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Where Has Everybody Gone?

Chuck: "Hey Big Brother, how's your ass?"

[Originally posted on the great Copious Dissent a week ago. This post is slightly modified.]

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil”.
Thomas Mann.

”One of the greatest blessings of living in America is our First Amendment, which protects the right of all of us to speak out without facing government persecution. People in other countries, even strong Western democracies, are not as fortunate.

The French government, for instance, is prosecuting 73-year-old former film goddess Bridget Bardot for criticizing the ritual [Islamic] slaughter of sheep in a 2004 letter to Nicholas Sarkozy, now France’s president”. From Projo.

Man, in Australia regards the true freedom of the US Constitution via the First and Second Amendments, they were never really around downunder much if at all in the first place. Because dear reader, a few of the fundamental rights we had have been able to be modified down and virtually without a squeak. Are we men or mice? "Waiter! I'll have some more cheese!"

So it's a funny thing to have over an eighteen month period, an epiphany about your own country mine being the very, very far away land of Oz and to completely realise that there is apart from a few scattered columnists, blogs and the rare and isolated radio program, entirely no public forum, voice or constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech or expression of the kind found in America the Beautiful because it's free. And there's certainly no media place for the free expression of our true Australian character. No, really.

There is no freedom of speech if it’s conditional you know. There is also no longer any right to bear arms in Australia, thus we were disarmed by making the owning of guns criminal, [and by alleged conservative John Howard no less.] Now mostly criminals have guns. As is shown in every hell hole on earth disarming the populace is an essential step to the convenience of permanent control and firing squads.

Hey, I don’t want to overstate my case. That would be silly and well, hyperbole. Things are only getting worse incrementally so it’s all really cool, eh? I believe that like the three saps of the Wizard of Oz, when it comes to defending and maintaining our own precious freedoms we too often lack the courage to act effectively, the heart to be angry in the first place and the brains to realise what this all means. If we allow ourselves to be boobs then we'll wake up one dark afternoon of the sol, but a much too late.

“Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity”. Christopher Morley.

In Australi, this largely non-existent freedom of speech is like a piece of rope whose length is pre-proscribed by the government and aided by our dreadful PC appalling and censorious, phony and uselessly leftard dominated MSM. In other words, I never need to say anything per se as one already knows exactly what one can and should say unless you want to be at best totally ignored, or at worst arrested.

Or is that at best arrested and at worst, totally ignored?

“In America, there are efforts, particularly on college campuses, to silence voices of dissent through the imposition of punishments for stirring bad feelings. But most citizens still seem to understand the Founders’ wisdom in crafting the First Amendment: A vigorous exchange of ideas helps us solve problems, and protects other freedoms. Without a First Amendment, government officials would move quickly to silence the spread of information they found inconvenient or threatening to their power”. From Projo.

As Mark Steyn has said, if you only believe in speech that you don’t find offensive because you agree with it, then you don’t believe in free speech at all. No one has a right to not be offended. "Freedom is offensive". That's the point. I'm constantly offended by the control freak left radical frauds of the MSM, the current neo-faux socialist government of Australia, the Education and Indoctrination Department and the quality of coffee at chain stores. But that’s the way it is for the foreseeable future

Man, I never get tired of quoting both the Steyner and P.J O'Rourke. If only they felt the same!

Oh, I get it. Referencing Mark again there is a kind of unspoken 'Gentleman’s Agreement' on whom and what cannot be criticised, examined or analysed. With rather clear guidelines on how this narrow censure is reported and sold to an often clueless public. It can folks mostly be filled in blindfolded and usually is.

“When everyone is against you, it means that you are absolutely wrong, or absolutely right”. Albert Guinon.

To expect any significant or other event overseas to be reported in our dull and duller Oz MSM with any brave insight or mature skill is laughable. Jeremiah Wright’s fraudulent, insane, bigoted and mediocre ramblings are presented here as mere “criticism of America”. Riiight.

So it's like criticism of the weather then or the tax code, or perhaps wine in certain regions of the Napa Valley? They’re all just er, “criticism” of America, right? What has happened is that as one gradually falls away from the grip and distractions most of our local media and the dominant zeitgeist thang it maintain. One also tends to read a hell of a lot more and do most research online, even bookstores and the library. Today online is almost the only truly Democratic source as it's open to cross-referenced critique.

I love my local library, but the day they employ someone who is not of the as per usual left liberal persuasion I’ll propose to Alec Baldwin. What I’ll propose, I cannot say. There is a same disease of the PC and "right on!" at most book stores, either independent or creep chains like Boredoms Books. But I digress.
This is an exact extract of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. SECT 8. Religious vilification unlawful. 8. Religious vilification unlawful.

(1) A person must not, on the ground of the religious belief or activity of another person or class of persons, engage in conduct that incites hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of, that other person or class of persons.

Note: "engage in conduct" includes use of the Internet or e-mail to publish or transmit statements or other material. (2) For the purposes of sub-section (1), conduct-

(a) may be constituted by a single occasion or by a number of occasions over a period of time; and(b) may occur in or outside Victoria”.
Hey, nothing like setting up an environment with vast new holes of no-go zones in the already feeble and sclerotic public discourse, eh?

For "religion" invariably read as Islam and the upside-down denial of the harsh reality thereof...

In other words choose the right er, "religion" and you can wage cultural and literal war against the West largely unimpeded, nay, abetted and your empirical true sources, motives and modus operandi will be protected in a trust of threatened litigation and is therefore given legitimacy. This no matter how outrageous the empirical Himalaya of daily, historical and relentless evidence to the contrary.

All the sins of Islam, when they do finally come to the attention of law, are invariably seen as exceptions and er, "hijackings" of a fine ur, "faith." It’s ironic is it not, that the Tourets Syndrome of Western apologia is always saying that Islam has been hijacked by frauds? Quite, but no. They’re always real hijackers.

Basically, for writing the empirical truth as I do about Islam, I’m breaking an interestingly fascistic control freakery law. This is the beginning and the end of why I wish to leave our sunny land and move to America, even with all its murdering illegal immigrant's and Alec Baldwin included.

My Japanese wife used to live in New York and it would take us maybe half an hour to pack for Texas. Maybe we should emigrate on a jihadist economy free pass via Tijuana? Twelve million illegals can’t be wrong. Hey, maybe I'll get one of those little toy dogs for the car and maybe some nice Mexican cowboy boots.

Colonel Neville: “No, I don’t want to buy a rocket launcher, pal. No, I don’t want to see pictures of your sister”.

Local businessman: “You want to see pictures of YOUR sister?”

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it”. George Bernard Shaw.

Colonel Neville.

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