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There's a lot to be learned so look around. Part two.

Hey, can you spot the diversity of "differences" and the common similiarities? That's right.

For diversity, there are uber-perverts, Mummas boys, spoiled freaks, rapists, heavy users of prostitution, sexual deviants, drug users, chronic masturbaters, super liars, fakes, cheats, destructive nihilist madmen, stunted permanent nut boys and affluent professional bores. Hey, there's beyond belief messianic, philistine control freaks who misunderstand everything, while writhing in impotent rage and stuffed with poisonous hate at normal life and real human emotion.

There's consistently and permanently jealous, envious and spiteful spidery dullards, who have never contributed a single positive thing to the world. Sure, there's relentlessly negative mega freaks too.

There's drop kicks, creeps, bad haircuts, startlingly ugly faces, deceivers, deluded hypocrites, bad grooming, bad skin, suicidal failures, profoundly unppealing and uncool mega spaz dorks and dags, vastly unpopular with women, who hate women, maybe love men, small children, the occassional goat, newt or household object but sadly, no Roger Whitaker fans.

Now if that ain't diverse, I don't know what is!

For sameness where it counts, they're ALL mass murderers, dead and Muslim.

“Next time you’re found, with your chin on the ground,
There’s a lot to be learned, so look around”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Waleed Ally at his recent speech at the er, Naked Gun College: “...the urgent importance now, of us being able to make sense of things that are foreign to us”.

Hey, tell me about it.

Wal: “’s not about the news that’s out there. It’s about the news we select and the prism through which we assimilate it into our conscience. That’s what it ultimately comes to be about”.

I hear ya, sister!

Wal: “The more we talk about it, the more we deny it”.

Riiight. I believe it.

Wal with his er, insight into why a small Danish magazine published some cartoons. Always with the cartoonies.

Wal: “They were people who were angry about things that happened a long time ago...”

Er, no. He’s met the cartoonists then? Knows them well? Relentless Islamist atrocities are happening now.

“...and were looking for a way to give that expression”.

Er, that’s what cartoonists do, give expression to things, like um, reality for instance. For Wal, it's a plot I tells ya!

Wal: “And so the decision to publish material offensive to Muslims, really was based on the fact that things had been happening involving Muslim communities in Europe in the years previous”.

Really? So it was all so long ago, and rather scattered events at that, eh? Er, no. Maybe a little more like over 11,300 reported Islamic terror attacks since 9/11? The violent and clear march of Islamism in the UK, Europe and Hell, most everywhere, including over 750 no go Islamic zones in France involving an average of over 120 cars torched nightly?

Maybe it has something to do with the daily avalanche of statements of policy by Islamic states and agents of murderous intent, followed up with the corresponding crimes committed within and outside the Islamic world? Or maybe because the way they do things over there, and now they’re doin' it here?

It takes massive denial and incredible cognitive dissonance, to avoid the vast Himalaya of empirical evidence that absolutely supports the harsh facts of Islam. It’s easily available to those who really want to know. Curiously, relatively few do.

Wal:The London bombings, particularly the murder of Theo Van Gogh, and so there was something there”.
Riiight. And these were all isolated events, without any connection, meaning or purpose? Like er, the continual modus operandi and goals of Islam? Could be. I could add hundreds more to the list of Islamic forged Hell on any day.

“Just what makes that little old ant,
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant.
Anyone knows an ant, can’t,
Move a rubber tree plant.
But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes.
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Wal: “...there was a tension that existed and that tension found expression in these cartoons”.

Reducto ad absurdum. Check. What breathtaking drivel. What kind of insane moral equivalence and extreme non-connection is being made here, and to what end purpose? Hey, I heard there’s a lot of tension during a beheading, an “honour” killing and the endless UK and EU Muslim demonstrations calling for the slaughter of those who dare to “Insult Islam”. And the great thing is, you can insult Islam without even knowing it. Even millions of Muslims do it Thus Prez of Iran, Armachimphead, has hung over 4,000 gays for being gay. And many were minors.

What is the Islamic beef or pork exactly? Wal mentioned Muslim “perceived hegemony” as a clear contender for an excuse to mayhem without limits.

Er, "perceived hegemony?" What does that even mean? As long as it's nothing tenuous, unlikely and abstract then? And evidence free! Why don’t they have this worrying affliction of perception and its alleged murder inducing effects, in successful places, like say Japan? Gee, I wonder why...

“We clearly have a problem I think”, says Aly, without necessarily who “we” are. Oh maybe he meant “We clearly have a problem, because I think!” Just not very well. Or maybe I misheard? “Clearly we have a problem. I stink!”

Oh no. It’s the USA that’s the problem, right? With all that hegemony that they’re lettin’ everyone perceive, an’ all. Wal said the jolly Islamic Ummah empire was apparently happy just to er, rule, not um, enforce belief .Riiight. Sure they were. They were a barrell of laughs! I'm laughing just thinkin' about it!

