Monday, 30 June 2008

Oh Ma! He's Making Oy Vey's At Me!

Two young boys hanged by Iran for being homosexual. My God, they're BOYS! They are only two of over 4,000 human beings hung or otherwise murdered by the Islamist freak regime of Iran, merely for being who they are. Where's the er, protest?

"Hey, when did you become anti-Arab?"

'Me? No way! I admit I was feeling a little negative toward the alleged harshness of desert ways for a while there, but I managed to overcome it by being open minded... After all, we are being lynched by Persians! Hey, here's an interesting thing. President Armachimphead is ethnically a Turk and he was helped into power by the Iranian Communist Party. Those fascistic totalitarians, really know how to swing!'

I received a surprise email from an old Canadian chum of ten years ago. I shall call him Roger Kaputnik. Now I really liked him a lot and probably kind of still would, mostly. But I feel I’m not really the same dope as I was a decade ago. Nope, I'm a completely new dope. He's perhaps the swinging, happening and international Canadian kinda guy he always was. But I never understood what that may mean, until I started reading P.J O’Rourke, Mark Steyn, David Horowitz and visiting thepeoplescube and Dr Sanity and zombietime com etc.

Oh yes, Dissect Left too. As the great favorite of mine, Bill Cosby said, "...if you haven’t seen someone for over twelve years, don’t". And maybe he might feel the same way. Er, not Bill, but my old pally with his not so unusual views for a Treaudopian. So once again, here’s my Fisking of the whole rather confused and logical fallacy kinda prone thang.

Roger Kaputnic:"Hey Colonel: I checked out your blog and must admit I was rather shocked by some of your statements”.

Which statements exactly? But hey, tell me about it. Ya right. It really is shocking how dominant and default is the Return of the Return of the Son of the Son of 1960’s radical leftist drivel. All via their regurgitated and entirely fashionable re-packaged Marxist Critical Theory crud of acceptable Jew hatred and their useful crawling Islamic Jihadist bedfellows. Bizarrely, such creeps can count among their curious dhimmi pals, self loathing anti-Zionist Jews. Yep. Shocking. Go figure. But what can ya do? There’s no accounting for suicidal stupidity. There's leftardism everywhere. It’s the lifestyle choice for today!

Roger Kaputnic: “When did you become anti-Arab?”

Er, never. I never said I was anti-Arab, kid. It’s as unlikely a frame of mind to be thrilled at everything about a culture as to be repelled by it all. To like all is not only balls, but the meaningless nullity of a newt. The ability to discriminate is the basis of rational thought. I guess I’m just not crazy about the beheadings, blood, screaming and pet market bombings as steps to a Global Caliphate. But hey, that’s just me. Oh, maybe lay it all out like wallpaper? Well I do try to do the detail as it were, but not every detail every time. Such an approach of covering all bases and each contingency would make the un-writable un-readable, much like this blog.

I thought I was merely empirical, researched, harshly factual, rational, humorous and almost passable. I write about culture, Islam, theocratic dictatorships, and anti-Zionism which is just Jew hatred etc, and not much about tedious ideas of race, which can be of limited use and lack a clear scientific basis. Um, I would say if one really cares about Arabs, Muslims or Chinese etc, one should care about what honestly who they are and what makes their lives suck and what they may want to harshly impose on others. Like an Islamic police state such as Iran, that beats, rapes and tortures women to death for uncovering their ankles, or for playing in a band, as a matter of policy.

I won’t be indulging as quite a few Arab Muslims have for over 1300 years and counting, in lies. absurd and phony moral equivalence excuses and other blame shifting fantasy’s based on their own imbibed since the cradle, irrational Islamic Jew and Infidel hatred. So startlingly devoid of self-examination and actual achievement as it is. Of course there are many courageous Arabs who do dissent and critique their own culture such as it is, and if they live much past lunchtime are uniformly abused and ignored by the Western left.

P.J O’Rourke said that the two main things that make any place suck is the absence of responsible civil government and effective economic systems. The presence of these is what makes our lives not suck. That’s capitalist free markets, democratic civil systems of government and thus the free flow of ideas. Couldn’t hurt.

And the odd fact that proportionately, the Jews contribute more literature, science, medicine and so on than anyone and everyone else combined, as in this neato little tip of the productive iceberg. It's called So you want to boycott Israel?

The trouble with those enamored with the miracle of multicultural faux tolerance and the posture of being so open minded that one’s brain is open to the water-logging effects of the rain, is that one ends up believing in every culture but one’s own. Thus no other culture that has a rather stronger self belief in itself like Islam, will ever believe in you. Mark Steyn said the great thing about multiculturalism is that it absolves you from having to learn anything about another culture at all. You just feel good about it and go to the restaurants.

Roger Kaputnic: “I thought you were a free thinking and didn't fall for the hype?”

Ok. Free thinking now means only Jew-hating and treasonous leftist? Check. Er. No. I am as my blog banner reads. Oh, I get it. Islamic Jihad is not real! Riiight. Ah, the "hype?" Ironically the left has NO substance of worth and is entirely hype of the ever future, unproven and un-provable Utopian kind. Hey, mebbe you mean the Muslim and leftist hype of it really is and always the evil Jews all along? Gotcha. So the incredible democratic, scientific, intellectual, moral and social achievements of Israel against massive odds are a dream? Er, no. I get it. To you, anything good fact about Israel and the Jews is hype while conversely, every Islamic madhouse is pretty er, cool and ok by well, default.

