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MSM content is mostly bunk and the form is under par.

Editor of the Age, Andrew Jaspin works through the night, compiling lists of people who are class traitors to the supremacy of the glorious peoples newspaper!

Walid Shoebat. “I never watch or read any of the mainstream media”. Nope, Mr Shoebat moves online and via literary journalism, specialist publications, as well as having lived it all and knowing a lot of rather strategic people. Can't hurt. Walid is an ex-PLO terrorist and now an anti-Islamist Christian, who travels the world with two similar guys speaking on the harsh truth of global Islamic Jihadism and macrame.

For Walid, the pathetically PC and dhimmied Western media are almost by default, profoundly wrong in reporting on the Middle East, Jihadist loons, or any serious threats to Israeli and the free West. Shoebat compares the facts of the world that he knows intimately, with the almost uniform and absolute unreality of the MSM as if they are reporting from another dimension. Which they are.

"If the editors, photographers, cartoonists, reporters and analysts who shape the reports delivered into the conventional news channels were obliged to face critical analysis, had to justify their frequently agenda-driven spinning, had to give an accounting for their prejudicial distortions and lies, then most of the venom directed at Israel and Israelis wouldn't be there." TheblankpagesoftheAge.
Via thisongoingwar.

A vast world and its events are reduced via a selective squeezed conceit. Essentially a morally vain one. The old Age will maintain at all costs it seems, their ridiculous Left credentialed view of themselves. They really believe it. No, really.

Dig, the MSM love to say their er, business, is informing the public. Nope, it’s more about not informing the public and using manipulation, lies, their own cowardice, ideology and influence peddling. If the media was about informing the public, the MSM would firstly promote the analytical skills necessary, eh?

Yep, there'd be a few solid and ongoing weeks of explaining how the artifice and phony construct of media and alleged news works. They’d first have to admit that it’s been mostly been bunk to make money and stroke ya pet ideology.

“Hey, folks. Absorb the crap we churn out, and ya mind'll be so taken over by our fake take on reality, you’ll be almost incapable of accepting the empirical truth of anything. You can imagine making laughable choices, developing faux rebel tastes and even contributing. Good luck!” Anton Jasper. [Any similiarity to the name of the editor of the Age, is purely coincidental.]

The MSM is uswful as a utilitarian classified and a rough source of an often surprisingly poor standard of information on almost every subject. The MSM is like a University exam, where they sit the exam, but you as the subject, never really find out where they were wrong, because it's rarely ever follow up with corrections or any depth of analysis. Trying to learn anything about the world from the MSM is like trying to learn about a city from an express train. At best, you often get unsatisfying pointers, beyond a journos limited ability and the control freak stupidity of the editorial staff, however professional that stupidity may be.

There is not one subject I can recall researching, where I didn’t find the MSM profoundly lacking to grossly incompetent and right up to plain liars.

Now the Age er, newspaper has...

"Please! put down that vase!"

As I was saying, the Age has on its masthead, oh, this is a killer, er, “Australia’s Independent Newspaper!” Independent of what they neglect to say.

How does a major publication of the giant Fairfax Corporation resemble anything ah, independent? Hey, maybe they’re rad, underground and out there, man! You never know what crazy thing they’ll publish next! Gee, one day it’s a tired old Leftard bore and mediocrity by the numbers, next minute, it’s a freakish Islamist apologist like Amin Saikal or Waleed Aly, and then just like that, they throw up another dozen Leftard Jew haters! What a surprise fest!

Next moment it might be an old ABC PC drone! Who knows? Wow! Gues what gang?! Michael Leunig has done another self loathing Jew style anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and anti-US cartoon! What a turn up for the books! Oh, look, Geaorge Bush is drawn as an evil cowboy! Look, a duck! What an incredibly innovative talent! Almost as delightful as Bruce Petty!

Why does hilariously neurotic old Mike look like an alchoholic housewife awoken at 3:AM dressed in wino casual? Go figure.

It can verily be said of The Age et al, that they are truly only limited by their imagination.

Gosh, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Australia is so far away and lacking any real media competition? Could be. Hey, there are good things in there such as a neato piece of art deco I just read. Sadly, this kinda thing is as per usual, because the good doesn't usually rise above the genre of specialties and lifestyle. Anything serious and important in the world often has a striking similarity to a well edited student paper, but without the endearing spunk.

The Age has been on a trajectory of chronic Leftardism, envirofascism, radical, pro-Islamist apologia and general baloney for years. Like a moving object in the vacuum of space, there is entirely no reason this will slow or change course. In fact, the boosters are on.

Thus virtual whole editions of pro-'Earth Hour' drivel, while over 240 Age journos allegedly signed a letter of complaint regards how they were forced to write only in pro bullshit. Hey, that's journalistic ethics right there. Thus absurd exposes on things that have not happened like the icecaps melting and little to nothing on the mass murder of North Koreans and Cubans, the fraud and wilful lies of Al Gore, or the hideous cult of a narcissistic sadist like Che the child killer. In fact, little to nothing on the almost invariably hideously bogus heroes of the Left at all.

And then there is the cutting expose of the UN by SBS and the ABC. Er, no.

"So, nothing on the true goals, methods, history and core genocidal beliefs of Marxist environmentalism and the similar encroachment of global Islamism for me. And the wife will have the fish".

That’s why the same press could report enormously and almost gleefully on the murder of over of over a hundred and thirty people by US troops at Mai Lay, but not the murder of 2,500 Catholics by Communist Viet Cong during the siege of the Citadel in Hue. Because one fits their paradigm and bias and one doesn’t. It’s why everyone followed Walter Cronkite’s line on the Tet Offensive being a massive rout for the South Vietnamese and US troops, when it was the opposite. The South and US fought back courageously and utterly destroyed the Viet Cong.

