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The Co-Operative Global Blizzard of The Islamic and Left Liberal Jew Hating Snowjob.

Al Aqsa Muslims orgiastic love of murder. More from palwatch org. Hey, who said Muslim terrorists are beyond belief creep-out uber-crude and insane nihilist child murderers, and dumber than doghair? I did!

Vid of Muslims murdering Muslim children... Yep, the biggest oppressors and murderers of Muslims are wait for it..Muslims.

3 days in Israel. The same 3 days play over and over...

The Jewish people and Israel owe the world nothing. Not a single explanation or apology for anything whatsoever. The world owes Israel and the Jewish people virtually everything. I am who they are. You better believe it, kid. Colonel Neville.

Dear sports, I’ve got such a massive collection of stuff from the last few weeks, that I thought I’d just share it. So many great articles and so many sleepwalkers. I dedicate this post to the great Women of the Israeli Defence Force.

Hey, incredible looking, intelligent, highly trained and very hip women with automatic weapons! Wah hay! What more do you want? Now where's my passport?

I also naturally dedicate this post to the great people who researched, analysed, compiled and wrote these pieces. My Lord. Bravo.

I also wish a very happy International Drone Day to the millions of people who will never show the slightest interest in reality, and will naturally attack you and I if we do. I salute you, you miserable cheated bastards.

They are perhaps, like the fantastically named toothless cretin and Egyptian museum exhibit Luba Relic, who was so unfairly banned from driving for a thousand years and after 78 court appearances. She looks like she’s done most of her sentence already.

When all the old freeze dried goat wanted to do with her addled peabrain, was to maim and kill people with with an out of control car.

Luba speaks for so many far younger and just as dangerously deluded people from across the world, regarding their grasp of the empirical and rational: “After the court case in Sydney, Australia, Ms Relic said: "It's not true, it's all lies - I have been driving for so long and I am a good driver”.

To such dessicated fruit jar collectors, only harsh truth is a lie. All of it.

Another high level and sublime piece from the incredible onecosmos blog, on the Constitution and depth of meaning and the dominance of the meaningless.

Here are today’s rock n’roll faux rebels for hire. Nope, Western celebrity's only fight George Bush,, cos there is zero chance of him ever responding.

Phyllis Chessler on why millions of Muslims are millions of Muslims and normal people ain’t...millions of Muslims.

Phyllis: "Can you imagine an al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah or Hamas mother sounding like this? Impossible–and trust me, neither Israel nor America are to blame for it. In addition to an abysmally high level of illiteracy, and the absence of both original and translated books in the Arab-Muslim world–the toxic relationship of Arab and Muslim mothers and sons, men and women, which long precedes the rise of western nationalism, capitalism, and colonialism, accounts for the existence of a very different kind of parent-child relationship.

In addition, the hatred of women is atavistic, barbaric. Add to that the still-existing tribal codes of “an eye for an eye,” which leads to unending blood feuds among Arabs and Muslims. Infidels, “ferengis,” “dhimmis,” cannot expect better treatment, but must, in fact, count on worse treatment, especially during a pogrom or in an era of jihad-on-the-rise".

Atlassshrugs on Hamass: Blowing up girls schools and stopping Polio vaccinations.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Gaza Rules and dhimmi MSM. BOTH are netirely predictable and murderous in effect..

Here are Hamass stoppping their er, "own people" from getting medical treatment in Israel, the only place you can get it and live.

Excerpt: "CAIRO Reuters: Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said on Sunday the Islamist group Hamas was not allowing Palestinians wounded in Israel's attacks on Gaza to cross into Egypt for treatment.

"We are waiting for the wounded Palestinians to cross. They are not being allowed to cross," he told reporters. Asked who was to blame, he said: "Ask the party in control on the ground in Gaza. Hamas has been in control in the Gaza Strip since June 2007. Writing by Alaa Shahine".

Hamass weapons facts and insight into their massive military support.

Frontpage classic on the predictable Muslim percentage nightmare.

Terror strikes Israel Pt 1.

Hamas fires rockets from apartment building as standard practice.

Lets pretend their are over 6,800 rocket attacks across YOUR cities.

Sarah Palin lightly mentions the natural fraud of the MSM.

Obama slams some Hamass!

1,147 cars torched by Muslim "youth" in France on New Years Eve. Same deal every week.

A swingin' pro-Israel fact site.

Victory or defeat are the only choices in a war. How to grasp the reality that war has two choices only and they are victory or defeat.

December 31, 2008. BARRY RUBIN: The Gaza War: Is It Really So Hard to Understand? “When you are attacked, you fight back.”

