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On Parade! Muslim Hamass Freak Psychopaths and Marxist Leftard Hamass Lickers Global Jew Hating Interfaith Dialogue Number 117,568!

Hamass Lickers lickin' their lips.

In Sweden and Norway, around 75% of rapes against white women, children and others are committed by Muslims. "According to Swedish Radio on Tuesday, statistics from Sweden’s National Council for Crime Prevention show that the number of reported rapes against children is on the rise.

The figures have nearly doubled in the last ten years: 467 rapes against children under the age of 15 were reported in 2004 compared with 258 in 1995. Legal proceedings continue this week in a case involving a 13 year old girl from Motala who was said to have been subjected to a group rape by four men. (Note: These four men were Kurdish Muslims, who raped the girl for hours and even took photos of doing so)". Freerepublic.

Colonel Neville: But first the good news...Israeli is hammering Hamass! Go IDF! [The core of this post came from Phyllis Chessler via the great US site Forthardknox com.]

Now here’s the thang. The Jewish people and Israel owe the world nothing. Not a single apology or reason. Zero. The world owes the Jewish people and Israel everything. The Jews are taking first what is coming to us all eventually. In fact, much of it is already here.

Now dig this. Hundreds of as per usual Muslim pro-Hamass freaks and drones scream their Jihad and Jew hatred as only a victim and slave of Islam can, but in Fort Lauderdale AND London AND terrifyingly in Melbourne, Sydney etc, etc! Beyond fucking belief, but it happens all the time. Oh, yes it does for those without their head inside the bowels of the MSM et al.

This week over 2,000 Muslim geeks gathered in Sydney calling for death to Israel and today in Melbourne. I wish I knew Hamass Local was swingin' down from the trees, I would have gone and made some witty bon mots. Ah, the wacko religion of peace or else, robot army of the dead are getting a nice comeuppence. Bravo and encore.

Listens for the mythical "moderate" Muslim protests condemning Hamas and the murder of any Jew anywhere and anyime...Waits...Waits...Waits some more...Not a sausage.

Naturally the tax payer funded SBS, ABC and all the rest spin it very sweetly PC for Islam and the false Leftard God of Multicultism. Not a lot of honesty for Israel as the same variation on a theme goes. Nope, the SBS and ABC interview one stupid Marxist PC cunt after another and a long geek parade of Hamasss loving Muslims.

Ah, the usual Jew hating venal tripe from the UN with its biggest voting block being 52 Islamic manure piles. Could Ban Kee Moon be any more of a Kofi style lying scumbag?

KofiAnnan the very well kickbacked UN shoeshine boy for Saddam on the Danish cartoons: “You don’t joke about other people’s religion, and you must respect what is holy for other people”. Quite. Via Bruce Bawer.

Riiight, you cheating bastard.

Ah, the usual local MSM PC incompetence accepting the right of Muslims to say and do anything. The Al Age newspaper prints virtually any Jew hating Jihadist and Marxist freak as long as they present well. Thus the Age put’s crap from Britain’s Marxist Guardian.

The newspaper that had a trainee Muslim journalist, who I kid you not, belonged to Hizb ut-Tahrir. When the Guardian was “confronted with this” they said His butt tears, was “not legal” From While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within by Bruce Bawer.

In London the profoundly thick bog-standard two-faced pop star boob Annie Lennox says monstrously and disingenuously that “I don’t take sides” while clearly taking the side of Hamass, Islam and Muslims. Hey, Annie, ya better get ya gun when Muslims take over. They don’t like folks who appear to them as as Western dyke decadents, dig?

Of course no mention of Hamas the Muslim Mafiosa fiefdom installing full Sahria law including amputations and crucifictions.

Muslim quotes from Ft. Lauderdale: In shrill poor English “Losers!” Yes, 14 million Jews have 159 Nobel Prizes in science, medicine, neuroscience, aerospace, technology, quantum physics, engineering, art, literature and transport etc, etc.

