Thursday, 8 May 2008

It’s only a paper, Moon.

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon started and owns the Washington Times. Hey, they have a nice crossword puzzle don't they? Five down. A six letter word for an insane person ending in 'oonie'? Moonie! What does one need to get on the Moons higher level of spiritual vibration? One hundred billion dollars and a truck load of crazy pills!

There’s only one thing wrong with the Reverend Moon. Its alive! Now dig. I’m a Conservative Libertarian, but there are flaws and darkness on the Conservative side too, even if in the following spooky case, it originally kinda came about from the embarrassing farrago of Left Liberalism's finest hour known as the er, 1970’s. I’m an equal opportunity critic and satirist kind of guy and therefore will point out sometimes rather harshly, even from my side of the River Styx, any unpleasant er, truths. What a guy!

Does this change my views on Conservatism and Christianity? They’re always changing in some way but er, no. The fact that some under the swingin’ scene of Conservatism and Christianity are either clueless boobs, nuts or frauds, or all three, has entirely no effect on my belief in the facts of life, which are relentlessly Conservative. Just like some Chef's being lousy, hasn’t stopped me believing in eating. But I digress.

Yep, it's a shocking thing that people high up in several Presidencies and government can be connected at all with a mindless, worldwide cult of mass conformity, headed by an incredibly rich bore and boob who speaks like a dirt farmer. Propagating it all via insane, utterly bogus propaganda and even to school children and teenagers, a load of Logical Fallacy laden junk, that is empirically phoney.

This massive sham and fraud is worth billions and is eagerly funded by business and government! Worst of all, it cannot be questioned at all, and anyone who does so, is the one with the problem. But enough about Al Gore and Global Warming.

Now with the whole Moon thing, there's not only real darkness, but corruption, stupidity, full blown creep-out, the just plain crazy and the often cluelessly incongruous. And at the centre of this freakish universe is the planet sized Reverend Moon. Moon started and owns Conservative newspaper The Washington Times. Oh my, for a Conservative, is this not rather tragic, embarrassing and problematic, to put it mildly? This is no matter that there are good reporters and pieces in it. It's still...the Moon!

Moon owns many New York landmarks, massive real estate holdings and literally thousands of sometimes enormously successful real and front companies. The main supplier of seafood to sushi Chefs in America is a Moon company, a monopoly called True World Foods. It includes industrial scale fishing and lobster plants etc. He also owns things like heavy industry in South Korea, a car plant in North Korea and so on.

As author of ’Bad Moon Rising’, the affable John Gorenfeld shows, Moon is at the level of any other major Corporation like Hyundai etc.

To quote Gorenfeld "...he [Moon] has business interests that are just stunning in their reach”. Moon also owns UPI, or United Press International and an M16 gun factory! So he’s not all bad.

Moon’s wealth, history, assets and influence are well, beyond belief. Who and what he is connected to, is deeply disturbing. Hey, did someone order a flat white? Here's Pat Boone crooning to the Moon!

Moon's ultimate plans are terrifying. Who he is, how he thinks, what he says and what he does is beyond bizarre and is profoundly evil. Moon receives millions of dollars as well as incredible concessions and benefits from the Federal US Government. Oh, yes he does. The Moonies are the ultimate 1960’s and 1970’s spawned cult, and yet they have achieved many of their truly mind boggling nutso goals via the Left and Right of politics. Now mostly on the Right so it seems.

Moon is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurial messianic psychopaths.

'...Moon was the subject of a Congressional investigation, later published by the chief investigator as "Gifts of Deceit", which outlined many aspects of his financial dealing and influence peddling, in service of the goal to establish a worldwide government in which the separation of church and State would be abolished. Moon would be the Messianic King of America. [Colonel Neville notes: As Moon has er, exactly named and crowned himself!]

Far fetched as this sounds, the aim hasn't died. As the whole brainwashing issue has all but faded away, John Gorenfeld has trained his eye on the main game, as he sees it, which is Moon's influence in Washington”. Rachael Kohn on ‘The Spirit of Things’, on ABC Radio National Australia. Rachael really dug Gorenfeld's insights, and so did I.

Remember those lovable Moonies? The Children of God? The eternal brainwashed ass hats of the 1960’s and 1970’s? Still around, kids, and still hanging around begging for cash in exchange for flowers and junk, or a blow job. But ya can’t say cult now, because we’re all so tolerant of the intolerant and manipulative. But I say it. Moon is a cult, cult, cult, just like Scientology is a cult, cult, cult.

I am yet to read Gorenfeld’s book on Moon, and I will, but please dig the ABC link with an easy Podcast and excellent transcriptions. The Spirit of Things and Rachael Kohn are some of the few good things on Radio National. No, really.

So why would so many Conservatives and some Democrats go for such a creep? Moon is anti-Communist, which is groovy and show’s some taste. So again, why Democrats?

Communism is based on murder, lies, conformity, envy, spite and madness. Yep, it is folks. Unfortunately, most, if not all of these attributes also apply to Moon. Moon is a messianic and fascistic totalitarian. Oddly, control freakery via the ever bigger state is a core Left thang. But then everything about Moon is absurdly “improbable”. It doesn’t make a lot of sense beyond the money, madness, corruption and cultism. Hey, maybe that's enough? Right on then!

