Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A book filled entirely with words.

Award winning author Miles O'Cant, pictured arriving at a recent book signing and sweat lodge.

The following is a transcript of an interview on the ABC radio program 'Authors and People'.

"Good evening and welcome to an hour of Government funded rebellion, and this is your host Tim Comfortable. My guest tonight is author and social critic Miles O’Cant. I’ll be discussing his latest controversial book ‘If You Don’t Agree With Me, You’re a Racist and a Fascist: How my Left friends and I are always right about everything’.

Thank you for coming on the show tonight Miles, and congratulations on winning the State Government Funded Award for ‘A Book Filled Entirely With Words’. I believe that brings your total of prestigious taxpayer funded awards to around 127?"

Miles: “ Thank you Tony. Yes, but awards mean nothing to me. They’re meaningless, absolutely without meaning. As is the $850,000 prize money. Just yesterday I received a financial statement from my accountant and I thought how this enormous cash deposit is meaningless. Money means nothing to me. It’s the writing, the art of it all and making a difference. Especially to my bank account. And it’s actually 128 awards, but again, this is entirely meaningless”.

Tim: “I agree, I find even the perks meaningless. The free gifts, being virtually impossible to fire and having an unaccountable free reign to push my Left opinions sans action for decades on end, the mutual backslapping. All meaningless.

Now, your first published title and winner of the prestigious 'Boredom Award', established you as a major literary force. And that was for the Teacher’s Union enforced children’s book ‘This Fascist Racist Government Gave Me Cancer’. It was thought controversial at the time mostly by the religious right and merely because of the cannibalism. What was your inspiration and motive for the book?

Miles: “I wanted to show realistically and without hyperbole or exaggeration, the hopelessly depressing, suicidal and voiceless reality of young people’s crushed lives as they’ve grown up in the Fascist regime of the current Nazi inspired government that is doing everything to destroy any dissent or freedom whatsoever. It’s an inspiring and entertaining read too”.

Tim: “You’re good friends with the Government Funded playwright Glib Plaistow of course”.

Miles: “Yes, but Glib has an entirely different style to me. His plays are about the hopelessly depressing, suicidal and voiceless reality of middle-aged people’s crushed lives as they’ve grown up in the Fascist regime of the current Nazi inspired government that is doing everything to destroy any dissent or freedom whatsoever”.

Tim: “Could you describe for the listeners who may have not read your first book, some of the areas you cover?

Miles: “I felt that the true experiences of young people’s lives as I imagined them almost entirely in my mind, has been ignored by much of the so called mainstream. I wanted to focus not just on the cannibalism, but gun running, international drug rings, madness, ritual suicide, Devil worshipping, arson and golf”.

Tim: "I’ve never understood golf, it’s so elitist. Now some people, mostly of the religious right, have tried to silence you by calling you “insane” and “a dangerous bore”. Your thoughts Miles?"

Miles: “Aren’t we all really a little insane and dangerously boring? Especially those who have abducted children? But who are we to say just because of outmoded and indeed judgemental ideas of right and wrong? I prefer to blend these subjective concepts into what I call "rung and rot". I don’t know what they mean, but they certainly don’t discriminate”.

Tim: “Some critics, mostly of the religious right, have said that your books are absurdly focused on a laughably bogus and dark vision of young people, when the reality is that most of those in affluent Capitalist Democracies have pretty good and normal lives. Nonsense?”

Miles: “It's nonsense to not realise that any child like that is a brainwashed weirdo!”

Tim: “Where do your ideas come from, apart from real life as you see it?”

Miles: “It all comes from my mind, Tim. My mind is like a vast landscape. Of course there’s dirt, small shrubs and even deciduous trees and is that a zebra?”

Tim: “A zebra? No that’s Doris, our tea lady”.

Miles: “She looks like a zebra! Get away from me!”

Tim: “Miles, is that a gun or a knife with a trigger?”

Miles: “You’re a Fascist and a zebra and therefore you must die! Death to the Zebra Fascists!”

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