While 1.2 billion Muslims have er, 7.

One to Arafat for peace[!] and the only writer a Muslim apostate, who was stabbed and paralysed by another Muslim for “blasphemy" as you do. Yes, losers.

“Your Mothers are whores!” squawks the raghag.

Yes of course they are. Ironically, they're not genitally mutilated, murdered, 50% illiterate down to a 4% literacy rate, child brides unable to leave home, complain, go to the Doctor, work, travel, speak freely or express themselves as normal human beings whatsoever etc, etc. Yeah, Muslim women are living the dream...of a 7th century madman.

“Nuke Israel!” Ah, but first you need to know how to at least build a car or a single world class University of which there are none in the entire Mid-East, don’t you? But you can't and never will. Call the freaks in Pakistan...

“Go to Hell!” says a dumb as dog hair weirdy beardy non-scientist and a group of retarded Muslim youth and rapists in training.

And of course there’s the compulsory Socialist Creep Alliance with their eternal Che the child killer pictures as a collectivist fascist totalitarian fetish. The spineless Marxist rats of Answer org are screaming “Coward! Coward!”

Yes, currently kicking your Islamist pals ass.

A Muslim bint screeches out “Go back to the oven! You need a big oven!” All to imbecilic Muslim criminal mob grimaces of glee as usual. New model Western made cars go by, all with Hamass and Palestinian flags, to much Planet of The Apes cheering

Such immigrant Muslim freaks should be arrested, jailed and then deported under existing piracy and sedition laws. They are the enemy. Imagine these entirely dangerous misfit bores in charge? They’re held back by very little, sports.

Ah, an idiot black American Muslim. Odd innit? The only Arabic word for black people is “abeed”, meaning slave or filth. So why would a black person dig Islam? Ah, a perfect excuse for personal failure. Why not follow the successful? Too demanding?

Then they all pray to Allah via megaphone saying “Allah Akbar”. Nice. Some with pro-Obama thangs on of course. Lots of signs saying basically "Kill all the Jews and destroy Israel" and how swell Hamass and Muslims are...

Er, no. Plenty of screams and speeches for Jihadist and Imam shits and exhortations to kill the er, Jooooos ad nauseum.

And there was a major black Muslim creep saying once people “understand Islam they’ll see the beauty in it...” Balls.


Then the Muslim circus freaks march on the pro-Israel sane people, and screech and growl in orgiastic hate. Only the Police stops the MUSLIMS from assaulting and murdering them.

Gee, maybe terror does have something to do with Islam? Nope. Islam has EVERYTHING to do with terror. There are over 100 attempted Muslim homicide/suicide bombings EVERYDAY year after year in Israel alone.

“A Virtual Dialogue:

Jihadists: Kill the Jews.

The Left. We understand you. You want an end to settlements.

Jihadists: Kill the Jews.

The Left: Of course. You want freedom of movement without checkpoints.
Jihadists: Kill the Jews.

The Left: How poetic your language is. You want an independent state.
Jihadists: Kill the Jews.

[This is also available on my website
under Music/Poetry.]

Dr Jochnowitz net. Dec 31, 2008 - 12:43 pm. Via Phyllis Chessler.

Atlasshrugs on the same violent, profoundly creepy and disturbing Muslim orgy of the freaks.

From Phyllis Chessler:

“NEWSFLASH: First report in from San Francisco. My informant, Melody Bier, writes:

“There were about 500 or so of the Hamaslovers and about 75-100 of us. The papers exaggerated so much it was ridiculous. As usual the SFPD allowed them to cross the barricades and break into our ranks. They pushed and stated things like “a bullet will get you right between the eyes” with the gestures to the forehead (said to me personally).

Others shouted “there will be no peace as long as Jews are alive.”
“…at one point I took a step back and just looked across the street at was chilling. I have not seen such hatred in this country since Selma. That was when I really just shuddered and thought–they are taking away our country.”