It’s why the most famous picture of the Vietnam war of the Saigon Police Chief shooting a captured Viet Cong has no back story. It didn’t fit and the average hack, thousands of ‘em in Saigon at the time, just go to the same file drawer as the last guy.

The bastard he shot had within hours, gone into the home of one of his officers, and stabbed to death his wife, children and the officer concerned in their kitchen. I woulda shot him. That photo has been used countless times, and apart from hip war photographer Tim Page and Vietnamese reporter, no one ever thinks to go any deeper than said file drawer. This is your MSM in action. It’s why they report so many lies of Islamist propaganda like the monstrous Al Dura Pallywood fraud as fact. And when it’s thoroughly exposed, er, bad luck, we ain’t gonna really follow it up.

Thus there must be a Conservative conspiracy when JFK is murdered by a Commie creep who went to Russia for more than the larfs. And there must be a conspiracy when Robert Kennedy is murdered by a Muslim. But there’s no hint of a conspiracy by any MSM scribbler when a boneheaded redneck murders Martin Luther King. Cos you know, that fits nicely into the Leftard dystopia.

It’s why Jimmy farter Carter is reported as an alleged peace maker, when he has done no such thing. But no reporting of the millions of dollars he has received from the Saudi’s for his rotten and ample efforts in their combined war against the Jews and Israel. And indeed, little serious reporting on Israel at all, I say. And I’ve seen no serious examination of the terrifying truth of Mohammad, Islam and the Koran, but plenty on how terrific a guy the feudal Marxist and desk calendar spouter, the Dalai Lama is. And every celebrity usually gets free reign in their half baked and undergrad clichés, as long as they're of the as per usual limousine Leftoid kind.

It’s why so many journos sneer in boring unison with comfortable cynicism at George Bush’s empirically correct assessment of Iran, North Korea and Iraq as being a true axis of evil.

The first two clearly are, and the latter was. In fact there are dozens of such inhuman triangles in the world. Just replace Iraq with Syria et al. Think of the disconnect from not only the easily researched reality of such rotten nightmares, but the separation of the average MSM creep from most ordinary people. Think about it.

If such crap piles that murder millions of their own people as a matter of relentless policy are not evil, then what would be evil if at all, to such faux worldly boobs? Oh, America and Israel. Check. Gotcha.

It’s why Castro’s brother is not reported as the sadistic monster he is, or how Cuba really is. Or North Korea, or Iran beyond enough to just get by. Thus a series of top five New York best sellers get almost zero mention, because they debunk Left Liberalism and its many frauds, crimes, utter failures and conceits.

Such as Mark Steyn’s America Alone, WWlV by Norman Podhoretz and zero mention of the large selling and very popular and controversial [Left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. And why wouldn’t ‘The Real Che: And idiots who idolise him’ by Humberto Fontova, wouldn’t trigger some kind of revision of one of the major planks and shibboleths of Leftist Socialism. I mean, why is anyone still promoting neo-versions of this crap unchallenged?

Like Obama the Manchurian Candidate.

A vastly successful world is ignored, because it’s not totally accepting of the whole package of Leftist ideology, much like the voice of pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish Jews are mostly ignored, sidelined and attacked. Nope, our MSM prefer Islamists, self loathing Jews and Leftard fellow travellers. Our MSM gives equal or more weight to theocratic totalitarian terrorists than to the successful democracy of Israel.

The Western MSM publishes a vast smorgasboard of hate and lies aimed exclusively at Israel and the Jewish people, but usually within the currently accepted level of idiot anti-Semitism.

There's nothing more subjective than objective journalism. If one examines it, there are really often few to zero journalistic standards in much of our press and broadcasters. No, really.

Pro-Zionists mostly just don’t exist beyond anomaly. When forced to notice any unpalatable truth, our media to a virtual hack, will drop to the level of a juvenile Koskid hyperbole screecher, drowning in idiot cliché’s of “Racist!”, “Fascist!” ad nauseum, even their own at any deviation. Our media is for the most part logical fallacy afflicted.

Thus over 3,000 Camden protesters are called en masse, without evidence, without names, “Racist!” for not wanting an Islamist school in there area. This reported as serious analysis by the same people who would never live in an area that would ever get an Islamic anything, such as the affluent and urban. So the Age reports a Maoist success in Nepal as a good thing. Of course, Maoism is not a good thing for say the city suburbs of Melbourne like Brunswick or Glen Iris where a reporter may choose to live. And they do.

And a Hamas killer is a “spokesman”. These people have no values as their values. All such beliefs are entirely fashionable and for sale.

But changing all this would not only be problematic for the ugly and phony house of cards built by our media empires of which there are about two or three, it would also be bad for business. Now imagine how enabling this long term fraud on empirical and evidential reality means. It can only mean that the public are addled and deluded and that mountains of evil can find a predictable and reactionary home in said printed and broadcast drivel.

In fact, they are the very promoters and propagandists of many big lies repeated enough to be accepted by perhaps the majority. Ah, the handy tools of handy moral equivalence, logical fallacy, manipulation and general venality via a controlled market.

It’s hard to know how damaging decades of such narrowing has been to the public mind. But then, one can merely look around.

It’s amazing how much of the local MSM subjects fall into the narrow paradigms of a kind of neo student union meeting for the middle aged, comfortable and unchallenged.

Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.


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