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Nothings gonna touch you in these Golden Years. Part One.

A woman "projecting" her Western style misunderstanding and bigotry, onto the defenceless men of another great Islamic success story...Iran! She wore "un-Islamic dress!" How "truly offensive!" Oops, she's er, a Muslim. How about that. I love that song. "She wore un-Islamic...un-Islamic was the style that she wore". Nostalgic, eh? Takes me back to the 7th century!

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“There's a whiff of the lynch mob or the lemming migration about any overlarge concentration of like-thinking individuals, no matter how virtuous their cause”. P.J O’Rourke.

Yep, the Wal mart logical fallacy stock clearance sale is now on! Everything rational, empirical and decadently Western must go!

So when do I get my award for listening to Walled Aly’s er, lecture and twice? Man, the following could have been a total transcript and piece by piece Fisking, but ah, not without the crazy pills. Wal is like many alleged lights of the “intellectual and cultural landscape of Australia” A bore, ersatz and monumentally lame. But don’t the clueless dhimmi kids and the PC Left liberal boomers just love it? Go figure.

“A virgin’s consent is indicated by her silence”. Mohammad.

It's apparently all about what we should do or not do, apart from apologising, aquiescing and abasement. Wal neglected it seems, to say what Muslims should do and er, stop doing exactly, if anything...

Er, I believe I know what Wal is sellin’, but I ain’t buyin’ it. How can one read his angle and the logical endgame of it all, but as nicely packaged cultural and security suicide? I mean really? I’m not responsible for how someone presents themselves, only for understanding it. And er, I’d match my mind with Wal’s any day.

Wal had among many glaring contradictions, two real classics. His entire premise almost comes down to there being little to nothing to fear from Islam, merely things to er, “understand”. And virtually any alleged fault in Islam is our fault, the “white” people in the West. Did he mention Vietnamese, Pago Pago people or Laplanders? Nope. And anyway, we’re just “projecting” our own bigotry onto Islam and apparently pretty much all Muslims etc.

You know, like the Doctor with his id in Forbidden Planet. Threats, beheadings, bombings and so on, they’re all our negative thoughts, eh? That’s sure some kinda mind power we got!

“Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it”. Stephen Vizinczey.

And then, my oh my, he says how secularism kinda means nothing to Muslims and well, secularism pretty much sucks really anyway, and is just another crappy Western thang. Check. So as per usual, Islam is fundamentally superior but is gee, not trying to assert itself in any unpleasant way.

So remember, there are no ulterior motives or hidden deceptions in Islam. No. Not one. Forget about that Taqiyaa stuff. Forget I mentioned it. No, really.

“No! No way man! Just cool it! Impossible! Er, yes”. Someone incredulous.

And virtually all blame for being attacked and murdered by Muslims is the er, victims fault really. It’s that perception thing of ours. Merely discussing or thinking about it, may be causal! That’s an amazing theory regards the existence of a parallel universe of time, cause and effect if ever I’ve heard one. But then, what has Islam, Mohammad and many Muslims um, not invented? Especially with that mythical Golden Age of Islam. It was in all the papers. You know, the one’s that can’t be traced.

“Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere, angel.
Come get up my baby.
Look at that sky, life’s begun,
Nights are warm and the days are young.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Waleed Aly: “But what I’m interested in are the hidden motives, the hidden statements that are being made when people act in certain ways”.

What a coincidence, mate...

Wal: “For mine...the publication of those cartoons was made as a way of testing the way Muslims would react”.

Er, evidence? As long as you’re not paranoid then... And many Muslims did react, didn’t they? Six months later. I wonder, wonder I do, who was genuinely surprised? Now Buddhists, Anglicans or Taoists etc, reacting that way, that would be surprising. Why is it that most every time there’s a mob of religious fanatics screaming for death and destruction, its several hundred guys named Mo?

“There’s my baby, lost that’s all,
Once I’m begging you save her little soul.
Golden years, gold whop, whop, whop.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

“I believe in being free, acquiring knowledge, and telling the truth.” H.L. Mencken.

Wal: “...that is Muslims have suddenly found themselves in a category in Denmark, where they were to be tested, and this is not something, this is not the normal function of media”.

Suddenly? Really? Like just now you mean?

So media should not test the veracity of any claim if Muslims don't like it? Check. Media should only please the potentially or currently violent? Check. Wal doesn't say what is the role of media. Obviously, it must never involve upsetting Muslims. The list of thing's that offend so many Muslims, can be narrowed down to everything, anything and nothing. But do go on and on and on.

Wal: “That the normal norms of civility..." [Tautology. Nuance. Ah, threats of death and actual murder civil, cartoons an outrage. Check.]

“....that talking about whether something is newsworthy versus whether something is gratuitously offensive..." [Um, many Muslims think it very newsworthy, but let's allow the most violent and intimidating to set the rules, eh? Check]

"...that the normal norms..." [Hey!] "...that exist in publishing somehow became suspended...”

What the? Riiight. How come only Muslims seem to have this problem? Hmmm? So all Manga, underground stuff, rude things, rap and porn etc, or any critical analysis of anything that is er, critical and analytical, was what exactly? Continued or suspended? No porn? What would the biggest down loaders of porn in the world do? The Saudi’s.

Wal: “ this particular point in time because we were talking about this particular group. And it is that value judgment that I think is truly offensive”.

