son’s primary school last year. On a class room wall there were pictures of Coalition troops, with a list of descriptive questions, followed by the alleged answers of the er, children.

I say alleged, because if you can swallow a child of about seven emoting in "SmashTheCapitalistWarMachineImperialistMurderersEtc" GreenLeft Weekly speak, all placard and chant ready, let me know how. The military are, according to our junior Sean Penn's and Noam Chomsky’s, mostly very bad "angry" people. Yep, the highly trained professional adults, of diverse backgrounds whose awesome courage and patriotism has given us everything we have, have been presented as creeps and borderline criminals, and not in reality straight from the mouths of babes, but via the ideological delusions of people a little taller than a seven year-old.

George Bush was surprise, seen as an idiot, a liar and every seven year-olds common concept, a fascist. Er, no. The fully qualified and experienced jet pilot, who graduated with a common C average from Harvard and Yale idiot, who is a rape and adultery and largely scandal free cum non-perjuring type President. Er, do seven year-old kids usually think in terms of fascism, meaning military states with all industry nationalized, total control of all speech via the state, and with some bizarre kind of agrarian fantasy overlay? Doubt it? Sounds like the collectivist left. Come on, kids have to be shovel fed this junk with little chance of dissent. They don't usually turn into sour and self-loathing paranoids without assistance. It ain't natural.

Aah, teaching kids not how to think, but what to think, ends in ideologically driven mediocrity so pervasive and accepted, that no one, especially a seven year-old, can conceive of anything outside of it. And this is done by otherwise good people. Go figure. It’s the Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers as per usual. Don't let ya pod folks try this on ya at home, kids! Stay awake. Now where's that rebellion gone?
"Only a fool would let their enemy educate their children". Malcolm X. 
It seems now that if you agree with enough of someone, you by default must agree with it all [or you are instantly put on their enemies list]  and thus there’s no need to have any objective ability to discriminate with any proportion or perspective. Developing the thinking skills required for discriminating analysis is the basis of rational thought. The elimination of rational thought is the essential goal of leftism. The extreme and the amorphous. Some choice. Odd, innit?

To encourage children to not tell the difference between Hitler, Stalin and Mao on the one mass murdering hand, and Bush, Howard and Blair on the other, is bizarre. Or to see the incredibly successful West of capitalist democracy, free-markets, freedom and the human rights that they do objectively embody, as the true and only source of evil in the world, is not only insane and wrong, but deeply corrupting, manipulative and corrosive to young minds. This is cognitive dissonance, actually pure evil and it doesn't bode well.

It certainly doesn’t bode well for the assistance I look for with my own flaws, faults and limitations. I like to meet the many people who are far better than I am, but who has that much time? It’s disturbing to me to imagine being left to my own feeble resources. I thank God everyday for the Internet and independent publishing.
"It crushes a man's ego. I feel...lonely". Chuck in Planet of the Apes. 
"To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence". Friedrich Nietzsche.
If only I’d grasped any of this or anything at fifteen, or thirty five. Well, um, Nietzsche was a proto Nazi, a people-hating and self-loathing nutcase at the best of times, but nobody's perfect. And he was if anything, consistent. So of course, all the George Bush photos each had a little Adolf moustache and matching quiff sets. No one seemed to find this er, culturally insensitive to say any Jews, who gee, do know the difference. Now don’t get me wrong, the teachers are good people otherwise, and er, competent. It’s just that er, something is wrong. Maybe it’s the space-time continuum?!

In the staff room was a sensitive Teachers Union take on Ramadan. You know, the traditional Muslim cleansing ritual prior to the traditional Muslim violent Jihad. If you can spin that positively, you can spin anything.

“OK. This is how I see the new advertising campaign, Osama baby. Can I call you Osama? Smile and lose the beard and moustache! The kids will love ya! Ya so anti-American! Trust me! I did wonders for Che the child killer!”

"On everything from Indian policy to education, ideological purity now trumps even the most obvious failures in practice. The single greatest weakness of Western culture is the ability to draw a moral equivalence between anything and everything. It’s really an inability to see anything in due proportion".
Mark Steyn.

One can't think rationally when polarized. The mind tends to swing from one extreme to another like a pair of toy magnet poodles. So where do I end up? Avoiding being bogged down in the automatic treacle of the misinformed. At many a workplace folks spend their lunch break staring into space, gossiping, watching the very loud TV no matter what’s on, never reading and consuming often B grade food. So much for management, you should see the staff! Yet almost invariably many have strong views on geopolitics, economics, security and clog dancing, of which they deliberately know nothing.

"Howard’s a racist! I like Rudd’s smile. We need a change! Bush has caused terrorism!, America is so bad. I don't like cheese snacks. Is the cricket on?"

“I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like!" Er, no. The first admission means that the following conclusion is impossible.

Sadly, it’s not an inherent skill for any of us to be able to escape from the circle of logical fallacy. It takes some effort. Such nopinions are second hand impressions from second rate minds, and one ends up thrown upon the rough seas of emotions and of worthless viewpoints. But hey, Bon Voyage!

"Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions". Albert Einstein.

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When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with assholes.