Monday, 2 June 2008

Planet of the Arabs.

An artist’s impression of a future Global Islamic Caliphate.

“You maniacs! You blew it up! Oh, damn you, damn you all to Hell!” Chuck’s day at the beach goes horribly wrong.

What would the world be like if Mohammed's 1300 year old madman's dream of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate actually came to pass? In an Islamic Twilight Zone of zero imagination regards the creative and positive all would be one, wouldn't it? Maybe like a cross between Gaza, Iran and Mars, but without the sparkle and glamour. Perhaps a little like Saudi Arabia, where the wonderful global octopus of Emirates Ltd, spreads from. Yes, the same Emirates who have such an enormously successful business and PR machine here in Australia.

Ah, in sparkling downtown Riyahd there’s Deera or “Chop Chop Square”, where once a week , every Friday, you can take the kids literally, to see a public beheading. Or maybe they are beheading one of the kids. Whacky eh?

Sadly, few of those executed seem to like it, and often refuse to co-operate in stretching out their necks. So, the killers in charge then ram a knife into the victim’s anus. They execute men, women and minors, sports. Hey, Iran hangs 13 year old girls from cranes, and has murdered around 4,000 gays, many only young teenage boys, so why be the odd one out? Er, this is the culture we should um, “respect”. Er, all of it? Why exactly? They forget to say.

And for the many courageous Muslim dissidents, writers, artists, politicians and feminists etc, they live under constant and serious oppression, threats and death. And er, most are with little to no support in the West. Such people are not a current fashion of the Left, you see.

Of course there are millions of perfectly decent, ordinary people in Muslim and Arab states, as anywhere, but something has I'm afraid, gone seriously wrong, and for a long time, kids. Gee, maybe that's why Israel has to fight a constant battle for survival 24 hours a day, year after year, with no sign of an end to the aggression against it's legitimacy and very existence.

“Saudi Arabia uses public beheading as the punishment for murder, rape, drug trafficking, apostasy (turning your back on your religion, in this case, Islam) and sometimes for other offences, such as practicing witchcraft, highway robbery and homosexuality.

Imprisonment, flogging...and amputation (of the right hand, or cross amputation of the right hand and left foot) are for other offences, as the Judge deems fit. In rare or unreported cases, married people convicted of adultery may be executed by stoning. And in what are deemed by the authorities as very serious criminal cases involving violence, the person executed may be crucified afterwards.

In April this year three Saudis were beheaded then pinned to a crucifix, their chopped off heads placed on top of the pole, and left for all to stare at. The three were found guilty of kidnapping, robbery, murder, and shooting police, high officials, imams and judges in the Al Jouf region (close to the border to Iraq).

…a young woman, known as the Khamis Mushayt Girl (for the prison in Asir province where she is held) was due to be executed on August 18. The government stepped in and delayed the execution to give the victim's family more time to consider the circumstances and to accept blood money offered by business men in the region.

The girl, who is also known as Amal, apparently killed an intruder/former lover who threatened to rape her and reveal their tryst to her husband. Amal, who married when she was 18 and is a mother of three, has been in prison for six years, where she has memorised the Quran and helps newcomers adjust to prison conditions”. From Woman24.

More here and here.

One perhaps doesn't have to imagine an often intellectually stunted, morally barren, inhuman and permanently unstable mono-fantasy for the anti-normal life crowd set in a bizarre and far off apocalyptic future. No, no Nanette! Just research the current empirical facts for just about any Islamic state. Alternatively, read Pierre Boulet’s book Monkey Planet, the basis for lanet of the Apes, where everything is inverted, primal, enforced, unchangingly backdated, insane and dangerous.

Much of the Middle-East is simultaneously real and unreal, and oh so very upside down. It’s gonna be a real drag baby! And it already is virtually everywhere that an Islamic state exists. But how to get the whole thing going worldwide, which is every Islamists dream of a Global Caliphate?

Well, Jihadist’s will not only have to destroy, butcher and ruin most of the successful and non-insane parts of the world, but contend with the innate tribalism and endless infighting of their own er, culture, much as it is. But with Saudi Arabia already having pumped 95 billion dollars globally into the plan and counting, and a clueless, apologist, enabling dhimmi media and self-abasing authorities, well, they’re off to a pretty good start, eh?