Colonel Neville: Now the vid below is a real delight. Stealth Jihad goes Main Street USA. Coming soon to an Australian suburb near you. Oh, it has already? Excellent then.

Even a twenty year US military vet Muslim is still...a Muslim. The moral of the story is NEVER trust a Muslim unless they’ve left Islam. Muslims are always part of the Islamic Muslim Ummah first. Gee, was that the sound of the mythical Muslim “moderates?” Er, no.

It was the empty wind howling the coming civil war with Islam and Muslims already underway on the ground in France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Britain etc. 1,147 cars burned by Muslim “youths” on New Years Eve in France.

Jihad Central in Jihad.

Colonel Neville: At the end of the vid, the reasonable Muslim in a baseball cap says how he loves America etc blah blah woof woof. Yep, like all his family and friends, he just hates Jews.

Phyllis: “Apparently, I am a Jew Faggot. This per a large very dark gentleman representing International ANSWER, organizers of yesterday’s protest in front of the Israeli Consulate on Montgomery Street.

Or it could be that he was a member of the Muslim American Society Freedom, the National Council of Arab Americans, Free Palestine Alliance, Al-Awda - International Palestine Coalition for the Right of Return, Bay Area Women in Black, Society for Justice in Palestine, ISM, the Spartacists, the South Bay Alliance, the Anti-Zionist Jews, or Jewish Voice for Peace. All of whom were either sponsors or participants in the largest Israel-bashing fest in SF since 2006.

But the group he represented is not the point. He was utterly convinced that I was a Jew Faggot, and very vocal about it. He does not appear to much like Jew Faggots.”

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA. December 30, 2008.

“This is not Gaza, or London, or Paris, or even Detroit. This is downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.”

Tom Trento is describing the intense demonstration against Israel that just took place. He made the video by quietly and bravely circulating among the pro-Palestine demonstrators so that we can easily hear their chants.

At red-hot levels of screaming rage, about 200-300 demonstrators, many in kaffiyehs, wearing or holding the Palestinian flag, some wearing “Obama” baseball hats, many women in serious hijab and men in Islamic prayer clothing, chanted “Nuke Israel–there is no Israel,” “Occupation is a Crime,” “Go to Hell, Israel,” “Free Palestine.”

One fully bearded African-American man in Islamic clothing proselytized. He said that Islam is wonderful, that it’s in our very natures, that we had best accept this.

After conducting a public evening prayer service with a megaphone, the mob became more fervent and rageful, broke loose, began verbally and physically confronting the 50 pro-Israeli demonstrators. The police did their job and no one was hurt.

But, as Trento says at the end of his video: “There is a lot of work to be done in 2009.”

Please pay attention to the level of orchestrated, almost brainwashed rage. It is a killing rage: fierce, almost orgasmic. This kind of demonstration can easily turn into a mob–and we have seen what civilians in mobs like this have done all over the Islamic world and in Europe".

Colonel Neville: Ugly and incredibly mindless cartoon-like freak on MemriTv with his standard and insane conspiracy drivel. And hey, he's a Doctor who can come and go as he pleases, in and out of America...No, really.

Colonel Neville: You an I know that this is a mere tiny slice of the vampire Himalaya of Islamic Hell and tactics available 24/7.

The Four Stages Of Islamic Treachery.

But don't worry sports...the cluless PC government and thin blue line of Police have it all under control. Er, no. When these Caliphate criminal in waiting declare full Jihad, the local streets will belong to them, and you won't be able to get a single law enforcement officer to turn up. THEY will be home protecting THEIR family and unlike the rest of us, they'll have guns.

Keep smiling as the West sinks either into inevitable dhimmitude, death and dishonour or follows Israel's belated example to freedom, truth, victory and authentic peace. Yep, no Islam and no Muslim percentage[Frontpagemag] in your neighbourhood.

Colonel Neville.

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