Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Left will sell your soul for total control, baby.

Great! Millions of CCTV's now film England collapsing into an abyss of cultural exhaustion, security suicide, PC Left enforced and multicultural inspired despair. And all while being relentlessly menaced by Islamist freaks demanding ever more Sharia creep. Oddly, while the camera's monitor criminal activity, no warrant was issued for Ken Livingstone or George Galloway. High treason is still a crime, innit? Still, it's a larf, eh?!

“And I'd sell my soul for total control. Yeah I'd sell my soul for total control, over you”. Total Control. The Motels.

The thing about the dominance of Leftard non-thought is that it stops people from needing to, or being able to have an individual or original thought at all. And because so many boobs around will agree, no one is likely to contradict anyone else. As long as we show what rebels we are by all agreeing completely. On an ABC TV show on advertising, called the Gruen Transfer, an ad hack reckons that an ad for SUV’s is inappropriate because we’re er, “ war with Iraq for oil”. Riiight. Er, no.

We’re not at war with Iraq and not for oil, confused cliche boy. We helped set up a democratic government with a constitution that has held elections, where 13 million voted out of over 25 million. Er, modern wars by Western Capitalist Democracy's are generally not fought over easily traded commodities, which is what oil is, just like sugar, iron ore, beef, coal or pork bellies. Especially when Iraqi oil under Saddam was available at bottom of the barrel prices to virtually nothing.

Now hear this. It's entirely absurd and childlike to fetishize four wheel drives as "evil". Why not a bus, a truck, a combine harvester, a road sweeper or any other piece of transport or machinery? Because no one has recieved the entirely fashionable instructions to do so, yet. That's why.

But I digress. Everyday is an avalanche of the fashionable conceits of Logical Fallacy over the rational and the empirical. Such folks find facts anathema, and they are not always as mentally mediocre as you’d think, though they often are. What the tidal wave of misinformation, cliché and the simply not true means, is not just the said dominance of meaningless PC Leftardism, but it’s position as the now almost natural and unquestioned default . It’s almost impossible to discuss anything for more than a few minutes at best, without the conversation taking a sudden and juvenile detour into a kind of pre-recorded Twilight Zone of the irrational and perverse.

“Help! I was innocently following you and now I feel the quicksand of your internal contradictions suckin’ me down into the eternal student union crisis meeting of your stupidity!”

What Left Liberal and multiculti disguised PC neo-Socialism is really all about in the end, is total control, over you.

And literally it’s a reverse mirror and topsy turvy madhouse of the irrational, devoid of objective reason. The weirdest thing is, these passionately held beliefs and often spit flecked emotions, are not anything to do with how the earnest advocate of them behaves or lives or ever intends to be. In fact, they’re almost invariably the opposite. It is after all, merely an urge of morally vain drives that the um, urged, are largely unaware of. No, really.

“Looking counter clockwise.
Knowing what could happen.
Any moment maybe you maybe even you.

Steadfast collapse. Always certain any moment
Maybe you maybe you. Maybe even you.
Recline complete dream too sweet.
I can't do it not with you. Not even with you.
Maybe never with you.

And I'd sell my soul for total control.
Yeah I'd sell my soul for total control.
Ooh I'd sell my soul for total control over you. Over you.
Total control over you".
Total Control. The Motels.

And I’m at the stage that I no longer think that Left bunk is a little er, wrong, or a little bad or corrosive, or some, or even mostly, no. I see the entire smiley to hysterical freak show as ALL BAD. It's a mass of lies, totally toxic junk and complete rubbish. Taken to the end of its natural non-logic, it's something like death, or exactly like death. Come to think of it, it is death. The death of the individual, of freedom and the end of the prosperity that comes from only this.

There is after all, no end point to the demands of Left guff. When will they be satisfied exactly? I’ll come back two thousand years after that then. Er, I reckon when we all have the same sterile idiot thoughts and actions I suppose. Considering they start at crèche these days, that may just be achievable.

In the sometimes passable national newspaper, ‘The Australian’, the editorial says of our beatnik ban the bomb Prime Minister Kevin ‘pulling my pudd’ Rudd on Kev’s half baked nuclear disarmament jag, “...the Prime Minister is reaching for a highly laudable but extremely problematic goal. Success could depend on the goodwill of such nations as Iran and North Korea, or the will power of the international community”.

Such a bounty of Logical Fallacy, PC cognitive dissonance, delusion and world class dumbness! Or are they just kiddin’ me? These are the thought processes of people who are forever intellectually still in bed in the afternoon of their sleep little minds. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

What is highly laudable about allegedly “reaching” for our nuclear annihilation? Um, the technology is out on the Net, Kev. Try irresponsible populist Leftist canard, glib, shallow, dangerous, idiotic, incompetent, beyond belief, profoundly ignorant of history, fatuous, shockingly stupid, wrong-headed, back dated, phony, dim witted, reckless and get the fuck away from me. Yes, any of those more to the point? Hmmm?

Yes, problematic. No major world wars since 1945 entirely due to the advance of Capitalist Democracy and the posession by the free West of superior nuclear weapons, mate. This came after the bomb, not before. “Success could depend...” Gee, could it? Ya reckon? Then you WILL fail and sadly, failure at this level means utter defeat and destruction at the hands of people who do not and never will fall into line at a typical local inner-city council meeting on greener suburbs. There is no er, “goodwill” Just a wish to say good riddance to us and with Iran et al, to Israel. Good will? Are these bastards insane or just dumb as a fence rail or both?

Success belongs to the victorious and victory comes from destroying one's mortal enemies, not by spineless abasement before them. In the Middle East there is a saying that "...the falling camel attracts the most knives".

When did the naive cowardice of appeasement ever work as a security policy?

So Iran is a “state” and not a theocratic dictatorship that rapes, tortures, slices, burns, breaks and murders thousands of men, boys, women, girls and children, plus 4,000 gay people, and then dumps their bodies on the street, as normal ‘state’ policy?

Never mind the insane Armachimpheads repeated and entirely serious promise to “wipe Israel off the map” and murder all Jews etc, etcetera. Hey, so North Korea is a ‘state’, and not a massive torture chamber, Communist concentration camp and enormous gulag that in every hideous detail, is beyond belief. A Hell hole that is so bankrupt and dysfunctional, that the entire country descends into almost complete darkness every night? Check. Goodwill. All Left and neo-Socialist terms are interchangeable, reversible and entirely meaningless.

“Please tell me comrade, what is my opinion?”

Are political leaders now getting instant kudos for giving voice to every bogus and wishful dream sequence that occurs to them, as they wildly masturbate vast pools of populist blow over the laughable public discourse? Guess so, in fact absolutely so. The biggest wanker’s take the floor every time. Just don’t slip on the way out, eh? Once you turn Kevin upside down, and empty the control freakery and his loose change of rank opportunism onto the floor, Rudd is emptier than the front of a monkey house after a turd throwing frenzy. Though unlike our chimpy friends, Kevin is permanently full of crap.

I can forgive seizing on one absurd fancy after another and a wilful naivete in a seven year old child. But not in our alleged Prime Minister.

“Street wet tonight, lovers touch. It's pure delight.
Always certain any moment. Maybe even you.
Stay in bed stained sheets. My head hurts I repeat.
Maybe you maybe you maybe even you.

And I'd sell my soul for total control.
Yeah I'd sell my soul for total control.
Ooh I'd sell my soul for total control over you. Over you.
Total control over you”.
Total Control. The Motels.

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