There’s virtually no history of any lasting Arab cohesion, beyond joining together long enough for banditry, terror, deception and treachery on an awesome and very effective scale.

Like a rusting hulk, it's not the internal pressures but the external demands that keep Middle-Eastern Islam intact. Without the West giving such a vacuum-like culture its only saleable commodity, and the many countries from Asia to Europe etc, supplying the labour to do over 80% of the work in the profoundly stressed and dysfunctional Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, the whole shithouse would all collapse back to the empty wasteland it was and still, mostly is.

No matter the often gaudy to shabby surface, these are deeply stressed and profoundly dysfunctional societies, held together mostly by oil, totalitarian theocracy and paranoia. And they have largely been in this state for around 1300 years, give or take a mythical ‘golden time’. There is neither the desire, the incentive, any possibility or even the mechanism for change, sports. Nor is there much of any local example regards normality to aspire to.

The only ‘change you will most likely see in the Middle East, is to become more so, with a better maintained façade and with vastly improved PR, especially of the Fifth Column variety. And you’re seeing it now if one cares to look. Dig this from Islam in action, if you believe the radical in Islam is in the minority.

Islam is only ever an export, as Islam is entirely a one way street. No Islamic state make’s accommodations to the West, except by force or through absolute necessity. And this is still strictly limited, impermanent and at arm’s length. There are no Christian churches or Jewish synagogues and free happy minorities in sandy land. And in the West, there is apparently no serious limit to Islamic demands. Nope, merely relentless demands by Islam via the exercise of opportunity over time. How many Sharia creeps does it take to screw in Sharia creep?
What do you get when most of the countries of the Middle-East agree to attack the single and tiny nation of Israel all at once? You get rout, utter defeat and total humiliation for Muslim states and most of their almost uniquely stupid armies.

Cornelius: “We thought you were inferior”.

George Taylor: “Now you know better”.

If the Arabs as a semi-manageable group, ever did er, ‘rule’ the world, they’ll do so until about lunch time. That’s when one of the fifty new Prince's that are added a month to the madhouse of Saud, plus countless other groups and faction's, will put their standard modus operandi of knives in the dark and back, and all with a smile to the face, into full swing.

It’ll be the Thousand and One Arabian Night of the Long Knives. The 'Assassin’s', by the way, were a jolly tribe of semi-mythical Arab's who specialised at literally making a stab in the dark. That’s your garden variety of never face your enemy directly classic from the old Garden of Babylon.

“It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!” Chuck get’s a hosing in a real monkey house.

I am reminded of the crazy old Planet of the Apes film for many reasons, and not just because I dig the original film. And even though it’s not a neat analogy for the wonderful world of Islamist extremism, it does old boy, ring a few bell’s and helps one to pose a few rather harsh and prickly conundrums, what! It’s the apocalyptic end of the world as we know it theme, of the film’s central scenario, which is exactly what Islamist fanatics are clearly pursuing.

“It’s all or nothing at all. Half a love does not appeal to me!”

“Is Paris burning?” Adolf Hitler to the German Commander for the French Capital in 1944.

Hitler didn’t achieve his dream, but thousand’s of Muslim ‘youth’ in France, now live the dream on a regular basis. At last count in 750 no-go zones across the Republic. And so, I think of POTA when I contemplate these Gallic Forbidden Zones that make up much of the rapidly growing Muslim areas of France, Belgium, Britain and Hell, almost everywhere that ain't worth being in the long-term. Say past next Thursday.

In Arab and Muslim culture, the Koran, Mohammed, most of their media, religious leaders and government, all promote and speak freely, daily and historically of how for many, it's a fact that the Jew’s are descended from apes and pigs.

George Taylor: “A planet where apes evolved from men? There’s got to be an answer”.

I find this ironic when in 2007, the Jewish people claimed their 159th Nobel Prize. I’ve been trying to find the couch where the entire 24 nations of the Mid East, have apparently lost their Award’s for stellar contributions to science, medicine, innovation and bombings.