Gotcha. Ok, not really as offended by the over perhaps 100 people murdered by er, gee was it Muslims? Nor a great, successful, free and open democracy like Denmark being under sustained cultural assault by immigrants? Check. But a series of pen drawings in an obscure private magazine and you are ah, morally aroused? Now that’s a Hell of a value free judgment right there, mate. Check.

“I am made victorious through terror”. Mohammad.

One of the hallmarks of Islam is its hall of mirrors styled perceptions, a virtual default. We see irrational madness and threats; they see their own perfection disturbed only by our refusal to “understand” er, something. Islamism is cognitive dissonance codified. I tell ya, if you can get angry at the Danes, [The Danes!] you can get angry at anyone or even no one. Why do such violent people go to an advanced Democracy like Denmark anyway? To spread Islam.

“Last night they loved you, opening doors and pulling some strings, angel.
Come get up my baby.
In walked luck and you looked in time.
Never look back, walk tall, act fine.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Wal: “What’s interesting about that was that nearly every cartoonist in the world thought that the Danish cartoons weren’t very good either”.

Interesting? Really? Maybe to you. So what? Do better one's yourself then. Wal checked with all 50,000 cartoonists? Matt Groening? Pixar? Mort Drucker? Bruce Petty? Oliphant? Rodriguez? Spooner? Disney? Etcetera? Wal doesn’t say.

Hey, OK. Now we know that Islamist loons have very high standards for cartooning, and will even kill to maintain them. That’s some editorial board. Check. Er, what’s with the Muslim obsession with other men’s doodles exactly?

Er, coincidentally I can do cartoons a little. Oddly, I didn't get worked up over the Danish ones, nor adopted a phony posture of stylistic snobbery. Gee, why is it hard to believe that screaming bearded freako mega dork dags, ever read comics, or are hip to Western humour, graphic art, illustration or satire? I wonder, wonder I do.

Hey, while the Jews collect their 159th well earned Nobel Prize in the sciences, Muslim’s are groveling and writhing around a bonfire over pen pictures.

“I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years.
Nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden year’s, gold.
Golden years, gold whop, whop, whop.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Wal: “I thought it was well put by ‘The Age’, [newspaper!] that the decision to publish is very different to the right to publish. The Age: “The fact that we have the right to publish, does not mean we have to publish to prove it”.

Gosh, er, you would. The old mutual backslap, eh? Maybe cos' ya write for 'em? Ya think? Must be nice to be a virtual Age contributor for life. Nice work if you can get it.

Er, the Age review is balls, and yes it does mean "we have to..." etc. Pure 'Al Age' style, crawling two-faced and mealy mouthed cant. Because what such a fraudulent er 'stand' by Al Age certainly proves, is that they don’t really believe they have the right to publish anymore at all, and can’t and won’t. I mean ever.

Yes, I could win the 600 meter dash, I just choose editorially not to. Check.

So, pictures pertinent and central to a story are not used because of laughably alleged ethical concerns, and not due to er, fear or bias? Now that's convenient!

Wal says he believes offensive stuff should be published, and then spends a lot of effort dreaming up logical fallacy's for why you can't. Ya can’t have it both ways or can You? Oh, but the Age does. It’s the 'people’s broadsheet!', and largely despises them. The Age would almost never publish outside of its right kind of bigotry, cloaked comfortably in PC. They are for the most part, dull, spineless, smug, Leftard elitists and hacks.

The Age seems to be able to degrade an almost non-existent journalistic standard over any minimum subscription period. How low can they go? Who knows? And one day, perhaps few to no one will care. Viva online.

Andrew Bolt reported that around 240 Age journalist's apparently lodged a petition of protest, on how they were forced to report only in a biased pro position regards the laughable Earth Hour fraud. Didja read any critical analysis of the whole joke anywhere in the Age? Maybe I missed it. Lucky they're in a mostly closed Australian media, and have the classified concession, eh?

“Some of these days, and it wont be long,
Gonna drive back down where you once belonged.
In the back of a dream car twenty foot long.
Don’t cry my sweet, don’t break my heart.
Doing all right, but you gotta get smart”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Wal: “..that there was something specifically, there was an attempt, something very specific in the publication of these cartoons going on”.

Beyond his absurd paranoia and blame shifting victimhood conspiracy drivel, er, no. Er, so specific he can’t say beyond er, “testing!” Maybe it’s a conspiracy headed by the Secret Danish Cartoonist Cabal! Maybe it’s in the Protocol’s!

Wal: “ the vanguard for free speech emerges...”

There’s no “vanguard”. Most normal people in the West value free speech. Still, divide and conquer if you must. It’s all very Leftard Marxist and Nazi political theory, innit?

“Und zen zer enemies of zer peeple und zer schtate und zer counter revolooshunaries vill schtrike! Vee must veed zem out, Comrades!”

Wal: “The free speech martyrdom, [!] seems to me very convenient to me”. Whatever. Our right to free speech, is about as “convenient” as the American Constitution and the First Amendment, and our Westminster Parliamentary system, mate.

Wal said it’s more “...the clash of the uncivilized”. Hey, nice moral equivalence! Er, the Danish are uncivilized? Since when? So Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Dubai, Sudan etc, are the civilised spots on the maps and the er, Scandinavians are not? Scandinavians are modern civilisation. But hey, we all have our dreams. eh?

“Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh Lord,
I believe all the way. Come get up my baby.
Run for the shadows, run for the shadows, run for the shadows in these golden years”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.


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