What does make sense, is that Moonies are all over the world, and in each country, they have a conveniently different and totally phony persona. In America, they pretend to be Conservative Christians; in Korea, it’s traditional and Confucian and in Latin America, they’re revolutionaries! It's a massive subterfuge and fraud, folks. And a lot of things er, stink.

Man, study the Reverend Moon long enough, and you can start to wonder if you're going crazy.

"Excuse me Sir, but would you like to buy this crumpled flower for twenty dollars? It contains all the power of the love of Reverend Moon!" Oh sorry, I just slipped into a mindless trance there...

Now, there is the faux and convoluted Christian angle... Oh dear. Moon is actually anti-Jesus, for the simple reason among a million others, that according to Moon, this planet is not big enough for the false Messiah of Christ and the one true God on earth of Der Moon! I kid you not.

Moon actively campaigns against Christianity and bizarrely, he once paid Southern Preachers to remove crosses from their churches! It’s a crazy mix mate, and is kind of hard to sometimes even conceive of or to grasp. Though the simple answer is that Moon is a mega-billionaire totalitarian nutcake conman of the highest order. With thirty thousand nuts in America alone, and about three million members worldwide. That's a lot of crumpled flowers...

Moon is also an “authoritarian, deceptive, manipulative, fear based, tax evading convicted ex-felon", and a “menace to society” who sees Jesus as a rival, and says that ex-Presidents from George Washington on are literally beaming messages into his brain. Hey, have ya tried a tinfoil hat? It works for a lot of people in Hollywood.

“I say if you can control someone’s behaviour, their information, their thoughts and their emotions, and give them a new identity, that’s dependent on obedience on a leader or on a group, you’ve got the recipe for a destructive mind control situation”. Ex Moonie Steve Hassen from the Freedom of Mind Centre and author of ‘Freeing yourself from mind control’, talking on ABC Radio National.

For me, one limitation of the analysis of Gorenfeld, is his approach to this Himalaya of madness from well, too often a Left kind of conspiracy angle. Man, I hate conspiracy. Shockingly, he’s often right though, but to push the vast right wing media canard when the MSM from government broadcaster, to commercial to entertainment media and academia is actually predominantly and naturally Left Liberal? Where is this enormous Conservative media, because I’d like a job in it! Sounds great! John Gorenfeld is er, a Left Liberal kinda guy, but then he is a University trained journalist...But I digress.

[Colonel Neville notes: See the hip and gracious comment from the man himself, at the start of the comments section.]

Yep, Gorenfeld has shown that more than a few major Conservatives obviously have hitched their little idiot wagon's to Moon's enormous freight train, but Moon uses whatever works. And like a burnt out Moonie kid in downtown L.A, he will dump them when they ain't useful anymore. Or will he? Dah dah!

Hell, after a while of looking into the Moon man, I couldn't tell which way was up. It does make one's head dizzy. Though it's clear that more than a few surprising people are deeply with the programming. Sorry, I meant the er, program. Phew! What a freaky story this is.

“Reverend Moon is the ultimate lesson in how money can override any principles”. John Gorenfeld.

“ was step by step seduction...three days of relentless disorientation...hypnosis and mind control techniques...I was indoctrinated to believe that any negative thought was actually an evil spirit, or negative energy...I was taught to do thought stopping...a behaviour modification technique...when a thought comes into your mind, you are taught to block it and replace it with another thought.

In destructive cults, the locus is with the group...any negative thought about them or the Leader is a negative thing”.
Steve Hassen talking about the good old days of the creepy mix of Eloi like flower children, meets The Village of the Damned, that is the Moonie cult.

Hey, it’s just like the Manchurian Candidate, Scientology or an Obama rally! No, really.

Via the ABC link, go to Moons official site. Just try and read all the way through one of his unbelievably turgid, interminable mega-train spotting style er, ‘speeches’.

I haven’t subjected myself to anything so pointless, dull and appallingly written since Castro on a bucket of Mandrax, Al Gore on Al Gore, or some of my earliest posts.

Moon has the entire list of the standard things we love about megalomania, control freak cults and other fraudulent organisations. He talks of “Heaven on Earth”, the classic murder based Marxist nightmare and the “New Garden of Eden”. I haven't even got used to the old one! In Japan, his crazy gangster minions, intimidate recently widowed women to extort millions of yen from them. This apparently triggered a class action. Moon is I’m afraid, an important part of Conservative and thus Republican Washington, making this an uber-freaky scandal by any measure. What have I done to deserve this?!

But I think maybe the greatest angle that Moon works, as Gorenfeld has noted, is that Moon and nearly everything about him is so preposterous, so beyond belief and insane, that few people will take the Unification Church and Moon seriously at all. Especially enough to look into it and understand what it all means. And there’s the brilliance of it all.

A bland, stupid looking big apple pie faced whacko, just couldn’t be up to anything so er, vast, sinister and dark. Could he?

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John Gorenfeld said...

Hey, I appreciate the thoughtful review. Do try to check out the book--like you, I hate conspiracy theories, and absolutely stay away from them.

When I started writing the book, I originally intended to write an equal-opportunity-offender thing about corrupt Democrats and Republicans. But the further I got into the research, the more I discovered that it was overwhelmingly about Moon slathering huge amounts of cash all over the Right and inviting a few crooked liberals along for the ride.

A former Washington Times editorialist agreed with me; he was surprised that I'd even considered looking at Moon as a Left issue.