There are twenty odd, very odd Arab States, with many dripping with trillions of petro dollars and not one, even one, has a world class university. Think about it and what that really means. Yep, it’s all the fault of the USA and the Jew’s! I guess every time Mohammed Construction Inc, tried to introduce a curriculum that wasn’t dumber than an ox or an Imam, the Jew’s stopped it! Er, no.

Every year, Spain translates more books into Spanish than the entire Middle-East has published er, ever. Um, local and international tract’s by primary school level drop out freak’s and conspiracy barkers don’t count. Nor does Mein Kampf, which is on the official Saudi and many other educational curricula! I kid you not. For Spain, we're talking actual literature from across the world. But within the padded walls of most of the great castles made of sand, they don’t allow much worth a damn to be printed at all. Which works out fine when the majority of people across the region are illiterates.

“You owe him your science, your culture...and he was better than you”. Chuck in the Forbidden Zone cave to Dr. Zaius.

“What are you afraid of, Dr?!” Chuck.

Chuck: “There's your Minister of Science; honor bound to expand the frontiers of knowledge”.

Dr. Zira: “Taylor please!”

Chuck: “Except that he's also Chief Defender of the Faith!”

Dr. Zaius: “There is no contradiction between faith and science... true science”.

Chuck: “Are you willing to put that statement to the test?”

Cornelius: “Taylor I would much rather...”

Chuck: "Take it easy, you saved me from this fanatic, maybe I can return the favour!"

Um, I think Yasser Arafat, the gangster freak, embezzler, homosexual murdering closet homosexual and AIDS infected vampire, actually won a Nobel Prize, for uh, and I kid you not, peace. Perhaps they knew he was gonna die.

“Arafat the fish-headed liver spot and dish rack impressionist is dying, boy’s! Mark one down for peace!”

But that’s the thing, bucky. When you have a fully armed religion that has told you for over a millennium, that it’s the one true and greatest superior faith above all and in every way, and that Allah has naturally ordained your culture to be the top of the heap in everything, and then you look around you and what do you see? You are the heap...and it’s entirely your own fault.

Taylor: “What evidence? There were no weapons in that cave”.

Well, that’s too much to take, I guess, because to admit the truth of this would er, ipso facto, admit that Mohammed, Islam and the Koran were all maybe one huge 1300 year old mistake because maybe it's all crap.

Can you think of a sadder waste of human beings and what could've been, without ‘The Curse from the 7th Century?’ The Arab's and the Jews were essentially the same people, except for the cultural and religious detour. But what a detour, and this is what counts, and don't you forget it. Culture is all. That's why so many try to escape one way or another from theirs, and sometimes even me from elements of my own.

"When I hear the word culture, I reach for my Luger". Hermann Goering.

And if your greatest imagined enemy just happens to be the Jewish people, the one group who have often contributed the most to the success and development of the modern world, well, there’s a mind bender for your average inter-generational loser. Yep, without the Jew's, the USA, Britain, Christian Europe, the ancient Greeks and Romans etc, we'd have wait for it....Islam and sand. Yep, plenty a' nuttin'. And with real nut's!

And er, by the way, the Jews don’t hate Muslim's per se, and not enough to satisfy the imagined Muslim equation and their deluded Logical Fallacy's and Cognitive Bias. Because well, the Jew's are far more interested in their own achievement's, a normal life and reading the Torah. There'd be a huge sigh of relief if Islamic Fanatic’s Incorporated, only focused on achieving something worth a damn themselves, instead of murdering Jews and just left Israel alone. The Jews don't need their tormentors at all. The haters of Jews need the Jews as a permanent excuse for everything, a kind of all purpose raison d’être. They'd be lost without it. Just don't look in that mirror, Eugene!

“This whole thing is insane!” Chuck to the Council of Ape City.

Islamist’s have to imagine that the Jew’s hate them, and are as obsessed as they are, when the Jew's like most people, clearly don’t give a damn about Islam one way or another. But Islamist's insist on the fantasy that the world is interested. If it wasn't for Islamic terror, the West would think about Islam as often as pocket lint.