But when you’re Israel, fighting back is immoral. It’s disproportionate — though that always struck me as the best way to fight back against an existential threat. More on morality from Phyllis Chesler, who asks, Who Are The “Peace Activists,” Anyway? My suspicion is that, once again, they’re not so much “anti-war” as just on the other side.

But why, more than one reporter from highly reputable publications has asked me, is Israel attacking Gaza now? At first, I was astonished. Then I answered: because Hamas cancelled the ceasefire and started massive rocket firings at Israel.

No, they responded, as if I had said something rude. Isn’t it the election, or an attempt to stop the tunnels, or this or that reason?

Absolutely not, I say, it’s like Pearl Harbor or September 11. If someone announces they are going to go to war with you and then does it, you retaliate and fight.

At that point, the reporters seem to lose interest and bring the interview to an end, as if clearly a person who can say such things is not going to provide any rational analysis. Yet if one cannot even understand this most basic fact, what comprehension can there be of this issue or, indeed, of Middle East politics in general?

There are reasons, however, for this response. Large elements in the West find it very hard to “get,” that is to understand, Hamas or the Palestinians in general — or, for that matter, Islamists in general, or Arabs in general, or Muslims in general — albeit with all the many variations and exceptions.

[Why?] Answer: ideology. A doctrine and belief system will make people act in a way that doesn’t fit pragmatic expectations. Why should Hamas start a war against a stronger power? Due to believing itself to be stronger and its need to mobilize mass support. Why should Palestinian leaders reject a state even if it means the end of an increasingly small degree of “occupation”? Due to belief that total victory is inevitable, that compromise is treason, and that their enemies are satanic.The solvency of solutions.

The other big question asked is: what is the solution? How can, as some say, peace be attained? How can Israel, others say, eliminate Hamas? The presumption is that the first or the second is easy, or at least possible.

Answer: Wrong. This is the Middle East; we don’t do solutions. Hamas is not going to disappear, nor will it be moderate. Israel, for good reasons, has no interest in occupying the Gaza Strip. Fatah is incapable of retaking control there.

The unbearable lightness of gratitude.

No matter how much diplomatic aid, sympathy, or money the West gives Hamas — and it has saved Hamas and the PLO over and over from their own mistakes — they will not become grateful or pro-Western. Anti-Western and anti-American sentiment is too valuable and too widespread to disappear. The Palestinians — and Iran’s regime, and Syria’s government, and Hezbollah, and other Islamists — need scapegoats. Who else are they going to blame for their problems? Themselves?

If you save the terrorists today, they will commit more terrorism tomorrow. If you let them escape the consequences of their own extremism, you can guarantee they will stay extremist and take a lot of the masses with them".

Blazing Cat fur on free at last for Conservatives.

Obama the big abortion spending spree. Nice.

David Horowitz on academic bill of rights.

Great Leftard Prof and MSM expose via pumpkinwatch.

Betty Friedan exposed as a rich, idle, servant attended phony. It’s ok, she ain’t naked.

Islam 101 via citizen warrior.

Rudd to take Guantanamo inmates in? No? But they let David shitbag Hicks in? And a couple of thousand hot for Jihad circus freaks. Don’t worry. The government have standards!

But dig the Greens 180 moral inversion and turn around: “ Greens senator Rachel Siewert told The Weekend Australian Guantanamo Bay was a creation of the US Government and was therefore Washington's problem. She said the Prime Minister should refuse to take any detainees.

"It's something they should be dealing with on home soil," she said. "We understand some can't go back to their homelands, but in those instances the US Government should be helping them within America."

Keysar Trad as per usual bullshit. Bring a shovel.

Premier Hypocrite Anne Bligh piles on the Haneef crocodile tears bullshit: "I don't think that it would be unreasonable for him to receive an apology," she said".

Colonel Neville: But gee, Anna ain’t gonna apologise for calling Mr Andrews a “racist”. Nuance.

Rudd should apologise to Andrews. Via news com.

Haneef the liar and fraud whines top shelf Taquiyaa from er, Dubai!

Lorelei Kelly: Libtard of the Week.

Leftard “Jews=Nazis” crap crushed. Via mererhetoric.

Libtard 2.

Libtardism still works for Jewish Journal. Mererhetoric.

Liveleak: Things were better in Gaza when the Israelis were here.

The mighty IDF hitting a rocket launchpad slash Mosque.

Mark Steyn on College for Cabbage.

242 Wall St com say the New York Times will commit Left Liberal suicide in 2009. "Jump you fucker, jump!" Dudley Moore.

The MSM says a Governor of Alaska is unqualified, but any rich and idle Kennedy due to being a rich Kennedy, is always overqualified to run the universe.

Islam is not a victim but a predator.

Muslim freak to Obama "Convert or else!"

Standard Muslim death cartoons for the kiddies.

Lebanon news shows rockets aimed at Israel.

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