You and a couple of hundred indoctrinated teenagers believe it, so that's good enough, eh?

Lucky for Wal, Robert Spencer is not on the curriculum. Walter says that Bin Laden’s "writings" are all about the um, “purely defensive”. But Wal noted he didn’t want to get involved in a “semantic discussion”. Yes, nuance.

Radio announcer: “And now for a word from one of our sponsors! It's Osama, the shit of the desert!”

“So any time your gettin’ low,
‘Stead of lettin’ go,
Just remember that ant.
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant!

When troubles call, and your backs to the wall,
There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall”.
High Hopes. Frank Sinatra.

Wal says we’re merely “describing ourselves” when we er, “label” Islamic terror as um, violent or terror.

Wal: “I could resolve conflict in many ways, some of which could be violent”.

Yeah, but why bother? You’re doin’ great as you are! You know, the average boob could listen to Wal, and think he’s talking about us all, or Islamists. But usually he’s not, especially whenever he’s in the negative. The endless convoluted blame shifting onto Western culture, and the bogus bizzarro excuses are incredible. One could get mental whip lash switching from as Wal seems to see it, a largely innocent and misunderstood Islam, back to the West, the originators of most all evil.

Wal believes in “human nature”. Check. Whatever. Well, er, Wal, deception and the entirely phony are a part of human nature too, ya know.

Wal: Cultural differences are often real. Religious differences are often real”. Ya don’t say?

What is Walt on about exactly? Difference? Sameness? What? If we’re all the same, why give a damn about Islam? Because Islam forces us to notice it, I'd guess. I mean it’s the same right, or different? Only superior. Actually Islam is precisely alien, hence the exploding torsos.

“Once there was a silly old ram,
Thought he'd punch a hole in a dam.
No one could make that ram, scram,
He kept buttin' that dam.

‘Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

According to a rather startling and cheery little view of the Walter, when we get a serial murderer in Australia, [yeah hundreds of ‘em!] er, we should ask “...what’s wrong with white Australian culture?”

Check. White. Only white. Hey, no racial profiling or racist bigotry there, because every PC Leftard knows you can’t be racist about white people, cos’ white people are evil! Check. Even if it’s an Asian, black or er, a man of hey, Middle-Eastern appearance.

Every Jihadist from Osama down, is a serial killer of the most monstrous and highest order. Ditto for the theocracies of every Islamist state.

Nope, instead we mistakenly look at the individual who has committed the act and start analyzing them. How gauche. You mean like the Police and the courts do? No personal responsibility in Islam. It’s all pre-ordained by Allah. In the Koran all evil and misfortune is created by him. No, really. It is nihilistic fatalism proscribed. Nope, Wal says we shouldn’t ask “what’s wrong with this person?”

Ok. I’m white and my wife is Japanese. What the Fred is wrong with Waleed Aly?

“So any time you’re feelin' bad,
‘Stead of feelin’ sad,
Just remember that ram,
Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam...”
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Aly says “We are not necessarily what we do”.
Ok, whatever that means. That’s what I say. Just because I strangled those puppies, it doesn’t make me a puppy strangler!

I mean who gives a damn if someone is as polite as say, Wal for example, but they’re slicing off your head? It’s empirical that actions trump who you may be, every time. He says whatever people do, we must judge it as none the less, human behavior. And?

Why do I get the feeling he is not directing this tolerance at gee, “white” Westerners? Hey Wal baby, what about the massive murdering global Islamist elephant in the room? Good luck at the next armed robbery, assault, rape or murder. Just remember, that’s human behaviour!

Police Officer: “Drop the gun sir!”

Symbionese Liberation Army cell member, Weatherman or Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir slash Al Aqsa slash Hamas slash Hezbollah Jihadist loon: “Hey man, stop judging me by what I do, instead of what I am! I’ve gotta be me! Stop laying your perceived hegemony on me!”

Wal says we gotta “understand” the ah, “differences”. And we are not allowed to use our own experience or history. Because according to Wal, it’s so badly flawed! Ah Islam is so er, pure. The true reason this is often pushed, is that without these rational thinking and discriminating skills, which are an intrinsic part of the scientific heritage of the Western Canon, we will be incapable of seeing Islam for what it really truly is.

And then every now and then Wal says something...almost interesting.

Wal: “Talk to any Arab for five minutes, and they will tell you that English is a hopeless language cos’ it doesn’t express the richness of the Arabic language. And I’d just say that’s typical”.

“So there is a little light in the forest after all?” Chuck Heston to Mathias in The Omega Man.

“All problems just a toy balloon,
They’ll be bursted soon.
They’re just bound to go pop,
Oops there goes another problem, kerplop”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

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