Where is this er, pro-Israel “hype” coming from exactly? It sure ain't very effective, izzit? From a left dominated media, academia or the entertainment industry I suppose? How and where exactly? Hey, and I’m such a passive dupe, I fell for it! I doubt it, being as my Mother used to say of me in her working class English way, “E’s sharp enough! 'E’s all there with 'is lemon drops!” But let’s not be bitter.

Roger Kaputnic: “If you are pro-Israel you should read this:”

Hey, I read as much as I could stand. Yeech. Not really a withering counterpoint to the vast Himalaya of facts regards Islamism, is it? I believe that if one is a decent human being, one is naturally pro-Israel and the Jewish people. So yep, I'm so pro-Israel, it hurts! Oh, so maybe being an anti-Zionist, meaning a Jew-hater and historically Nazi supported creep is perhaps merely another, but just as equally valid viewpoint? No.

Here’s a nice little piece of extreme moral-equivalence logical fallacy bunk from the rather bog-standard link you sent me. Ah, it says so much in convoluted, inverted and polarized neo-left speak, that I may have to get out my Polaroid, take a picture and have it framed.

“Do you like Hamas?” Avnery’s Weekly.

Hey, who doesn’t?!

“Not at all. I have very strong secular convictions. I oppose any ideology that mixes politics with religion, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian, in Israel, the Arab world or America”. Avnery's Weekly.

How about Taoism? The Anu people? Laplanders? You are an excellent self-loathing dhimmi twit comrade! You have shown that for many a vacuum dwelling boob, there is no difference between totalitarian Islamic Jihad and the Anglicans!

The Truedepian Revolution of Canada salutes you!

Ah, “secular convictions”. I'm reminded of the kind of mind that is convinced of nothing real or good, but believes absolutely in it’s own moral vanity driven conceits that interestingly, mean nothing. Nothing deeper than always siding with evil over good, right over wrong and lies over facts. Funny how the alleged secularism is put on hold for Islamist loons...

Here's a Youtube featuring the great Evan Sayet on "How [Left] Liberals Think". Via the Heritage Foundation.

So let me get this straight. You are kinda saying something like er, 'I like Hamas?! Hamas? You kidding me?! No way, man! Absolutely not! No, Never. Not a chance. Nope. Yes'. Check.

“That does not prevent me from speaking with Hamas people, as I have spoken with other people with whom I don't agree”. Avnery’s Weekly.

I bet it doesn't. Big 'effing surprise. So it’s just a point of view then? It always is in a Amrxist xcritical Theory mired moral relativity land. Unless it’s the Jews right? They’re always judged rather harsh and relentlessly though, eh?

“It has not prevented me from being a guest at their homes, to exchange views with them and to try to understand them”. Avnery’s Weekly.

Ah, “understand” them. I can dig it, baby. Which part of "...we are going to kill all Jews and wipe Israel from the map” don’t you understand? Yep, understanding is a wonderful hobby for those who understand nothing and like it that way. Yes, and that's why you're the creep of dinner parties. How many Hamass dinner parties you been too, exactly? Hmmm?

“Some of them I liked, some I did not”. Avnery’s Weekly.

So it's with strict conditions, eh?! I gotta like 'em! Er, which one's? So you liked the bomb makers but not the pedophiles? Yes, not all Islamic rapists, child killers and beyond belief depravity fanatics are easy to warm to at first. But keep on trying. Every leftist proxy jihadist gets there eventually.

Back to Roger Kaputnik:“I just got back from the Middle-East. Iranian people are the friendliest people I have ever met in my life”.

Of course, I’m sure they are. Especially seeing how half the population is secular or non-Muslim, or non-fundamental, most are under twenty-five years old or close, they apparently dig Western freedom per se, music and fashion and most hate their hideous freak Islamist authorities. I never said otherwise. It’s just the Iranian mass-killers who hang retarded thirteen year-old girls and over 4,000 homosexual people from construction cranes, when they’re not whipping into women, children and men in the streets, that I don’t want to be pals with. Sure, I’d be happy to shoot such vicious bullies and killers like the mad dogs they are, but that’s for another fun-filled day, when the many surviving beautiful people of Iran are truly free.

Again, good luck if you're appaently into the dumb-ass Pavlovian leftist "Bush is Hitler!", "Fascist is Zionist!" thang, and any other by the numbers fake blah-blah, woof-woof Marxist boredom. [On massive photo display at zombietime com.] Why you do, I cannot imagine. And don't worry, I won't "believe the hype". But you obviously do.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Colonel, I must link this, thanks!

Getting so-called 'Liberals'to actually watch the whole Evan Sayet video is the tough part. If only they could be forced to watch it. But that would be too Marxist. We should try to entice them to see it though.

That guy Evan Sayet is excellent, his video of his Heritage Foundation gig really hits the nail on the head. Everyone should see it.
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