The Jew's, like most of us, have nothing to gain in having any interest in Islam at all really, or they'd also be dysfunctional failures who never tried and get almost nothing right. Basically, the Israeli’s just want the militant’s to stop and go away. If all the terrorist’s killed each other in their almost natural and permanent state of civil war, it may at first seem like a bonus. But what the Israeli’s want and need more are Democratic, responsible and mature states that can be trusted enough not to try and annihilate them.

To many an Islamist mind, life is always a zero-sum game. Thus they have little to zero that’s substantial to show for over a century of vast oil wealth. The Palestinian authorities have little to nothing to offer the people after millions of dollars per month, adding up to billions flowing in from donors and supporter's for decades. I guess Arafat’s Swiss and Bahamas bank investment's have a low rate of return.

If Islamic terrorists disappeared today, Israel would mostly just wake up, have breakfast and do what it was going to do anyway...achievement and lot’s more of it, without the Arab monkey on it’s back. In the gangster vortex of much of Gaza etc, any Palestinian who manages to get somewhere is a target for his vampire like fellows, including the laughably termed local government. Disagree with the Islamist geeks in charge and they'll take you out in the street and shoot you. The Palestinian authorities murder their own people at a rate of about 150 every month. A figure the Israeli’s with their “oppressive” attempts at survival, have never managed.

The main exports of the Mid-East by volume and money are oil, followed closely by Wahabist boosted terror. Nothing else compares with these examples of a taste of Arabia. Take away the oil, and Finland produces more goods for export than the entire Middle-East. Oh yes, there are two other exports, or more correctly, Arab investment areas of note. Dubai Port’s for example, have bought up the servicing contracts to many of the world’s major ports and airport’s. Fantastic eh?

Nothing sinister about stratospherically, filthy rich and venal Arab’s buying up major points of entry to the West, eh? Sho nuff!

George Taylor: “Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”

Just because the Saudi’s have pumped over 90 billion dollars into promoting Wahabism, Islamism, global terror, insanity high school Madrass’s and dozen’s of university chairs in the West that stream Islamist propaganda, anti-Semitism and anti-Western poison, there’s no need to worry. None whatsoever. Gotta love Emirates. Got to, Mister!

When Israel was first founded, it was a mostly rocky outcrop of largely crappy plains and hills with zero natural resources. No oil, Bub. The Jew’s changed the landscape with their only true resources; brains, hard work, discipline and co-operation. Over the border, the order is reversed. What was once biblical forest and wood’s can often seem in contrast to modern Israel, a moonscape minus the craters. But the midget Dictator of Iran is planning to spread his idea of achievement right into Israel as soon as he gets ‘The Holy Bomb’.

Israel may end up being The Forbidden Zone after all and our own hemisphere sometime after that. Think and add the unstable and growing threats of Pakistan, Iran, India, North Korea, China, and a KGB inspired Russia or almost anywhere. Plus the global infiltration of an Islamic fifth column burrowing ever deeper and deeper everyday.

It's not a primer for a relaxing afternoon, I grant you.

In fact, a fifth column deep enough to be mostly in full view. And remember, every apologist, denier and enabling dhimmi boob in the West, is condemning millions of Muslims who yearn for the normalisation of their own societies, to a hopeless and retarded Limbo of permanent despair.

Whenever I read the following Cornelius bit, I can’t help thinking ‘America Alone; The End of the World as we know it’ by Mark Steyn; any book by Robert Spencer; ‘Londonistan’ by Melanie Phillip’s; ‘While Europe Slept; How Islam is Destroying the West from Inside’ by Bruce Bawer, or World War IV by Norman Podhoretz etc, etc, etcetera. Yep, sure can’t help thinkin’ about ‘em.

I can’t help thinking of Muslim women getting 200 lashes for being raped, child brides, no women on the streets or even in cars, and television networks seemingly programmed by Joseph Goebbels and the Devil. Etcetera, etcetera.

“I can’t dance, don’t ask me!”

"You might not like what you find,Taylor". Dr. Zaius warns Chuck about the consequence's of reading all of the above and a little research.

Cornelius: [Reading from the Sacred Scrolls.] “Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him, for he is the harbinger of death”.

Dr. Zira: “What will he find out there, Doctor?”

Dr. Zaius: “His destiny”.

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